The rookie challenge was arranged at 19: 03 pm, and it is already 19: 02 pm. The players’ admission ceremony has been completed, and both teams have already entered and are waiting for the game.

Although this game is a confrontation between a first-year rookie and a second-year player, it still attracts many big-name stars to watch the game in person, because young players are more or less with them in these games.
Coach Wade of the Heat sat on the sidelines with sunglasses and sent the main team. After that, he encouraged his younger brother Michael Beasley. Lakers Pau Gasol also walked around the court easily, and his brother Marc Gasol was playing a game. Yao is still on the sidelines with one hand of popcorn and one hand of soda. The little giant cheers on his two teammates and compatriots. At the same time, some other big-name stars came to the scene, and their arrival was relatively dull, and the rookie game brought starlight.
However, a careful search for Yi Jianlian, a figure who can be seen even in Sun Yue’s film but once became a topic, disappeared, just like the American media gave him that title-it was too easy for Yi Jianlian to bite Gatt in the star vote, which caused the strength of the votes to be directly proportional. As a result, Yi Jianlian was injured in time and withdrew from the star stage.
Quitting Yi Jianlian doesn’t mean that he has never evaporated. He insists that it is not convenient for him to update his blog diligently with his right hand. He congratulates teammate Lopez. "I hope he can play well for us in Phoenix. The only dissatisfaction is that he hasn’t invited us to dinner yet."
Come back to the game, in the past rookie competition, the sophomore team beat the freshman team by a big score most of the time, so the sophomore team will have a certain advantage in the rookie competition, which is also an important reason why the sophomore team can win.
But last year was an exception, because having twin brothers and Durant’s first-year team succeeded in the challenge, which is also one of the few first-year teams winning the rookie challenge.
Some experts in the 27-year draft think that this is the best quality of newcomers except for the 23-year draft. They are not inferior to 3 and 96. The same is true. Ji Guoqiu, Ji Guoshame, Durant Al Horford Scola and others have all played their own names and occupied the main position in their respective teams. Even the twin brothers have been selected for the Star Race for two consecutive years.
In fact, the two-year draft is not favored by experts, but it is these two-year newcomers who shine in the season, and their high quality and large number of rookies are the best among rookies in the last decade.
The champion Ross has become the star of the bulls and the hope of the team’s revival; Beasley, the second runner-up, also played an outstanding role in the Heat, and the sixth person played a key role in the team’s high performance in the season; As soon as Mayo arrived at the grizzly bear, he showed the trend of scoring the first prize, and there was a tendency to crowd out Guy as the grizzly bear’s boss. No.4 show Westbrook played well in Thunder and Durant and Green became the team’s future hope; No.5 Xiuluf also thrives in the Timberwolves and can compete with David Lee in rebounding talent; No.6 show Galliani has entered the new york rotation team because of injury at the beginning of the season and has done well. Gordon, the No.7 show, provoked the Bucks during Michael Reid’s absence and scored more than 3 points in a single game. On the 9th show, Augustine has become the Bobcats’ starting guard team, making room for Augustine, who is going to trade the original starting Bolton. On the 10th show, Lopez is even more familiar to China fans. His online dominance has strengthened the determination of the Nets to send away the United Arab League.
Among the top ten pick players in 2008, except the No.1 show, China boy Alexander, who didn’t mix well, the other nine players have established their position in the team’s rivers and lakes. This is the height of the rookie method in the last ten years. Even the top ten players, Baesler Pacers Rush Sun Lopez 76 people, spitz Wizards Mackey Pacers hibbert Cavaliers hickson Nets Anderson Magic Sir Lee Corvers Spurs Hill, have become the semi-main force of the team or entered the rotation array.
No year has seen so many outstanding rookies as two years, and there are future leaders such as Ross, which has never happened in the last year, and I’m afraid there was one in 1996. Among the newcomers, Kobe Bryant, Little Ai Allen Nash and other well-known names.
