Now Indra is quite graceful in his eyes.

Ye Feng admired people with manners, so he didn’t have the nerve to ask for money on the spot. What to say? Let the old man cut two swords first.
The five fingers of the right hand are loosened and grasped again on the hilt of the sparrow in the summer!
His right foot across the inclined drag sword like a gust of wind, surging into a rush of thunder …
Chapter DiYiWuWu Peak (5)
"So soon?"
Indra’s pupil suddenly shrank in the summer, and the dragon finch blade rubbed the sand and dragged out a fire on the ground. Because Ye Feng was too fast, the fire was not scattered when the sword moved, and the sword had come to his front. At first glance, it looked like a salamander suddenly exploded.
It’s hard to beat the thunder into a line!
The flint Indra also started the free dance by leaps and bounds. Take a step back and cross a sword!
With a thud, the tip of the dragon sparrow in the summer is crunchy and sealed by the gold epee.
Ye Feng is not surprised that Indra is rampant in the virtual world. It would be strange if he could not stop his first sword.
Indra quickly withdrew his sword and danced freely. His speed was equally dazzling. It was a longitudinal movement that drifted out of the distance, and he couldn’t see his sword clearly. When his wrist shook, the heavy gold epee was as smart as Youlong’s. A sharp and shrill sound broke out, and nine golden swords were thundered to Ye Feng.
Interpretation of the magic sword is divided into nine shadows!
This is a unique martial art created by Indra. In fact, Indra was just a sword when he was successful. Today, there are always very few talented experts who have mastered the sword, but no one knows that Indra’s martial art created by him has long been growing. be adept at also has him who can split nine swords with one sword.
This is like the night rain and the wind covering the sky wall. Maybe the sky wall can be covered in the small circle of the top experts, but the ultimate evolution of the sky wall is Qian Shan Sunset Snow, but no one can master it except him.
However, Ye Feng can break the sword and divide it into nine shadows, which is nothing.
Ye Feng also can’t see clearly where he stands. There is a twisted and twisted broken shadow. At 9: 30, the green and half-red star mountain suddenly flashes and runs away with the nine swords.
Break the moon and start after nine companies!
After a crisp impact, the two men retreated almost at the same time.
Indra didn’t attack him. He stared at the big summer sparrow and still pointed obliquely into the ground. The blade was not dazed.
"What is this?"
"Break the moon for nine times!" Ye Feng laughed and broke the moon nine times earlier than the snow, but he rarely met in front of people, except for a few sisters who were bored with him all day.
Smell Indra bowed their heads and remained silent for a long time before slowly saying, "The sword is divided into nine shadows and nine months. Even I suddenly accepted my fate. Maybe you are my nemesis and my lifelong enemy."
"Maybe." Ye Feng smiled noncommittally.
If it’s another player, even the top ten heavy armor players in China can be called lifelong enemies by the Emperor God, even if they don’t say it in their hearts, they will be regarded as great praise and dark.
But Ye Feng’s lifelong enemy might have been acceptable if he had said it a few months ago, but now he feels that he is not exaggerating or arrogant. If he is full of strength, he will be able to push Indra. Now, if he talks about lifelong enemies, he will be somewhat different.
Deep down in his heart, he actually wanted to say, "Your enemy all your life is the old man who has been raining at night and flowing in the wind." But just now, Indra did not choose to shake him hard by virtue of his strength advantage, which made him feel good. He felt that although everyone had deep hatred, the goods were really classy, so he didn’t say anything to ridicule Indra’s self-esteem
You know, Indra is the master of the Nine Deep Array, and the family is not miserable like Ye Feng. Life is several times that of Ye Feng than strength. If you don’t fight, you choose to cut my sword, and I will give you a knife. This pure man will change the way of blood flow confrontation. The first name is Ye Feng.
"Come again!"
Indra day hands holding a sword foot a pedal to the whole body gorgeous gold armor, he cried the incarnation of a golden streamer rushed towards Ye Feng.
Their proficiency in free dancing can be said to have reached an inhuman level, and they can start at an instant speed without the help of gradual acceleration.
He is as fast as Ye Feng.
