For Lin Ze to make such a move, all the ghosts and gods present felt shocked! Lin Ze, which had four divine powers, was already the strongest in Arad, and it was almost equal to the ghosts and gods at the peak.
But Lin Ze didn’t hesitate for this powerful force, and he didn’t miss it. So he treated Fang and was willing to release other forces …
In Lin Ze, Lin Ze-ti’s strength, which originally belonged to Fang, finally returned to Fang’s body successfully! However, what happened to the tooth body still made Lin Ze somewhat unacceptable
Fang Ya was indeed successfully rescued, but Fang Ya seems not to know Lin Ze at all, and waking up again is like a girl with a piece of white memory. Although she has inexplicable intimacy for Lin Ze, she can’t name Lin Ze at all.
Lin Ze knew that this must be the sequela left by Fang’s sacrifice. Although he was very reluctant to see Fang become like this, he also knew that he could not force Fang in this kind of thing.
This time can beat the devil may cry has far exceeded Lin Ze imagination! In Fang’s efforts to help find the remaining ghosts and gods, he signed a contract with him, which saved Lin Ze too much. The original Lin Ze plan was to find other ghosts and gods in these five years, and then choose the right time to make a showdown.
However, he never imagined that the five-year goal he set would end here. Now Lin Ze thinks it is really incredible in retrospect …
This result is very beneficial to Lin Ze. Of course, it would be nice if the purple-haired girl with her side could have the original memory!
"Uncle, where are we going now?"
Lin Ze looks very normal without the giant tree of war, except that there is a girl with purple hair suddenly around her …
The giant war tree Vodasir had his doubts in his heart, but he didn’t ask Lin Ze about it! Before that, the lightsaber suddenly appeared from the sky, but it brought him great shock. Although Lin Ze’s strength seems to have not changed, Vodasir has such a feeling that Lin Ze is not a world creature with him.
Lin Ze’s strength is beyond his imagination. If he doesn’t have enough strength to know too much, he can bring disaster …
In the eyes of the war giant Vodasil, Lin Ze bent down and picked up a little girl with purple hair and shook her head naively.
"I’ll take you to meet other sisters. Maybe you can remember something when you see them?"
After defeating the devil may cry, what Lin Ze wants to see most is Wei Li and Mei Ya. It’s hard for him to imagine what will happen to Mei Ya and Wei Li if he is really swallowed up by the devil may cry. This kind of thing is so horrible that even after experiencing great storms, Lin Ze will accept it …
"Sister? Uncle’s daughter? "
Fang Fang asked this sentence with a naive face, and Linze was completely lost in petrochemical!
"Lin Ze, do you know what the vision is just now? That kind of sharp shock wave is really too horrible! "
See Lin Ze’s return to Lin Yan, who has always been concerned, and finally let it go! In the past few years when Lin Ze disappeared, it has always been very calm than Talon, but only when Lin Ze appeared did Libby Talon appear the so-called divine drop.
This time, with the arrival of Lin Ze, Talon once again showed visions. Even if Lin Yan was slow, she could realize these visions and Lin Zeyou.
Looking at Lin Yan heart Lin Ze a warm heart! He has already told those who attended the Arad Continental Conference about his identity, and now he is not going to hide his own aunt …
Lin Yan’s face is naturally full of shock after getting that Lin Ze is a ghost! But for Lin Yan, no matter what status Lin Ze is, he belongs to her nephew. She told Lin Ze one thing, that is, pay attention to yourself.
Lin Yan’s attitude filled Lin Ze’s heart with strangeness. At this time, he really felt that Aunt Lin Yan was like his mother! Although he has never seen his own mother, he believes that his own mother will certainly wrap herself up like Aunt Lin Yan.
Lin Yan also breathed a long sigh of relief after Lin Ze explained that his identity was no longer the taboo before! Lin Yan also didn’t think that taboo in her impression turned out to be the savior of Arad mainland, but her nephew turned out to be the savior. Doesn’t this mean that her nephew is also the savior?
