Munanqi, the branch of Yanmen Business Alliance, is talking with Uncle Kun Kan Kan. "He said that this month, the demon actually dialed his gorgeous coat, but he will find that this person is a flower in the greenhouse, although he is smarter than his original vision. I carefully read the personal data collected in the business alliance and found that this month, the demon is a lone ranger in every game. Although his name is the elder of the clothing, most of him usually does not participate in gang activities unless it is major, which leads to his withdrawn personality and this kind of people are particularly attached to feelings. I have learned that he is now working with him. A girl with a water cloud cave is in the honeymoon period, and this girl is still the first master in the gang. Tang Tian is still a good brother in the pillar of the water cloud cave, and the water cloud cave is the main wind god. Is it the backbone of the clothes, the punishment of the world, or the end of the world? If we are wrong, this water cloud cave should be the clothes that secretly support a force, but the clothes people can’t transport a lot of blood. We have to adopt the strategy of secretly developing the backbone. The leader of the water cloud cave has not found it in the stock. Silly woman is a strong woman, but in the eyes of these old foxes, it is still much more tender. It is not surprising that if the clothes are re-emerged in the northwest wilderness of the rivers and lakes in the future, the punishment wind will be strong and we will be caught between Scylla and Charybdis in this water cloud cave.

But this time it’s different. The moon demon’s wife jumped off a building and committed suicide. It’s estimated that after finding out the truth, the French day found that Kim was United with Kyubi no Youko, and the purple temptation attitude was not that he should be disheartened. If he left, he would be stimulated, and the red stroke would leave. Sadly, after leaving two generals, the purple temptation suddenly found himself guilty, and the Lord was hiding evil intentions. At that time, the division will finally leave us, and our business alliance will have another force in Yanmen, hahahaha! ""So, is there a demon on the moon? ""Ha ha! What do you say? " It’s not so simple for Uncle Kun to think that his wife jumped off a building that day! Uncle Kun looked at the future head of the business alliance and secretly worried that he would eventually take the business alliance to the other side.
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Volume 2 Chapter 42 Pursuit
Chapter 42
After a day and a night, Mercedes-Benz Wild Goose Gate is in sight, but Fengshen and Tang Tian didn’t stop, because they had already noticed that the pursuers behind them were about to find their trail. At this time, the two men were short of people and trapped. Once the trail leaked, Shuiyun and his men could chase them, and their hearts were extremely nervous. However, the more impatient they were, the more something happened. After a day and a night of running, two big horses couldn’t hold on any longer, and they fell to the ground, twitching their mouths and kept risking foam to prevent them from being pulled off. But fortunately, both of them have time to fall to the ground in the middle of the Tang Dynasty, and they have a somersault and rushed a few steps forward to stabilize their figure, while Fengshen is in the middle of the ling, and the whole person starts to spin. With the help of pushing forward inertia, the body quickly rotates through a beautiful curve and floats to the ground. Tang Tian cheers and Fengshen comes to Tang Tian. "Let’s deal with these two horses, elders." Otherwise, we will leave clues for them. ""If we can’t catch up here, even without these two horses, they can guess where we are going. Leave them alone. We will start at once and estimate as soon as possible that a wild goose gate can stop them for a while. ""Well! That’s right. Can you hold on if we go, Elder? " "Ha ha! No problem! Go! "
So the two of them used their flying skills to walk towards the higher and higher Wild Goose Gate. Before they got to a cup of tea, they led a team to chase them in front of the spy hall. The tracker reported that there was a situation in front of them. All the people leaned in to see what had happened. They reached out and explored the temperature of the horses on the day of death, saying, "It didn’t take long for the horses to die. It seems that they should not have gone far. It seems that they must be in front of the Wild Goose Gate!" I guess they should have found out that we were tracking them, otherwise they wouldn’t have let these two horses go, and they wouldn’t have run far without them, but the average person’s move is to buy horses! However, the Moon Fairy will come out as quickly as possible. He thinks that we will definitely ask about their whereabouts, so he will win the opportunity when it may be delayed. But this time, let’s gamble and go out directly to chase people to see if I am lucky? " Everyone nodded in favor of the dark war shura and said, "God, you are the biggest one here!" Law day also don’t refuse "that’s good, everyone move at full speed".
