He made out, then turned to look at the girl who bowed slightly to one side and said, "Who is this?"

The girl said, "Hello Taoist, my name is Li Wenxiu."
Qing Qing frowned and said, "I don’t know if the girl is a sect?"
The girl shook her head and said, "I don’t know what sect I belong to."
Tian Shuyan said, "Where is your master?"
Girl face se some sad way, "my master is dead, he is from Jiangnan and taught me martial arts in Kazakh tribal areas."
While Qingtian said nothing.
Qi Yufeng, however, turned his heart upside down. This is the main appearance of "White Horse Whistling in the West Wind"
Chapter 50 Moonlight Dissolution
Green thoughtfully for a moment and said, "You whip this way …?"
Li Wenxiu blushed slightly. "The master taught me to be a meteor hammer. When I arrived, I didn’t know if I was practicing correctly because it was not easy to carry a lance."
Green immediately smiled and said, "I said that I can’t see the number of girls in the family. I really called the old road shine at the moment."
Say repeatedly praised and then turned to Qi Yufeng to see his injury skin is full of minor injuries, but touched for a long time pulse green but a little frowned.
Then he said, "Yufeng, you were kicked by this jiān thief. You have a specific physical condition and the original injury is not heavy. It is good to take some Dan medicine every day for ten days."
"But it’s a little difficult for you to combine the two together. Angry liver ambition is obviously a little impetuous in practicing sword and martial arts recently. Are you angry with yourself?" Qing le le beard Wen Yan said
Qi Yufeng shook his head and said, "I was wrong this time, but I was angry not because of martial arts, but because Wang Mingwei and others really should have killed themselves for several days."
Green rì…… hesitated for a moment and said, "You are nothing to our Wulin middleman. Everyone has been practicing Qigong since childhood, but you have been practicing too late to protect the zang-fu organs and suffered such serious injuries. Now you are alive and kicking because you are flat …"
He suddenly said to himself, "It’s because you have too much food in Yubi Mountain Villa, and you are as strong as an ox, and it’s fortunate that you can stand it when you are young."
Although Qi Yufeng’s stomach felt as painful as fire, he tried to say with smile, "It’s good that I ate everything such as ginseng, antler, deer marrow and gastrodia elata in the past six months and specially gave a lot of bear’s paw to Brother Shu Yan."
Tian Shuyan said, "I can’t go to the Jade Pen Villa for no reason." Even so, I was still a little moved. He had previously sought revenge from Pei Hu and didn’t inform the master to come back to the mountain before he offered a humble apology to the master. After listening to him, he knew that his hatred in those days was caused by the court’s deliberate estrangement and Y and N mistakes, and he had not been convicted.
Qi Yufeng added, "The most wonderful thing is that the serpent has traveled a few feet away when I drink bloody wine …"
After listening to his explanation, Qing couldn’t help but marvel at the fascination of the white fox Xiaofei, and thought for a while and smiled, "Don’t insist on life and death."
Qi Yufeng nodded while the girl’s face added a trace of sorrow se.
Qing took out a wooden box from his bosom to see that it contained a pill of medicine. He said, "This is the self-made Heavenly King’s Heart-protecting Pill, which can protect you from illness."
Qi Yufeng hurriedly praised Yu for reaching for Qing, but Zhan Yan smiled. "How can you pay someone lightly with such a heavy treasure? You have to promise me a condition before I give it to you."
At this time, Qi Yufeng did not consider what a man should be. He opened his mouth and said, "What the Taoist priest said naturally does not comply."
Qing Dao: "Well, since you got well, you’ve been practicing Xuangong Boxing, and you’ve always learned this boxing."
Qi Yufeng immediately thanked the green leader for allowing Yide to feel a little puzzled.
It turns out that what he studied Hu Gugong is better than wu-tang clan’s Millennium achievement method, but it is a bit insufficient.
Wu-tang clan’s long-term practice of kung fu has removed his accumulated rage, dredging and dispersing poison from his recent sword practice.
Qing knows that he is angry and angry, but he doesn’t deliberately play dumb.
He didn’t want him to lose his initiative and keep fit. It was only when he went further that he promised him to practice this extremely mysterious boxing and increase his strength from the outside.
Of course, Hu Feiyi gave Tian Shuyan a big boost in swordsmanship last year, and he didn’t elaborate on the reasons.
When Qi Yufeng bought Dan Yao and his party worried that Zhuang Bifan had found reinforcements to regenerate the trouble, he found a remote village and went to a farmer to rest for a while
For three consecutive days, Qi Yufeng’s body was bruised to restore the old concept, and the trauma was also raised. After practicing the sword in the hospital for a while, Qingtian Tree said that the sword was simple and elegant, and the sword was continuous and elegant, and most of them couldn’t help but drink it.
While Li Wenxiu helped him wash his handkerchief and wiped his face, Qi Yufeng said, "The green road leader, then you don’t directly kill Zhuang Bifan and provoke us to be trapped in this small mountain village today."
Qing shook his head. "Zhuang Bifan is an outstanding talent in the 22nd generation of South Shaolin. It’s not easy to expect him to pull back from the cliff as soon as possible. Don’t call me unpredictable."
After thinking for a moment, he continued, "As soon as the news of the treasure of the King of Changbai Mountain came out, not only did the imperial talons run one after another, but there were many recluse experts who were also interested in learning. I heard that the emperor Qianlong had invited three old swordsmen from Yunyang Longquan Canglang in Diancang Mountain, Yunnan Province, who had been living in seclusion for a long time, but Ganlong personally wrote and invited them to come to Changbai Mountain and his party."
"With Diancang School, it is natural to have Kunlun School, Kongtong School and other big schools. This time, I am determined to win. I rushed here to discuss with Pei Hu, such as resolving this feud."
Qi Yufeng didn’t care. "What else can be resolved? These people are willing to be imperial eagle dogs, so they will kill it."
Green shook his head slightly angry. "You’re going to kill each other so easily. How can you practice martial arts? Besides, if you kill heroes every day as you want, isn’t it right in the middle of the Dalai jiān plan?"
However, Qi Yufeng was surprised and handed over to Qing to make amends.
Green waved his hand to show hindrance, and continued, "Those who learn swordsmen should be upright and upright, and would rather die than surrender. Be a brave man like Pei Hu, but just for a long time, you can’t be soft. Once you kill Ri Sheng, you have no end to violence, and you are blinded by the hatred of your country, it is not far from becoming crazy."