"Mike, what did you call us here to say?" Anthony asked, he doesn’t know morality either. Why did Anthony suddenly call a few people over?

"Well, that’s right. You didn’t pay much attention to the last sentence I said just now. It was to boost the morale of the team." D’ Antoni’s next sentence, including Anthony, surprised everyone.
"I called you here because you are all the main players in the team and I have to tell you the truth," D ‘Antoni went on to say.
Miller and his face suddenly turned slightly red. Although D ‘Antoni didn’t praise them directly, this kind of statement is just like pouring honey into people, sweetheart.
Anthony then looked up and took a look at D ‘Antoni, the coach of Xiao Hu. It’s amazing. It’s all a trick.
"One day, we will play against the Mavericks. The coach of this team is old Nelson. Unfortunately, his team also focuses on running and bombing tactics, and they also have the running and bombing team, which is the most suitable for the stadium commander Nash. I don’t think it’s frustrating for us to win the game tomorrow. It’s very difficult for us to end up with a big defeat." D’ Antoni put away his smile and said seriously.
Anthony heard that it was also D ‘Antony who called them here, and his feelings were vaccination.
"So I called you here in the hope that you won’t be disappointed by the day’s game. I know that you will play hard. After all, the team has lost five games in a row and needs a game to bottom out. But if it fails, I also hope that you can see the bright side and recognize it psychologically. Do you know what I mean?"
"I know," Anthony said at first. If he knew D ‘Antoni from his popularity, now he has to admit that D ‘Antoni is a good coach.
D ‘Antoni has his own tactical concept, knows how to deal with players and doesn’t hide his words. His success in the Suns in his previous life is not only due to Nash.
It is never wrong to say that no one is successful and enjoys the success.
Chapter seventy-nine Reasonable and unexpected
"What was the player’s name just now? What’s Wang?" D’ Antoni suddenly asked
"Wang Zhizhi is from China, and his name is not easy to remember," Cooper replied.
"Well, that player’s physique says that he is poor in defense but talented in attack," D ‘Antoni turned to stare at Cooper and said, "Cooper, I will give you one now. You must train his defense to nba level. He is a very good supplement to our team."
Cooper looked surprised at D ‘Antoni and then at Anthony. He didn’t expect a marginal figure to attract such a big bet from the team coach and the absolute core.
"I’m not kidding. He has the potential to be a poor man. Nowitzki is on my team, but former Cooper, you have to practice his defense in any way," D ‘Antoni said seriously.
"Well, I will," Cooper said with a nod.
"Then come on, everyone. A game will definitely benefit you a lot. I hope you can understand that we are not in a hurry now, but the future will be bright."
D ‘Antoni finally made a concluding remark and declared the short meeting over.
After one day’s training, the Nuggets players were exhausted, but their faces were very excited when they first tasted the running and bombing tactics during the training.
In other words, the attack does not need too many tactics, and it is necessary to make a good pick-and-roll at all times. After being picked up, you can judge the timing of the shot. Although the defense needs to continue to oppress the ball, it will form a direct fast break scoring opportunity to score faster and easier than before.
After the training, Anthony drove to the villa.
The car was bought with Andrews on the 15th after the first salary was paid, and it cost more than 100,000 dollars. Because of its size, it was a Mercedes-Benz off-road vehicle, which was Anthony’s first big asset.
Although Su Xi is no longer a villa, Anthony has not moved away. Perhaps it means that he is unwilling to give up, perhaps because he is too troublesome to move. He still lives somewhere temporarily.
Anthony was in the car when the cell phone bell suddenly rang. He reached out and picked up the phone from the armrest box. It seemed that it was Andriana Lima, and his head suddenly got bigger.
It is said that Anthony has not been clean since Su Xi left. Lima, a Brazilian supermodel, and Megan, a future sexy goddess, almost took turns looking for him. Although he refused again and again, he never gave up trying to make the world seem like he was the only man left.
Anthony is not too white, but it is impossible to ask people face to face …
"Hello Yana, it’s Melo. What’s up? What can I do for you?" Anthony picked up the words very politely asked.
"Merlot!" As soon as Lima gets through, she shouts.
Anthony was so scared that he almost stopped the car without stabilizing the steering wheel. He didn’t know what happened. He asked weakly, "Yana, what’s wrong with you?"
"Melo, where are you! I’m in Denver. Come out and meet me! " There was a tone of no refusal in Lima’s words. Obviously Anthony’s previous refusal made the supermodel very angry.
Anthony felt nervous when he heard this. He glanced around and quickly closed the window and said, "I’m talking to my boss at his house …"
"Hum is the boss said things! Aren’t you talking about something? I heard the car motor just now. Are you lying to me? " Lima naturally refused to give up easily.
"I didn’t lie to you. Just now, someone came to see the boss again. Oh, the boss urged me. I’ll hang up first. I’ll call you back when I get back." Anthony said, putting the phone away from his mouth and finally hanging up, which was a relief.
To say that Lima is very active every time she makes a phone call, and she is also very good at grasping the discretion. To say that she plays a big card, Anthony can just find an excuse to fall out, but it’s just that it’s neither too tight nor too loose. It’s getting more and more ambiguous.
Anthony sighed and put away his words before continuing to drive home.
It’s not far from the Pepsi Center to the villa. Anthony is driving on the street at the moment, and it’s only a corner away.
At this moment, he suddenly found a familiar figure at the door, graceful figure, graceful curve, provocative long hair, pink crystal lips and sexy temptation.