If the 7-year draft is a three-country competition, then 2008 is a group of heroes.
"Guys, we’re missing one person this year. Pity Auden’s temporary exit. You’ll all have more opportunities to play. Take advantage of this highly anticipated opportunity to show your true story to the fans of the world." Wade’s words made the first-year team players eager to quit Auden the Great. They are really beneficiaries. No one doesn’t want to play for a few minutes.
"You have successfully defeated your older opponents last year. What should you do this year? I don’t want to say more unless you want to be challenged to tear them apart!" Howard is a coach, and even if he is serious, these players want to laugh in the second grade.
"Good coach, we will accomplish it. It’s not that simple that they want to go against the sky." Ji Guo smiled and said that he and the giant panda are not much worse than Howard now. In the second-year team, the two brothers are veritable leaders. None of these second-year players can help them.
Oh, well, Durant never seems to be, but he is qualified.
Durant is not in high spirits today. He doesn’t talk much about his position in the team. He hasn’t been selected for the Star Race once. Even the twin brothers of Star Race mvp and Finals mvp have won Ji Guoqiu, a member of the 6+ club. He has accomplished a super triple-double feat that Jabbar has accomplished. If you add a series of honors such as championship and Olympic Games, Durant’s position really can’t be compared with the two brothers. The two animals here are the bosses.
Second-year team starters Aaron Brooks, Sidious Young, Kevin Durant, Ji Guo Shame and Ji Guo Qiu.
First-year team starters Derrick Cross, oj Mayo, Michael Beasley, Brooke Lopez and Marc Gasol.
The rookie challenge is divided into two minutes at half-time, and Ji Guoqiu jumps to win. The second-year team takes the lead in attacking.
At the beginning of the game, the two teams were loosely defended, and the two brothers didn’t defend much. So was the first-year team. Everyone had to score two points, especially Ji Guo’s humiliation. I was still thinking about last year’s Star Game and Bosch’s brush story. I was hesitant to discuss with Brooke Lopez, another twin, today. How good it is for everyone to brush points with each other. Twins don’t beat twins.
After several rounds, Ji Guoqiu assisted Ji Guoshame to hit a three-pointer, and then he dunked to lead the second-year team in 137 innings. However, Hernandez Ma, a "fake rookie", showed off the exquisite shooting skill of Europeans, and Gordon was unwilling, and then he scored a three-pointer and set off a wave of 143** to help the first-year team 2116 overtake.
LeBron James came from the live loudspeaker. "Why do our giant pandas look weak? Do you want Ms. Emma to give a kiss to replenish energy?"
Ji Guoqiu was furious when he heard this. How can this fake commentary openly ridicule him?
Ji Guo was ashamed and laughed. "I think he said it’s right. You let go of water on the defensive end and told you to take it easy last night. I found that little radish is a little unnatural to walk today. What if you are so big and crush people?"
"Hu said, believe it or not, I won’t give you the ball."
"Don’t scold me, you are an uncle!"
Ji Guoshi has got 2 points, 2 rebounds, 1 assist and 1 blocked shot at this time. The personal data is the biggest in the game. The giant panda is really helping him brush the data, but the defensive end is a bit too coping.
At the 14th minute and 5th second, the two teams replaced Scola, Ronnie stucky and Jeff Green in the second grade, but they didn’t change the twin brothers. This was a private affair between them and Howard’s request. Of course, the latter gave a face of superman. When the two brothers were players of their own level, Howard wouldn’t give this face if Durant wanted to come. In superman’s view, Durant is a junior, although Bao is about the same age as the twins, but the basketball court is not about age but strength.
This is the senior rookie field of the Rockets. China fans pay more attention to one player. However, in this performance-oriented game, Scola doesn’t have many opportunities to perform. He was blocked by Brooke Lopez for the first time with the ball. After only playing for 5 minutes, Scola was changed. Obviously, he is flashy and not suitable for a show like Star Weekend.
