At the same time, the palm of his hand, which is hidden in the sleeve, is quietly clenched.

"You must die!" Qin Ze’s eyes are hideous, but his face is full of blood, and his muscles are twitching and doping in saliva. The original handsome face is like blood-stained, frightening and spectre, clutching his fists and making a crackling sound. His body emits a thin and light golden light, and he has just recovered a little spiritual force and seems to be desperate to play hardball.
See each other that look like a wolf, Errol’s eyes are different colors, and the sword blade in his hand splits strangely and abruptly to a bomb shape, and it is also borrowed.
"Die for me!" Qin Ze growled a whole body of golden light turned out to be rich in a few minutes. His arm just expanded a few times like a magic ape a step ago, but his body was pricked by a needle. Suddenly, he shook with a cold pain and suddenly jumped up from the foot. Looking down, he found that his ground was as small as a beetle’s fangs. His eyes twitched and golden awns gathered in the soles of his feet, and then he went crazy. However, these seemingly delicate thorns were even more than forged steel nails. The hard stretch easily penetrated his sole, which shattered his skin even with the ordinary blade. Suddenly, blood gushed out like a jet, mixed with a wisp of purple and black, and the sticky soil of his feet was soaked and wet.
"ah!" The terrible pain finally made Qin Ze want to go into a frenzy and wake up. He tried to lift his feet to get rid of those spikes, but the blood that dripped out stuck his feet firmly to the ground like sticky mucus, and the sharp thorns plunged deep into his feet, which finally made him cry.
"squeak!" Suddenly, there was an insect-like rustle in the ground, as if there was a huge beetle nest hidden in the soil. The slender sharp spikes with uncertain expansion gradually bent like beetle tentacles, and Qin Ze was painfully forced to move his feet and tightly tied into the flesh. The spikes sucked the blood beads one by one, making Qin Ze dizzy and weak as if he had been smoked, as if he might fall to the ground at any time.
Tiptoe Ling is a little bit. Elo’s figure is also dropping rapidly at this time. The blade moves to the law again. Qin Ze splits vertically, but obviously there is no strength. If the gesture is left, the latter’s head will surely burst like a watermelon on the spot.
"I give up!" The shadow of death quickly hit my heart, which made Qin Ze almost unconscious and instantly awake. Looking at the rapidly enlarged blade and freezing into the bone marrow with horror, the sharp voice of fear finally poured out of his eyes and blurted out immediately.
"Sniff!" Less than three inches away from the head, the blade suddenly solidified and poured out, which made Qin Ze’s face shake. His hair was cut off by roots. Elo slowly walked out of his hand from the back, holding the blade still motionless. The dark eyes stared at the look. Qin Ze’s gentle tone was as cold as ice beads. "The horse canceled the engagement and left Qin Wangfu!"
Qin Ze’s face convulsed violently, and the veins stood out and punched his fist. It seems that there is a golden awn gathering again. However, the strength of his head suddenly became cold and folded several times, but his body was able to shake his eyes like a rope. He almost cut his eyelids in the eyes of a giant gas blade teenager. He finally clenched his teeth and choked back his eyes like a blazing furnace. Finally, he nodded extremely unwilling.
Elo looked at him and was slightly relieved. The blade in his hand slowly moved a little, and the defense seemed to be slightly relaxed.
Qin Ze leans his head slightly and silently, the blade is at the wrong angle, and a trace of intense bitterness suddenly passes through his drooping eyes. Then his palm suddenly flips, and a ray of needle-like golden awn, which is easily overlooked by the naked eye, is like a deadly poisonous snake that has shrunk several times in size, and subtly stabs Elome!
"Stupid!" Gold awn which passes plus two people at this time the distance is quite close, and they almost blink of an eye and shoot at Elo’s eyes. However, Elo sneers disdainfully, as if he had long expected Qin Ze to come here. The high-speed shooting of gold awn immediately came like entering a sticky mud.
The dark attack on the fruit Qin Ze’s eyelids quivered, and he noticed the sudden surge of murder in the eyes of the teenager. His heart suddenly fell like an ice cave, and he wanted to get out of the way without giving up his body and the soles of his feet.
"Since you dare to sneak attack, you must always prepare to leave something behind." The light language is different from the death warrant in Qin Zeer’s ear at this moment. The latter suddenly has just spent a flower at the moment, and the blade is like a sickle of death, which has been stabbed behind the brain.
"Don’t!" The sharp stabbing pain made Qin Ze’s pupil miraculously enlarge sharply, and his mouth let out a piercing moan.
"Don’t dare!" Just as the sharp blade was about to stab Qin Ze’s body in pairs, it suddenly fell like rolling thunder and drank like a thunderbolt. Almost at the same time, a torrent of spiritual strength passed through and forcefully shook Ai Luo’s blade to one side, and then it was a strong wave that drove Qin Ze out of the attack range.
