Note 1: For example, in Evergrande competition, Zhang Linpeng can often eat raw players who are faster than himself in one-on-one, which actually benefits his own strength advantage. However, if he wants to do so, the speed gap should not be too big. If the defender is a central defender or a midfielder, this is often equivalent to sprinting the offensive players, because the central defender and the midfielder often start that outbreak with a fast speed, but the absolute speed is very general to be continued.

Chapter two hundred and thirty One Let Ding Gan Kun
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Of course, even if Carragher has been around, Gao Jun can still enter the restricted area of Liverpool team, because even the best defender in the world can’t let a player of the opposing team move in a defensive situation, and the area of the restricted area is so large, but it will be greatly affected if Carragher is around to interfere with Gao Jun’s handling of the ball. Even if he shoots alone, he may not be as handy as he is.
More importantly, Carragher also pushed Gao Jun to his left because of his physical advantage, so that even if Gao Jun ran to the outflanking point and controlled the front point, Carragher could destroy the ball first and prevent Gao Jungen from getting a shot.
Although Gao Jun is still running to the restricted area, he can’t help worrying about it. "What should I do? Although he may have missed the ball a step later, it is more likely that he will end the attack directly. Wait, wait, didn’t run to the point? "
At this time, Gao Jun’s corner swept to a position closer to the bottom line than himself. Xie Wenjun suddenly had an idea in his heart. He unexpectedly took the initiative to slow down, and more than half of his energy was focused on him. Carragher also consciously slowed down until he realized that it was too late to speed up. At this time, Gao Jun also physically restricted Carragher to speed up. Although he couldn’t carry Carragher, it was not difficult to slow down the other side a little. Finally, Carragher could watch the ball roll quickly from his eyes to the front of Xie Wenjun, who was far away.
All this happened in a short time of one or two seconds, so even the goalkeeper of Liverpool still focused on Gao Jun, who was the most threatening in his mind, and waited until he found that Gao Jun let the ball go before trying to move his position.
Xie Wenjun’s psychological quality is not bad, but it is unprecedented pressure for him to take on the responsibility of deciding the fate of the team for the first time in such an important game. However, shooting from a 45゜ angle is his best practice in the past five years. Now, because Gao Jun has attracted the attention of the opposing goalkeeper, it is almost equivalent to hitting the door. Therefore, Xie Wenjun pushed and broke the goal of the Liverpool team without any suspense. When there are only three minutes left in the regular game, he expanded the lead of the Oriental team to two stadiums. Fans suddenly became boiling!
"Xiao Xie shot well! This Liverpool team has no chance to turn over again! Benitez’s failure to replace Xiao Xie is his biggest mistake in this game, and now he must regret it! " Jian-xiang huang flushed with excitement almost roar loud voice cried
Zhang Lu, the guest, expressed different views. "The main contribution of this goal must be to hit the right corridor and send out high-quality Ribery. Secondly, I would like to thank Gao Jun for unexpectedly letting Xie Wenjun in the small restricted area get a chance to hit the door, which contributed to this decisive goal."
Steve Raleigh, the chief scout of Arsenal in the stands, shared the same view, but he still spoke highly of Xie Wenjun’s performance. "But it is also commendable that Xie is so young and can calmly seize the opportunity at such an important game and such a critical moment. I am more optimistic about his future at Arsenal now."
But Steve Rowley is deeply troubled by another thing at this time. "Two French foreign AIDS from the Oriental team are worth introducing, but the club has the most remaining budget to afford one. Who should we choose?" This is really hard to choose. I don’t know what kind of decision the professor will make. "
"After the defeat of the Liverpool team, the European champions should not underestimate the new tournament of the World Club Cup as they do now, and the level of the World Club Cup will be significantly higher. Er, speaking of it, there are so many outstanding young people who are sure to rise in football in China. Although the foundation is still weak, I am afraid it will be difficult to last, it will at least promote the market prosperity, and this is already a happy good news!" Blatter couldn’t help but squint with joy at the thought of this and think deeply that FIFA should get as much as possible from the prosperity of China’s football market.
However, almost everyone didn’t expect that even though there was almost no hope in sight now, the situation still didn’t give up. Although they were deeply hit by losing the goal again near the end of the game, they immediately re-launched the offensive after the ball in the middle circle, while the young Oriental team was somewhat lax. As a result, Liverpool scored a four-legged ball and once again broke into the 3-meter area in the backcourt of the Oriental team. At this time, the Oriental team had not completely retired!