Ji Guo was ashamed to play small forward during this period. Poor Durant was replaced after playing for five or six minutes. He was able to watch the fox brother present and brush it for several minutes before being replaced.
At the first minute and two seconds of the half-court, the two brothers played for almost ten minutes before being replaced. At this time, Durant had not been replaced. Howard knew that Fox was going to brush mvp. This good man did it thoroughly enough and unconsciously offended Durant, who took out his notes from his bag and secretly wrote down Howard, the king’s egg, when he didn’t give him a game.
Chapter four hundred and one Three steps at a time
At half-time, Guo Qiu scored 5 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 blocked shots, 1 steal, Ji Guo humiliated 15 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 blocked shots, 1 steal Durant 6 points and 1 rebound.
Derek Ross scored 3 assists 2 steals oj Mayo 1 point Michael Beasley 3 rebounds Westbrook 9 points 2 assists.
Ji Guoqiu finally got serious on the defensive end after being explained by James on the spot temporarily, which made Brooke Lopez, Mark Gasol and Michael Beasley, three first-year teams, complain that they are not panda heroes at present, and it is difficult for them to get points once they are serious.
LeBron James accepted an invitation to be a live commentator on the rookie game this year, and as a result, he was very conscientious and kept talking …
"Durant has never been a player. He is very capable and deserves to be the best small forward in the second grade; Hernandez performed well in the rookie season and faced Howard with a strong dunk in the Olympic Games against the United States. Ji Guo’s shame is far-reaching and accurate. I know he is brushing points. He is like the honor of Los Angeles No.24. He doesn’t want to let me go. I saw the brush flame in his eyes. My favorite thing is that Brother Panda didn’t seem to wake up today. I didn’t see any performance on the offensive end, but he got a lot of rebounds and assists. It seems that he is helping his brother score less points. I think so. "
After the 9 players of the second-year team rotated the two brothers’ field around the tenth minute of the half-court, the line of the second-year team became no longer rock-solid. Lopez had a height advantage against Scola, and the Argentine film winner was not like a normal basketball move when the Rockets were jet lagged.
Brooke Lopez’s foundation is very solid, but he didn’t see it when he was in opposition to Ji’s national humiliation, but when he faced Scola, his height and weight took a huge advantage. He really covered Durant in defense, and then slow three stepped into the three-second zone to hook and score a goal
His partner, Mark Gasol, turned around and dunked in the first grade after playing a defensive attack. These players have superstar potential, but they are not as good as the second grade, but there are more powerful players than the second grade team, especially several older European rookies who are not inferior to the second grade in experience.
Hernandez hit three points in a row, and he cooperated with Pau Gasol very well. Gavisbrook’s breakthrough power with the ball was not inferior to that of Ross’s first-year team. It was surprising that they launched a counterattack after the twins’ court and quickly overtook the score.
At half time, the score was 5 minutes and 3 seconds, and the score was 4:44. The first-year team overtook the score. Coach Howard saw that the situation was not good, so he quickly changed the twins and the second-year team resumed the main lineup.
James continued to devote himself to his career of explanation. He didn’t notice that he was shouting a little loudly, but it sounded very interesting to the audience at the scene.
Gorillas speak very fast. B said at the same speed, "These rookie players in the first grade have a good foundation. People can all hit the defensive situation in the second grade. At this time, they don’t feel very good. In the first grade, they gradually pulled the score. Their line height has an advantage, including Lopez and Mark Gasol. Both teams have an advantage in offense and defense. The defense is tighter than that in the previous rookie game. Now they often let go of the basket. Now they are really defensive. In the past two years, we have played very seriously in the stars. Whether the rookie game is the match or the match is because fans like it. Let’s look at the The hit rate of the grade is higher because they fight back more than the first grade. Now there are more big ones and more half-court attacks. I think Howard will change the twins as soon as possible. With these two people, they can play fast switching or positional warfare. "
Ji Guo’s shame was secretly painful on the sidelines. I didn’t expect the gorilla to be such a live host. Usually he doesn’t talk much.
