"Well, that’s exactly the case. Now they’re beside the dove-dish girl. My great foresight has not reached the artistic conception of heaven. I can’t rely on them to trick the dove-dish girl into Tianxian City just by taking people from a distance. I hope they can hurry up and do this well before the mysterious man wakes up!" Long Xingxuan said that the choking spear flashed again and a different picture appeared in front of his eyes.

The wild silkworm and Deng Fei are in a hill. At this time, both the wild silkworm and Deng Fei have a 100,000-year-old cultivation of heaven and earth, and the twelve gods have helped them a lot
"Hey, hey, I said, brother, have you heard that the bodhi old zu on Sunday is going to be in trouble this time? Nu Wa Empress and Tongtian Leader have to deal with him in person. Maybe the situation will be reversed!" Wild silkworm said
"Well, eldest brother, you’re right, but it doesn’t matter that we don’t have to be careful not to lose our lives in vain. Winning in that respect is not bad for us. Hey, hey, we still have to thank the Great Gouchen for not being him. How can we have such a special identity? Hehe, it’s great. I haven’t felt so great for thousands of years!" Deng Fei hey hey said with a smile.
Star Xuan didn’t listen to their nonsense to choke spear gently through the sound channel and two people immediately.
"Wild silkworm, Deng Fei, it’s really leisurely for you two to mix up!" Star Xuan cold voice said
The two men couldn’t help shivering and looking around with their eyes wide open, but where can they see the shadow of Xing Xuan?
"Don’t look for me, you can’t find it, but now if I let you die, you can’t escape!" Said the star Xuan, choking his spear toward a boulder beside the wild silkworm, and he heard a "bang" and the boulder shattered.
Wild silkworm and Deng Fei immediately turned pale. Long Xingxuan’s attack was not very powerful, but they didn’t know how the stone was broken. If it wasn’t a stone just now, they dared not want to go.
"Well, do something for me to find the dove-dish girl and tell her to come quickly if she doesn’t come!" Long xingxuan unfathomable words said
The two men nodded quickly and then ran away.
Longxingxuan ha ha a smile choked spear turned off the picture.
Chapter four hundred and thirty-two O fall (3)
"With the choking spear in hand, my great foresight can be better displayed. Hehe, Purple Rui, you see that this is just the primary artistic conception in the great foresight. I can’t imagine what it would be like if it reached the great artistic conception!" Xing Xuan stroked the choking spear and said to Zi Rui
"Come on, don’t tell the truth in front of me until I know something about this advanced skill!" Violet therefore lightly chastised Xing Xuan’s forehead for a little daughter, which provoked Xing Xuan to laugh.
"Gouchen Emperor is really happy to be in the idle city on this day. It’s really enviable to hold the left and the right!" At this time, a small sound sounded in Long Xingxuan’s ear, and Long Xingxuan’s face changed slightly. Then he quickly calmed down and smiled and said, "I don’t know which Buddha is it, the original or the moral?"
Slightly twisted, Yuan Tianzun and moral Tianzun holding a cloth of "Ma Yi Shen Xiang" appeared in front of Long Xingxuan at the same time.
"It’s you. You’re the guy who cheated money on the street!" As soon as Zirui recognized the moral Buddha when he first came to Tianxian City, the dead old man cheated himself of 20 million celestial coins with a bottle of half water. When he lived in Tianxian City for a while, he knew the value of celestial coins, and Zirui was heartbroken when he remembered it.
The moral Buddha blushed slightly and argued, "You don’t suffer either. My two sheep fat bottles are treasures!"
"Who wants you to break the bottle and give it back to us for 20 million!" I didn’t expect Violet to take out the two bottles as soon as she carried them with her, and throw them in the arms of the moral Buddha and ask for money.
"Ahem!" The moral face is even redder. I came from the celestial world but I didn’t bring any money. Fortunately, I cheated 20 million celestial coins from Long Xingxuan that day to let him live in this idle city. Otherwise, the famous moral Buddha will fall on the begging street. How can I release Zhenyuan now and get some freedom of movement? But now he still can’t come up with the 20 million celestial coins.
Xing Xuan looks at the moral Buddha without exhortation.
"This … Gouchen Emperor, you … you won’t be so stingy, will you? It’s only 20 million celestial coins. How about waiting until I return to the celestial world to pay you back two hundred million?" The moral Buddha finally showed the problem button and rushed to Long Xingxuan for help.
