However, Gao Jun was questioned at most because of his seemingly high price. Compared with the fact that he just came to Inter Milan and fought with the Italian media and many fans, Mourinho is still much better. But then again, it is precisely because of Mourinho’s m that Gao Jun can play without much interference.

Because of some activities after the Olympic Games and flying fatigue in Wan Li, even Gao Jun’s physical fitness is now the top in the world, it is difficult to completely eliminate fatigue quickly. In addition, he missed the important pre-season training. Therefore, Mourinho did not let Gao Jun start the game after he returned to the team. It was not until he was equalized by his opponent in the first Serie A game in Sampdoria that Mourinho remembered the substitute Xi Gaojun.
However, due to the serious lack of tacit understanding with his teammates, Gao Jun ran out some tricks in the game, but his teammates failed to pass the ball once. Naigao had to retreat and take the ball and attack himself. However, in the face of Italian football’s famous chain defense and too loose penalties for defense, the home whistle was not good at assault. Gao Jun could not play without the favorable support of his teammates, and Inter Milan could finally accept the result of the first Serie A match of the new season.
The poor performance in the first game made the Italian media have a prejudice against Gao Jun. Those fans who didn’t like Gao Jun very much also said that it was a great mistake for Inter Milan to sell Ibrahimovic to buy Gao Jun.
But for the players, the most important thing is the head coach’s evaluation of his performance, and Mourinho knows very well that Gao Jun won’t be harsh when he really comes to the team for training only two days, and although the field is not long, Gao Jun still actively runs and fights to complete his basic duties as a "defensive striker", which is more important than Gao Jun’s goal in terms of attaching importance to tactical discipline and players’ attitude to the game. Therefore, even if Gao Jun’s performance is recognized by Italian media fans as sorry for his worth, Mourinho still cares about Gao Jun. It is believed that China’s national team call-up made him very angry, but the game was a FIFA match day, even if he wanted to stay, it was impossible. Moreover, September 6 was the first game of the top ten Asian World Cup qualifiers in South Africa or the away game to challenge the biggest rival in the same group-the old enemy Iranian team had long wanted revenge, and Gao Jun would attend.
Because the national football team has always been very worried about Iran, and the World Cup preliminaries were both killed by the other side, this game was held in Azadi Stadium, the home of the devil, so everyone was not very confident before the game. Even at this time, we didn’t know that the second anti-gambling and black-sweeping storm was about to set off in China Football Association, and the leaders rarely made any trouble, but few people thought that Iran, which has always been difficult to play, was formed by the main team of the Olympic champion. The China national team not only lost three goals at home, but also lost three goals at home. China’s impregnable defence was completely defeated by France, which was the first time in Iranian football history, and China’s new head coach Stano was quickly recognized by China fans.
That’s right. This Stano was the Serbian who successfully took Dynamo Dresden to the first division, but finally dropped out of class due to lack of experience and expectations. Although his coaching experience in Germany was somewhat anticlimactic, he had a pretty good resume in Serbian football, especially because he was so young. After he was idle, he was invited to be hired as the head coach of the Serbian giant guerrillas, and when he returned to a more familiar environment, he fully demonstrated his talents. He not only led the team to win the national league championship, but also was good at anti-counter tactics, which made a big surprise in the Champions League.
At the same time, although the China Football Association considered the Beijing Olympic Games and let Crouchen be the head coach of the Olympic team, the old man, after all, had already resigned in advance when he signed the contract after the Olympic Games, and he was looking for the head coach of the national team before he retired. At that time, Gao Jun and the Football Association had not deteriorated, and the top officials of the Football Association heard him say that Stano had a very good temper. Moreover, he was very concerned about the overall situation and unilaterally broke the contract, and he would not bother his employer. It was not bad to look at his resume. The key was that the salary requirement was still low, so he decided to make a decision. So Stano stopped renewing his contract with the guerrillas and came to China to coach the national team, which he believed was promising to play well in the 21 ST World Cup. But Stano, an honest man, didn’t expect that Gao Jun had turned against the Football Association at this time, and he naturally became the object of exclusion. Plus, the schedule of the Olympic Games and the top ten matches was so close that he didn’t visit the players after taking over the team
Many people didn’t think that such a game could be won so simply. In fact, this is largely due to Stano’s diligence and dedication in bringing several China international players before coming to China. He also watched many videos before coming to China. Unlike most new football coaches, he didn’t know it. Another point is that Stano didn’t transplant his tactical style, but directly followed the boys’ tacit understanding in the Olympic tactical system and now the main base of the national football team. Therefore, there was no confusion in the game because of a change of heart.
