"Mu Feng, you can rest assured that this time I will use my best equipment and all my skills to deal with the battle of HuangFuKe. I’m here to send you a message, that is, I hope we can all work together to bring HuangFuKe."

The ghost emperor said that he was sincere, but Mu Feng was still a little puzzled. Mu Feng also thought in his heart that no matter the ghost emperor himself, he would make efforts to face this challenge. Now that there is a ghost emperor at the bottom, the chances of this challenge will increase even more. Mu Feng has nothing to say.
"Well, I believe you will challenge this time … we will take HuangFuKe at a time!" Mu Feng Shen said to the ghost emperor that now Mu Feng has some expectations for this challenge, not only for Hehe Diya, Shuang Yi and Huang Fuke, but also for the ghost emperor, the ghost brake, the demon nine and others. It is expected that this battle will be a boss battle in prehistoric times.
"Well, take HuangFuKe at a time … that’s it. I’m sorry to bother you. Mu Feng, I wish you success in taking the rescue queen." Things are settled and the ghost emperor is also relaxed. I can’t help but think that Mu Feng is still doing the rescue queen and I’m sorry.
"Hehe, nothing. Then … goodbye!" Mu Feng said with a smile.
"Goodbye …" Say that finish ghost emperor closed communication.
After Mu Feng hung up the communication of Ghost Emperor, he still pondered that the words of Ghost Emperor were somewhat credible. Finally, Mu Feng gave this credibility a 9% and Mu Feng reserved 1% for himself. When Mu Feng looked up, he suddenly found that fire inflammation, mad cow and others were all looking forward to it, and when he thought about it, he understood that they must be waiting for himself to tell them that Ghost Emperor had sent a message this time.
Nai smiled gently, so Mu Feng told everyone that he was talking to the ghost emperor. Several people were surprised at first, but Mu Feng said that they were already white. This challenge will be a challenge, and the ghost emperor will come up with real strength. This one is enough to look forward to.
Looking at mad cow, low-key god and others show envious expressions. Mu Feng can’t help but laugh. "Hey, hey, look at your expressions now. They are all a pair of worship foreign things and obsequious expressions. Isn’t it shameful to lose them? After the city war, we have to confront the ghost emperor head-on. What has he kept his strength? Just give us a surprise attack during the city war! You are now this pair of expression, then what to do … "
Listening to Mu Feng, the mad cow and the low-key god are also a little embarrassed. The mad cow also smiled and said, "Hey, hey, Mu Feng will have you then, but how to say it? I really envy the equipment of the Ghost Emperor, let alone me. The name of the Ghost Emperor is that there are fans in other devices, and the video of the Ghost Emperor and your second battle is a hot seller. I bought one, but it’s a bit strange that the CD sale turned out to be a distribution company of the God Enterprise Flag."
"oh? I really don’t know about this. It seems that the ghost emperor is a bit like the God enterprise. Is the ghost emperor a friend of the God enterprise boss? Or the boss’s relatives? " Fire inflammation hey smiled and said that in his view, the ghost emperor has too many mysteries, and these mysterious spearheads all point to the secret high-level department of God’s enterprise.
"Hey, whether the ghost emperor is a relative of the boss or not, he still has to fight according to the game program. Did you find that the ghost emperor knows that it is generally a game, such as what the game will update, but he is not very clear about some plots in the game? According to this route analysis, I guess the ghost emperor may have participated in the game program or programming system, but he is not involved in the game plot arrangement, and he must still be in charge of it, and Yao Jiu and Ming Brake may be like him or they are both designers?"
Ji Yue said in speculation that he felt that the ghost emperor was a programmer who participated in Ling Soul Hair.
"But … Ling Soul died when it was released. Their programmers are all authenticated. If a designer enters the game, the horse will be found out." The low-key god listened to Ji Yue’s words and Ma retorted.
"Well, that’s not directly involved in what they do behind the scenes, right? Is there a programmer behind the ghost emperor who secretly tells him the game information? " An arrow pierced the heart and immediately added that he can’t even ban this, can he?
