Chapter one hundred and thirty-one The whole heart speaks

Ron, Rowling, listening to little Arthur’s words, also recognized that Lin Ze’s heart was full of Zheng, and it was definitely not as simple as he thought …
Little Arthur will suffer! Ron has guessed the result, but he can’t help him himself
After all, the Laurence family Arthur’s family is in the same breath in Grand City. Just now, my father didn’t talk because Arthur’s family has caused public anger, and the Prince of Waves also has a bad expression.
But at the moment, he has to come out, because this is the war of the younger generation, and the older generation of major families will pay attention to them later.
And the Prince of Waves is also so determined to make this Lin Ze dialect here by himself, so it can also help Arthur’s Luo family to regain a city and adjust the tax rate to 10% …
But will everything give him what he wants?
Little Arthur, who has a bad temper, will not listen to his arrangement! He watched Lin Ze look on coldly at himself like Lin Lang, and Lin Ze’s indifference was completely regarded by him as disdainful to himself.
Lin Ze said that he didn’t want to pay attention to this little Arthur. He was an unreasonable person … but not everyone was as rational as Fanny.
Fanny has seen that Lin Ze doesn’t want her brother to care, and that Prince Waves is not comfortable with his father borrowing the name of Shan Lan the Great.
! ! ! ! ! w! w! w! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Now the weather, location and people are not on Arthur’s side … Their Arthur’s family has no chance of winning, and Lin Ze’s shrewd brother is no match for him!
"Lin Ze don’t grand city is your lins! In the four-leaf clover pub, you let me down. Now you jump out of the letter and don’t believe it. I can let you lie down before the profit sharing meeting. "
Lin Ze’s cold eyes have made little Arthur talk nonsense.
Hearing this, Fanny quickly covered her brother’s mouth! How can he threaten Lin Ze in front of everyone and old Arthur shakes his head? He is still immature, but he is not too worried that young people always have a little temper!
But there should be no problem with Luo Jiaxiao’s support, right?
Old Arthur has great confidence in Ron’s ability. Ron has helped Arthur’s family come up with many solutions to problems …
Lin Ze is still blind to little Arthur’s words.
For the first time, little Arthur had an impulse to kill someone.
But then Ron finally came out …
"Lin Xiong I didn’t know that you are the Lins gentleman! At that time, I really didn’t recognize you with my eyes. Please forgive me! "
Ron greeted Lin Ze with a smile. There was no tit-for-tat from little Arthur, but it was very gentle.
Listen to Ron’s words. Lin Ze is very alert! He has put Ron to a level where he must be careful …
Ron Lin Ze was not as silent as little Arthur. Yes, he said with his hands clenched
"Luo Xiong joking when Lin Ze is really wrong! I’m rude to your sister, but I’m sure your sister will be just like Fanny and won’t care about me? "
Lin Ze smiled and Ron said this as if they were chatting.
They were all confused. Why would Rowling be involved? What happened to the younger generation in Grand City?
Ron’s pupil shrank slightly as he listened to Lin Zere’s pointed words.
This Lin Ze is also a difficult person … Ron thought to himself that he would bring the topic to Rowling at this time and insinuate that Rowling is not as good as Fanny. This is splitting the generation of Laurence Arthur and Lin Ze wants to involve Rowling to make the situation more chaotic.
The more people, the more variables! I didn’t expect this Lin Ze to think so much in such a short time.
Rowling heard the meaning of Lin Ze’s words, and her eyes were cold. She just remembered to refute it, but she was pressed by her brother.
"Don’t talk …"
Ron looked at her eyes and expressed this meaning with a kind of no doubt …
Rowling has swallowed her words. Although she is the strongest shadow among the younger generation of Luo family, her brother’s dignity in the family is inviolable!
Hui Luo cultivated his charisma when Ron was a child. Rowling can usually fight with Ron, but once Ron gets serious, she must be honest and obedient.
And Fanny is also slightly annoyed to look at Lin Ze. She can’t see the meaning in Lin Ze’s words.
Lin Ze saw Fanny’s angry eyes and secretly apologized. After all, now the family interests must not make a mistake …
For these young players, the prince Lin Lang is watching with great interest.
Lin Ze’s unflappable temperament hit the nail on the head words made Prince Waves a little interested in this nephew who disappeared for two years.
He studied in the Imperial War. Lin Yusha was a talented person. I didn’t expect Lin Lang’s eldest son to be so surprised!
He now fully recognizes that Lin Ze has the qualification to inherit the Lins! From these little things, we can see that Lin Ze has the essential qualities of a householder …
But the prince of waves saw a part of Linze. If he knew that Linze had supernatural power, would he still think so?
Looking at all the people were interested in Lin Ze’s words, Ron shook his head secretly.
"Lin Xiong is really a good means! But what we are discussing now should be the tax issue of Grand City in the coming year. Let’s talk about the past or later … "
Ron turned the topic back to the right track without showing his edge, trying to avoid giving Lin Ze a chance to leave Rowling Fanny.
Lin Ze couldn’t help secretly praising himself when Ron responded like this, and he saw through his thoughts!
The father made himself wary of Luo’s parents. He really didn’t let himself down. He suddenly felt a sense of diamond cut diamond. He could feel that he was destined not to be lonely in Grand City …
"Although Uncle Lin is the Lord of Gran City, Gran City is a part of the Delos Empire after all, and the original 10% tax has already provoked other cities to have ideas. Many residents in other cities are not far away from Wan Li, but did Uncle Lin ever think about what the emperor would think?"
"A city’s tax revenue is lower than that of the imperial city and Talon, and the urban population is also growing rapidly! Within five years, the population of Grand City will also chase Uncle Lin, the imperial city, so that the imperial city will be placed in the ground than Talon? Do you want the emperor to transfer the imperial city to Grand City? "
Ron’s words mean everything. He doesn’t care about the status of Prince of Waves!
Or it can be said that he deliberately said these words to the Prince of Waves. Perhaps Lin Lang is still an indispensable right-hand man in the emperor’s heart at this time, but once the emperor has doubts in his heart, it is not far from the Lins’ fall from grace …
Chapter one hundred and thirty-two Dark exposure