"danger! Liverpool cut too fast. Gerrard scored! Ah, Gu Chaochong came out! He broke the ball. What? The referee whistled! Is it a foul on Gu Chao? Uh, Liverpool striker Luis Garcia fell in the penalty area. It’s a penalty area! Damn it! " Huang Jianxiang was so nervous that his face turned white.
"Slow motion shows that Gu Chaoxian touched the ball. According to the principle of protecting the goalkeeper, there is no problem in his attack. However, Gu Chao raised his knee relatively high when hitting the ball, and when they collided, they just hit Garcia in the face." Although the guests had some sympathy for Garcia, they were more worried about Gu Chao. "It is completely in line with the rules that the goalkeeper raised his knee to protect himself, but it is difficult to argue that Garcia is the main player of European giants and Gu Chao is a famous pawn."
"No, I’m afraid! The referee resisted the pressure of Liverpool and sentenced Garcia to collide with the goalkeeper! This is a world-class referee. Chinese referees should really learn from him. "After Huang Jianxiang’s surprise, he couldn’t help but complain. When he saw Garcia being carried away, he even gloated." Gu Chao’s attack was valuable, not only successfully defusing a threatening attack of Liverpool, but also getting a main striker of Liverpool. Now Liverpool has no replacement quota, which means they will have to play with nine people in the last few minutes! The Oriental team has touched the championship trophy in one hand! " to be continued
Chapter two hundred and thirty-nine We are champions
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Huang Jianxiang’s remarks naturally caused his partner Zhang Lu to look askance, and the latter hurriedly said, "Jianxiang just said that the objective Oriental team benefited from it, not advocating this kind of hurtful behavior, even if it means hurtful people."
"This small is definitely intentional." Gao Jun has a completely different view on this in his heart. After all, he grew up watching Gu Chao and knew that although this small is gentle and nice, he is very loyal, and although he has competition with Zeng Cheng, he has always been very good. Therefore, after Zeng Cheng was injured, it is difficult for him to hold a grudge against Garcia, the culprit. Although he is unlikely to intentionally hurt people during this attack, it is quite possible to deliberately raise his knees after seeing Garcia.
Even so, Gao Jun didn’t blame Gu Chao, because the goalkeeper is in a very special position. When they want the opponent’s players to have a physical collision, it must be a very dangerous moment for the goal. How can we do it without being ruthless?
Moreover, there are not many chances for the goalkeeper’s opponent’s players to have a fierce physical collision, and the opponent’s attacking players have the initiative to avoid it (but the goalkeeper can’t. It’s not a big mistake for the striker to miss a chance to score a goal, but a goalkeeper’s failure to attack is likely to lead to a goal. That’s a big mistake). Even those famous "butcher" goalkeepers in football history often seriously hurt two or three people before breaking the football rules. Moral off the charts defenders have injured many more people in their career, but the objective harm is limited, but it can cause great psychological deterrent to the opposing striker and help the defense greatly. So why not do this?
Moreover, it is much more common for the goalkeeper to be seriously injured in order to stop the opponent’s attack than for the goalkeeper to hurt the opponent’s attacking player. Even to protect himself, the goalkeeper should be more active and fierce when he meets the chance of scoring a goal. Because there is a rule in the football field, the probability of injury of the active force is much lower than that of the passive force.
Of course, if you want to be a "butcher" goalkeeper, you must first have a good physique, and Gu Chao may be the best goalkeeper in China’s new generation. He has grown to 94 in 1 meter and has a good physique of more than 5 kilograms. At this time, the concept of scientific football was received in Chongfootball Base and Oriental Team several years earlier than history, so his physical condition will be even better in the future. Although it is definitely impossible to compete with world-class strength goalkeepers such as Schumacher and Kahn, it will definitely make strikers from all over the world turn pale in Asia.
But to be honest, Gao Jun actually doesn’t know how to train this kind of goalkeeper. After all, even if he has physical advantages such as fully benefiting the rules of football and posing a personal threat to attacking players, he will never be convicted of a foul. In this respect, he is absolutely scientific and rigorous. The Germans are absolutely the first in the world. Their strikers are best at "legally killing" the opposing goalkeeper, and their goalkeepers are also good at "legally killing" the opposing attacking players. Later, Gao Jun learned the secret in Germany before his "butcher goalkeeper training plan" was really implemented.