Will hand direction deviation giant blade throw spare strength will blow out an exaggerated giant hole on the broken ground, Errol reflexively jumped out of the dark eye pupil and stared at the imposing manner, thick eyes such as Qin Yuntian palm quietly clenched again.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-two Wave orange cloud paradox
Rolling roar is like a huge thunder that resounds through the sky, shaking the sky and spreading sound waves for a long time, as if all the clouds scattered in the sky were blown away by a storm, tearing the dust all over the sky, and an abnormal bullying and coercion suddenly came like a mountain in Wan Ren, forcing almost everyone’s heart to stagnate because of stagnant breathing, and they all looked at the domineering tall figure who suddenly appeared in the field. It took a long time for that startled and dull eyes to barely return to God.
"Qin Yun Tian actually made his own moves …" Some experienced people who took the lead in reacting looked at each other with trembling palms. They could easily read a bit of horror from each other’s eyes. Things were getting more and more out of their original imagination.
Their original intention is just to take advantage of an ethnic test opportunity to observe the younger generation of Qin Wangfu while taking care of Qin Wangfu. However, who would have expected that such a series of events would occur that would make them psychologically collapse?
First, I saw a Qin Wangfu who had never heard of it, defeated Qin Yun and won the race test championship, and then I got the shocking news that the Qin clan wanted to marry the Qin Wangfu among the three major clans without warning. Before they came to their senses from this big bomb, the Qin clan, who had just won the race test championship, was stunned and stared at them to "bite off more than one can chew" to challenge the talented young man from the Qin clan, and what made them feel the most was that the little one actually won … Now I see Qin Yuntian appear in front of me, and their shock is so shocking that their nerves can’t react at all. I’m afraid it’s even more impossible now, and they won’t have similar amazing mood swings again.
The square is a dead silence, and the dust is filled with the wind, which makes it dry and the smell is even more choking. All the eyes of the crowd are as motionless as petrochemical, and the two contrasting figures in the field dare to make any noise.
Ling light and half rolled over his right leg and retreated to stand firm. Arlo quickly straightened his body and muscles instantly coagulated as iron, which made the thin body look full of a hidden explosive force. The invisible gas mountain stretched in the half-handshake palm, and a pair of black eyes stared at the opposite side almost unblinkingly, which made him feel a strong sense of oppression. The deep eyes of the burly figure flashed as small as stars.
He is not surprised that Qin Yuntian will make moves. Although he defeated Qin Ze, it is impossible to really slay him in the eyes of the public. But now this situation has achieved its goal. He has no intention of slaying him. If he really kills this Qin Ze, he will surely anger the so-called Qin clan and bring himself poverty and trouble.
Out of the corner of his eye, he glanced at the mess and fell out. Qin Ze Ai Luo’s original confused thinking slowly recovered his composure. In fact, he also knew that even if he won the battle, perhaps this engagement of great significance would not really be cancelled. However, it was also an opportunity. Besides, after the first world war, it was definitely not good for Qin Wangfu to plan this matter in a big way, and he continued to think about some countermeasures to stop it when he was free.
"It’s a good thing for you, young players." Just as Elo’s mind was turning, his whole body seemed to be flashing with thunder, and Qin Yuntian was staring at him, full of majesty and momentum. His tone was unexpected, and there was no rage, which made people extremely calm, but it was like this that the seemingly dull expression made people feel a kind of want to bend over and bend their knees.
"I’m flattered by the householder, but since the Qin Zegong said something in advance, I hope that the householder can keep his promise to cancel the engagement of Miss Qin Mo." Errol’s eyes fluctuated slightly, and the palm of his hand clenched consciously for a moment, and then he said softly that he was calm and supercilious, but there was no fear and awe from the bottom of his heart from ordinary Wangfu people.
He can naturally feel Qin Yun’s intention to target his terrible coercion, but he can’t help sighing that the powerful in Nie Yuan’s territory have a terrible momentum. Although there was a little contact before, it must be strictly counted. This is the first time that he has seen this super-strong man who enjoys a reputation in Yan City. Compared with the one who met Mu Wangfu in the Mountain of Warcraft, Mu Ling, the master of Qin Wangfu, who is like a god in Qin Wangfu’s heart, has shown more aggressiveness and bullying. If it is not for Ai Lao’s support, I’m afraid he will be self-sufficient. Now he’s not even straight, but he feels that he won’t be afraid of it. This is what Ai Lao expects of him and what he must learn from the will of the strong.
"Who are your parents’ elders?" Qin Yuntian’s eyes squinted slightly in the depths of the bottom, and it seemed that there was a way to detect the majestic atmosphere of yin crime, just like a second would set off a vast ocean of waves, but it stopped immediately.
