Yu Zecheng smell speech unknowingly indecision in the previous step "guard …"

Fu Kangan looked up and stared at the displeasure. "How can you grasp it better than your brother? If you can’t, the court wants you again? "
Yu Zecheng just thought that he had an adventure in recent years and entered the country quite quickly. Dust may not be his opponent. When he turned around and drew his sword in his hand, he shouted, "Dust, please recruit!"
Dust has long been impatient to wait, but it’s not much to say. With a sword, Yu Zecheng attacked Yu Zecheng’s backhand and turned around with a touch. These two people with the highest martial arts in the contemporary Kongtong school jumped together.
These two people are exactly the same, and their swordsmanship is full of twists and turns. It’s all about the pouring force in the sword. The sword swings faintly with the wind whistling like dragons and tigers for a long time.
The two men rolled like two dragons, sometimes flying in the sky and swallowing clouds, sometimes falling into the deep water and taking a bucket. Soon, the dust and sand were everywhere, and people were not seen.
Even if the people on the sidelines are far away from dozens of feet, I can occasionally feel the firm but gentle breeze blowing across the body and blowing on the body of the people. I couldn’t help but feel a little tongue-tied. I didn’t expect this master figure to spell his life and swing his sword so badly.
The two judges in the field are also far away, frowning for fear of being accidentally injured by these two people. Seeing that the smoke is getting bigger and bigger, they sigh and sigh. This rare grandmaster battle can’t be seen clearly because of the venue.
After a while, I heard a scream of "Ah". The smoke stopped spinning and gradually revealed a white-haired old man.
Yu Zecheng lay on the ground and smiled at the sky. "The master gave you everything!"
Dust a sword in his throat, thinking about his 20-year classmate career, can’t help but feel some regrets.
When he heard this, his mood gradually calmed down, and he chuckled, "Is that because of your miraculous deeds?"
Yu Zecheng knew that his brother was the most soft-hearted, so he squeezed out a pair of grievances and pathetically said, "What makes you so vigorous and flexible at such a big age? What makes you have so much strength?" You and I have learned the same swordsmanship after a year. Why are you better than me? "
After the words were finished, he was full of sorrow and moved himself to tears.
Dust looked at the teacher younger brother lying on the ground and couldn’t help but sigh with emotion, "Yes, you and I are both at this age, but we are still eager to be competitive and keep a good Kongtong faction in such a field."
Yu Zecheng was delighted to see the success of the plan. I’ll call a senior again. This old fool will let me live. "Isn’t that when Master was eccentric …"
Who knows that the dust is like a flash of a sword and forced him to say, "Teacher younger brother, your life is harmful because of comparison and jealousy. I didn’t expect you to be so old. There is another ancient connotation in your swordsmanship. I can’t beat you, but I was killed by you a few days ago. On the way, I accidentally ate fairy fruit, and the dragon J Ι ng tiger was fierce, and J Ι ng was strong and healthy. Do you think this is an act of god?"
"You should know that people are more popular than people!" Say a sword with a cut Yu Zecheng by throat chest was drawn a sword mark blood shock she died.
Zhou asked for recommendation and collection for the last time. I hope everyone will not dislike me and be annoying …
Chapter seventy-four Kunlun too
Although the group of heroes saw the dust and decided to fight decisively, they could not help but be shocked to hear some of their feelings. Looking at him, they could not help but become a little strange.
At that time, the venue was quiet.
Dust closes its eyes and gives a long sigh, then slowly opens its eyes. "Heroes are here, and I have something to say."
Everyone is heart, you have killed everyone, what do you have to say?
Dust said, "More than forty years ago, Yu Zecheng was kicked out of the door by my master and informed all the major sects in the world. This is known to the older generation, but there is something hidden from you."
"In those days, I had a young school sister who was two years old. I had a white-headed appointment, but the thief insulted her while I was out on business …"
"The thief’s kind words even deceived my master, Sister Mei, and the teacher was soft-hearted and let him live. But later, Younger was humiliated and committed suicide. After I learned that, I also saved my possessions and became a Taoist priest. Later, I took advantage of this Kongtong Palm Sect."
"Dust DE can look at other factions in recent years, but Ri gradually fades, and now I feel guilty …"
Speaking of which, he looked at his sword with blood in his hand, sighed deeply, and "pa" stretched out his fingers to force the sword to break into two pieces everywhere, and his tip fell into the dust, but his one hand was also bloodied and injured.
"Dust has sealed his sword and retired since today. From then on, I will send a seal and this magical secret book to the Jianghu. I handed it over to five leaders for supervision yesterday, and you will discuss it when you choose the current Wulin leader."
Say raise my hand to throw half broken arrow to the ground and turn away.
When they saw that he could break two pieces of work with a finger, J: ng was pure, but few days could not help but be surprised and admired. And he told the ins and outs, and then he went to the group, and he couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed.
Before he stepped out a few steps, he heard a "Taoist priest, please stay" behind him.
Looking back at the dust, it was the cow judge who stopped him and said, "Excuse me, Taoist, is this kongdong school a competitor?"