However, despite the fact that Gu Chao didn’t even get off to the start, it was not a light knee blow. Luis Garcia underestimated China’s young goalkeeper’s determination and ruthless desire to avoid it, but his mouth was firmly hit and he died. At that time, his mouth was full of blood and he couldn’t say anything. He was a little dizzy. Nai Benitez had to give up the idea of letting him play again, so that the Liverpool team could play a game with nine people left.
At this time, even if the team is as tenacious as Liverpool, it has finally resigned itself. Gu Chao’s attack not only destroyed the last chance for Liverpool to change the outcome, but also gave Liverpool’s stars a wake-up call, which is not as important as the FA Cup for Liverpool. If it is seriously injured in such a game and affects the results of the Premier League and even the Champions League, it will be too worthwhile. Besides, the base value of Liverpool’s main players is 10 million pounds. If they are injured in the Oriental team, they will lose their lives. More importantly, the possibility of winning the game is slim, and it is even more uneconomical to get injured in vain.
After these thoughts poured in, Liverpool’s morale quickly waned. Even if the referee generously gave them a full five minutes of stoppage time, Liverpool failed to score again. Although the Oriental team took the opportunity to launch several offensives, the Liverpool team still showed impenetrable defense even in a low morale situation. Now that they have given up the counterattack and don’t want to keep losing the ball, they concentrate on defending them. Instead, they let Gao Jun and other offensive players of the Oriental team do their best, so the final score is still 42, and Gao Jun is here. In these few minutes, Libai himself is still far from the real top star in the world. "It is the world’s first-class striker to break the defense of the world’s top teams in positional warfare. Now I need to continue to work hard!"
After hearing the referee’s whistle, Huang Jianxiang’s partner, Zhang Lu, gave a high-five and celebrated with enthusiasm and shouted, "The game is over! Before the match, I’m afraid no one thought that the Oriental team could topple such a giant as Liverpool in the World Club Cup final. Even after they beat the powerful South American Libertadores Cup champion Sao Paulo by three goals, everyone thought that they were taking advantage of the number of people. Thanks to the Oriental team, we dedicated such a wonderful and great game today and let China fans really see that China people can play football well (three foreign AIDS were selectively ignored by him)! All China fans will celebrate tonight because we are champions! But also a world champion! " to be continued
Chapter two hundred and forty The first hero
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The commentary was so excited. The coaching staff of the Eastern Team and the substitute players rushed into the stadium frantically to celebrate with the players. At this time, Gao Jun, who has always been calm, could not help but shed tears in his eyes. Like his teammates, he cried, smiled and danced to celebrate their first and almost certainly last world champion. Even if this world champion is full of water, it will make the Eastern Team, China and the whole Asian football fans proud!
"aye? What are you doing? Let me go! " Gao Jun, however, soon found himself in a bad situation. Hao took the lead in heckling his teammates and suddenly gathered around him to frame him up. Then he threw him up again and again in a neat "one, two, three" shout to express everyone’s respect and gratitude to him.
This scene was captured by Huang Jianxiang when it was broadcast. After seeing it, he couldn’t help but sigh with emotion, "A player can be treated like this by his teammates after the game. It seems to me that I have seen a Diego Maradona, but Gao Jun has made great contributions to the Oriental team and is indeed entitled to such special treatment. In my opinion, Gao Jun is more important in the Oriental team than Diego Maradona was in Argentina and even Naples."
Guest Zhang Lu nodded his head after listening, and his evaluation of Gao Jun was higher than that of Huang Jianxiang. "Yes, Gao Jun scored 7 goals incredibly in the World Club Cup and the Oriental team scored 13 goals in total, which means that Gao Jun scored half of the team’s goals and averaged 233 per game. The data of the team’s 433 goals is absolutely gorgeous. In addition to the goal, Gao Jun also contributed a direct assist. Even if he can’t directly send the fatal one, he can still support his teammates through his organization and instigation. Almost every goal of the Oriental team has his participation. Although the three foreign AIDS of the Oriental team, especially the two French foreign AIDS, also have super strength, Gao Jun can be replaced in the Oriental team and is definitely the first hero in this World Club Cup. "
"It’s not just the Middle East team. More than half of the players in this game came to this team because of Gao Juncai. Among them, Hao and Deng Zhuoxiang, a few Wuhan players, may not be able to become talents if they didn’t come to Chongji, but they must not have grown to their present height at this age. Ribery and Corgnet, two foreign AIDS, are afraid of giving up football now if they didn’t meet Gao Juncai, and they are lucky." Huang Jianxiang said here that he could not help but shake his head and sigh. "In fact, Gao Jun is not only the core of the Eastern team, but also a super
Perhaps it is precisely because of knowing the extreme importance of Gao Jun to the Oriental team that although Zeng Cheng saved the team many times in the World Club Cup finals, the best player in the game is Gao Jun, and the winner of the Golden Boot Award for the best player in this World Club Cup will be no one else. At the award ceremony, FIFA President Blatter personally awarded the medal to Gao Jun and did not forget to encourage him to say, "It’s a great luck for world fans to have you and Messi as technical superstars in this era at the same time. I hope to see you perform more brilliantly in the 2008 World Cup!"
