Crazy people such as a surprised what happened in the rocky valley actually made this Qiansun Zhao afraid of being so crazy and didn’t waste that brain to look directly at Tang heavenly heart and know that this wood must be known! Sure enough, Tang Tian gave a crazy voice. In those days, things were told one by one, not only what happened, but also all kinds of implications. Crazy listening was a surprise. After listening to it, he shook his head and said, "He was so stupid after such a vain thing!" It’s really annoying But there is no denying that this guy is a lean man! " Tang Tian looked up at the night and sighed.

Seeing that Qiansun Zhao will be in the apricot forest, he will never be chased again. They all shouted, "Hey! Don’t go, don’t go, come back, come back. "Qiansun Zhao ignored it and ran faster.
Suddenly, a voice said, "Brother’s temples are frosty and his smile is worse than before." Qiansun Zhao suddenly stopped and asked, "Who said that?" The voice said, "If you don’t see Tan Gong so much, you will feel ashamed and run away?" The crowd looked at the speaker, but it turned out to be clear.
Qiansun Zhao nu way "who feel ashamed? He only knows a’ beating and not fighting back’ kung fu. What is better than me? "
Crazy to see this GuanQing unexpectedly blocked by means of Qiansun Zhao surly constantly don’t know what’s going on in my heart? Tang Tian also looked at the ten-party scholar Tianlong Zhongda villain and couldn’t help but think that unless the villains were all elite!
I was thinking that I suddenly heard an old voice in Xinglin saying, "Is it easy to be beaten and not fight back?"
Chapter 26 Qiao Feng’s life experience
Chapter 26
Suddenly another sound came, and everyone’s heart was numb. There were too many people today, all of whom were well-known Jianghu residents. When they turned around and saw the apricot tree, an old monk in a gray cloth robe turned out to be dignified in appearance.
Elder Xu cried, "Master Zhiguang in Tiantai Mountain has not seen the master for more than 30 years, but he is still so healthy."
Tang Tian said, "The name of Zhiguang monk is not well-known in the Wulin. The later generations in the Jianghu don’t know his origin, but this man is also a compassionate person. He once made a big wish to travel overseas and collect different kinds of bark to cure several people who were infected with poison in Zhejiang, Fujian and Guangxi. He became seriously ill for two times and lost his martial arts. But Jiahui people are really a noble monk!"
The six elders of the Beggars’ Sect in Qiao Feng respectfully say hello. It seems that they know monk Zhiguang.
Master Zhiguang smiled at Qiansun Zhao. "It’s hard not to fight back when fighting skill is inferior to that of the other party. It’s even more difficult if fighting skill is superior to that of the other party." Qiansun Zhao bowed his head and pondered.
Elder Xu said, "Wisdom, light, morality, and generosity are disrespectful at first, but they have not asked about Jianghu affairs for more than ten years. Today, it is a blessing for beggars."
Zhiguang said, "Elder Xu of the Beggars’ Sect and the single judge of Taihang Mountain jointly called for the old woman. How dare you not come? Tiantai Mountain and Tin are not far apart, and the two letters say that this matter will be called upon one day. "
Crazy way: "It turns out that he was also invited by this elder Xu and Shan Zheng. Could he be one of those people in those days? If so, Brother Qiao will be in trouble tonight!" Tang Tian gave him a look. "Is it a blessing or a curse? He can’t hide from all this. Sooner or later, he will know that the pain is not as clear as it is now!"
At this time, I heard Qiansun Zhao suddenly say, "You are also involved in the battle before the rocky valley outside the Wild Goose Gate."
When Zhiguang heard the word "before the rocky valley outside the wild goose gate", his face suddenly flashed a strange expression, which seemed to be exciting, fearful and horrible. Finally, he was pitied and pitied and sighed, "Killing evil is too heavy!" It’s a shame that the donors fought in the rocky valley 30 years ago. What’s more important today? "
Elder Xu said, "So it has helped a great change. There is a letter related to this matter." Then he handed the letter over.