In an instant, the two strong winds rolled together again, and the sharp stars and mans flashed constantly, and the weapons collided with each other. The shock was as dense as a downpour, and little blood flew to the half from time to time, and was immediately swallowed up by the firm but gentle Gangfeng.
The two seem to have abandoned the game skills, set the spelling and posture, and responded by fighting and breaking the enemy quickly, just like the ultimate confrontation between two peerless masters.
It’s a fight between two ghosts. Every move is fantastic. It’s as bizarre and shocking as ghosts.
Gorgeous to dazzle, the sky wall rises like a giant mountain in Wan Ren from time to time and then collapses into a piece of broken light, as if the sky suddenly moved to the stars
The two men’s swords are getting faster and faster, and the other’s wandering figure is getting harder and harder to lock, but it’s really nothing for them to listen to the wind. Even if they are blindfolded and judge by the roar of firm but gentle, they can still make precise attacks without falling their swords.
This kind of combat suspicion is that Ye Feng likes to feel comfortable and refreshed in his heart, so that he is physically and mentally happy, and even reduces the dizziness and annoyance caused by excessive fatigue.
He doesn’t care much about winning or losing. First, he has confidence in the gods. Second, it is reasonable for Indra to lose the battle.
If there is no nine-deep array at the moment, he believes that he can’t choose a way of confrontation, and it must be Indra.
Now, although Indra is strong enough to crush Ye Feng, the blood loss is three times that of Ye Feng, which is higher or lower, which is very telling.
You know, Ye Feng’s strength attack is far less than Indra’s. He cuts off two or three thousand points of blood in Indra’s body at most, and he almost loses ten thousand points when he is hit by Indra’s sword. His thin life defense is no accident. Indra will solve him even if he doesn’t hit a six or seven sword with a crit.
Fortunately, since the end, Ye Feng has been hit by a sword, and Indra Day has either fallen or been blocked by the endless wall. In contrast, Indra Day has got more than a dozen swords.
The more Indra Tian fights here, the more frightened he is. He knows the advantages and disadvantages of his eyes. It is far from the surface. In fact, he was beaten by Ye Feng.
The reason is simple: Ye Feng is faster than him!
Is it necessary to go on?
Indra sighed at the bottom of my heart, and there was never a sense of frustration growing in my heart.
Proud as he won’t admit that he has failed less, he doesn’t think that today’s defeat is a lifelong defeat, and he believes that one day there will be a day when he will wash away the shame in his hand.
However, he must admit that he is not Ye Feng’s opponent at this time, and the defeat is completely suspense.
At this moment, the golden light suddenly trembled and screamed like a dragon, and the Huang Jinlong-shaped firm but gentle horse was like a broken cloud and fury dragon rushing to Ye Feng.
The two men are almost close to each other, and they are not enough to react to this big move of covering more than ten yards at a time, let alone dodge.
However, Indra met Ye Feng and focused on fighting Ye Feng as never before.
See light and shadow twists and turns backward that moment Ye Feng seemed to be knocked down by dragon-shaped firm but gentle adsorption crazy and flew back, but it was not because there was no harm.
In fact, when the firm but gentle was about to go into the body, Ye Feng had already started to cool down and changed its shape. This illusion was so short that even Indra was not there.
Ye Feng flew straight out of a dozen yards, his feet were not yet on the ground, and his left hand was as deep as ink. The dragon shield suddenly exploded with a golden halo.
Shield against injury!
It’s like a dragon firm but gentle being hit head-on by a shield screen, unwilling to let out a painful roar and turn around instantly to pounce on the figurine Indra.
Is slightly stupidly remorse forget weapon additional special effects, Indra day, of course, there is no time to deal with being hit by this holy dragon firm but gentle staggered back four or five steps to barely stop the retreat, but also brush off a third of life.
Ye Feng didn’t know that this imposing manner was particularly fierce, but firm but gentle was Indra’s skill of adding special effects consciousness to the gold epee in his hand.
Words if it weren’t for the explosion of the small universe and the display of inhuman reaction, the blood volume would have to be turned into white light by Indra’s sword.