However, it’s not true that Stano didn’t do anything. This game can win such a good time. Before the game, Stano asked everyone to properly recycle the formation and focus on the defensive counterattack strategy. It played a great role. Although the Iranian team’s attack was strong, it relied too much on the players’ personal ability. It was not easy for China to tighten the fence and score goals. However, there were many problems in the Iranian team’s defense line. China’s trident speed and ability to seize opportunities in the frontcourt should be quickly countered, and it was easy to blow it up. The fact also proved this point.
But in the final analysis, the result of this game is still because the national football team is superior to the Iranian team. Even if the style of the game is still beaten, it can still beat the opponent away from home. This was impossible for China team a few years ago, which made the team’s core high army happy. There is still a lot of potential for this national football team to be tapped. "Maybe we can really achieve good results in the World Cup finals in two years!"
It is indeed a great thing to be able to beat the strongest opponent away from home in the first game of the Top Ten, but traveling back and forth between Europe and Asia in Wan Li has also put Gao Jun’s physical fitness to a great test. Fortunately, if he is away from home in the Middle East, the flight distance will be much longer. Even if Gao Jun’s physical fitness is good, he will definitely miss his second Serie A game.
In fact, even though Gao Jun was physically strong enough to win the game, Mourinho decided to put him on the bench for the time being considering that there would be a more important Champions League game in two days. As a result, Gao Jun’s second Serie A game was still a substitute appearance, and it was not long. His only eye-catching performance was that he made a contribution to an assist and scored a goal by inserting Stankovic from behind. Therefore, although Inter Milan finally won the game on the 21st, most media and fans were very dissatisfied, especially when coach Mourinho and the team bought Gao Jun at sky-high prices.
Chapter II Late Goal
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Many China fans who are used to seeing Gao Jun’s goals are also very disappointed with Gao Jun’s performance. Although most people know that Gao Jun has not scored a half-court goal when he comes out now, and he has never practiced with his teammates before, he can’t say the problem is that he has a direct assist in less than 4 minutes. Although this performance is not good, it can barely be said. However, there are still some fans who are eager for quick success and the media discuss whether it is a mistake for Gao Jun to lead the team to win Inter Milan. After winning the Olympic football championship, his prestige in the hearts of China fans has reached its peak, but at the same time, it has further raised everyone’s expectations. I wonder if this is self-inflicted
Although Gao Jun didn’t break his goal drought after two games, Mourinho put Gao Jun in the starting lineup for the first time in the away game against Panathinaikos, a Greek powerhouse. The attitude of the game has never satisfied Mourinho. Balotelli and Eto’ o, the same new transfer, formed a double striker.
Although the level of the Greek League is far from that of Serie A, the team that can participate in the Champions League is neither weak nor weak. Moreover, for Mourinho, who is good at defending and counterattacking, his strength is weak and he is afraid to attack his opponents, which makes him even more headache, especially when the Greek team defends well. As soon as Mourinho asks his players to actively attack, they must be able to force their opponents out with an advanced goal, and the next game will become very good.
However, it may still be because the two players in the front line are new to each other, and it is not enough to understand and run in with other teammates, especially in the training with the team. In fact, there have been many overlapping runs and I didn’t expect to miss the opportunity together in the Gaojun competition. Not only did I fail to score the goal, but I also gave my opponent two quick counterattack opportunities. If Inter Milan goalkeeper Cesar did not perform bravely, I am afraid that the advanced goal would be the home team Panathinaikos.
However, even so, Gao Jun’s cooperation with his teammates is less than when he first arrived, but it is still rare to see Gao Jun form a shooting opportunity when he can accurately match the ball with his teammates. Well, in fact, Gao Jun has won three shooting opportunities since he came to Inter Milan, and two of them fought for the header in the set-piece attack, and never got a shooting opportunity, even though Gao Jun ran out of these three games for more than ten times.
"Gao Jun is still working hard, but it is far from being as comfortable as when he was with Dynamo Dresden or the Olympic team." CCTV is responsible for explaining the Champions League match. He Wei frowned and expressed his concern about Gao Jun’s future at Inter Milan.
And his partner Zhang Lu sighed after listening to it. "Yes, I think it’s mainly because the former Gao Jun said that any team was absolutely attacked. The core teammates’ balls were all around him. Friends of Gao Jun knew what kind of teams he liked and wanted Gao Jun to be invincible in the past few years. Now he has come to Inter Milan, a giant team whose teammates are big-name stars. Why should people accommodate you?"