The heated discussion is still going on, and Mu Feng is too lazy to pay attention to him. Now he wants to finish the rescue of the Queen as soon as possible, because according to the reward of the Ghost Emperor’s points, after he finishes this rescue, his points will reach 10 million, and then he can redeem his favorite supernatural level or epic equipment!
Similarly, Mu Feng is also speculating that the Ghost Emperor should exchange equipment. According to him, it should not be super-god to get equipment. It is very likely to be an epic. If it is an epic, then the Ghost Emperor should be the second player in South China who has two epic equipment. Suddenly, Mu Feng feels pressured.
Killing continues to go crazy, except occasionally chatting with Jana and Jinlong to refresh the skeleton monster. Looking at the corridor gradually killing to the end, Mu Feng and others also smiled. Finally, before lunch, Mu Feng and others cleaned up the last corridor monster. At the same time, they came to congratulate and asked Mu Feng and others if they were entering Xiaoxiang Palace now.
For the unified inquiry, Mu Feng, Huo Yan and others jointly chose no! The answer is simple: they are hungry, and they want to eat online …
After a meal in a hurry, Mu Feng took his car as usual and went to deliver food to Yuli. It was not a sweet and touching time again.
After that, Mu Feng hurried back with the car and chatted with Ji Yue for a few words, then * * wore the game world to enter the game.
Red and blue potions have been purchased, and Mu Feng, Huo Yan and others have once again returned to the last corridor. This time, they chose yes for the unified display.
Go on, Mu Feng, ten people came to a big courtyard. In this courtyard, there was a big fish pond on the left and right sides. There were many white fish in the fish pond, but when Mu Feng looked at the white fish in the fish pond, he couldn’t help but feel cold sweat because he saw that the white fish turned out to be a pair of bone fish. Mu Feng and others suddenly felt uncomfortable all over.
After reading Bones Fish, Mu Feng noticed that there was a magnificent palace in front of the courtyard, and there was a red card with a gold frame and a blue background at the main entrance of the palace, with the words weird written in the middle.
"Palace?" Mu Feng lifted up her head and gently read aloud. She suddenly fainted behind Mu Feng’s words.
"Er … Mu Feng, even if you don’t know these two complicated scripts, you won’t replace them, which will produce extra ambiguity." Climbing from the ground, the low-key god is a little crazy and said to Mu Feng.
"Ha ha ….." Mu Feng embarrassed smile "accustomed to embarrassed!"
"Well, even if you don’t know what the word is, you can guess it. This must be Xiaoxiang Palace," said Nai with a sigh.
Chapter 747 Save the Queen (1)
After reading Bones Fish, Mu Feng noticed that there was a magnificent palace in front of the courtyard, and there was a red card with a gold frame and a blue background at the main entrance of the palace, with the words weird written in the middle.
"Palace?" Mu Feng lifted up her head and gently read aloud. She suddenly fainted behind Mu Feng’s words.
"Er … Mu Feng, even if you don’t know these two complicated scripts, you won’t replace them, which will produce extra ambiguity." Climbing from the ground, the low-key god is a little crazy and said to Mu Feng.
"Ha ha ….." Mu Feng embarrassed smile "accustomed to embarrassed!"
"Well, even if you don’t know what the word is, you can guess it. This must be Xiaoxiang Palace," said Nai with a sigh.
"Ah … I see everyone is so nervous when they see the skeleton fish to adjust the atmosphere." Mu Feng continued his self-explanatory fight
"You …" The low-key God just wanted to say something and suddenly stopped. Mu Feng saw the frightened expression from the low-key God’s eyes and followed the low-key God’s eyes. Mu Feng saw two teams of skeleton soldiers suddenly coming out from both sides of Xiaoxiang Palace. These two teams of skeleton soldiers are not ordinary skeleton soldiers, but they are made of gold and silver …
See on the left is five silver skeleton soldiers looking at all five silver skeleton soldiers carrying bows and arrows Mu Feng couldn’t help thinking that these guys’ arrows won’t be made of silver, will they? If that’s the case, how much will it cost? Thinking about Mu Feng, I looked to the right. Five soldiers with Jin Jian Golden Shield and Golden Skeleton "Wow …" were amazed by Mu Feng and other people.
