"How can there be so many? Damn it, this fog demon is a fifth order. Kill it quickly. "Cloud looked at the virtual emergence of Se flame covered with gold. The fog demon was sluggish. When he swept several fog demons with larger size, he was horrified to find that there were five orders in the original fog demon with lower level. This discovery made Yun feel very amazed because it meant that there might be more horrible fog demons around.

"Quietly flying spells attack other people’s defense" Chen Kai wanted to throw a sacred impact of cutting, but soon he felt that the magical effect of the sacred impact was really poor. Now Chen Kai feels that the magical effect of the sacred impact is a bit j: rib, because its damage depends on the magic input, but you can’t inject too much magic into an instant magical effect, otherwise it will lose its instant uniqueness. Raise your hand and give directions for a long time. Is there an instant sneak attack effect? Fools all know that the magic of that outstretched finger is an attack, so this magical skill is getting worse with Chen Kai’s higher and higher level of dealing with monsters. But after giving up the sacred impact, Chen Kaike’s instant magical skill is left with the sacred flame. Fortunately, he now has a very good control over the sacred flame, especially the skill that evolved from the sacred flame. The sacred flame boxing has been strengthened with the increase of practice times. Now Chen Kai has been able to mobilize the magic to attach the fist to the sacred flame and evolve a general shape. Because he is wearing armor and the handsome lion head shape makes Chen Kai simply use local materials.
When his fist was punched out, a lion’s head made of sacred flame was burning in his fist, but as the fist moved, the flame was constantly changing and eventually disintegrated. Of course, this can’t blame Chen Kai. After all, the sacred flame is not a kind of grudge, which allows Chen Kai to control his power at will. It’s good that he can roughly form a certain shape when releasing the attack. If he deliberately plays handsome, he can always keep the shape of the lion’s head, but that will cause a lot of magic. Obviously, Chen Kai won’t do this kind of thing. In his view, the final thing now is to kill
Roaring with the fist attached to the sacred flame, Chen Kai, a fog demon floating in the middle, hit his fist unexpectedly. DT ng pierced the other party’s root without a substantial body, but his hand attached to the flame but burned the target body. In which world, the sacred power always has a very strong damage to negative energy, because both of them are born to rush Chen Kai’s more than 200 magic to create the sacred flame, which has the effect of burning the target for more than 100 health values. For a fog demon with fifth-order strength, this life is definitely a rain of máomáo, but the pain caused by the sacred flame makes this fog demon
It’s the fog demon who has no mind. They will be born by fighting with talent. For them, negative emotions are the only food they can eat. It can be said that the fog demon has a certain emotional scavenger. They absorb those physical emotions, but at the same time, they create terrible emotional forces to influence mortals. They drive others crazy, and at the same time, they are influenced by these negative emotions. When Chen Kai’s fist is attached to the flame and burns to its body, this fog demon not only has no pain, but enjoys turning it into pain. Turned into food, the fog demon is a very abnormal species. To put it bluntly, they are masochistic and no other force can completely kill them unless they are divine forces.
Their abuse is manifested in that even though they know that the other party’s strength may kill them, but in order to enjoy the pain, this negative emotion brings a sense of satiety, they will still pester the target that can kill it and feel the pain that can kill it until they die completely. Now Chen Kai is entangled in the fog demon. It is not afraid of the flame in Chen Kai’s hand, but turns around and pesters Chen Kai, who is still releasing the flame. The terrible flame is burning in his palm and constantly bringing up plumes of smoke.
Looking at the hand wrapped around the fog demon ll brain instantly into a dull state, he has seen many monsters asking for their own dead ends, but he has never seen such a monster dying like a moth to a flame. With the continuous release of the flame in his hand, the blood volume is as high as 5,000, and the fog demon has not even been directly * A touch of light was added to the experience slot of Chen Kai. At this time, Chen Kai found that this fog demon gave a lot of experience, which was five times higher than that of other creatures of the same order. Just an ordinary monster gave Chen Kai a full 5,000 points of experience. This was the result that he and Rola Chen shared equally. If he killed the target alone, Chen Kai would gain more experience, but it was difficult for Chen Kai to find a fifth-order fog demon to kill alone because they were too many and too difficult.