The two brothers quickly waited for the death ball to play again. Durant scored two three-pointers in the first two minutes of the game, but the defensive end of the sophomore team couldn’t stand the storm of the freshman team and was still four points behind.
Ji Guo’s shame has long been unbearable. Durant, the king’s egg, has seen an increase in his scoring level this season. It can be said that he is as good as him, and even his shooting percentage, the main defect of the season, seems to have improved more rapidly than he did at that time. Maybe it is his own pressure that makes Durant give full play to his potential. This is really too bad!
"It’s okay. He can fly if I don’t give him the ball." The giant panda secretly said in his heart, look at his simple and honest face. Who would have thought that his heart was so dark? It’s really nothing.
Durant really found that he couldn’t get the ball. Ji Guoqiu wanted to stretch out his hand in the high position. How dare stucky and Brooks not give it to the latter, especially Yao Boss, who was still sitting on the sidelines eating popcorn?
Ji Guo was ashamed of this. Although the first-year team made the double-control guards Ross and Westbrook achieve unexpected results, the second-year team was still catching up with the score bit by bit by relying on the outside line of Ji Guo’s shame.
However, the situation changed soon. Howard suddenly remembered that Brooks played for four minutes at half-time, and then changed the black bean in the last three minutes. Then Warcraft thought that it would be better to change Scola to the fourth position and let Durant play the second position. Then there are two pairs of teams in the game, both of which are the same team. Maybe they can play an attack wave by tacit cooperation.
In the last three minutes of the half-time, the second-grade team was adjusted again. Howard did whatever he thought just like playing a 2k game. The team became Aaron Brooks, Kevin Durant, Ji Guoshame, Luis Scola and Ji Guoqiu.
The idea of Warcraft is very good. However, Brooks obviously didn’t find the tacit understanding with Scola when he was in the Rockets. He was eager to show himself after he appeared, but he couldn’t find the sight for the 3-pointer. Brooks seems to have a little stage fright for this scene. After he appeared, he made mistakes and fouls one after another.
The first-year team played a "tututu" tactic, in which two tall lines, two abnormal guards and small forwards broke through, and a shooter, Ross and Westbrook, took turns to cover the dribbling breakthrough online, which made the two brothers feel passive.
It’s not that they don’t defend well, it’s really that these two people are too fast, and once they get a little blocked after the pick-and-roll, it’s hard to follow.
"Mom, these two guys will be superstars in the future. I forgot that there are also many strong people in the first grade team. That Love didn’t even come in for the rookie game and will be the top-paid player in the future."
"Then be serious. These two guys have never been good at projecting us and giving them an outside line."
In the second grade team, it is more appropriate to say that Howard is a coach than that Brother Panda is a coach. Find an opportunity to discuss with his teammates. Even Durant has no problem with it. He really can’t defend his teammates, and he knows his teammates best. That guy has no three-pointer ability. Not this season.
No Three-pointers Westbrook hit the iron on the perimeter soon after the second-year team contracted the defense. Of course, no, he was no better than Westbrook with a Ross three-pointer. The two men "bang bang bang" ravaged the basket and the second-year team quickly overtook the score.
Ji Guo’s offensive power is defended by the first-year team’s root method. In the star game, he not only helps the ball to run and catch the ball to score points, but also frequently makes himself hone his ability to hold the ball and break through the offensive, altruistic and new learning jump basket to attack.
He studied this skill with Crawford for several months, and it was easy to make mistakes in the regular season, but the defensive intensity of the star game was not high, which just complemented each other.
On the other hand, Durant also stepped up his ball attack after losing in the 12-year finals. This is the real step into the ranks of superstars. Without the ability to independently hold the ball, the outside projectionist will never become a superstar. He must have the ability to face the tight defense and get rid of his opponent, otherwise he will be easily restricted when he meets those defensive experts in the playoffs.