"You agreed to do it!" Long Xingxuan was not polite at all. He didn’t hear the moral Buddha’s face burst into white. He really let himself return two billion yuan, but he said that he couldn’t take it back.
Originally, I was also secretly laughing at myself. This younger brother is nominally my younger brother, but he is taller than himself everywhere. Now he finally has a chance to see him make a fool of himself, and he doesn’t help the moral Buddha to make a circle.
You looked back at Long Xingxuan and said, "You are still here, and you don’t know it!"
"A catastrophe? Hehe, isn’t it a long time ago? Our struggle with the mysterious man has never stopped. What could be more disastrous than this? " Long Xingxuan doesn’t scare the moral Buddha, which is an exaggerated way to divert attention. It’s even more sneering. Is this a trick played by children? It’s a pity that you are still such a clumsy means of Sanqing Zun.
Morality blushed again and said, "This is indeed the case, but it seems that it has reached the end. Jiulong Ding will be born in another month!" "
"Ah?" Not only Longxing Xuanyuan Tianzun was surprised to call the Sanqing Venerable Nu Wa Empress, but also the ancient Buddha came to Tianxiancheng. That thing came from Jiulong Ding, which was used to display great foresight in the original world. With it, you can display great foresight at will in the original world, and there is even an increase. It can be said that whoever got Jiulong Ding has a deadly weapon that affects the whole situation. Although Yuan Tianzun and moral Tianzun can’t wield their original mana in this Tianxiancheng, with that thing, all the shackles will be lifted.
The moral Buddha didn’t give everyone extra time to digest this shocking news. Looking at Long Xingxuan, he asked, "Please tell me the truth, Emperor Gou Chen, where have you cultivated your great foresight?"
"The primary realm of Zhongtian artistic conception!" Long Xingxuan is not shy about it.
"I’m brother Yuan, the primary realm of artistic conception, and I should be similar to him, but in this place, because we haven’t been here for a long time, we can’t liberate the real Yuan without roots, and we can’t wield our original skill. A great foresight can’t be effectively displayed, and the other party, according to my observation this period of time, should be a stage higher than us, and he has been in this place for a long time and can exert his power more than us. We are at an absolute disadvantage this time and once he gets the Kowloon Ding, we will die. In the future, Emperor Gou Chen was troubled by the Great Foresight all day and night, and even if he became immortal, the final result was gone. Don’t you say that this is not an imminent crisis and a catastrophe? " The moral Buddha is also honest and tells the true state of foresight between himself and Yuan Buddha.
"I know what the Buddha means. You mean that you want me to join hands with you. However, the Buddha estimates that even if we join hands, we may not be the opponent of that person. Besides, I think that the man’s great foresight in Tianxian City has reached the point where he can do whatever he wants. He can always recruit a few outside overhaul immortals to quickly release the oppressed Zhenyuan and fight with us. I don’t have this collar now, so I can crack down on outsiders. I still have the ability to take them in!" Long Xingxuan is also quite frank and outspoken that he can
"This is good enough. We haven’t even been able to display the Great Foresight in this place without restriction. One is to connect twelve lotus stands that have not been damaged before, the other is that the great fairy choked and sang spears hundreds of millions of years ago, and the other is that it is said that the afterlife mirror is now in Sunday’s hands. Only with these three instruments can the Great Foresight be displayed, but the twelve lotus stands have been damaged and are no longer choking and spears are still inferior to the afterlife mirror. The disadvantages are obvious!" Morality said to Long Xingxuan
Long Xingxuan didn’t believe in the moral Buddha at all. He didn’t know that the twelve lotus stands were re-formed or that he didn’t know that he had a choking spear in his hand. He tentatively said, "God, I have twelve lotus stands in my hand, but I don’t know how to make it!"
"I know that you have rebuilt the twelve lotus stands, but the power of this rebuilt thing is ten million times worse than that of the original thing. Otherwise, if you take that old thing, you will try your best to take it away from you. How can you take it until now? Although it is less powerful, it is still a good instrument!" Moral Buddha said
Xing Xuan immediately took out the twelve lotus stands and stuffed them into the hands of the moral Buddha, saying, "In that case, you should use the Buddha first!" Long Xingxuan can’t be confused when he makes his own way or gives someone a good key.
I didn’t think that the moral Buddha waved his hand and didn’t get confused with the twelve lotus dragons and stars. Isn’t this the case that the moral Buddha came to himself?