"Cheep …" At this time, the gate of Xiaoxiang Palace slowly hit a white old man with crutches and walked out of the house. The old man was slightly hunched and his skin was a little old, but he watched the old man slowly walk out.
Mu Feng, Huo Yan and others have a serious face, because judging from the old man’s clothes, Mu Feng already knows that this old guy should be Zou Tianshi, the sorcerer who talks about the old undead, and there is still a little contempt for this old guy Mu Feng at this time. You have to play a fragile old man. Just pretend to look at your walking pace. You just don’t need that crutch. Have you seen that old man with thick black hair? Isn’t that too fake?
"Ahem, dare I ask you what you are doing here in Xiaoxiang Palace? This is an important place in the palace where outsiders are forbidden to enter. I advise you to leave as soon as possible or I will be impolite. "The old man coughed twice and then his slightly old voice said.
"Kara …" As the gold and silver skeleton soldiers on both sides of the old man’s words suddenly flashed their weapons and the metal friction suddenly sounded neatly.
"Oh, I’m so scared! I’m afraid I can’t walk! Don’t be polite to me. What’s the matter, even though it’s all these gold and silver things? Ok, let them. Aren’t you afraid that I’ll tear it down for you and make it into gold coins and silver coins? It’s not easy for us to ask you to hand over the Xiaoxiang Queen once, and we’ll leave immediately. "Mu Feng listened to the old man’s intimidation and couldn’t help but take two steps forward and then said to the old man with a full face.
"Hum want to save the queen? I’m sorry, she’s very tired now, and she’s resting in it now, because she will be very tired tonight, so she can’t rest well, but she can’t. "The old man changed his face with a cold hum and said to others with a smile.
"Well …" Listen to Zou Tianshi’s words. Mu Feng, mad cow and others are all confused. This Zou Tianshi is not only an old pervert but also an old pervert? He ….. unexpectedly occupied xiaoxiang queen in the fall of the imperial city?
"Cha ….." After hearing Zou Tianshi’s words, Mu Feng felt so angry that he pulled out Lei Di’s sword from Mu Feng and rushed at Zou Tianshi. "Fuck, let me chop you to death, you old pervert!"
Looking at Mu Feng, others rushed to follow. At this time, they received a unified message "Ding … Save the Queen to fight against the ultimate boss warlock Zou Tianshi. Now kill the warlock Zou Tianshi and save the suffering Xiaoxiang Queen. Your team will each get 30,000 points. The player with the highest contribution will get an additional 10,000 points. If you kill the warlock Zou Tianshi, you will also get an additional 10,000 points. If you save the failed team members, you will lose an additional 2% of your current level experience. "
"Ah want to fight with me? Let’s pass my gold and silver skeleton first … "Looking at Mu Feng, Zou Tianshi said coldly, and his body was so fierce that Zou Tianshi was already floating a few meters away!" The golden skull destroys them! " Zou Tianshi big ordered
"giggle giggle ….." As Zou Tianshi ordered the gold skeleton on the right to immediately rush toward Mu Feng waving a sword, while the silver skeleton on the left took the silver bow and arrow as a bowstring.
"Don’t want to run …" Mu Feng didn’t even look at the golden skeleton next to him. He accelerated his skills and bypassed all the skeletons like the wind. He went straight to the warlock Zou Tianshi and waved his sword lightly.
"Cut … 66336"
"Ah … die!" When Zou Tianshi saw the injury coming from his head and in front of him, the player immediately waved his crutches and hit Mu Feng.
"Bang …" Mu Feng just wanted to cut the second sword when he felt a pain in his waist and abdomen, and he was beaten and flew out. Watching it float in the air hurt Mu Feng, it was not a stupidity. "3245?" This guy’s attack is a little low, isn’t it?