Chapter 3 Out of the Wasteland
Chapter 3 Out of the Wasteland
Seek comfort
I failed in the exam yesterday ~55555 for comfort and hug.
In the end, Chen Kai and others fled in a hurry, because there were more and more fog demons gathering in the air, and a group of people also felt that they seemed to be attracted by some unknown factors. ing was the most fearful person in the team, and the fog demons gathered around him, which were the most and the size was relatively large, and the high fog demons were gradually attracted by his body emitting some kind of breath.
Relatively speaking, there is no fog demon floating around Rola Chen even if they are attacked by Rola Chen. Obviously, in Chen Kai’s judgment, this monster who will take the initiative to attack people has no hatred system, or even if it is attacked, they can also judge the source of attack because Rola Chen’s aura power is scattered. Although the closer it is to the center, the greater the aura power is, but overall the purification power is average.
This gave Chen Kai a chance to live or escape. A group of people tried their best to keep their mood calm. If they couldn’t keep it, they entered a state of prayer. Obviously, this escape didn’t work, because the fog demon always appeared in the information about where Chen Kai went. At the end, when a group of people were about to lose their strength, they were foaming at the mouth. There were many, many people around them who were hard to raise their resistance. A fear quickly spread in everyone’s hearts, and they were a little afraid of these clouds.
He grasped the neck and hung the sacred emblem of the Temple of Dawn, which he dragged in his hand. This is an emblem from the sacred flame knight that he got from Chen Kai. The original Chen Kai just wanted him to identify it. After all, in this world full of filthy power, an equipment attached with sacred power can always give people a little resistance, but at present, Zhiyun has not identified that this emblem has special effects, but this does not prevent him from dragging the emblem to pray to reduce his fear.
However, with the decline of physical strength, he felt that the scary fog demon around him was touching his body, and the sound of prayer became louder and louder. However, this prayer with vibrato showed his fear. As a result, more and more fog demons gathered around him, and the fog demon would emit special mood fluctuations, which made others around him fall into this mood. As a result, Chen Kai sadly urged the loud prayer not to bring courage to the team, but to plunge the whole team into a terrible fear.
In the end, Chen Kaineng made a decision that he felt it was risky, because if he didn’t go online, the whole team would be in terrible trouble because of the fear and prayer of Yunna, and such trouble would eventually lead to the extinction of the whole team in this almost deserted land. The end result is very sad because you can’t resurrect at the nearest cemetery, but you can resurrect in situ and then die until you cry.
Of course, the line escape may not be completely because the tent may be destroyed at any time by the sudden monsters, but now it seems that Chen Kai is surrounded by those terrible fog monsters, so Chen Kai dares to take the risk to set up a tent for others to escape by the line. Being the last lifeline of the player, the tent belongs to the best way to avoid disasters by the line. Because of the online state, players can easily hide from various enemies and explore, so they will not worry that the tent will run to strange places or simply fall into the mouth of a monster after the line. If the tent is destroyed, then you can pray that the tent is an adventurer at best, rather than a monster who likes to tear down the tent and spread it locally or simply tear it to pieces.
When Chen Kai and others filed in from the tent, they didn’t feel a trace of security in the tent. Chen Kai saw the crazy beating in the unified information from time to time. Obviously, although those fog demons were isolated outside the tent, many of them still ran into the tent with their bodies in an absolute security area. Once there were other creatures except players, it would make this security no longer secure, which means that Chen Kai and others could not line it in the tent for the time being until it was completely eliminated. There is no way for some fog demons to stop. Ll can hope to restore a little magic. Rola Chen’s sacred purification aura will destroy the fog demons in the tent. Of course, he and Su Wan can also destroy those fog demons by magical power, but their magical power is single and may cause trouble to the tent department.
The most important thing is that Chen Kai, they have to hurry, because the news from the battle log keeps showing that there are a lot of fog demons outside their tents, and the green tent fabric is gradually turning red by the fog demons, and as time goes by, some fog demons are slowly infiltrating from outside the tents to join the ranks of the fog demons.
"Girl ~ Can you hold on?" Don’t jump, ll bow their heads and ask Rola Chen at the foot. In a small tent, ll can’t completely stretch his body. If he wants to keep his head straight, he has to reach the top of the tent or be close to it. After all, this is an ordinary tent. It’s not that big magic tent. It’s no longer possible to squeeze ll at the top of the tent for three meters. At the same time, it’s already very generous for the six of them.