In the press conference after the game, Gao Jun naturally became the focus. Almost all journalists chose to ask Gao Jun first, but left out the loser of the game, Liverpool coach Benitez and player representative Carragher. Jiang Bingyao, the "executive head coach" of the East team, was completely ignored.
"How does it feel to win the world championship?" A CCTV reporter was the first to be allowed to ask
Gao Jun naturally knows that the gold content of the World Club Cup is actually not high, but if he is modest about this, he seems to be openly hitting the organizers and FIFA in the face. Therefore, he wisely does not talk about this point and directly expresses his mood at the moment. "Of course, I am very happy that I have never drunk a drop of wine in the past five years, but I will make an exception tonight. Of course, getting drunk will not hurt your health too much, and it will also send news to you in vain."
"Although you beat Liverpool in the game, I’m afraid no one will think that the strength of the Oriental team can compete with Liverpool. What do you think of this?" The reporter continued.
"It is true that the Liverpool team is much better than us, but the winner is our’ football is round’. Today’s game once again verified this famous saying and it is precisely because we are not as good as our opponents that we will be more proud after winning!" Gao Jun agreed with the reporter, but his tone was more proud.
"then can you tell me that main reason why the eastern team won this game?" The reporter then asked
"First of all, thanks to the enthusiastic support of the fans at the scene, which helped the team to play almost as much as at home, and even those fans who didn’t come to the scene gave us great encouragement; Then, our team worked hard with one heart and three armies in this game, and Zeng Cheng even broke two ribs, hoping that he could recover as soon as possible. Therefore, this victory was all about giving everything. However, Liverpool did not pay enough attention to reconnaissance before the game, and our coaching staff conducted a careful and in-depth investigation and study on Liverpool. The so-called "knowing ourselves and knowing ourselves is invincible"; Then, we made full preparations before the game, adjusted the team’s state very well, and conducted a lot of targeted tactical drills, which all played an important role in the game, which also made us take advantage of the game. "Gao Jun suddenly changed his tone here and added half jokingly," The last sentence is that we are luckier than the other team today. To be precise, it is really bad luck for Liverpool. "
Fortunately, Benitez doesn’t know Chinese, otherwise his face will be even uglier. At this time, Gao Jun has pointed his finger at another reporter, "All right, let’s stop here."
Chapter two hundred and forty-one Goodbye Charlotte
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The second reporter who was allowed to ask was an Englishman. He asked proudly, "Hello, I just heard you say that the game was won mainly because Liverpool underestimated their enemies. So what do you think would happen if Liverpool made serious preparations?"
"I just said that Liverpool’s underestimation was the reason why they lost-don’t take it out of context!" Gao Jun’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled and his tone naturally became less polite. "Football is a very accidental sport. No one can predict the exact score before the game. Neither can I, otherwise I will definitely go to gambling instead of being a player. But if both sides are fully prepared, I think it will be more likely to be boring. Why are you English journalists not white? Liverpool’s most common style of play is not what it is today. Don’t you often criticize coach Benitez for his conservative tactics? "
Gao Jun’s answer caused the reporters to laugh twice, but the British reporter who lost the game was directly deprived of continuing to ask questions. At this time, Gao Jun noticed that there was actually an acquaintance among the reporters and gave the French "Team" female reporter Charlotte a question.
"Hello, I’m glad to interview you again. After you gave up the opportunity to play in Europe immediately after the World Youth Championship, I thought you would be silent for a while. Unexpectedly, you shocked the world again in just half a year. Did you know that this day would come half a year ago?" Charlotte blinked her beautiful eyes and asked