There was silence in Xinglin, and no one spoke. All eyes were on the monk Zhiguang, waiting for his final decision. At this time, Tang Tian suddenly felt something in his heart. He closed his eyes and sank into silence, throwing away all other thoughts. Suddenly, the world seemed to have lost its sound. The world was printed in his mind like an ink painting, and his own center slowly spread out. Somehow, he entered the magical realm of the Forbidden Mountain again. It was in the attribute column of the assistant that he could not see his specific situation. But what’s the matter? Tang Tianshen’s thoughts swept through the madness and swept through Qiao Feng. After the six Lao Xu elders Tan Gong Tan Po Qiansun Zhao’s wisdom, Duan Yu Bao Butong’s turmoil was evil. The beggars’ brothers in the periphery of Wang Yuyan Aju A Bi spread to the depths of Xinglin. Tang Tianshen’s thoughts followed the sudden feeling and came to a big tree surrounded by two people. He climbed along.
Sure enough! A mysterious man stands quietly in a tree with a bowl mouth. Who is this man? Tang Tian "looked" and saw him staring at the meeting place of the Beggars’ Sect in Xinglin. There was a penetrating cold mountain in his eyes. His right hand held the trunk, but his fingers were deeply inserted into it. In Tang Tianshi’s sea, he could feel that a Asura image was formed behind him, and the blood shadow was filled with screams! It seems to hate all creatures in the world! It’s like there’s a big grievance going straight to the sky!
Tang, as in a surprised mind couldn’t help revealing a flaw that Asura came at him like a beast out of the box. Tang days quickly closed their minds and opened their eyes for a while, and suddenly felt that the whole body was cold and turned out to be in a cold sweat!
Just to the side, there was a look at him. He turned his head and saw crazy eyes. He barely pulled his mouth and smiled and asked, "What’s the matter? You look so weak all of a sudden. What happened? Why are you sweating! " Tang days clap his hand "nothing! Nothing! I just realized it! " Crazy or unbelievable, I nodded. Tang Tian looked up at the wise master in the field and actually finished talking about things in the rocky valley of Yanmen! Tang Tianxin is amazed at this kung fu. It’s amazing that once the five senses and six senses are cut off, it’s really terrible that I can’t notice the passage of time. It’s so time-consuming for me to spread my mind to a hundred meters away. If I have the strength to explore the surroundings, it’s annoying enough. But leave him alone and ask the master what to do when I get back! He came to listen to the old monk.
Listening to him, he said, "Leading Brother, Wang Wang and I are guilty of Yanmen’s foreign affairs. Except telling the abbot of Shaolin Temple what happened and telling the families of the dead brothers the bad news, we didn’t tell others that the Qidan baby was fostered in Shaoshishan farmhouse. If it is difficult to deal with this baby, we are sorry that his parents can’t hurt his life again.
However, it was our bitter enmity for the Khitans to bring him up. We all thought of the word "raising tigers and causing trouble" in our hearts. Later, the eldest brother took one hundred and twenty pieces of silver and gave it to the farmer to ask them to raise the baby. The farmer and his wife thought they were the parents of the Khitan baby, and the baby should never be allowed to adopt when it grew up. The farmer and his wife happily agreed to them without knowing that the baby was the blood of the Khitans. We took the child to Shaoshi Mountain and changed it for him on the way. The people in the Song Dynasty hated the Khitans as much as children.
When Qiao Feng heard this, he guessed nine points in his heart and asked, "Master Zhiguang, what’s the surname of the farmer in Shaoshishan?"
Zhiguang said, "You have guessed that I don’t have to hide that farmer’s surname is Joe and his name is Sanhuai."
Qiao Feng shouted, "No, no! You talk nonsense about fabricating such a story to frame me. I’m an open Han Chinese, like Khitan Hulu? I … I … Sanhuagong is my own dad, so you talk nonsense again … "Suddenly, his arms grabbed Zhiguang’s front and his left hand grabbed his chest.
Crazy, "Brother Joe, let go!"
