Mark Jackson also said: "There is no doubt, but I doubt whether they can do it. I noticed that the twin brothers got four rebounds in the first half. Duncan was present to control one of the twins and he was able to do it."

Chapter two hundred and ten Step by step
At halftime, Michael Finley continued to kill the Clippers in the middle distance. Today, the veteran of the Spurs is the Clippers. The Spurs’ gdp portfolio is their focus. Others naturally have to leak out.
Percy can finally reduce the number of double-tacking. The Clippers’ joint defense is always used today. The Spurs’ two guards broke through too sharply. At half time, they temporarily hit people and watched the situation.
Ginobili continued to strengthen the breakthrough after Finley attracted the defense. Manu’s breakthrough increased the distance by 5 feet at half-time. This trick often impressed Cleveland people when he played against the Cavaliers in the finals last year. Ginobili’s bouncing ability and sluggish ability allowed him to avoid the two brothers’ blocking and score the ball or put the basketball in a more threatening place. At half-time, he and Parker were covered by too many balls by twins, and they chose to throw long-distance to avoid the blocking.
Ji Guosheng said that he was a little overwhelmed. Today, he defended Oberto or Cork Thomas, and the defense pressure was far greater than that of Ji Guosheng’s enemies. Most of them were given to him to do half-time shooting against Manu. Ji Guosheng always came to uncover Ginobili’s shot in the middle, but he ignored this and lost that.
The Spurs’ breakthrough in Ginobili gradually unfolded, and the atmosphere at home was heating up. Seeing that the situation was about to reverse, Old Deng Liwei quickly called a timeout.
In the third quarter, 7 minutes and 5 seconds, the score was 51:5.
The Spurs’ series of breakthroughs and points made the Clippers’ line defense fall gradually, which is a rare thing in the regular season. In the impression of Clippers fans, their twin line has not been crossed since the star, even if they encounter the Lakers, the Green Shirts and the Magic, it is at most even. After all, one Clippers twin can’t beat the other, and it will definitely regain some disadvantages. There is no team line in the league to kill the twins at the same time.
Today, the Spurs found another way. Duncan entangled one Parker and Ginobili online and took turns to fight the other twin from the outside, while Parker and Ginobili worked together to deal with the suspected fox brother.
Ji Guo’s shame said that he was almost unable to hold on. He had committed three crimes, and it was impossible to have any worries when he was defending. This greatly reduced his defensive efficiency. Many times, he dared not force himself to stop at the end.
At this time, old Deng Liwei finally knew that Vicky would rather fall behind at half-time and let the two brothers fall into a foul crisis. This is the moment when his real goal is half-time! This abacus is really clever. It really is wily.
* * Vicky really played a good abacus. Zhuge Weiqi either told him to sacrifice Duncan’s attack or put the Clippers in a foul crisis.
Now that the first step has been completed, it’s time for Duncan to storm
Of course, the defensive end should also pay attention to the fact that the Clippers will definitely strengthen Billups’ attack after the suspension. * * Vicky is not sure to control Billups. Can he see if his team can take the offensive end and beat the twins as soon as possible?
After the suspension, Old Deng Liwei really asked Billups to strengthen his attack, but it was somewhat different from the prediction of * * Vichy.
The clippers’ offensive end Billups and Mr. Ji Guoqiu’s pick-and-roll key broke through the panda brother’s pick-and-roll with the help of the cover line, and immediately pulled it to the two wings to attract the Spurs’ defensive forces to pull the Spurs’ defense line.
At this time, Ji Guosheng frequently inserted him in the back row to defend him. It is difficult for Oberto to keep pace with Fox’s younger brother. Even if the Argentine center has a gap in height and wingspan, it is difficult to stop Ji Guosheng’s impact.
Old Deng Liwei apparently arranged for Brother Panda to play pick-and-roll with Billups, but the real main point was actually to insert a fox in the back row. They were learning the way for the Suns to deal with the Spurs in the regular season. Duncan was always struggling with Stoudemire, and his sports ability was very close to Stoudemire’s. We can try the bully method to attack the Spurs. Besides, he is not like Stoudemire. He has a disciplined country in front of Duncan, Chou He Billups, to attract his defensive attention. He just needs to directly hit the basket with his own impact.
Billups’ own breakthrough is equally threatening, but Mr. Key of Opportunity will definitely choose the ball.
Ji Guo was ashamed to dump Oberto and receive the relay from Billups. Finley changed his angle and scored two points.
"I can also hit the board, and I will throw it. Do you think I am not strong?" After Ji Guo’s shame landed, he asked Ginobili to make the latter turn blue.
"You are paralyzed!" Ginobili cursed in his heart.
This is the 11th point of Ji Guo’s humiliation. Fox flirted with Ginobili and gave him the ball. Mr. Billups gave him a thumbs-up button. The ball was in place, neither high nor low, which made him comfortable to catch.
Duncan’s offensive end wants the ball. The Clippers continue to double-team the stone Buddha and turn around at the waist before the double-team. Some basketball hits the basket again and pops up.
Ji Guoqiu’s long arm grabbed a rebound and the Clippers launched a fast break.
Billups dribbled the ball to the Spurs and rushed into the line at half-time. After that, he turned around and took the basketball to the outside line. Posey looked for the opportunity to catch the ball at the outside line and made the Spurs fans cheer and immediately misfired.
Duncan came back and continued to hit the two brothers on the back for three fouls. You need to add a fire to beat them.