"It’s okay. If you reduce the halo area, you should be able to get rid of the monsters in the tent." Rola Chen’s cheeks are a little white, and a little sweat slowly drops down the pink cheeks. In this small tent, the temperature is naturally more sultry than outside. It’s only less than a minute, and the group feels as if they are in an oven. However, there is another advantage in the tent, that is, it is isolated from the red light outside, which makes it rare for them to see objects with other colors.
"Old four, please be quiet and stop chanting." Ll’s loud voice rang in the tent again, but he didn’t get the cloud back. When he bowed his head, the poor thief had rolled his eyes and a wisp of white saliva was slowly flowing out of his mouth. Obviously, the thief was about to be completely swallowed up by the surrounding fog demon, and fear was about to cripple his body. Maybe he would experience an unpleasant experience of being scared to death, but this is definitely not Ll’s hope, so he can’t get it when he patted the other cheek. After the response, he directly took out a bottle of iced holy water and splashed it on his face. Although the holy water has very magical and sacred power, 10% of the raw materials used to make it are still water. It can also be iced and the effect of ice and snow freezing holy water will last longer. Of course, the effect will not increase for a long time, but at least it can increase the effect of refreshing the mind with cold water, especially in this hot time.
"Wow," accompanied by a crisp splash of water, his face was directly drenched by cold holy water, but at the same time, there was a lot of smoke rising instantaneously, because there were so many fog demons on his body that almost every inch of his body was covered with a fog demon. When the holy water splashed on his cheek, his cheek was instantly burned by the holy water, and the severe pain made him feel very uncomfortable and hard to cry out instantly, but in this way, he also woke up and got rid of fear and fear.
"Wake up? Wake up and give me a quick line. Don’t bother the old man any more. There is no bonus this month. "For this moment, Yun Chenkai won’t be polite. If he makes mistakes, he will be punished. This is a team rule. If Fiona Fang doesn’t punish the other party just because Yun is a good partner of Chenkai, then Chenkai doesn’t need to play the company. Let’s wash our clothes and go home and sleep. Because of excessive package, the whole team will not be able to make progress in mistakes.
It is important to note that if friends can’t type the old domain name, they can access it by visiting the backup domain name.
"Ah, yes," the cloud caused the team to be in great trouble, so he was ashamed to take the lead in forcing the line. His chubby face quickly disappeared under the red fog demon. Because he was forced to line in the tent, Chen Kai was not worried that he was sent to other places. At most, the line lost some experience, which was definitely much less than death. Of course, all that was before the cloud line, Chen Kai cleaned the tent and made it temporarily in a safe state. If he was behind the cloud line, the rear system would judge that he had not escaped.
Behind that cloud line, those fog demon who had been shrouded in him seem to have lost their goal, and their minds are flying around, or they have no brains at all, but they are in a state of confusion after losing food, which will affect other fog monsters. In fact, it seems that these fog monsters are very similar to single-celled organisms and can be driven to attack or move, and there is no hatred. After the cloud line, they are all floating in the tent in a daze, so Rola Chen can easily purify the halo power and completely eliminate these floating fog monsters, which is also fortunate. Thanks to the tent’s function of isolating from the outside world, all the fog demons that rushed in were relatively small, otherwise Rola Chen’s magic was just a thousand, and even if the aura range was compressed again, all the fog demons could not be killed. Of course, thanks to Chen Yizhang’s purifying aura, the attack will not lead to the increase of magic consumption with the increase of monsters, and it will not lead to the disappearance of aura due to excessive magic consumption. The holy priest aura belongs to a terrible range of skills, except for the skill stimulation stage, which consumes more magic, along with the Rola Chen level and prayer skills. The aura power that can promote her will automatically increase. At this moment, the level of Rola Chen’s sacred purification aura has reached LV4 in digital terms. Only the aura power plus achievement is 50% higher than when she just mastered it.