The whole team took up the yellow dust all over the sky and went straight to the Wild Goose Gate. It’s not the kui that Tang Tian’s eldest brother was very accurate about his sexuality. After Tang Tianhe Fengshen entered the Wild Goose Gate, he didn’t stop at all. He picked up a secluded alley. After running all the way flew out, he flew in the right direction, but it didn’t take long before he heard a horseshoe Fengshen stop and listen to it and said, "There are about a hundred people riding less than three miles away from here. Fortunately, the terrain in this area is undulating. Otherwise, what should the elders do if we have been found in the plain? It won’t be long before you go forward? " Tang Tian looked up at the terrain on both sides and said, "Come with me" and left the original route with Fengshen. The speed of the two people walking on the rugged mountain road dropped. The mountain road was the strangest. Sometimes, when they walked not far away, they could get away with it. All the people who looked at the mountain and ran away from the dead horse said, but they didn’t hide the fact that the two of them changed their direction from the tracking expert Fa Tian and others didn’t stop at the Wild Goose Gate, which slowed down. After all, Wild Goose Gate was still a military fortress. Hehe! The consequence is not a joke. When you play out of the gate, ask the defenders of the gate. Sure enough, Tang Tianhe, another person, immediately ran away from the crowd at a distance from the gate not long ago. Sure enough, they left some small traces all the way. In fact, these things will be handled in peacetime, but at the moment, he was seriously injured and drove for a day and a night. Those meticulous thoughts are long gone. Of course, if there are no masters in this tracker, these seemingly ordinary things can’t be found abnormal, but unfortunately, they have driven them away.
Just as Tang Tianhe and Fengshen turned to that place, the water transport tracker stopped and asked, "What’s going on?" Someone replied, "Report to the Elder that the target has changed direction here and entered this rocky valley on this side." "Oh! Is there any way to find them? " See Kyubi no Youko said "ha ha! It’s unfortunate that our spy hall has been preparing a killer weapon for seven years, which just happened to bring it to me. "After that, I whistled to the middle, and a black spot flew straight to them. When everyone approached, they exclaimed," It’s a kite! " Look at the black kite parked on Kyubi no Youko’s shoulder. It’s small and thin, but its eyes are sharp. Everything is straight as if you make it unhappy. You will come and peck at you. A pair of black iron claws will gently buckle Kyubi no Youko’s shoulders, and you will not be honest enough to flap your wings. Kyubi no Youko explained, "We made great efforts to get hold of this eagle training method, but this method is immature, and this eye is half full. Otherwise, it will not come back!" Kyubi no Youko paused. "The Moon Demon probably hasn’t gone far this time to see if my baby’s ability is ok?" Then I don’t know how to communicate with the Eye of the Eye. The Eye of the Eye shook its wings and flew up. Before their heads circled slowly and flew high, people didn’t notice that there was such a thing on their heads. Now we know that it is quite fresh to pay attention to it again. Soon, the Eye of the Eye flew back and dropped to a certain height, and then it flew in the middle. After watching it for a while, Kyubi no Youko said, "Found it! Come with me! "They left a few gang members to guard the horses, and the rest of them prepared their weapons and checked their things. They carefully followed the bosses in Kyubi no Youko and the dark war shura method to search for the rocky valley.
After hearing the whistle, Tang Tian felt something was wrong. Later, he saw a black shadow descending from the sky, and when he saw it clearly, he was shocked. "Eagle!" Tang Tian said, "Fengshen seems that we can’t run away this time. Mom, the spy hall usually doesn’t show mountains and doesn’t leak water. There is such a thing. Fengshen doesn’t know who saved me before they come. Get out of here." "Elder, what are you talking about? Do we say that there are people who abandon their brothers and run for their lives like this? Besides, he who sees through the world of mortals and days of our lives, the two elders, but I received a death order, and I must rescue you alive, or I will tell him what to do after Wang comes out! How can I explain to our brothers? " "Fengshen is not the time to be impulsive. Although I don’t often take care of things in the gang, it doesn’t mean that I don’t know anything. The elders must have a purpose in arranging you to enter the water! If I’m not mistaken, you should secretly develop your own strength, and when the time is right, it’s all due to punishment. Am I right? "
Fengshen said nothing. Tang Tian added, "Fengshen, your hard work in the water cloud for so many years will be destroyed by this time. It’s not just you who lose. It’s not just you who expose it to us. Do you have to consider the interests clearly?" Fengshen argued, "But" "There is nothing but your horse leaving or I will jump." Tang Tian interrupted the myth of the wind and threatened him that they had reached a precipice before they knew it. Tang Tian stepped back a few steps, and it was an abyss. "Elder! Be careful! " Tang days looked up at the dark nearby and said, "Fengshen, let’s go! Otherwise, we can’t come! Don’t worry, I’ll tell you what happened in the world of mortals. Besides, I’m here to give Brother Tian an explanation. Now I have nothing to miss! Go! " Fengshen looked at Tang Tian and finally sighed and turned to transport his beautiful flying skills away.