Ji Guoqiu’s defense Duncan didn’t dare to move too much, but the stone Buddha felt very bad today. Parker and Ginobili had recovered their touch at half time, but Duncan still felt the most stable. I don’t know if he stabbed Deputy Duncan of Chrysanthemum. This time, he turned to hit the board and missed Ji Guoqiu and grabbed the rebound again.
The clippers’ fast break didn’t fight this time. When the Spurs retreated, the clippers fell into positional warfare.
The score is 56:5. The Spurs missed two shots. If they want the Clippers to score this attack, they are in danger of being pulled.
Billups and Ji Guoqiu hit the pick-and-roll fox again and inserted it in the back row. This is the second time that the old Deng Liwei arranged the offensive tactics. After catching the ball, he jumped to the basket. Oberto could not choose to foul. Ji Guoqiu almost scored two plus one.
* * Vicky put his hand over his face on the sidelines and couldn’t see what was on his mind?
Duncan’s offensive end didn’t score twice and didn’t cause any damage, but Zhuge Go still seems to be not going to change tactics and continue to play Duncan, which is what the Spurs coach is like!
However, Duncan did not dare to attack Ji Guo’s shame this time. The score gap came to the point. The Spurs must score now no matter what method.
Parker handed the basketball to the line, Duncan drew the basketball to the outside line, Ginobili pulled it out and covered Manu with Duncan’s cover, then attracted the defense and hit a three-pointer at the bottom corner of Bowen again!
* * Vicky saw Duncan take the initiative to go offline and return to the high position. At this time, he borrowed the slope donkey and continued to play hard in the low position without entanglement.
These two little guys are nothing like playing the playoffs for the first time. They can persist in not being beaten until now. * * Vicky regrets making such a tactic, but now it is difficult to ride a tiger to the end, otherwise the previous efforts will be in vain.
In the third quarter, 4 minutes and 5 seconds, Ji Guo was ashamed of his mistakes on the offensive end. This time, he was inserted in the back row and was predicted by Duncan to make a fox outside the reasonable collision zone. An offensive foul finally sent his younger brother Ji Guo shame first.
The score was 62:55. The Spurs were cut in the back by Ji Guoshi, which was extremely passive. Fortunately, this guy finally went.
Ji Guoqiu couldn’t stand Duncan Stone Buddha alone. After beating the little fox, he finally got a foul in Brother Panda’s body. The two brothers persisted for most of the day and finally both four criminals had to rest.
* * Vicky saw a score and they paid a lot of money. Now there are four minutes left in the third quarter. Even if they are not beaten, it is estimated that these two little guys will be replaced in another two minutes. They finished it too late and fell behind by too many points.
Old Deng Liwei, on the other hand, feels that if the two brothers can hold on for one more minute, their wishful thinking will fall on them, but they are called, which is different in nature. Four fouls will affect their fourth quarter game.
The Spurs will also be exhausted after the twin brothers are beaten. Duncan will be replaced by Parker and Ginobili to break through.
* * Vichy’s intention to rotate is obvious. The stone Buddha will definitely be on the scene in the fourth quarter and will play the whole quarter.
In the last four minutes, the Clippers did not replace Mobry and Thomas to strengthen the attack, but changed Billups, Garcia and Posey’s backcourt combination line to Amir Johnson and Paul Davis. This is a set of defensive arrays.
Old Deng Liwei knew that Vicky was going to catch up with the score in these four minutes, but he wanted to resist the Spurs’ counterattack in these four minutes and enter the half-court with a five-point lead. Even if Vicky’s abacus in the first three quarters was in vain.
It’s a pity that the Clippers’ defensive ability dropped by one level after the two brothers’ game. Amir Johnson is too young and has no playoff experience, and so is Davis. Moreover, these two are the best defensive linemen of the Clippers except the twin brothers, but it is unrealistic to expect them to prevent Ginobili and Parker from taking turns to attack the roots. Even the twins paid a heavy foul price.
It is conceivable that both of them committed this foul in less than three minutes, and the speed made old Deng Liwei’s heart beat faster.
The score of 1 minute and 2 seconds in the third quarter was 6562.
Old Deng Liwei called a timeout at the end of the third quarter. He knew he had made a mistake. They couldn’t defend this array, but they couldn’t attack it. With Mobry and Thomas present, they could still attack each other. Now they not only failed to defend their opponents’ own scores, but also had problems. In the past few minutes, they hit a three-point difference by Billups and have been chased by the Spurs.
With the mentality that it’s not too late to mend after it’s too late, old Deng Liwei changed Mobry and Thomas.
But after Mobry and Thomas field, old Deng Liwei almost vomited blood when he looked at the opposite array!
* * Vicky changed Jacques Vaughan, Michael Finley, Bruce Bowen, Robert Horry and Cork Thomas after the suspension. This is a set of defensive array. The Clippers did not guard against it, but Vicky shrank from defense.
Van Gundy three people can’t help laughing at this time. It can be seen that * * Vicky has been tactically suppressing old Deng Liwei in this game step by step. Although the Spurs coach has not done enough, it is more that people are not as good as the sky. If the Spurs feel better, they will not be struggling to catch up.
The Clippers Mobry and Thomas didn’t break through the Spurs’ defense line, and Mobry’s breakthrough was one level behind Parker and Ginobili. The Spurs guys are a little old, but they are experienced, and they really want to fight for the Clippers for two or three minutes.
At the end of the third quarter, the score was 67:65
Although the Spurs are still two points behind, the hidden danger of the Clippers is already obvious, that is, the number of fouls committed by twins. How long can the two of them enter the fourth quarter with four criminals?
Chapter two hundred and eleven A don
In the fourth quarter, Old Deng Liwei changed his main force before considering a decision.