Shan Zheng and Elder Xu also called "No!" Join forces and rob people.
Qiao Feng’s skill is very fast, and he flashes with wisdom and light.
No one can stand such a blow with a sigh in Tang days! Parents who have raised themselves for many years are not their own! As heavy as a mountain, the teacher turned out to be an enemy who killed his father! Killing enemies for years turned out to be flesh and blood compatriots! Heaven is unfair!
ChanZhengEr ChanZhongShan, ChanShuShan, ChanJiShan three people together to pounce on behind him Qiao Feng right hand grabbed ChanShuShan far out and then grabbed ChanZhongShan fell out for the third time grabbed ChanJiShan to throw a foot on his head.
The "Shan’s Five Tigers" is well-known in Shandong. The five brothers have been famous for a long time. They are not young people, but Qiao Feng’s left hand is holding Zhiguang’s right hand and even grasping and throwing the single family. These three big men are throwing freely like scarecrows, and there is no room for resistance. Everyone looks stunned.
Crazy suddenly got up and shouted "Joe eldest brother, don’t do stupid things! Calm down! Calm down! Calm down! Don’t make a mistake and become an eternal hate! " Qiao Feng gave him a round stare and gave him a hard look. Face it crazily and calmly without flinching for whatever reason! Qiao Feng at this time is absolutely can’t hurt people, otherwise it is a family! "
That single with Shan Boshan, Shan Xiaoshan, three people’s flesh and blood are all waiting for rescue, but he stepped on Shan Jishan’s head. It is expected that his skill is powerful and he needs to work harder. Shan Jishan’s head must be trampled to powder. When the three of them take a few steps, they all stop and call out, "Joe Wang has something to say. Don’t move my family. Please let my child go." The impartial judge said this and pleaded with Qiao Feng.
Elder Xu also said, "Master Qiao Zhiguang, everyone in the Jianghu respects you and must not hurt his life."
Qiao Feng blood chung avenue "good I Qiao Feng and you single bitterness wisdom light master I also admire you … you … to remove my wang that’s all right, I surrender is made up this statement to slander me? I … What did my Joe do? Are you pushing me so hard? "
His last few words are hoarse, and everyone can’t help but feel sympathy.
Tang Tianxin suddenly felt a little guilty. If he wanted to, he could help Qiao Feng cover up all this. He had his own calculations. He didn’t make a move. He was afraid that one hand would attract the butterfly effect and make everything he had become a bubble! So he has to be patient! Be patient again! Because he still has to rely on this dragon to do a lot of things!
But when I heard Master Zhiguang’s body and bones rattle lightly, I knew that his life was breathing. Life and death were worse than Qiao Feng’s one thought. Besides, it was the wind blowing in the treetops, insects singing in the grass, and everyone breathed and gasped. No one dared.
Have a long time Qiansun Zhao suddenly hey hey sneer at said "ridiculous! Han people may not be superior to Khitans, and they may not be inferior to pigs and dogs! What’s the taste of being a Khitan but pretending to be a Han Chinese? Even their own biological parents refuse to admit what kind of man and man they call themselves? "
Qiao Feng stared at him with wide eyes and asked, "Do you also call me a Khitan?"
Qiansun Zhao said, "I don’t know, but the appearance and figure of the Khitan warrior outside the Wild Goose Gate that day were exactly the same as yours. This fight will frighten me in the future. Qiansun Zhao’s wits are shattered, and the adversary’s appearance will be broken again in one hundred years. I won’t forget that Master Zhiguang is holding the Khitan baby. I also heard with my own eyes that I’m a walking corpse in Qiansun Zhao. Except Xiao Juan, one person is more concerned about people and more concerned about things. Do you care about beggars’ sect leaders? Why should I frame you? I think I was involved in killing your parents. What good is it? Master Joe, my martial arts in Qiansun Zhao are far from you. If I don’t want to live, won’t I even commit suicide? "
Crazy also advised, "Joe eldest brother, if you want to think it over, if you are a killer at this time, you are a family!" Do you want to make yourself infamous? Brother Qiao, don’t blind yourself to sex for a moment! Qiansun Zhao is right! Isn’t it true that the Han people are not necessarily superior to the Khitans, and the pigs and dogs are not as good as them! There are good people among the Khitans and yes men among the Han people! You have to think it over! "
Qiao Feng listened to the madness and his face softened a lot. Then he slowly put Master Zhiguang to the right and picked up a huge body of Shan Jishan. He gently kicked it out and slapped it on the ground. Shan Jishan got up without any injury.