"Yes, and Gao Jun has shot up too fast in recent years. It’s hard for someone to be uneasy. You just noticed that Gao Jun ran out. When Stankovic wanted to send a straight plug, it was a single knife, but the somebody else came directly with a long shot to wave off the opportunity. Stankovic’s long shot is really bad, but it’s also a long shot. How can the success rate be comparable to a single knife? What’s more, Gao Jun’s single-pole ball almost never misses. "He Wei said here that his face was flushed and he was very uneven."
"It’s not necessarily intentional. Stankovic’s shooting is too strong for this football habit. When he is paired with a super shooter like Gao Jun, he will naturally compete for fire." Zhang Lu defended Stankovic and in his view, the problem is not just Stankovic.
"In fact, the high army can’t play it now, and Stankovic has already said it with Inter Milan’s current staffing and tactical play. Look at the left side of the midfield. Vieira was the world’s top animal waist at first, but now Mourinho has let him play the edge avant-garde. He is too old to support frequent trips. Vieira can actually do a good job in defending the offensive base, but the right Inter Milan captain Sadie has both offensive and defensive skills, but his one-on-one ability is super, but it happened that he is not good, even if he has the ability to put the other side behind. It is difficult to give direct support to Gao Jun when the defense line is turned upside down. "Zhang Lu analyzed with some naivety." In addition, from the point of fighting enthusiasm, Mourinho obviously asked Gao Jun to clone Drogba’s playing method, which means that Gao Jun is going to partner Eto’ o in the double striker combination, but Eto’ o will not give him much support even though his ball is good. "
"Of course, in this positioning, Gao Jun’s tactics are very great, even if he doesn’t score, he can make a great contribution to the team. It is certain that Gao Jun’s personal game data will not be as beautiful as before, and now there are probably two full-backs among Inter Milan teammates who can give him greater support. However, in the case of having a single midfielder in midfield, the full-backs rarely dare to go deep into the hinterland of the other side, so the support that Gao Jun can get is very limited." Zhang Lu said here, his face is faintly worried. "After all, even a defensive striker is going to score. If Dro And if the goal shortage continues for a long time, I am worried that it will kill Gao Jun’s aura and confidence! "
Even Zhang Lu can see the problem. How can Mourinho not see it? However, it is impossible for him to be a newcomer after all. Letting Gao Jun be a player in the first transfer period will make people feel uneasy and make a big change. We can expect Gao Jun’s own adaptability. "The golf dealer should not run in for too long, and he should continue to score when he is in Dynamo Dresden. Even if the chance of getting a shot in each game is reduced by half, it will be enough for the team to beat the strong enemy. I am much better at defense than Magat, but although the transfer period has passed, I will make appropriate adjustments to the formation and play. However, it is feasible, but the question is, what formation style should the team adopt to better play the characteristics of the high army, but it will not have a negative impact on the overall performance of the team? "
As Mourinho pondered and unconsciously, the half-court game was approaching the end. Although Inter Milan controlled the game dominance, it failed to create a good scoring opportunity. However, when Mourinho considered the halftime and made adjustments, Gao Jun hardly stopped actively from the frontcourt after the game. Finally, he gained something. As a result, a central defender of Panathinaikos team made a fatal return mistake. As a result, Gao Jun’s striker partner Eto’ o just intercepted the ball and took the ball to the opponent’s goal, pushing and breaking the net to help Inter Milan, which had been unable to attack for a long time, to achieve this important goal!
After seeing the goal on the sidelines, Mourinho shouted and rushed into the field and celebrated the classic slide. Although it seems that it is natural for Inter Milan to take this Greek opponent as a matter of course, it is not worthy of such a passionate celebration. However, it was Mourinho who led the team to play a Champions League game after coming to Inter Milan, and that goal also let him see that the two partners in the front line initially formed a tacit understanding. This is very important for Chigo International Milan and it is not surprising that he was so excited.
However, Zhang Lu, the commentator of CCTV Sports Channel, still shook his head and sighed, "Gao Jun’s integration into Inter Milan is still relatively fast, but he is still in cooperation with his teammates, but as a China person, we still prefer to see him become the protagonist!"
Although Zhang Lu said so, Panathinaikos had to step up its offensive after losing the goal, which gave Gao Jun more opportunities to show his speed. In the half-game, he once again made a scalpel-like precision to assist attacking partner Eto’ o and scored another goal to help Inter Milan beat their opponents 2-0. The fact is that Gao Jun would have made greater contributions if his teammates hadn’t had two chances to score, and Inter Milan might have bloodied their opponents away.
Although the best player in this game gave Mei Eto ‘o twice, Gao Jun’s performance in this game was praised by coach Mourinho at the press conference, but the media reporters obviously didn’t buy it. They seized Gao Jun and failed to score goals for three consecutive games, and they didn’t question the practice of buying at a high price in the future. Some people rudely said that Gao Jun could play well in the small ball club like Riquelme and others, which was unbearable. The only thing that reduced Mourinho’s pressure was that as Eto ‘o gradually found himself in a state and questioned the fact that he had sold Ibrahimovic before, his voice was much lower. To be continued.
