He suddenly said in a surprised heart that the woman in black is to say that the roaring of Chaoyang Peak in the daytime is as amazing as the roaring of dragons and tigers in osawa.

He didn’t go back to see it when he failed, and he didn’t know if he had provoked the Huashan Sect.
When he bowed his head and found a small box in front of him, leaving a note written by Shi Dai, saying that he was drunk and failed to wake up, he put him in the hole, which was reassuring.
He walked around and felt that although he was a little tipsy, his eyes were bright and his limbs were full of gas. Knowing that this was a new level of work, he couldn’t help but rejoice in the glory of the Three Kingdoms.
Suddenly he found that there was a branch in front of him, and he couldn’t help but think that Qiao Fengling’s object had taken a single-pole dragon-fighting skill from the front, but Xiao Cheng’s female crane-controlling skill in black was actually not in Qiao Feng with the branch skill obtained from ten feet away.
Besides, it’s really terrible that she has practiced so hard at such an age.
He couldn’t help but be surprised and envious. If this kung fu is changed again, it will be the death knight’s peerless skill "death grip". Who can escape such a solitary nine swords when the left hand grabs the right hand sword and stabs the world?
Or a slight change of the lingshe object into a lingyu object, which makes the sword ten feet away, is it not the "swordsmanship" of the bartender on the first day?
Lying in the trough, is this fantasy or Xianxia’s martial arts?
His heart can no longer be calm. The martial arts in this world turned out to be higher than he imagined. Today, we still have to upgrade the overall strength of Huashan Sect. If a big devil comes out, we won’t carry it alone.
Look around, he meditated for a moment and immediately returned to the cave to put down the stone tablet with the nine swords of Dugu written on it, then dug a pit with a long sword and buried it, and then went out to get a big stone to bury the entrance of the hole.
Anyway, the outer hole is also very big, and there is a pile of stones, but it is not very conspicuous.
If the secret of this cave is spread out, it will surely shake the whole Jianghu Huashan Mountain. Since Ling Huchong is not dead, let’s wait for him to come back and deal with it slowly.
After all this, I saw that the sky was bright and the east had emerged. Except for a trace of fish-belly white, he immediately turned his head to the mountain with Xuanjinjian.
When yu Nufeng entered the gate, he saw all the Huashan brothers with a face of Se standing in the courtyard and behaving in a row.
Liang Fa saw him coming back and immediately came over with a fist and said, "Brother Qi, are you back?"
Qi Yufeng also handed over and said, "Third Brother, who are you?"
Liang Fa’s face Se insisted, "I’m afraid that something has happened to the eldest brother who has not returned. I can’t help but wait for the Huashan Sect. We have decided to let you go out of Huashan for the time being and find you in Lushan. It’s just right for you to come back. Just wait with me until the patios …"
He said here, but it’s a little difficult to get up. Seeing Qi Yufeng dressed in clothes, greasy hair and unkempt hair like a beggar, how can he be so careless about this gift as a leader?
Qi Yufeng laughed. "How can I be the head of the three senior brothers? When I come back this time, I just tell you that someone came back yesterday and said that the senior brother didn’t die and he could come back and let’s reunite." His half-truth is also to take care of everyone’s emotions
Liang Fa immediately looked ecstatic and said, "This is true!"
Qi Yufeng nodded and said, "That man should disdain to lie to me. Didn’t you hear yesterday’s sunrise peak?"
Tao Yao Yao interjected, "I heard it, I heard it, and my ears hurt."
Liang Fa was startled and said, "I didn’t hear you. Did any of you hear me?"
Everyone shook their heads. Ling Huchong’s eldest brother, Fubao, was slow to doubt, but he didn’t complain much about Difei’s rebirth in the latest chapter.
Liang Fa looked at the ninth younger brother Shu Qi again and said, "Did you see anyone on duty yesterday?"
Shu Qi said slightly confused, "There are some people sneaking around in the mountains. It should be Songshan sent agents, but few of them dare to go to Huashan for more than a month."
Qi Yufeng shook his head and said, "This man’s martial arts is unfathomable and his flying skill is particularly high. He should have climbed Nanfeng alone along the cliff and you didn’t pay attention."
Shi Dai immediately said, "Is it like the first time you climbed a mountain?"
Qi Yufeng shook his head and sighed, "This person’s flying skill is ten times higher than mine."
Liang Fa tentatively asked, "It seems that the master elder brother was rescued by someone who is currently recovering from his injuries?"
Qi Yufeng nodded, "It should be so. He was afraid that we were in a hurry and asked the master to come over."
When they learned that Ling Huchong was not dead, they were immediately overjoyed. Many female brothers were red-eyed and almost in tears. After catching up with each other, they pushed Qi Yufeng into the house for dinner. Qi Yufeng said, "Don’t be busy with the 19-way swordsmanship. Are you all practicing like that?"
Liang Fa heard that Se’s face was immediately red. "Four younger brothers have a good understanding of this way of swordsmanship. At present, entering the country has already surpassed many of us, but my brother is stupid. It is impossible to calculate these changes clearly in an instant."
Tao Jun also said, "We have nothing to gain, but we have gained a lot of knowledge. But if we want to practice like the fourth brother, we can start work. I’m afraid it won’t work."
Qi yufeng’s heart says that practicing swordsmanship has its own advantages, so it’s a bit like practicing the improved "Yu female nineteen swords" by Xu Tianhong, the seven masters of the Red Flower Club.
Brother Liang is old and honest and frank is simple and wooden, and he is not good at improvising. It is most appropriate to practice that kind of trick, simple and masculine and dignified, and to practice this fancy "yu female" swordsmanship.
He immediately nodded and added, "What about the others?"
Liang Fa pointed to his younger brother, Ying Bailuo, and laughed. "Bailuo has learned from practicing your set of Linghu swordsmanship, and he will soon become the third master of Huashan Sect besides you and big brother."
Qi Yufeng wondered how this British white Luo’s martial arts was so mediocre that he couldn’t help but admire it and then asked, "Who is the first master?"
They also don’t cheep is all looking at Liu Yuqing and smiling without saying a word.
Qi yufeng followed the crowd’s eyes and suddenly patted his forehead and laughed. "Yes, Teacher Liu practiced this Yu female nineteen swords for a long time, and her eyes were obviously more severe."
Liu Yuqing was seen by everyone with an embarrassed face, Se reddish, and immediately lowered his eyebrows. "It’s not just a little teacher younger brother."
Qi Yufeng looked at Shi Daidao again. "Then the second best player is you."
Shi Dai smiled wryly. "If you hadn’t come here with these messy swordsmanship, I would have been relegated to the third senior. Now you have made these swordsmanship, but you are still old. Fortunately, you don’t make money or lose money."
Qi Yufeng saw that all the people were smiling when they learned the news of Ling Huchong, and every one of them practiced martial arts hard these days, and all of them were quite beneficial. Immediately, J and NG said with great enthusiasm, "I’ll eat first and then you will have something important to discuss."
Chapter 79 Liang Fa
After washing and resting, Qi Yufeng found a clothes change and went to Houzhai to visit Yue Lingshan with Liang Fa.
At this time, it has been more than a month since she was cut off from the tendons. For nearly two months, she hardly drinks or eats. Every day, her female brothers can force a little soup to help her guide her stomach.