Ai Luo’s lips were slightly pursed, but he didn’t continue to pick up the words. I don’t know if he vaguely felt that Qin Yuntian’s identity could not be the same as others. He knew that he was from an unknown small family in Wangfu, and maybe he was with Qin Mo. He was also quite clear.
Just then, an old man with a white beard flew from the golden stone stage and fell behind Qin Yuntian. He first frowned and looked at the black and blue Qin Zexuan, who was about to turn slightly angry. He said, "I don’t care if you come from home, although you don’t know how to win the competition, but your hands are so cruel. Wangfu Punishment Temple is bound to give you punishment. You will win the race test championship, but you will inevitably escape this punishment. However, after this incident, there will be elders looking for you to get the punishment, and now you will not give the old man a quick refund!"
"oh? Since the elder said so, naturally, I dare not disobey and deserve to be punished, but should the previous Qin Zegong sneak attack on me be punished? " Arlo gently picked his eyebrows and looked at the stern-looking old man with white beard. Then he smiled slightly. Zhang Xiuqing’s face was permeated with a seemingly gentle smile, but his dark eyes were full of undisguised coldness.
"How dare you disobey the old lady?" How could the white-bearded old man not recognize the sarcastic taste in Ai Luo’s tone? The wrinkled old face was shaking with anger. When he saw Qin Yuntian and reacted, he took a step by step and took a breath that was even more earth than Qin Ze’s. Immediately, it swept like a storm, and "give in easily or the old man will personally take care of you!"
Seeing that the white-bearded old man inexplicably challenged himself, Elo’s eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, and he immediately turned his attention back to the expression Qin Yuntian. This old guy was furious and wanted to deliberately deduct a charge to blame himself so as to divert his attention. He temporarily fooled the matter in the eyes of the public, and his Tianyuan strength must have a quite low position among the elders of Wangfu, but now he is not in the eyes of Elo. What he is paying attention to now is Qin Yuntian’s attitude.
"Ha ha will be so tense that outsiders will see the joke." Just as the white-bearded old man was preparing to shoot with a sullen face, an old light smile like Hong Zhong suddenly rang. Elo’s body was slightly shocked. Huo Ran turned to the sound direction only to find that the stout old man from Qin clan did not know when he appeared in the field.
"Elder Qin Fan!" Qin Yuntian’s expression is finally a subtle change. A glance in Qin Ze’s direction at the corner of his eye then hurriedly salutes the white-bearded old man’s boiling breath, but also a sluggish complexion. Finally, he motioned for Qin Yuntian to retreat.
Elo stared at the smiling chubby old man’s body, but his body tightened sadly. From this appearance, he looked like a philistine vendor, but he could sense a terrible coercion that was not weaker than Qin Yuntian. That is to say, this elder from Qin clan was also a strong man with strength comparable to Qin Yuntian.
Two nirvana borders … Errol’s palm quivered slightly, and his black eyes could not help but be obscure. If there was no Ai Lao saying, I’m afraid I didn’t even have the qualification to be here now. I didn’t think that a nirvana border strong man could have made myself dangerous. If it were changed to two, it would not be better even if Ai Lao helped his field.
"I didn’t expect that there would be such an excellent young Junjie in the palace of Qin, which really opened my eyes to the old man." The stout old man never glanced at the scarred Qin Ze, as if he didn’t care at all, and the latter didn’t even show a trace of anger and anger. He looked at Ai Luo cheerfully. "Your name is Ai Luo, right? You can defeat the strong Tianyuan at such an age, but it’s the first time in my life that although you are not Qin surname, my Qin clan has always loved it. If you can go to the clan with the old man, your achievements will be limitless."
"To the clan?" Qin Yun’s eye pupil shrank. Obviously, I didn’t expect the stout old man to have such an idea instead of pursuing it. The white-bearded old man’s expression changed a few times and he wanted to speak before he stepped forward. But he hesitated for a long time to see the stout old man without leaving his eyes. He always swallowed a few words because of the huge gap in his identity.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-three Night talk
"Go to the Qin clan?" Elo obviously didn’t expect this Qin clan elder to say such a thing with a pleasant face instead of Qin Ze’s excuse. His eyes stopped for a moment in that smiling face, and he couldn’t find a trace of bullying. Then he slowly shook his head and said, "Thank you for patronizing me, but I’m afraid I can’t afford to be so humble and have never seen any world."
For ordinary people, it may be a dream to go to the Qin clan, but Ai Luo has no such idea. He doesn’t think that he can get better things from the so-called clan than Ai Lao, and the unknown and strange clan can give him a little sense of security. He doesn’t know what the stout elder intends to suddenly come out and take himself to the Qin clan, which has nothing to do with himself. Although the latter has always been a charitable and kind expression, he still vaguely feels that the stout old man’s eyes are not as simple as he says.
