A listen to two dog looking for himself is to let himself be cannon fodder. Don’t be so depressed. He just got out of the clutches of the female hooligan and actually got the word "two dog thief boat and cannon fodder" and he was furious.

"well! Brother Yu, you have to believe in yourself. You’re the first player in Yaoshi to kill the sacred beast. Even the sacred beast killed a little saber-toothed tiger. Can’t you handle it? Two dog, that’s why I came to you. If I didn’t believe you, I would have found someone else! "
"Then you find someone else to go! When the cannon fodder brother does not do it! "
"Ah! Hey! No! Don’t go! Brother Yu! Brother Yu, don’t go! That’s a purple treasure chest! Besides, you still have Yi Shu! "
"Oh! Old and easy to operate! But it’s easy for the saber-toothed tiger to swagger over and put the treasure chest under its eyelids! How can I forget this! "
"well! Is really no good, feather elder brother, you can easily become a female saber-toothed tiger * * and then I’ll go to the treasure chest! Ouch! Brother Yu, how do you hit people? "
"MD** also kui you small want to come out to * * you go to the old don’t make people beast that taste is too heavy! Let’s go and watch brother give you a performance! "
"The elder brother of the feather! Watching the performance in advance is just that the treasure chest is two dog. I found something in it. We have three seven, I have seven, and you have three! "
"hey! How come your novel is so strange? It’s just our buddies. Why don’t we meet each other in half? Have you heard the saying? Don’t you seem to identify with me if you return Sanqi? It seems that our buddies are not iron? "
"Lie trough! Brother Yu, you are dark enough! I want half my mouth! At least you’re also a saint. Do you have the heart to carve up a rookie who doesn’t even have equipment? "
"How can’t carve up? But you have to contribute, and it’s not a matter of grabbing and occupying your little brother with peace of mind! "
"no! You have to give me seven, seven and three. "
"five five!"
"five five!"
"… June 4 I six you four!"
"five five!"
"Just June 4th! This is my limit! "
"five five!"
"Lie trough! Brother Yu! You are more ashamed than I thought! "
"five five!"
When the two men talked back and forth while bargaining, they walked towards the refresh area of the forty-five saber-toothed tiger where two dog found the purple treasure chest. When they were not careful, their bodies suddenly brightened by 30%, and at the same time, a circle appeared on their heads.
It is the archer who "marks" the skills. Anyone who wins the mark or the monster NPC will not lose his life or his mana, nor will he reduce or increase any resistance. The marked unit has an effect: it will make the stealth and strong stealth skills be seen by the caster and his teammates.
"Look out!"
Because of being hunted all day long and the high degree of name ridicule, it is possible to suffer from the so-called master PK two dog at any time and anywhere. He has cultivated a very fast reflex nerve, and almost at the same time when he was marked, he launched a strong hidden skill. When he relied on the strong hidden skill, he resisted an arrow.
At the same time, two dog also pulled Yu Fan to hide behind the big stone next to him. Because the stone can hide a person, he gave the stone to Yu Fan and hid himself behind a big tree.
In Yaoshi, although there is a unified correction for long-range professional attacks so that players can attack the target and avoid the embarrassment that archers can’t shoot people and wizards can’t hit people, there is a scope for correction, which will not be too far off the mark.
Two dog summed up the experience in killing people again and again. He found that if there is a bunker, more than 90% of their attacks will be resisted by the bunker if they are not directly exposed to the remote professional vision. There will be no such outrageous thing as an arrow making a 360-degree turn around the bunker and directly hitting him.
It can be said that two dog has already had a strong ability to live in the wild in this month. Although his level is not high and his equipment is not good, it is not so easy to let him die. You can see this from his instantaneous consciousness and hidden arrows.
His hidden skill is also that he accidentally found a golden treasure chest during an escape, and the explosion rate is only one and a half months after this public beta. Many top assassins in the first-class big guild have not yet hidden skills!
Looking for a bunker, two dog observed the terrain and found that there were seven thick trees with one person in the left, three in the right and four in the left. There was also a large stone with a height of nearly two meters where Yu Fan was hiding, which was closer to the three trees where he stayed and farther away from the other four trees. Except for these seven trees and a stone, the surrounding kilometers were wide. Look, I and Brother Yu were surrounded.
To prevent losing contact, please remember to reserve the domain name L A.
"yo! You’re a little Wang egg, and you’re alive. There are indeed two no wonder that you dare to despise the master and scold the master. When the master is a dog and planted in your hands, he always swore that he wouldn’t kill you if he didn’t stop killing you. "
Just before Yu Fan could figure out what was going on, how was he suddenly PK? When a glittering fighting wizard came out, they shouted at Yu Fan
Feather every carefully outcrop took a look and found that boy! At least a hundred people came to see that they and two dog were surrounded.
And the guy who talks is very white and somewhat handsome, which means a little bit of a powder-faced niche. That glittering suit is presumably gold-level equipment, and the light and shadow effect can get together in a gold suit at this time, either among the masters or among the local tyrants.
However, if you look at this product, it doesn’t show the light and shadow effect at all, so you put him in the ranks of super local tyrants. Moreover, this product not only puts on the light and shadow effect, but also shows his name and title-Chu Shiyu, the president of Truman Hero.
"ah! Two dog! Who is this Chu Shiyu? Awesome? "
Yu Fan looked at the name Chushiyu and searched in his mind for a circle. He found that there was no location of this goods at the root, so he carried forward the Chinese nation’s ignorance and asked the virtues of two dog Chushiyu who this goods was!