Tang Tian looked at his leaving figure and the shadow in the sky getting closer and closer to himself. Finally, he turned his eyes to the misty mountain wind roaring and deep cliff. He found a slightly flat stone and sat cross-legged on the cliff. He closed his eyes. As the kite’s flying range became smaller and smaller, everyone knew that the Moon Demon was not far away, so they all held their breath and moved forward carefully. Kyubi no Youko’s three bosses followed behind, and sometimes the younger brother did, but they didn’t know that just as they approached the Moon Demon with great caution, two other groups of people quietly followed them.
When the tracking team of Shuiyundongtian found the Moon Demon, they all felt that something was wrong. The Moon Demon was sitting cross-legged on a stone in the Linyuan to close his eyes, as if he was not a prey but a hunter waiting for him, which caused people to panic in the future. Everyone wondered if this was a trap. Not only ordinary people have this idea, but also Kyubi no Youko, who knows the details of Tang Tian, came up with this idea in his heart. He glanced around and found that there was a deserted place and there was no place to ambush. At this time, Fa Tian had become more and more popular. He went to Tang Tian and opened his eyes. "Big brother, you are here!" The law day stared at the heroic spirit of the Tang days ago. If the former law day was a fire, then the law day was calm in front of the Tang days, just like a stagnant water. The tone of the mouth was so calm as if there was no fluctuation. "What? Escape! Was what you said that day false? You lied to me again! " "Eldest brother, I have difficulties!" "Hum!" "Eldest brother, let’s end it today! Let me feel better. I still want to wake you up before I die. I was set up. That person hasn’t appeared yet, but his purpose is probably not just me! But the whole water cloud cave! Be careful yourself! Take care! Tell Hong Fu I’m sorry for her! "
Fa Tian nodded and raised his hand. Tang Tian closed his eyes and waited for that moment to come. Just as Fa Tian’s hand was about to drop a sound, "Stop it!" Without saying a word, a red figure rushed over and stood in the way of Tang Tian and Fa Tian. Looking at Tang Tian affectionately, he said, "It took me several days to understand the wood. I believe you. I believe you!" After that, he turned to the law and said, "Kill me before you kill him." "You!" Fa Tian was furious. "You’re fooling around!" "I just forbid you to kill him!" The French weather is even colder than the pitch by one point. "Red stroke flashes!" Tang Tian took the red stroke in one hand. "Red stroke, this is what I owe eldest brother! Don’t worry about it. Besides, we still have a chance to meet. But I can’t just watch you die before my eyes! I can’t do it, I will regret it for a generation! " Red stroke said to Fatian again, "Kill me first if you want to kill him!"
Want to know whether Tang Tian is dead or not? Please note the chapter-Dragon Soul
Volume 2 Chapter 43 Dragon Soul
Chapter 43 Dragon Soul
Just when there was a disagreement between Hong Fu and Fa Tian, as early as when Hong Fu suddenly appeared, he had lined up to aim at the Tang Dynasty’s secret. The members of the hall were also holding hands nervously. Zhuge Lian crossbow, right hand and index finger pressed on the loom, and once something was found wrong, he pulled the trigger. But in front of them, he helped the two heavy elders, which made them very careful. The consequences of this careless fire were unimaginable! But they dare not even put the crossbow on, so that if something happens, it will be flint. They don’t even have time to react, but it’s not a problem to look at their elders like this! Besides, the elders of Kyubi no Youko and the deputy Wang of the dark war shura didn’t say anything. Is this killing you?
But at this time when people were nervous, a computer hall gang suddenly felt that their fingers were out of control and forced. His heart was frightened, but a strange expression appeared in his face. He wanted to call out and wake everyone up, but he was a little frightened. He found that he opened his mouth, but he couldn’t say anything. Just when he opened his mouth, Zhuge Lian flew forward with the whistling wind, and in front of him, he was more nervous than when everyone heard the familiar trigger and crossbow shot. I was arguing with Fatian, but I didn’t pay attention to it outside. There was also Tang Tian who suddenly found that there was a man in the crossbow array opposite the loom hall. His expression suddenly became very strange. After he swept it, his eyes stayed. Then he saw that the gang suddenly grew up, and his mouth expression seemed to be like something terrible. Tang Tian was still wondering what happened to this man. Tang Tianli immediately realized that it was not good. A flicker stopped in front of Fatian and the red stroke, and then a piece of dark appeared in front of his eyes. He had seen the power of arrows and rain at close range, Zhuge Lian’s crossbows as early as during the siege of God’s punishment. They would prevent them from penetrating their own bodies and hurting Red Stroke and Brother Fatian’s body qi. In this case, please call me a damn person to pay for it!