Qiao Feng’s eyes were bright, but when he saw that his face was calm, he was half-fake and sly. "What happened?"
Zhiguang said, "Later, you learned for yourself that when you were seven years old, when you were picking chestnuts in Shaoshi Mountain, you met a wild wolf. A Shaolin Temple monk rescued you to kill the evil wolf and treat you. Since then, you have come to your martial arts every day, right?"
Qiao Feng said, "yes! It turns out that you know this. "Master Xuan Ku, a Shaolin monk, told him to make up his mind not to tell anyone when he was fighting martial arts. It is known in the Jianghu that he is the younger brother of Wang, a beggar sect leader. No one knows that he has a deep connection with Shaolin Temple.
Zhiguang said, "This Shaolin monk has been trusted by our leading brother. Please ask him to teach you from childhood so that you won’t go astray. I had an argument with the leading brother and Wang Gang. I said that you should be stable and steady, and the farmer should not learn to get involved in the rivers and lakes again. The leading brother said that we are sorry for your parents and should make you a hero."
Looking at Tang Tian crazily, he asked, "Does Brother Qiao still learn Shaolin martial arts?" Tang Tian nodded. "It’s true that his base strength is the number of Shaolin skills, and this dragon capture skill is also one of the 72 stunts of Shaolin." Crazy nodded. "No wonder what I said? Joe’s work is specious compared with my practice. It has evolved and lost school for many years. I didn’t expect another one! "
Here listen to Qiao Feng asked "you … how do you sorry him? What is worthy and sorry about the Han people and the Khitan fighting each other? "
Zhi Guanghan said, "The legacy of the stone wall outside the Yanmen Gate is still alive today. You should read it yourself in the future. The leader is not only the idea, but Wang Wang is also partial to him. I naturally can’t help it. They met Wang Wang at the age of sixteen and he accepted you. Since then, there have been many opportunities to meet your own talents. It’s very human, but it’s not so easy if you don’t take care of the leader and Wang Wang."
Tang Tianxin lamented that these people are pedantic! Now that you’ve done it, why don’t you clean up the traces? Since you want to bring Qiao Feng into the so-called right path, what’s the point of keeping these things? Just a bunch of fucking guys who shit and don’t wipe their ass! I’ve caused so much trouble for no reason, but that’s why I got the story of Tianlong! Hey! It’s still the same sentence! ~! !
Chapter 27 Is it a threesome
Chapter 27
Tang Tian saw Qiao Feng’s uncertain face, rain or shine, and knew that he was still confused by himself, but he didn’t want to get rid of Qiao Fengshen, but he didn’t want to get rid of Qiao Fengshen’s Khitans. But since he was a child, he drank water, learned rice, learned knowledge and listened to Dasong’s remarks. At this time, in the eyes of Dasong people, the Khitans were cruel and tyrannical, and they were regarded as sworn enemies by the Song people. The Beggars’ League against foreign invaders was of course a first line, and countless Khitans died in his hands in Qiao Feng It’s understandable that he couldn’t get out of the dead end because of a huge change at the moment!
Moreover, over the years, Qiao Feng has grown from an ordinary peasant boy to the leader of the largest gang in the Jianghu. If it is said that there is no one behind it, no one really believes it! He can live safely until now, and he always turns the tables on any danger. He never suffers any big losses, and many opportunities often come to his door without being complacent. Is he really lucky? Speaking of which, the leading brother felt sorry for his parents and secretly helped him to achieve this achievement! Of course, that person’s status is easy!