Mu Feng side to kill the fire there, mad cow and others have been and gold and silver skeleton to the "bang …" An impact skill mad cow rushed to the front of the gold skeleton at the same time, the sun sword in his hand was also cut out "Ding …" A very crisp sound sounded from the gold skeleton and then the injury slowly emerged. Looking at the injury mad cow suddenly screamed in the heart, what the hell!
"Ding … then rushed to the low-key god. At this time, it was also convenient to cut out a knife on the golden skull, and it was ringing again. At the same time, a number of injuries floated on the golden skull." Well … "What happened to the mad cow’s depression?
"Bang … 6366" At this moment, a water-blue shock wave came from behind the two men, and the golden skeleton body was suddenly covered with a layer of white frost. At the same time, the "6366" injury floated from the golden skeleton body.
"I depend on fluttering you attack how so high? How do we hit it? " Mad cow and low-key god looked back at the same time Xiang Xue fluttering surprised and said.
"Hoop-poof … 7445" A black shadow came out from one side * * * * and a golden skeleton ready to sneak attack on the mad cow suddenly fell into a state of paralysis. Then Jana appeared beside the mad cow and the mad cow, staring at her eyes, and said to the mad cow, "Generally speaking, you didn’t even break their basic physical defense, but it is impossible to say that you can’t break their physical defense. Then there is a possibility that this golden skeleton is a physical attack. Look over there, and you will be white. What should you do next?"
Listening to Jana’s words, the mad cow and the low-key god suddenly looked at the silver skeleton. At this moment, they just saw the purple maple and the rain glass attacking the silver skeleton at the same time. "Hoo …" A black shadow impact and a brown arrow successively hit a silver skeleton that was shooting arrows.
"Straight …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
"Jump … 61235" Then the rain glass arrow hit the silver skull, and the arrow suddenly sank into a 60,000 damage and slowly floated.
"Damn it, that silver skull is a magic attack, but the physical defense is as low as death!" Low-key God looked at the different attack effects of two people and couldn’t help but suddenly shouted that just after shouting, he saw that low-key God had rushed at the silver skeleton. "Wait for me …" Crazy cow shouted and followed low-key God.
After Kana, the public also learned the secret of the gold and silver skeleton, and then they listened to Huo Yanda shouting on the team channel, "Everyone pays attention to the fact that this gold skeleton is the enemy’s physical defense, but they are afraid that magic attacks will make magic attacks kill the gold skeleton and silver skeleton, just the opposite. Magic defense enemies’ physical attacks will attack the silver skeleton!"
Listen to the fire phlogistic command, everyone quickly redistributes the target: mad cow, low-key god, an arrow through the heart, rain glass, Nanmu Qingcheng five people attack the silver skeleton and fire phlogistic, purple maple and Yoga, Ling Sha and Jinlong attack the gold skeleton with pet magic, although the pressure is relatively high, but fortunately, the gold skeleton moves slowly and the purple maple is also unhurried at the moment.
Looking at the orderly attack on the gold and silver skeletons in the field, Mu Feng attacked the ghost warlock Zou Tianshi and quipped, "Hum, look at your waste skeletons. They will be gold coins and silver coins for a while. I advise you not to struggle and settle down!"
For the warlock Zou Tianshi’s attack on Mu Feng Root, I don’t care. There is Ji Yue who adds blood to himself. Mu Feng is resistant to residence. Mu Feng is also hard to resist the warlock Zou Tianshi …
Chapter 74 Ghost Skeleton
"Crash … 34552" The ghost warlock Zou Tianshi was facing Mu Feng’s head, and Mu Feng couldn’t help but grin and suddenly stopped poking fun at Zou Tianshi’s mouth
"Hum arrogant children this strength is so arrogant you can kill me? Come out with more strength. "The ghost warlock Zou Tianshi said coldly to Mu Feng. At the same time, his crutches were held high in his mouth and he immediately read a strange spell. With the spell, he read dozens of dark energy waves and scattered targets, pointing to the golden skeleton.