Hum, poop-poop, etc. After a shower of arrows, all the people stayed for a while, and the red stroke opened his mouth and couldn’t make a sound. Kyubi no Youko’s eyes got wide open, and everyone else was shocked. Tang Tian died like this! ! This culprit died like this! That’s it. People are still imagining a life-and-death fight, and the bodies are bleeding everywhere. Finally, they try their best to kill him, and then they walk back in the sunset. This is the bridge that should appear! But now the protagonist is propped up there with dozens of crossbows less than 100 paces. These crossbows can exert great lethality, but it’s a long story when Tang Tianli stopped them from being embedded in Tang Tian’s body, but the whole process took only 1 or 2 seconds. Then Tang Tian filled up the crossbows and the body slowly fell backwards in the eyes of everyone with reluctance and a little relief. Finally, he fell to the rocky valley cliff outside the wild goose gate and fell to the unbelievable red stroke eyelid before the sun reflected the dreamy color abyss, and fell to a face of stupefied days.
Hong Fu finally came to her senses, and she was completely stupid. "Wood wood wood, how did this happen?" Her voice changed. She rushed to hold up Tang Tian’s body "wood" and faced it like a hedgehog. Tang Tian didn’t know where to put it in his body with one hand. She might want to pull out this deadly bolt for him, but she dared not do it. When she saw Tang Tian pulling her bleeding lips and smiling at her, her eyes slowly lost their luster. The red stroke became more and more sad. "Wood, wood, you can’t die! You can’t die. How can you die? Do you want to watch the moon with me? You haven’t told a story yet. How could you die! Hang in there! You must blame me for not believing you, right? Wood, I was wrong. I was wrong. I believe you. I shouldn’t doubt you. Will you open your eyes? Look at me again! Look at me! I will never doubt you again. I don’t play small. I will listen to you very much. Open your eyes! " The red stroke became louder and sharper, and finally it was a little heartbreaking. After that, she fell on the body of Tang Tian and cried. The sound was heartbreaking.
Fatian didn’t expect such an ending. He came over and wanted to say something. But I don’t know how to get red in the face. Maybe I noticed that he came over and looked up with a pair of eyes full of sadness and anger. She shouted at Fa Tian, "Now you are satisfied. He died and he is still protecting you and protecting you. But what did you do? What did you do to him? Now that he’s dead, are you satisfied? You are happy! I hate you, and I will never forgive you. I won’t scold you, and I won’t hit you. When things come to the bottom, you will regret that you have lived in guilt for a generation! " With that, she picked up Tang Tian’s body and glared at the people in front of the water-covered land tracking team. The red stroke looked very slow. She swept one by one as if to impress everyone in her mind. These people may have reacted after her eyes unconsciously shrank back. So he summoned up the courage to look back at the two men, but when he saw the situation, they were horrified to see that Hong Fu jumped into the abyss with Tang Tian’s body in his arms. When he found out the situation, he held out his hand, and the figure of Hong Fu had fallen into the abyss without a trace. The law day just held out his hand and stared at the abyss as if there was still a red stroke in his ear, shouting that you would regret it.
At this time, Kyubi no Youko came forward. "Brother Tian, this is the abyss. Don’t look at the moon demon. It is the most deserved, but I didn’t expect Hong Fu to be so stubborn!" Dark war shura also urged "yes! It’s been a while since we’ve been out, Elder Heaven. Now that things have come to an end, we should go back! " Method day straight sighed "ah! Let it be! Go back! " Dark war shura called a "everyone pack up and let’s go back!" Water cloud all walk back but just turned a cold voice to "hum! Killing us is like walking back in one piece, Elder Yi? It’ s too deceiving! " After saying his word, a group of men in black jumped out of the rocks, with about a hundred human beings. All the masked men in black jumped out of them with swinging steel knives. It is not difficult to see that this group of people is very skillful and dignified. This group of people is tough! Let’s just say whether they are clothed or not, the strength of this group of people alone is not bad, and the number is almost twice that of them. In normal times, they still have a hard work, but now Zhuge Lian’s crossbow in the hand of the ace loom has already sent a volley, and there is no urgent arrow in the crossbow. The loom is just a little better than ordinary people at best, but compared with this group of people, the secret agents are a little mysterious, but the fighting capacity depends on more than a dozen people in the Presbyterian Hall.