Just as Tang Tianxin was thinking about it, I heard Zhiguang continue to say to Qiao Feng, "Wang Wang was very defensive to you at first, but then I saw that you learned martial arts quickly, and you were generous and generous, and you treated him with respect and respect, and you gradually became really fond of you. Later, the more you made meritorious deeds, the greater your reputation, and the more you became, the more you returned to your heart, and you knew that the future leader of the Beggars would belong to you. But Wang Wang Wang couldn’t make up his mind, so he tried your three major problems one by one, but you still had to make seven contributions. He didn’t give a dog stick until after work. In that year, the Taishan Conference, you created nine powerful beggars’ gangs to make Gai Megatron. At that time, he was even more hesitant to set up your Beggars’ Sect leader. I know that the Beggars’ Sect has had a difficult time from the second leader for hundreds of years. "
Crazy Pie Pie Old Monk, if you were born a few hundred years later, you wouldn’t think so. According to records, Huang Rong, the sect leader, pushed the gai sect to its peak at the end of the Southern Song Dynasty and also brought it into the abyss! And now my big sister is the boss of Hongshi! They two women are not so plain when they come to help the Lord! Compared with Qiao Feng, it is much more magnificent!
That Zhiguang didn’t live late for hundreds of years, and Qiao Feng didn’t have the experience of crossing. He bowed his head and said, "My teacher Wang is deliberately exercising on me, so that I can bear the burden of hardship … but it turned out …" By this time, my heart has been seventy percent convinced.
Zhiguang said, "I know nothing more than that. After you left the Beggars’ Sect, I heard Jianghu rumors that you were brave enough to benefit the people and do things fairly to rectify the Beggars’ Sect. I liked it on your behalf and heard that you raped and murdered several Qidan heroes several times, so our previous scruples of’ raising tigers to cause trouble’ became alarmist. This matter could have never been raised, but I didn’t know anyone to shake it out." This is not necessarily good for Beggars’ Sect Joe Wang himself. "He said with a long sigh and his face was full of compassion.
Elder Xu said,’ Thank you, Master Zhiguang, for recounting the past events, which made everyone feel as if they had experienced the past …’ He raised the letter in Yang’s hand and continued,’ It was the leading warrior who wrote to Wang Wang to strongly discourage Wang Wang from locating Wang in Qiao Wang. You might as well have a look at it yourself.’ Then he handed the letter to Wang.
Zhiguang said, "Let me see if it’s the original letter first." He took the letter in his hand and read it again. "Yes, it was the handwriting of the leading brother." He said that his left finger tore up the letter’s tail name and put it in his mouth. A roll of his tongue has been swallowed.
Tang Tianhe crazy glances can see each other’s meaning. This wise light master is so thoughtful! And the leader’s prestige is so high that people respect him to such an extent that Tang Tian naturally knows who this leader is? But I didn’t expect him to have such a position in others’ minds that people tried their best to safeguard him!
When Zhiguang tore the letter, he first took a few steps to the fire. Qiao Feng was a little far away, and then he put the letter to his eyes. It seemed that he couldn’t see clearly because of the lack of light. Then he tore the letter at the entrance. The letter and his lips were only inches apart. Qiao Feng never expected that the venerable old monk would make this cunning trick roar with his left palm and shoot Ling at his acupuncture point. His right hand immediately grabbed the letter, but finally he was a step behind. The letter’s tail signature was swallowed by him. Qiao Feng slapped him at the acupuncture point again and roared, "You … What are you doing?"
Zhiguang smiled and said, "Now that you know your own life, Wang Wang has died, but I don’t want to let you know that I was involved in the ambush of your father and your mother. I am willing to take the responsibility to kill and cut you off, even though I have passed away."
Qiao Feng saw that his eyes were low, his eyes were low, his heart was compassionate and solemn, but he couldn’t help but be awed and said, "Is it true or not? I’m not busy at the moment when I’m going to kill you for nothing." He took a look at Qiansun Zhao.