"I can’t come when I can’t!" Moral sigh
Looking at Xing Xuan’s bewilderment, Yuan Tianzun said, "Xing Xuan and I have discussed with the moral Tianzun that the key to success or failure this time depends on you!"
"Want to see me?" Xing Xuan is even more confused. Although he has cultivated great foresight and reached the artistic conception of Zhongtian, he is not arrogant enough to admit that he can rely on this to defeat the mysterious man hidden in the dark. The foresight of the National People’s Congress is much more powerful than himself, and unlike the Sanqing Venerable, he can’t swing it without it.
"We are going to introduce our great foresight skills to you. Now it is you who can swing freely in the leisure city. Your success or failure is of course the key to our success!" Moral Buddha walked over to Long Xingxuan at this time and said
"Guide?" Long Xingxuan keenly felt that the moral heaven respected the word "guide" instead of being familiar with "grant"
"Guidance is almost the same as Buddhism. We will bless our great foresight skills in your body. At that time, you will have the skills of all of us so that you can compete with the mysterious man in World War I!" Moral Buddha said
"What are the conditions?" Xing Xuan doesn’t believe that moral Buddha has no motive. Although it is said that the success or failure of this time is very crucial, whoever wins will dominate the celestial world, and whoever loses will be doomed, Long Xingxuan still thinks that it is impossible and unconditional for the two Buddha statues to be less. If they get the Kowloon tripod body by themselves and have reached the peak of the world’s repair because of the skill of guiding and repairing, it is equivalent to another person who threatens their status. Their personality is absolutely not allowed to lift a rock and drop it on their own feet. Such things are generally done by immortals, but they are definitely not Sanqing Buddha statues and moral Buddha statues.
"Ha ha, that’s a good question. I appreciate your frankness on one condition, that is, after you get the Kowloon Ding and defeat the mysterious man, the Kowloon Ding must belong to us. There is also one thing that must be told to you, which is different from initiation. The guide is that when our skill reaches a certain level, it will be limited. Well, at most two months, after two months, you will greatly foresee that the art will return to its original artistic conception!" Moral Buddha said to Long Xingxuan
"So that’s it!" Star Xuan face some dim and got along while, oneself have no benefits at all.
The moral Buddha saw Long Xingxuan’s dissatisfaction. Hehe smiled and said, "The advantage is of course that after the guidance, we practice martial arts. There are many secrets that you can understand. This is a considerable wealth. When we reach the advanced level, you will know that all the repairs and skills with the help of external forces are unreliable. It’s not that we are stingy, but that now we are trying to fix our roots, and the repair and skills of Emperor Chen are not only the Tao, but also the enlightenment. We have to talk about it later and let him get it. Your 12-lotus-terrace practice made him unable to make a decision at all times. Well, when you got that skill, it didn’t appear in Jiulong Ding, and we introduced your skill. You are definitely the opponent of the mysterious man. It depends on you to end this celestial robbery. By that time, you will be the hero of the whole celestial world! "
"Ha ha, forget it. Moral Buddha, don’t say that in front of me. What heroes are not heroes? I’m not interested in that. Who doesn’t know that heroes come to play silly little things? It’s a deal. Let’s do it, even though I suffer a lot!" Long Xingxuan ha ha a smile very readily agreed to the actual moral Buddha said it makes sense. After guiding Long Xingxuan, he will definitely benefit from it, and Long Xingxuan is about to face danger. It really takes courage and strength to confront the mysterious man head-on, but Long Xingxuan can’t find the reason and method to retreat.
"That’s very good. Take care of Emperor Chen. Let’s find Jieyin!" When the moral Buddha finished speaking, he pulled up the original flicker and disappeared into the air
Violet clung to Long Xingxuan’s hands and palms were sweating. Although she knew that this day would come eventually, when this day really came and entered the agenda, she still felt fear. She was afraid of Xing Xuan instead of herself.
"Ha ha, don’t be nervous. I will defeat him. Didn’t you see the shadow of the human world when you broadcast the fairy tale in the human world? Demons are usually very powerful, but in the end, the righteous warriors can always be in the last beat the devil!" Longxingxuan coaxed the three-year-old child to say to Zirui in tone
"After Xing Xuan’s victory, you should go to Mao Youzuo. Don’t leave any regrets!" Violet didn’t meet Long Xingxuan, but said this.
Xing Xuan was silent.