Just as Fa Tian was thinking about it, his opponent didn’t have these thoughts for some time. The first masked man waved "revenge of the elder!" All the men in black are rushing around without chaos. It seems that a swarm of attacks actually implies some kind of converging attack. It seems that this is a group of trained elites! Method in the day also have no leisure to think about some, because the men in black quickly divided them into several pieces and the whole team of water and cloud was instantly chiseled through, and some men in black had already killed him, while Kyubi no Youko and Shura had already handed over their hands. The ghost fans in Kyubi no Youko prefecture-level martial arts still had great advantages in this group war environment. Five men in black surrounded him and cut him with five cold white steel knives without mercy to see Kyubi no Youko’s figure suddenly blurred, and suddenly Kyubi no Youko turned into two left-handers and right-handers to resolve this. Crisis, but a few men in black recovered after being stunned, and then attacked more sharply. The knife killed five people, but they had five different knife methods. Kyubi no Youko was in charge of the position of Shuiyun Secret Agent Hall all the year round, and he also knew all kinds of martial arts in detail. Although these five people were not powerful local martial arts, the valuable martial arts in advanced martial arts were as fast as the wind and sharp as the knife method in rolling hall, and the three-way crazy magic knife method was loaded into the madman. The knife method of King Kong went forward, and the knife method was heavy and muddy. It was a kind of knife method created according to the palm of hexagrams, which was not simple compared Is it someone else? That’s no wonder they still take out this thing of strength, but since it’s you, hum! I can’t be rude. I’ll charge you some interest if you don’t say hello to the door. Let’s vent our pent-up anger at this time!Thought of here, Kyubi no Youko sneered at slipping out two daggers in one hand and saw him moving back and forth among five people. Like ghosts, the cold light in his hand flashed from time to time. For a while, five men in black fell to the ground. With an exception, there was an eye-catching blood mark on the throat, and blood seeped out from time to time.
At this time, on one side, the black dress person in bring up the rear noticed the situation here and was slightly surprised. "The master of two-handed flow didn’t expect this small gang to hide the dragon and crouch tiger!" Turning to a man in black beside him, he nodded, and the man in black appeared 1 meter away. At this moment, Fa Tian also broke out. In the past few days, he has been suppressing his emotions and is going to drive himself crazy. This group of short-sighted ghosts, Sun Zhenghao, just vented his anger. Fa Tian’s body shook and grabbed into the arms of a man in black, elbowed and grabbed a steel knife with a beautiful hand. If he was a wolf just now, he would be a tiger, growling and chopping a heavy knife in his hand.
Masked men in black leader a look at this big fellow like a tiger said, "this should be the law day!" I don’t know how far he’s cultivated, compared with you. Killing people without setting fire! " A man in black said, "He is very good!" "oh! Is it just good? " The leader joked, "Then go and meet him!" Answer: Kill without setting fire, pull out the thick back knife behind him, and slowly walk towards Dharma Day. Every step he takes, his momentum will increase by one point. In other ways, men in black will make way. If you meet a Shuiyun man, he will continue to walk without looking. The rise of Dharma Day is killing him. Suddenly, he feels that he is suffocating. As soon as he looks up, he sees that he is coming towards him, killing without setting fire. Dharma Day is aroused by sex and killing people. After five steps, they both take over, both of them are five tigers, cutting the door Different effects, the five tigers break the door, and each knife is full of power. It is like thunder with a whistling knife, and the wind is like a mountain tiger, but it is as fast as lightning when killing people without setting fire to it. Every knife is as strange and fast as a silver light, like a beast king who finds prey in the jungle.
Just as they took over, Kyubi no Youko also met a master, a man dressed in black who was different from him. There was no difference between them, but Kyubi no Youko saw the difference in his eyes. This man in black was a master, and then he alerted Kyubi no Youko to the incident. The men in black drew his weapon from the waist. The knife surface was not white metal, but the dark color looked inconspicuous. But Kyubi no Youko knew that the two knives were not simple. He didn’t ask if there was no need to move. At the same time, two people saw two black shadows in the battle group, which were like ghosts and erratic. If it wasn’t for the collision of secret weapons, people didn
The masters of the field are all entangled, and no one has found the secret war. Shura, the deputy Wang, disappeared after the war. Although all the elders in the Shuiyundong Hall are masters, their opponents are worse every time. In a short time, the number of Shuiyundong will be drastically reduced, and it will not be long before it will be wiped out. There are only a few difficult goods left, but can men hold more people? Two fists lost to four hands! The outcome has been divided!
Just as the leader in black was smiling, his eyes saw a scene. The smile froze in his face. Shit! What is this thing? Looking down his eyes, the smoky abyss emits a glow all over the sky, and a figure actually floats slowly. This figure is long and disheveled, wearing a worn gown covered with blood, and her hair hangs over her face. A terrifying momentum emanates from him, or rather, it emanates from the pike in his hand. The pike is full of light, with a bright silver light flashing at its tip, and the gun body is circling around with a dragon gun tip. It is from its mouth that people float to the top of the cliff and do not stop, but float in the middle to fly in their direction. The black leader thought, "I don’t know if people are enemies Are you friends? "
Suddenly found a loophole in the weapon problem. After the update of the system, the weapon of the weapon spectrum will automatically appear, which is convenient for the owner to carry. This setting will be said in a chapter. Fortunately, the heart wounds left a back door when the commentator explained the update, otherwise the hole is still unknown. Why not? Ga ga!