"This is also my enemy’s sworn enemy for the same reason. He is also the one who came after me the most. One of them is said that his father is a high-ranking official in the central government. Four generations of his uncle also controls two consortia. He seems to be helping his uncle to pioneer the development of the game. This Truman hero is supported by strong financial resources …"
"Stop! Stop! Stop! I always ask you if this product is strong. Why do you talk so much? Who do I care who his father and uncle are? ! Are you tired of playing a game? Just say how good he is! "
When two dog was talking about the background of Chushiyu, Yu Fan was impatient and interrupted him to ask his own questions directly.
"He is nothing but well-equipped. At the beginning, I just walked on the card and kept my vision. backstab killed him and didn’t even claim to be a master. He pulled himself into the ranks of masters, but although he was a food, but …"
"If it’s a dish, the rookie still dares to bring people to surround the old man, even if he hangs it, he will pull your back!"
Feather all listen to this ChuShiYu is a rookie can not but hand pike rushed out from behind the stone, a heroic dash towards ChuShiYu dashed past.
Being surrounded by hundreds of people in such a small place reminds Yu Fan of the scene when three people were surrounded by gangsters with machetes. Suddenly, he was aroused to fight and fight viciously. two dog said that these people always came after two dog and let Yu Fan spirit not dozen 1 come.
In real life, two dog and Dahei are all mixed up with him. He wants to protect them. In the game, Yu Fan also consciously listed two dog as the object of his protection. When he heard that two dog was always chased by this Chushiyu, Yu Fan had the impulse to give two dog an early start and rushed towards Chushiyu directly.
"Ah! Hey! Brother Yu! I’m not finished yet! Although this Chu Shiyu is a dish, he has attracted a lot of money to attract professional players, and now he is all mixed up with him. The archer who just attacked me was Brother Feather! Be careful! "
Understand Yu Fan’s character two dog saw Yu Fan interrupting himself and knew it was going to be bad. He hurriedly shouted out the second half of his sentence and rushed out with him.
He clearly remembers that the archer had Chu Shiyu and the archer when he was sworn enemies, but he didn’t have this helper to follow him.
A ChuShiyu felt that two dog, a tattered equipment, was well cleaned up, so he didn’t let the archer make moves. As a result, the archer didn’t make moves until ChuShiyu was tortured to death by two dog.
Although the archer didn’t mean to start work on two dog, two dog recognized that the archer who looked very weak was not a good thing. As a result, he died gloriously without even touching the other side’s skirts.
After two dog inquired and visited the BBS posts and collected them everywhere, he realized that this ChuShiyu background and the archer’s identity was actually the 20th master among professional players-Mu Xiaobai.
Although Yaoshi is not the same as the previous online game based on hand speed, Mu Xiaobai still ranks 176th among the billions of players in Greater China, proving to the world that he is a master not only by hand speed.
When Yu Fan heard two dog shout, he had already rushed to Chushiyu’s side, less than two meters away. The heroic dash was 300% speed bonus, not covering the distance of six meters, almost in the blink of an eye.
When two dog was careful to Yu Fan’s ear, Yu Fan also heard the strong wind coming from the arrow attack, and almost realized that Yu Fan suddenly interrupted the heroic dash and released it to Chushiyu as a side kick.
With the side kick, Yu Fan’s body rolled to Chushiyu’s side and was interrupted again. It was about to kick out and go around Chushiyu one step at a time. At the same time, the arrow that was turned by the unified correction society followed, although it missed one again and hit Chushiyu’s shoulder and disappeared.

A minus word emerged from Chu Shiyu’s head, which also made Chu Shiyu into a dizzy state.
Starting (
44 and master gap [chapter words 464 latest update 2149 15:3:59]
"Sniper Arrow" The powerful interruption and attack skill of the magic-breaking archer is also the farthest skill of the magic-breaking archer. It can snipe at the target from a distance of 100 meters, causing 200% physical attack damage and stunning the target for two seconds. The skill of interrupting the target is very powerful.
At this point in time, the skill of "sniper arrow" can be met but not sought. Even Chloe, who ranks in the top ten in the ranking list, failed to get the skill of sniper arrow, but this Muxiaobai did.
Looking at being stunned by a sniper at hand, Chushiyu Yufan will launch a terrible stab at him when his pike is lifted, but he can only stab half of the arrows and the sound comes to his ears again.
If you don’t hear two dog’s propaganda, it is estimated that Yu Fan will choose to fight this arrow hard and send Chushiyu back to the city, but he heard two dog’s propaganda and knew that this attacking guy is the 20th master in the professional player list.
Being able to stand out from the huge group of players and discharge hundreds of people among trillions of people can be said that these people are all of high level and belong to the same grade, even if there is a gap, it will not be too bad.
And Yu Fan clearly remembers that tea Kerr was able to do more than 1,000 injuries in the face of silver moon Wolf Demon, a low-order demon family of sacred animals, but now he is facing the same level as tea Kerr, and Yu Fan’s toes want to know that his defense is absolutely not as high as that of silver moon Wolf Demon, and that he has more than 1,600 blood, which means that he will win this cargo of arrows directly, which is the result of seconds kill.
Although he was very unwilling, Yu Fan still interrupted the piercing skill and circled Chushiyu for half a circle. He succeeded again. He blocked this arrow with a meat shield and a minus number emerged from Chushiyu’s head again.