At this moment, Lin Yan is very proud! Lin Ze grew up too much beyond her imagination, but no matter how Lin Ze grows up, he will always be her nephew, and she believes this will not change.
"Aunt Lin Ze, the only thing she can do is nag you like an old woman. I hope you can be safe! If something happens to you, not only your aunt, your father, Wei Li, but also your confidantes will be very sad. Aunt hopes you can pay attention to your own safety. Savior is a very dangerous occupation. Although this title is full of glory, it is also very heavy. "
Although Lin Yan doesn’t know exactly what the crisis facing the world is, she believes that becoming a savior is not a good thing …
"Aunt, I know! I hope that we can live happily all the time, but this wish is based on the fact that we have a complete Arad continent for shelter. Now Arad continent is facing destruction. If Arad continent is really destroyed, then it must be destroyed waiting for us! "
"Aunt I have to fight …"
Chapter 1296 Giggs situation
"I don’t want to cheat my aunt. It’s dangerous for me to walk. I have no way to give my aunt a guarantee! But aunt, I will make every effort to live, and I don’t want to see you sad. "
Lin Ze patted Fang, who was sleeping in his arms, and smiled brightly at Lin Yan.
"Aunt, we don’t have much time. If aunt wants to help me, please help me pick out the elites in the War College. I believe that the principal and dean must be coming back soon. If we can tie up the elites in the school as soon as possible, our college should be able to take the lead in dividing the future interests."
Lin Ze smiled and said goodbye to Lin Yan, ready to leave the War College. But at this moment, Ozma, a chaotic ghost, and Kazan, a ghost who destroyed ghosts, suddenly emerged behind Lin Ze …
"Whatever I say, I always feel that I have forgotten something. Gigg came back to the War College with us. What? We didn’t see them when we left the giant tree of war."
Hear Ozma and Kazan words violent ghosts and gods Su Fang also emerged!
"It’s right that Xinlong should be with Gig, too. Where is Xinlong?"
Ozma’s words made Lin Ze stunned. Lin Ze didn’t know that Gigi and Xin Ling were also in the War College, but he knew that Kazan should be Gigi’s contract ghost. If Kazan appeared in the War College, Gigi should be here.
After asking some questions, Linze knows what happened!
Xin Ling and Gig are lifesavers for him. If they hadn’t arrived in time, I’m afraid he wouldn’t have made it to Fang Ya!
However, after learning that scassa, the frost dragon, summoned Gekelin through dragon magic, he also knew how to find Xin Ling and Gig! Since scassa, the frost dragon, is with Giger and Xinling, they will naturally know Xinling and Giger after finding scassa, the frost dragon …
But beyond Lin Ze’s imagination, scassa responded to his call, but he didn’t know what Lin Ze was doing to summon scassa.
In the end, Lin Ze can also give up the idea of directly summoning scassa, but actively follow scassa’s response to find the source of scassa’s power …
Of course, Lin Ze and the ghosts and gods once again came to the war giant Vodasir.
Feeling the source of scassa’s strength, Lin Ze finally found the place where scassa and Giger are. They are in a very bad situation now because they don’t know what was sucked in by the different-dimensional crack at the root of the war giant Vodasir tree.
This situation looks very funny because Allard will block the night spirits in Arad continent and there is no way to enter Arad continent through the rift in another dimension …
But this restriction is not so absolute for Arad’s mainland creatures!
In fact, scassa, Giger and Xin Ling will be sucked in by another dimensional crack, and some of them are dry with Lin Ze. Only now that Arad mainland has Lin Ze can they take the initiative to break the outer boundary of Arad mainland, and the reaction generated by this another dimensional crack is precisely because of the strength that Lin Zeqian showed when he fought with Ghost Cry, which affected this another dimensional crack.
Because of the influence of Lin Ze’s power, this crack in another dimension has a tendency to open, and it is precisely because of this that scassa and others are sucked into this crack in another dimension by mistake.
"scassa feels like you haven’t entered the battlefield of another dimension in the cracks of another dimension, right? Is the environment inside much better than that in Arad? "