Volume 2 Chapter 44 Fall apart
Chapter 44 Fall apart
Just as the leader in black was thinking about whether the menacing master was an enemy or a friend, it was a good day in Tang Dynasty, that is, Tang Tiantang put a red stroke on his back and then came in their direction. What happened when people found him? Tang Tian was shot dead just now, and now he is alive and in front of our eyes. I’m not dreaming! A little distracted, Shuiyunren was seized by the men in black, and the situation of Shuiyun was even more critical. In an instant, Tang Tian had come to the front of the fighting crowd. His face was expressionless and there was no superfluous words. The words "Yu Mang" came out lightly in his mouth, which was the sharpest, the most gorgeous and the most lethal of Yu Mang’s residual snow marksmanship. Tang Tian created this move to give himself a goal. At present, he can’t root it out, but now he just makes it so easy and casual. What happened? (nonsense, the dead are alive. Don’t you think this is nothing? My heart is sad and my head is floating over a flock of crows! )
Tang Tian remembered that he was shot dead by Zhuge Lian’s crossbow at the top of the cliff. Before his consciousness dissipated, he was very sad to see Hong Fu holding him and crying. This silly girl is not really dead. Do we still have a chance to meet? This is a game! But Tang Tian found himself speechless, and his consciousness drifted away slowly, and his control over his body became weaker and weaker. He smiled at this silly girl, so don’t worry about me! He did his last bit of consciousness, but only pulled a corner of his mouth. Hi! Forget it! This is not bad either! Then his consciousness flew out, and then he instantly entered a dark place. Tang Tianli recognized that he had been here! I came here when I was practicing at the bottom of the well, but this time it’s a little different here. Yes, it’s different. A dragon with a long edge is coiled around Tang Tian, and a dark green scale is still flashing. A pair of eyes are closed as if controlling heaven and earth. Seeing that Tang Tian found it, its huge faucet leaned over. "Master, you still have a chance to resurrect, but it won’t be long. Your body is really bad. You can be infused with Qinglong Force and then you will collapse after ten seconds, but master, your progress can still be estimated to last for two seconds."
"You wait, you wait, what are you talking about? You call me master. Shit, when did I get such a little brother? Shit, I haven’t seen you before! Who the hell are you? And what you just said can bring me back to life is true or false! ?” "Master, don’t you remember me? Think about it again? " Qinglong is a little disappointed. Is this something? I cann’t believe you forgot me. What kind of person is this? Tang Tian stared at Qinglong for a while and suddenly realized that it was you! "You are the dragon soul in the dragon gun!" "Ha ha! Master, you finally remember! " "Hey hey!" Tang Tian’s embarrassing scratching his head actually doesn’t blame him. After all, it’s fair to say that it’s a cloud in the sky, but it’s a bottomless abyss. Leibu Rain claims that the dragon of eternity suddenly appeared in front of you. Can you not get confused? Tang Tianjing calmed down. "This dragon boss, what did you just say could bring me back to life?" Although Qinglong has been called Master Tang Tian, Tang Tian still can’t treat it as a younger brother. After all, it is a dragon!
Tsing lung replied like thunder, "Master, you still call me Dugu Huang Zhan!" I don’t dare to call me boss! " In fact, Qinglong thinks that if your memory is restored and you know that I was your boss, you won’t give me little shoes to wear according to your nature! Tang days rubbing my hair hurts my ears "all right! I’ll call you a lonely emperor! By the way, tell me quickly what you just said about bringing me back to life? " "Master, have you forgotten the dragon soul in the three skills of Panlong Gun?" Qinglong shouldn’t be called Dugu Emperor’s War now. Tang Tian suddenly realized that Panlong Gun has three skills: Dragon Anger Dragon Anger Destiny Top Magic Panlong Gun comes with unique skill. When the magic master encounters unknown danger, the pike will automatically whisper not only knowing the danger, but also eliminating Rowen Rowen’s destiny Top Magic Panlong Gun comes with unique skill. When the magic master encounters powerful nonhuman monsters, the residual breath of the sacred beast in the pike, Oriental Dragon, will send out a shock to the opponent for 1 second. When the magic master encounters the unknown danger, the dragon soul will be the top magic dish. The unique skill attached to the Dragon Gun starts the main function of Panlong Gun Protection after the death of the magic master. However, because the strength of the Oriental Dragon is so weak, the magic master can instantly resurrect after death and lead the dragon soul to enter the enemy state, but after one second, the character who runs out of soul power will still die. Among them, the dragon soul can revive people for ten seconds and is in the enemy state, but I still YY this skill, but I forgot "Dugu, do you mean I can activate this skill now?" "It’s the master. You can activate this skill and it can be extended to 2 seconds. Because your physical strength is much higher these days, I suggest you activate it now." "What?" "Because your wife is holding your body and jumping off a cliff! And those your brothers are being surrounded by people. ""What? Why didn’t you say so earlier, you fucking guy? Dragon Soul "
