Ling Huchong laughed. "How can I know that Huashan Sect is the weakest among the five mountains? It’s good for him to be the first to kill me?"? Besides, I’m afraid his Songshan Sect’s strength is exhausted, and some characters in Huashan may not dare to offend me at this time. "Say, look up and smile at a boy who is practicing sword."

Qi Yufeng looked up and saw that the young man was the one who led him to Shanfubao. "Is this your apprentice?"
Ling Huchong nodded. "It’s true that I rescued his father in the winter before last. This little brother is really a good qualification. Although he has practiced kung fu for two years, he is not weaker than the general martial arts brother. Guess who his father is?"
Qi Yufeng immediately shame heart way Murphy you this Ling Huchong parents will accept other children to spell dad?
Ling Huchong laughed. "This man’s father is the close minister of the Imperial Academy Jishi Shu, who is responsible for drafting a letter to the emperor to explain the scriptures. Don’t say that he is a leader of Songshan Sect, even Shaolin and Wudang. Don’t you have to be polite when you see Jinshi Master? I deliberately let Lao Denuo leak the news out and think that Zuo Lengchan wants to raid yu Nufeng and take care of this layer. "
Qi Yufeng frowned. "It’s impossible to make a long-term plan for this fashionable cocoa. If the Songshan Sect really recognizes that the time is ripe and has enough manpower, it may not be afraid to exert open and aboveboard plans to persecute Huashan."
Ling Huchong nodded. "Yes, if anything happens to the Songshan Sect and we are aware of it, it will be that the gongs and drums face to face can be solved by force."
While speaking, the treasure looked at the two men approaching and stopped in a daze.
Ling Huchong said, "Fubao came and met your uncle."
Fu Bao went to the crowd and respectfully saluted Qi Yufeng, saying, "Uncle Shi is good."
Qi Yufeng saw that the boy was not a few years younger than himself, and quickly waved his hand and said, "Don’t call him brother … er … what’s your name?"
Fu Bao replied politely, "My brother’s surname is Zhi."
"Oh, your name is Alipay?"
Chapter 4 Six Immortals
While Qi Yufeng Fubao was exchanging pleasantries, he suddenly heard a silver Se flame rising into the sky more than ten miles away from the mountain and turned it into a silvery white Se sword. It took a long time to turn the meteor into a falling sky.
Ling Huchong looked up and cried when he frowned. Before he frowned, he took his sword from Fubao and aligned it with the wind. He said, "Brother Qi, let’s go and have a look. This is the signal table of six younger brothers. Huashan has been invaded by foreign enemies."
Qi Yufeng also can’t help but suddenly surprised heart way Ling Huchong just now also analysis logically said Songshan pie can’t be close to ri to attack how this is someone mountain to trouble?
When the two men rushed to the rocket’s rising place, they came to a cliff and looked from a height to see a few gray shadows coming quickly to the mountain.
After a while, the figure gradually entered to see the gray shadow * * There are six people. Ling Huchong saw the six people’s body footwork and secretly marveled. "These people are incredibly swift and powerful in this steep mountain cliff, even if the master is here."
Ling Huchong couldn’t help exclaiming, "These people are flying so high!"
Qi Yufeng probe also saw six gray shadows getting closer and closer, and gradually saw the surface. He was startled. "I drop my mother’s four uncles! They are not dead? "
Ling Huchong immediately wondered and asked, "Who are these six people?"
Qi Yufeng saw that these six people were the suspected Taogu Six Immortals. At this time, several people were not dressed in the same clothes, and they could not make a mistake. They frowned and said, "These six people were sent by monks to arrest you."
Ling Huchong came to be beaten by a monk who didn’t quit. He was wounded all over. Smell speech can’t help but anger. "This is endless. Are these six people fighting skills like this? Can we both take it? "
Qi Yufeng shook his head and sighed, "These six people’s martial arts are inscrutable and cooperate with each other. Even the contemporary first-class masters may not be able to make a move in his six hands."
Ling Huchong saw that a few people were like a sparrow and flew out a few feet away. What Qi Yufeng said may not be empty, but he could not help sighing. Then he frowned and added, "Did you escape from them?"
Qi Yufeng was slightly silent for a while and then told the story of him as if he were lying to these people in Huashan.
Ling Huchong was not amused when he heard this, and said, "Although these six freaks are good at martial arts, they seem to be terribly stupid. Why don’t we cheat them again?"
Qi Yufeng just thought and nodded, "Now the Huashan Sect may not add up to this six-person opponent, but these people’s tricks are so weird that they are so easy to tear people into four pieces that they have to be careful."
Ling Huchong learns that these people have such a cruel hobby, and they can’t help but nod their heads carefully with horror. They immediately join hands with the mountain.
At this time, the six men rushed into the front yard of Huashan School and shouted, "Where’s Ling Huchong? Ling Huchong? "
"Who call Ling Huchong? Come out quickly! "
Huashan Sect is watching these people make a scene outside the house at this time. At that time, some people are puzzling. A female brother sees that these six people are like ghosts, ghosts, monsters and strange faces. Although the horrible actions are even more bizarre, I can’t help but spend Se to detain the sword and guard against accidents.
Qi Yufeng and Ling Huchong discussed it for a while, and it was decided that Ling Huchong was hiding behind the wall. Qi Yufeng went out from behind the wall with sleeves and shouted, "Did the six seniors meet again?"
Those people who came to see the Huashan Sect in front of them were calm, but they didn’t like to see someone behind them, so they proudly said, "I didn’t expect this Huashan Sect to have polite people."
When I looked back, I saw that the man was wearing a gray cloth gown and holding a sword in one hand. It was in the mountains that he deceived them into sleeping for a day and a night.
When the six faces changed, they couldn’t help screaming, "Smelly little man!"
Say six people figure flashing suddenly jumped out before will seize Qi Yufeng limbs will he tore into four parts.
Who knows that Qi Yufeng was quite far away, and immediately lay down on the ground and cried, "Ah-I’m dead!"
Those people were immediately startled and couldn’t help but stop and say, "How did he die before we killed him?"
Another humanitarian said, "It’s not that we have to land on him. Why is this guy so easy to die?"
One of them squatted beside Qi Yufeng and patted him on the cheek, saying, "Hurry up and turn around or the six brothers will torture you to death."
A bystander said, "How can you let him die when he is dead?"
The man ignored him and wondered, "What’s wrong with him? How could he die? Did we just scare him to death by shouting too much? "
At this moment, Ling Huchong waved to disperse the Huashan disciples and said, "No, no, no, he is not dead, but he is practicing the magic of crossing the valley."