She makes a little magic to create halo power, which can cause 10 to 20 damage to the target, plus the sacred power to double the damage to the evil forces. As a result, in this range, the fog demon suffers 500 points less damage every second, and the level of the fog demon is not high. It only takes five or six seconds to become floating fog. After all the fog demons are cleared, Chen Kai and their battle logs finally disappear, and a group of people just take a few breaths and choose the line. At that moment when everyone disappears, the horrible fog demon army that surrounded the tent side continues to stay until a long time later, they slowly disperse and wait in the red earth.
In fact, if Chen Kai and others stay in the game for a little longer, maybe none of them can safely leave the game. At least their characters will fall into various negative emotions such as fear and then die. Their crazy behavior of urging horses to run on the earth did not get them out of danger, but attracted the eyes of those fog demons who drifted in the virtual world like lights in the dark. Food gave off thoughts, and these fog demons who had not eaten for a long time woke up from the heavy cotton, and finally formed terror to stir up this red wasteland fog demon. The army, of course, this terrible red mist army disappeared completely after only a moment. Because the food that attracted them has disappeared, they have no goal and can continue to fall silent.
However, most fog demons have woken up from their deep sleep, so they become more easily attracted by negative emotions, which makes Chen Kai face more fog demon attacks after they enter the game again. Of course, Chen Kai is definitely not here, and there will be so many fog demons. Of course, even if he is sent to this fog demon wilderness, it is not that they want to choose. The result is simply that a few people are unlucky and urged to be fooled by a highly intelligent aboriginal N.
If Akali Chenkai and them were banished to such a horrible place by her, she would definitely dream and laugh. For her, the worse Chenkai and them were, the more she felt. Of course, if she had been sent more knights of the sacred flame, she would have been even more worried. Now she has been forced by Andre and them to run away from Sanorase and hide in other places. This feeling of being forced to leave her lair is absolutely uncomfortable for Akali, who regards Sanorase as her home, because Sanorase is not only her former home but also her sad and happy memory.
Behind the line, Chen Kai stayed quietly in the life-sustaining cabin, waiting for the body to be covered with nutrient solution to completely subside. Forcibly hitting the life-sustaining cabin cover will cause some trouble to the operation of the life-sustaining cabin, and at the same time, the nutrient solution will also be lost, resulting in unnecessary losses. When all the nutrient solution thoroughly penetrated into the biological sponge structure pad of the life-sustaining cabin, a trace of cleaning water mist was sent to Chen Kai’s body, especially his cheeks, to promote the player to wake up from a deep sleep. With the last trace of water mist completely drying, Chen Kai’s eyelids slowly jumped up, and then his whole eyes suddenly opened Chen Kai’s eyes in the life-sustaining cabin are like twinkling stars, which give off a faint light in a moment. Of course, this is mainly because the light in the life-sustaining cabin shines on his eyes. This light will gradually become brighter with the gradual adaptation of the player’s pupil, and finally reach the same level as the external light, reducing the damage to the eyes caused by the player suddenly seeing too bright light after playing the life-sustaining cabin.
When Chen Kai’s eyes are completely adapted to the light, the life-sustaining cabin will be completely opened in the first drop. Of course, you can also choose to forcibly open the life-sustaining cabin by pulling the left pull rod of your body, and it can be opened instantly whether the life-sustaining cabin is connected to the source or not, thus ensuring that the player can be very safe from being trapped in the life-sustaining cabin in case of sudden disconnection.
"Finally, it’s a safe line." ll gently hold down the corner of the life-sustaining cabin and walk out of it with a slight jump. He entered the bathroom not far away and washed away the residual nutrient solution adhered to his body with hot water, which also kept him in a clean state. Although the water mist in the life-sustaining cabin has washed most of it, some parts will still adhere to a lot of sticky liquid, which makes people feel extremely uncomfortable.
"Xiaofei, have you inquired about the information in that area?" Wash your body in the bathroom. At the moment when Chen Kaili’s room moves and Xu Fei communicates, Xu Fei is lying very comfortably in the wide bath basin. Of course, his fingers have not stopped to cross the virtual screen in front of him, constantly looking for those messages. His cheeks and glasses are shrouded in fog by water vapor, but then they are wiped clean by the housekeeper robot around him.
"No, I’ve bought a lot of information about purgatory from several familiar guys, but there’s no place similar to the plane environment we are in, but there’s a lot of information when we met that monster. I think we were really lucky just now." Xu Fei gently shook his finger and an email was folded up by his finger, and then he walked out of the bathroom with a wave of his finger. Chen Kai’s mobile communicator flashed a picture, and the email was easily typed and then appeared in front of him. A three-dimensional picture voice introduction.