As soon as Tang Tian’s voice fell in the eyes of Qinglong’s injustice, he quickly returned to his body. As soon as he entered the body, Tang Tianli felt that he was different. Now he was full of all his strength. This strength is different from the previous force, which is stronger and more wonderful. He will not vent the emotion in his heart. At this time, the red stroke has already been fainted by the falling speed, but her hand is still clinging to Tang Tian’s body and seeing that they are about to fall into the bottom of the cliff and fall into a paste. Tang Tian’s mind moved quickly from a rapidly falling state to a floating Tang Tian. Backhand holding the red stroke foot has stepped on the bottom of the cliff. He only glanced at the bottom of the cliff with the red stroke on his back. After all, people are curious about the unknown. What’s the secret here? Tang Tian actually saw two bones at the bottom of the valley. It seems that it’s been a long time, and he didn’t check it in the past, because since he woke up, he has already noticed the great battle at the top of the cliff with inhuman strength, and his time is running out when calculating.
With the help of that huge recoil, Tang Tian pulled it up like a sharp arrow. When he changed his breath in the middle, he reached the top of the cliff.
There are still 3 seconds left for the red stroke in Tang days.
2 seconds to flicker into the fighting circle.
1 second "Only Yu Mang"
As soon as he came out, he felt that his body seemed to be very light. He looked down and saw that his body was slowly blown away by the wind like a broken piece of paper. (Please refer to the scene of Cecilia Cheung’s death in Kunlun Mountain in Shushan! ) Pieces of flying and hovering disappear in the heavy snow. The heavy snow is heavy snow, but when it comes out, the surrounding air slowly solidifies. People seem to be stuck in a mire, and then the temperature drops slowly. Pieces of snowflakes are flying slowly and bigger, but they are not just beautiful. These elves are also mixed with guns, and the guns accurately pierce the throats of people in black. One by one, the snow stops for a while, and the sun shines and melts quickly. People are stunned to see a dead body. Is this still a person? How is that possible? Am I wrong? I must be dreaming? But did the unfinished snowflakes and the dead bodies in black everywhere stimulate their nerves? What’s the matter? We just shot the Moon Demon, and then the red stroke elder jumped off the cliff with the Moon Demon’s body in his arms, and the men in black claimed to be clothed people. After the revenge of the Moon Demon elder, a big war had already died. The Moon Demon suddenly flew from the abyss and killed all the men in black. He himself was scattered. It was a very impressive move, but it was nothing compared with the weird coming back from the dead. But I shot an arrow at him just now.
Thinking that this Shuiyun brother couldn’t help looking around with a cold neck, he found that people around him were also looking around. It seems that there are many people who think the same way as himself! Law day soon came back and looked at it. Just now, I had a bad fight with myself. The unknown black dress person sighed. What happened to the moon demon? Is there a special situation or is he hiding too deep? Hey! Anyway. We will never be brothers again! Law day thought of here a burst of sadness in my heart, but he quickly calmed down. "Well, everyone cheer up. It seems that we have been set up by a willing heart. We want to get back to the headquarters immediately? Otherwise, we and Shuiyun will be in danger. Everyone will pack up the battlefield and prepare to leave. "Shuiyun and all the people have picked up the wounded and bandaged the war, and picked up his brother’s relics. At this moment, Kyubi no Youko sighed and began to bandage his wounds. Just now, the black dress person had a good time! I don’t know his name. Thought of here and sighed this month demon is too abnormal.
On this side, the French day woke up and the red stroke slowly opened its eyes and found itself still at the top of the cliff. It’s strange to look at the body of a man in black not far away. What is this? I remember jumping off a deep cliff with wood in my arms! But wood? What about the wood? Red stroke asked and looked at the law. God knows what she is asking. "I don’t know the specific situation. After you jumped off the cliff with him, we had to go back, but when we touched this group of men in black, they were very strong. Just when we couldn’t hold on, he flew in from the cliff with you in his arms and killed all these men in black with one move, but our own brothers didn’t have anything left." Fa Tian was silent after talking about this, and Hong Fu suddenly said, "Only Yu Mang, only Yu Mang! It’ s only awkward! " "What?" "But it’s impossible for me to create marksmanship with wood. It’s just an idea, because it’s too demanding, but he actually used it! What about others? " "It’s gone! After that, the whole person was broken and scattered like ash! " "What?" Hong Fu just got up and his spirit was decadent. When he came to France, he saw it and said, "We’re going back to Shuiyun Town, so go back!" After that, I got up and told Shuiyunren to get up, while Hongfu was slouched and walked behind with one foot deep and one foot shallow.