The third chapter Milan Derby ()
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On September 21st, Inter Milan ushered in the third round away game of Serie A in the 29/29 season. In this game, Gao Jun finally scored his first goal after joining Inter Milan, and Inter Milan finally won three goals away from home. However, this performance was not enough to satisfy the Italian media and Inter Milan fans. Three days later, Inter Milan only scored one goal at home and Gao Jun scored again, which attracted more and more media criticism.
Although Gao Jun predicted that there would be many difficulties before he came to Inter Milan, he didn’t expect the situation to be so bad. However, head coach Mourinho still supported himself. Because the chief general will play a game every three or four days, Gao Jun’s total running distance is still more than 4 kilometers in three consecutive games, and many successful tackles and steals have given great support to Inter Milan defenders. Moreover, Gao Jun also gave the team a second threat ball in these three games. If his teammates didn’t wave too many opportunities, he would have more than two assists.
However, Mourinho has been thinking about the reasons for the sharp drop in the scoring rate after Gao Jun came to Inter Milan and the solutions. After all, another game is not to lose the Milan Derby. The former Mourinho has long seen that Gao Jun scored less goals not because he suddenly couldn’t find shooting boots, but because he got too few shooting opportunities. Most of them were high-headed. Although Gao Jun’s header was also very good, he was not the top Italian team after all. The defense was tight, and it was even more impossible after Gao Jun came to Italy.
Mourinho once asked Stankovic, the core of the team’s midfield, to give Gao Jun more balls, but the latter didn’t know whether it was decided that the team would have a world-class front waist. When there was an opportunity, he still chose to give himself a kick, which was rare to give Gao Jun twice, and the key was whether Stankovic scored a long-range goal or a key ball in these games. Even Mourinho said that he could rely on Gao Jun to prove his scoring ability in the competition field first, and this became a deadlock.
You can’t count on the words that can best support Gao Jun, but as Zhang Lu said before, Inter Milan’s ability in the central midfield is very poor at present, and the full-back’s forward assists are limited by the formation, so Gao Jun doesn’t get much support from the flank in these games.
Now that the transfer period is over, it is impossible for Mourinho to adjust the personnel even if he wants to. Therefore, many people suspect that he will adjust the formation style, but no one expected that he would start so quickly before the Milan derby. Inter Milan announced the first five games of the starting lineup. Although the personnel changed a lot, the players went to the field and all the people saw clearly, "Mourinho, is this a change?"
I don’t know whether it was the second anti-gambling storm in China football or the influence of Gao Jun joining Inter Milan. At one time, he was forced to resign from CCTV because of the "Explanation Gate" incident. Recently, the famous football commentator Huang Jianxiang was invited back by CCTV to re-explain the Serie A match. Although the storm made Huang Jianxiang speak a lot more cautiously now, he could not help but exclaim, "Inter Milan changed ranks 433?" This is the Milan derby! Mourinho deserves to be Mourinho. This courage is really big. "
"Yes, in this kind of key game, we have never adopted a new formation before, and the range from 442 to 433 is still very large. This is definitely a risky practice. Especially, the score of former Inter Milan is not bad. If the Italian Super Cup is a draw, the score of six official games will be 4 wins and 2 draws." Guest Zhang Lu also nodded and agreed, but he soon understood Mourinho’s thinking. He added with mixed feelings. "However, the full-back assists in the 433 formation can be better exerted, which is a good thing for Gao Jun. It seems that Mourinho is still a good thing for him.
Huang Jianxiang is obviously more optimistic. "Xiao Gao is not a person who can’t stand the pressure. The more important the game, the better he will play. Maybe this is a good opportunity. Nothing can win the fans’ favor better than doing well in the derby."
"Well, there are some players in this game in Milan A, such as Stahl, Inzaghi, Pirlo, Senderos and borriello. All of them are main players or important substitutes. Their absence due to injury has some influence on Milan A’s strength, especially the absence of Pirlo, the core midfielder, is a way to make up for the loss." Zhang Lu’s expression is also a little better because he noticed that it is more beneficial to Inter Milan. "Of course, Milan A is the world’s top giants, and even the substitutes have strong strength, but compared with the main players, it is always necessary to eat well.
Huang Jianxiang "hmm" smiled. "The key depends on the effect of Mourinho’s 433 formation today, but Mourinho is Mourinho. Even the 433 formation is defensive, and it has three backyards. It is very personal."