"Ha ha, in that case, I’m sure the old man will promise you soon." The stout old man smiled and seemed to have guessed that Elo would answer like this. After a moment, he turned around and curled up his right palm, sucking blood all over his side like a chicken in his palm, and then swept away to the golden stone stage again. "My Qin clan has always been sincere and trustworthy. Since it was announced and you really defeated Qin Ze’s engagement, I won’t take the initiative again."
The stout old man seems to intentionally hide the sound, which generally makes the rigid faces of the people around him unable to help but reappear with a hard-to-hide shock. They may also personally capture the little one. However, the Qin clan elder does not seem to be as fierce and overbearing as the Qin clan is described in the smell.
Seeing that the stout old man was so simple, he was slightly relieved from Elo. Although the former didn’t show hostility, it was obvious that a strong man at Nie Yuan’s level oppressed people who dared to underestimate a little excitement and joy. Elo tried his best to suppress the surging waves in his heart and even his body felt a sense of relief. Although he didn’t dare to believe that the engagement would be cancelled because of this, since the Qin clan elders personally spoke, he must have been able to put it on hold for a while.
"Now it’s time for the householder to deal with this." At this time, the white-bearded old man’s face is slightly bent over a few steps, rain or shine, and he is nervous about the low path of Qin Yuntian. He was also worried that the Qin Wangfu would be angry because of Elo, but he didn’t expect the elder from the clan to speak so kindly. It seems that he really saw this small … Now even if he is given a courage, he can’t easily make moves toward Elo by relying on his own identity.
"The king has his own discretion to continue to preside over matters and then let Mo come to see me." Qin Yuntian’s face is cold and heavy, and it seems that there is an end to the thunder sting, which will slowly calm down the ripples around him and seem to be able to shoot through the soul’s sharp eyes. Alor stared at the face for a moment and threw a sentence of indifference. Then he was also carrying his hands and looking at it in awe.
Looking at that huge mountain-like figure stepping on the golden platform again, Elo tightened up and finally took a deep breath quietly, slightly rippling up, and his dark eyes stayed on the high platform for a moment, revealing half the outline and being familiar with the beautiful image. Then he turned his head and swept his eyes across the corners of the mouth of the white bearded elder, who was extremely embarrassed, and gently drew a shallow arc of Gherardini. Soon, his body was also swept away from the area where the group closed their mouths and attached their brothers.
The dark night washed away with silence. During the day, it was as noisy as a sea of people, as hot as a sea of broken pearls, as stars scattered, and the night sparkled and released a faint fluorescence, which seemed to make the heavens and the earth more mysterious.
In the remote dark hut, the teenager quietly closes his eyes and sits on his plate. With the change of handprints, the mixed air flow keeps circulating from his nose and mouth, and the luster of the teenager’s face will be slightly brighter after a cycle.
The faint star awn is like a thin layer of silver foil falling from the half window, which tilts the starting point with the undercurrent of the spiritual force in the surrounding heaven and earth. After a long time, when the last spiritual force is swallowed into the body, Ai Luo Fang slowly recovers the breathing frequency, opens his eyes again and retreats from the state of cultivation.
Slowly, I got a little stiff and twisted my body for a while. Elo took a breath through the window and looked slightly cool and moist. He looked over the low courtyard wall and looked out of the yard. According to the convention, whenever the clan test day ended, Qin Wangfu would specially arrange a grand banquet for the clan test champion to celebrate and encourage him to win the championship. It has always been the direct brother of Qin Wangfu, so this unwritten convention has never been broken, but his identity in Qin Wangfu is obviously impossible.
"Shout is really tiring." Elo’s eyes moved to the starry night with his arms folded, and his dark pupils narrowed slightly, reflecting the bright white strange starlight, and he whispered like a consciousness. Now he feels an unprecedented ease. Perhaps this is also the lightest time when he came to Qin Wangfu in recent years, as if he had completely removed all the burdens behind him. Generally, when he left his parents, he came to Qin Wangfu as a child, and he was holding a kind of almost desperate hope, but he was always confused about the future and missed his loved ones. Tortured his heart, and now he has finally realized his original wish. Maybe he is still a long way from becoming a real strong man. But compared with the child who was discouraged by the name of waste, now he suspects that he is really turning a cocoon into a butterfly eagle.
"If mother knows, she will be very happy, too." Whispering softly, she drifted away with the night wind, and her lips unconsciously drew a moist and soft arc. Now she is qualified to be a mother and proud, and she can shelter from the wind and rain like Uncle Ken when she was a child.
"Although I wish, I can’t fall into the title of champion in this race, but everything can’t be counted as arrogance and rashness." A faint old sound suddenly floated into this cabin filled with night, and the gentle and serene tone was like being able to make everything sink into a calm stream, which also awakened the teenager who was intoxicated.