Dust thoughtfully for a moment, saying, "I was saved by this thief after this Xing life or Qi Yufeng Xiaoyou. How can the Kongdong Sect compete with him?" Say and turn around and walk out of Yuanmen.
They listened to the dust said more surprised that even fell a few young master Qi Yufeng martial arts practice to the point where? Even a master like Dust needs his help?
When Qunhao looked at one side and squatted down to count stones to play with Qi Yufeng, he couldn’t help but admire him a little more.
The cattle judge turned to see that someone had come to move Yu Zecheng’s body and was cleaning up the residual blood.
He strolled to Qi Yufeng’s side. He was also interested in aligning with the royal wind at this time. His eyes smiled with admiration. "Will the young man take a break?"
When Qi Yufeng saw that everyone was watching him, he stood up obediently and heard this remark. He cried the activity and said, "Everything is strength."
The cow judge couldn’t help praising "Good! Young people are indeed full of vigor. You are the young leader in Houjiang Lake, but if you want to make a name for yourself today, you still have to be careful about those shameless old guys, "said the last sentence, which has been close to Qi Yufeng’s side.
Qi Yufeng immediately nodded his head and thanked the judge for patting him on the shoulder. Then he shouted, "Emei sent Qi Shaoxia to have a rest. What heroes have come to challenge?"
As soon as the voice fell, a heavy male voice shouted, "I’ll come!"
They looked up at it and felt frightened. It turned out that it was not others but the elders of Kunlun Sect who were wholeheartedly Taoist.
This Taoist with one heart is the head of Kunlun, and Brother Zheng Xin is said to be a martial artist with higher martial arts than Taoist Zheng Xin.
Because he was obsessed with martial arts and didn’t like to take care of sect affairs, he was not chosen by the master.
However, according to the current Kunlun Sect, others are also very vocal in the sect, and even the head of the school will give him seven points, which is almost too much of a head.
When someone can’t help but whisper in their hearts, if this Taoist priest takes the position of the leader of the Wulin League, I’m afraid it’s unknown whether he will sit or not.
With one heart and one mind, the Taoist priest suddenly jumped up into the air like an arrow and jumped up more than ten feet. It was really like a dragonfly for nine days. Everyone cried and their eyes were straight. If they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, they could hardly believe that this was what mortals could do.
Seeing that he was about to run out of steam, he gently made a roundabout, with big sleeves and graceful sleeves, just like a big bird flying towards the platform, and when he landed, it was another turning point, but it didn’t even arouse a little smoke.
As soon as this flying skill was cried, it overshadowed all previous people’s martial arts field, and then there was a mountain call and tsunami cheering, and no one cheered.
Judge Feng also gathered in front of the crowd and praised, "Yunlong’s 30% discount really deserves its name."
The Taoist priest nodded indifferently with one heart, but suddenly he was tempted to say, My flying skill is Kunlun’s secret. Did this person know the name of this Juexue?
His youthful kung fu is profound and profound, and he is old and deep. When he didn’t move, he turned to look at Qi Yufeng’s doubts around him. This young man has a handsome face and a slightly childish bearing. Why is his martial arts so fierce?
When staring at him with bright eyes, I just gave him a hand and said, "I’ll learn the swordsmanship of flying fox, young Xia."
Qi Yufeng heard that he nodded his head. "I quietly told Na Ba decepticon the name of swordsmanship, and he could hear it." When upon a bow, he slowly drew his sword and looked at the six factions except wu-tang clan, who had already made a hand once. This old man was already the last obstacle to seize this Xuan Jin Jian.
Road flyover with one heart saw Qi Yufeng draw his sword and slowly drew it out of its sheath. He handed the tip of the sword to his eyebrows. With a slight quiver, he listened to the buzzing of the blade. Obviously, he had poured deep force into it. He stared at the sword in his hand and said to Qi Yufeng, "It’s a pity that your fencing is the highest among the younger generation."
Speaking of starting a long sword, he even shook seven swords with seven arms, but every time he shook it, it was clear that the tip of the sword was a millimeter away from his eyes, but he was fearless and didn’t even blink.
Qi Yufejīng saw that he cast such j and ng wonderful swordsmanship, so I couldn’t help but jump in my heart and sweat in my palm. I’m afraid this veteran swordsmanship is even worse than wu-tang clan Qingdao.
Yixin Taoist priest turned to Qi Yufeng and sneered, "Why are you still fighting?"
It’s quite scary to come to Qi Yufeng, but hearing this suddenly aroused a heroic spirit in his heart. What is it that you, an old man from seven old, came to bully me and a young man? I’m here today to see if you, the Kunlun Sect, are capable.
When he didn’t answer, he nodded slightly to see that he was careless and very disdainful in front of him, so he thought about using a serial fast sword to attack him unprepared
I was about to exert my strength when I heard Yuan Xing call out, "Come here, disciple."
Qi Yufeng didn’t understand its meaning and immediately looked at the stage. At the sight of her eyes, there seemed to be sorrow in Se, so she quickly sued and walked to the stage.
Yuan Xing said in a slightly difficult low voice when he walked beside him, "I underestimated this old man’s swordsmanship, or forget it."