"This guy should negative emotions as food? Is there such a life in the game? " Chen Kai gawked at the three-dimensional model text introduction. In the introduction of the fog demon, which kept crawling without a trace of complete shape, the emphasis was on the text, which was the negative emotional food. These just a few words made Chen Kai very white. What kind of danger they encountered was obviously caused by their irritability during the long March, which attracted these fog demons. Finally, the fear of the cloud led to the hidden monsters around them completely.
However, the only good news for Chen Kai is that he has got the general information of the other party, knowing ourselves and knowing ourselves can fight a hundred battles. Although he doesn’t think that it is absolutely no problem to just escape from each other’s encirclement with the help of a few of them, it should not be said that there is another problem, that is, to solve the fear of the members of the team. This fog demon not only absorbs the negative emotional food of the target, but also emits a substance to stimulate the target and cause various hallucinations, which eventually makes him completely immersed in creating fantasies. They must ensure that everyone is not affected by the fog demon and finally escape from the area without showing emotions.
Of course, there is another important information in the data, that is, this kind of fog demon hates positive emotions. If the target casts emotions because they are positive, such as blood or heart, then they will choose to stay away from each other. These data are obviously found by some players from their tutors, who are human-based teachers. For those teachers, the fog demon is extremely valuable for research. They have no soul but can move, and strange negative emotions are born like this Things are definitely the anatomical targets of these research maniacs, but few teachers will study this monster now, because they belong to very old creatures and have been thoroughly studied by teachers for a long time. They have even found many ways to kill the fog demon, and the most effective one is actually happy laughter.
A kind of magic ammunition called laughing bomb is sent out, and the hit person will fall into crazy laughter and emit abnormal pleasure at the same time, because this kind of mood is not food but poison for fog demon, and they will gradually die because of absorbing pleasure. Unfortunately, Chen Kai and they didn’t laugh bomb this special thing, and the only thing they have is goose feathers, so Chen Kai thought of a more evil method in his mind, and this method needs a volunteer to accept the experiment. He has already thought of the experimenter’s goal and waited for the experiment again a few hours later.
Before that, they can have a good rest and recover. After staying in the game for three days, they feel depressed and nervous, and then enjoy a hot hot pot dinner. The big bone soup smells and dispels Chen Kai’s depression. At the same time, they also attract Su Xinghe, who is resting in Sanorase, out of the game. When a group of people finish eating and drinking, the game has been going on for a full hour. Chen Kai, they are almost covering their bellies and lying in the game warehouse for a moment. Chen Kai is worried about whether the soup in their stomachs will flow out.
When Chen Kai’s figure appeared in the game, the mood of the real center had not disappeared, so now they are not worried that those fog demons will find trouble with him at all. Even after a while, Chen Kai will try to beat back the fog demon harassment because he has a secret weapon. When the group left the tent, Chen Kai had agreed with several other people to move the secret weapon in case of problems.
"Brother Shui doesn’t tell Old Four that this is not good?" Xu Fei asked Chen Kai in the private chat channel. In Chen Kai’s narrative, they need to take off the cloud shoes and scratch the soles of his feet to make him laugh, so as to urge the clouds to send out a happy mood, so as to dispel the fog demon. Regardless of this method, it is not reliable. It is a bit evil to let Xu Fei be absolutely Chen Kai without telling the cloud.
"Tell him he’ll be on guard. It’s not natural enough to laugh like that. It’s definitely worse not to tell him that it’s okay, so we’ll set off quickly." Ll quickly ended the private chat and shouted at the newly-made magnetic needle cloud, "Old four has determined a good position, so it’s time to set off."
"Well, that’s the direction, and I feel that we should be close to the place where the magnetic force is densest, because the direction of the magnetic needle is almost fixed." Cloud is not at all at the moment. Llewellyn, they are going to make sure that there is no fog demon around. He is very happy at the moment, but if we let him go, Llewellyn, they are going to estimate that they will never laugh.