Just as they were about to leave the rocky valley, a sound suddenly sounded in the middle.
It was announced that the owner of the Panlong gun, Yue Yao, ranked first in the weapon spectrum, fell in the autumn of the first year of fate in the rocky valley of Yanmen Mountain. The hero made his debut in the world, and the Panlong gun fell apart and disappeared from the rivers and lakes, but the more its story flowed forever.
It was announced that the owner of the Panlong gun, Yue Yao, ranked first in the weapon spectrum, fell in the autumn of the first year of fate in the rocky valley of Yanmen Mountain. The hero made his debut in the world, and the Panlong gun fell apart and disappeared from the rivers and lakes, but the more its story flowed forever.
It was announced that the owner of the Panlong gun, Yue Yao, ranked first in the weapon spectrum, fell in the autumn of the first year of fate in the rocky valley of Yanmen Mountain. The hero made his debut in the world, and the Panlong gun fell apart and disappeared from the rivers and lakes, but the more its story flowed forever.
So three times, the whole Jianghu is in chaos, and the whole Jianghu is boiling. The Panlong Gun and its owner have always been mysterious. People have never seen their true faces, but now it’s even ruined. What is the power that makes the weapon ranked first in the weapon spectrum destroy and what makes it go bad? Jianghu people have different opinions.
Crazy is staring at a strange snake in the cellar in a secluded hill and valley in the south of the Yangtze River. It has been 6 days and 21 days before it is successful. Although this method has a lot of sequelae, it is the fastest and easiest way to save trouble. This guy is almost out of touch with reality, but the effect will definitely surprise them after success. Just when crazy YY, the announcement rang. Just crazy is still strange. Shit! Who is it again? So awesome! But when I heard that my face changed dramatically, I didn’t care about my baby’s fast line.
In a quiet small courtyard in Beijing, a young woman is tending purple roses in her garden, which is a rare species! Suddenly, after listening to the announcement, her face changed, and the scissors in her hand disappeared. At this moment, many people chose the line. Yes, the news of the Panlong gun was yes, the news of the moon demon was yes, but these informants did not hear another announcement followed.
Announcement Please pay attention to the fact that fate has ushered in a real Jianghu road due to the progress of the game. Please update the fate line for the second time in three hours. Thank you for your cooperation!
Announcement Please pay attention to the fact that fate has ushered in a real Jianghu road due to the progress of the game. Please update the fate line for the second time in three hours. Thank you for your cooperation!
Announcement Please pay attention to the fact that fate has ushered in a real Jianghu road due to the progress of the game. Please update the fate line for the second time in three hours. Thank you for your cooperation!
It’s the third time that the atmosphere has reached its peak in the fate of rivers and lakes. People have made their own guesses about this update, and it is fate that will always bring you something different.
Hoo hoo! The first part of Volume 2 is finally finished. After several chapters of out-of-game events, it will really enter the Jianghu and make you feel good.
Volume 2 The first chapter 45 Cowardly force
Chapter 45
Crazy woke up from the game cabin and wiped his suit at random and came to Tang Tianfang. When he pushed the door, Tang Tianzheng sat in bed in a daze and sat beside him. He took out a box of cigarettes from his pocket and gave it to Tang Tian. After a little, he took a deep breath. "Let’s talk about wood! What’s going on? I was killed only a few days later. I remember you not saying that your strength is not bad? How come! " Tang days is smoking didn’t speak crazy was about to get angry at night came in and stared his one eye, crazy smile put the cigarette butt out and threw it to the door and sat down beside Tang days at night "Xiaotian tell mom what’s going on? Who killed you? What? "
Tang Tian looked up at a face of serious and decadent Tang Tian every night and said, "Mom has long noticed that your mood is abnormal these days. What must have happened? Tell mom, okay? " Tang Tian slowly talked about the assassin’s assassination from the wild goose gate, and he and Hong Fu vowed to each other from the assassination. After talking about the escort of the business alliance, Wu Bei’s banquet talked about the dying water dungeon and Fengshen’s escape. Finally, Hong Fu hugged him and fell off a cliff and besieged him in black. Finally, Tang Tian said, "When I die again, I will enter a darkness and fight against the lonely emperor. That’s very similar to me. I didn’t stay in the direct line again. Mom, how did you know that I had an accident? I didn’t tell you! Is it Fengshen, but he said that he has never been crazy! "