"Really? It’s great. "Zhao Tiezhu felt abnormal when he heard the cloud. He almost realized that he wanted to ride a horse and rush out because he was really tired of this red wilderness. When he met a monster, he couldn’t fight at all. Because the fog demon couldn’t physically attack and do harm, it made Zhao Tiezhu feel strong.
"Girl? Recovery sample? Ok, we’re about to start. "Ll patted the end of prayer and asked Rola Chen on the shoulder. Hearing Ll’s words, Rola Chen wrinkled her nose and gently nodded her head. As she rode a horse, a group of people once again embarked on an unknown journey.
The fiery red sky still shines as brightly as it can. Chen Kai, they have gradually become accustomed to this kind of light. Even in the mainland plane, it is already midnight. In this plane, the light in the sky will never disappear, or it has not disappeared in a few days. Perhaps Chen Kai, they see that everything around them is smudged in a red light, and this red light will be completely isolated when they stay in tents. It is difficult for people to be happy in this environment, and this may be the number of fog monsters here. There are many reasons for this, because it is difficult for everyone to have positive emotions in this wilderness. If there are no enemies, their number will continue to increase, thus completely occupying the whole wilderness.
The only thing they need to pray for is that this wilderness has an end. They can see other creatures at the end, even if it is efreet with magma flowing. It is better than the physical fog demon to make Chen Kai’s heart at least be tied to the war horse and laugh. That’s what the cloud thinks. He is dull now, and his mouth is dripping with saliva. Of course, this is definitely not a dream. As a result, he has definitely just experienced a nightmare. At that moment, Chen Kai and them scratched the soles of his feet with goose feathers. The cloud thought of it was not "Don’t" but "Top Ten". Torture theory cloud begging for mercy is surrounded by a large number of fog demons. Chen Kai, they have decided to use him as a weapon to deal with fog demons. With Rola Chen purifying the aura, his terrible smile like Owlman instantly defeated hundreds of fog demons.
I felt him laugh with pain, because those negative emotions, fog-eating demons seemed to feel the most terrible poison, and generally chose to escape and die completely in pain. In the horrible smile of the cloud, Chen Kai and others successfully passed through the encirclement of hundreds of fog demons and even left a hundred and fifty order fog demons. Everyone’s life experience slot has been greatly increased. The only unlucky cloud is that he was not only scratched by goose feathers, but also laughed and almost suffocated. Fortunately, those fog demons felt that he was happy from time to time, because otherwise the cloud would definitely be in a state now.
Looking at the giggle cloud Xu Fei from time to time, I am a little worried. Looking at ll, I asked the elder brother of the water, are we going too far? Will the old four be fooled? "
Chen Kai looked down at the moment and took it out of his backpack with red light, which hurt his eyes a little, but he couldn’t find other pastimes. He could choose to do so. When he heard Xu Fei’s words, he raised his head a little and kicked his long thigh toward the cloud not far from him.
"Well, don’t pack it up and see if we have gone astray. Don’t worry about your bonus this month." Hearing this sentence, Llewellyn giggled and quickly got up and wiped the saliva from the corners of her mouth with leather gloves, and then she took out the magnetized pointer in her backpack to test the direction. Looking at the cloud, she skillfully moved Xu Fei for a while and then shook her head depressed.
Just as Xu Fei wanted to turn around and continue to read his spell page, ll suddenly pulled his skirt and pointed to a touch of yellow in the distance and said
"Xiao Fei, do you think there is a plant?" Chen Kai’s words caused a noise in the whole team. Because of Chen Kai’s height and Galal’s height, his vision is the best among all people. Even the thief can’t compare with Chen Kai. Therefore, he saw that sometimes other people’s vision was still red in the distance. But when he heard his words, everyone stopped, stood up from the war horse and looked at Chen Kai’s finger. There was a yellow forest shining with charming luster in the red light. For a group of people, there was nothing more exciting than seeing plants, because that meant that they were about to walk out of this terrible wilderness and might soon return to the human world.
Chapter 3 Out of the Wasteland
Chapter 3 Out of the Wasteland
Chapter 4 Luo Xin ‘an Shuren
Chapter 4 Luo Xin ‘an Shuren
Asking for a ticket
Forgive me for being dragged out to play. As a result, I worked as a coolie for two days. I was exhausted after running with a heavy bag on my shoulder for two days.
I’m really sorry.