Su Hao raised his eyebrows and his eyes were full of expectation.

"In fact, I can give this medicine to you first because it is …"
Clark smiled very kindly. "Personally, I think you lack some … real men’s strength …"
"You have to believe that the medicine recommended by Dr. Clark is absolutely powerful!"
Su Hao listened to half his face and gave an ugly smile. If you can see Su Hao’s face in person, he really looks like a … withered man now.
In fact, there was a gust of wind and anger in Su Hao’s heart.
Is it because of you that he lacks the strength of a man? Your father lacks your grandfather and your ancestors for ten generations!
Of course, Su Hao can’t say these words. He can laugh awkwardly and say, "Dr. Clark has nothing to say, so I’ll leave first."
"Ha ha bye … I will develop something with demons in three days, and please come to me in three days."
In the gentle and smiling, Dr. Clark watched Su Hao suppress his impending outburst and walked out of the room.
Su Hao returned to the ward, but it was learned from Ruth that Jack had just spoken to him. It was jǐng Chaju that the Cobra Casino was ready to be re-listed. Inform Su Haoluosa that the two of them should go back to Tomahawk Bar.
Su Hao listened and said a sentence.
Lothar watched Su Hao look around and called him out in a secluded place in the corridor and asked, "I guess you have a gift. Is your gift a superposition of injuries?"
Su Hao was shocked and asked, "How do you know?"
Lothar gave him a contemptuous look and said, "Those grenades are stacked together and burst into flames and shock waves, which are getting bigger and bigger. There is still a limit to the damage value of visual stacking … I’m an expert in perception, and I can see clearly without subtle differences."
"You guessed … is your talent crit damage?"
Lothar shook his head and replied, "I’ll tell you what. I’m gifted as a killer …"
After listening to Lothar’s introduction, Su Hao was stunned … This is indeed an amazing talent. If you want to hide in the dark like a poisonous snake, you will complete an absolutely fatal assassination!
After feeling, Su Hao started as a salesman to sell Lothar the product he just bought.
Then I showed Rosa Clark’s special syringe, and the lion opened his mouth and said, "Dude, have you seen this syringe, but I paid a lot of money to give you a price of $3?"
Lothar finally took her eyes back from her sister when she saw this syringe, and focused her eyes on Su Hao’s hand. The Yan swinging expression on the surface of the syringe is better than seeing the soft girl with black silk and long legs.
"This thing … how did you get it?" Lothar rubbed his hand and asked, spilling some saliva from the corners of his mouth.
"I bought this from a plot character, but I didn’t get it until I did something. You have no chance … You know, although this thing is equipped with blue Se, it’s not necessary for some orange Se equipment to be poor. If you want to think about it, the only branch will be sold for 3 dollars."
Lothar shook his head and said, "It’s too expensive. You have at least two of these things. I don’t believe that they are so good. You don’t keep one for yourself … At least it’s temporary. I’ve helped you a lot. You have to give me some discount."
Su Hao thought about it and really felt that Lothar had helped him a lot, whether it was going deep into the den or gambling, or before attacking the Doug family and the Viper Gang or attacking the Cobra Casino, it was an indispensable link for Locke to confront Lothar. It can be said that without him, Su Hao could not finish these things at all.
As soon as I read this, Su Hao sighed and said, "I will give you this thing."
Lothar was surprised, but she didn’t expect Su Hao to say this. She was about to say something when Su Hao interrupted her.
"You’re right. I couldn’t have done anything without you … I really should have said something to you."
"Thank you"
Lothar looked at Su Hao with no false eyes, full of sincerity and I don’t know what to say …
After all, this is a real sub-world. After entering the vice-world, your former identity doesn’t matter for the time being. You are a living person struggling in this cruel environment. Every piece of equipment, every bottle of medicine, every trading point and every completion is soaked with your sweat and blood. Every piece of good equipment will increase your chances of living … and the chances of living will increase by a little bit with one more piece of such equipment?
The cruelest environment often makes people’s hearts cold and realistic, and the warmth and trust will be slowly worn away and finally disappear. Lothar is ready to bleed, but it is such an unexpected result.
Su Hao should be like this.
Is this the sincere return of the truest friendship?
Lothar’s heart is surging, and then he thinks that he has been fighting side by side for two days, and he feels that he can’t say the warm friendship and precious letter … This kind of mixed feeling is really beautiful and comfortable.
He took the syringe and patted Su Hao on the shoulder and said, "Let’s buddy, I’m welcome."
Su Hao felt the shoulder temperature and suddenly felt as if he had returned to the past … The company was full of laughter, warmth and brotherhood. Although it was not strong, this feeling was really there.
"The elder brothers …"
Su Hao suddenly smiled and put his hand on his shoulder and said, "We have nothing to say."
PS This is from the ninth chapter. It was written at that time that the talent was revealed when we met, and then it was changed to the present sample. In fact, I don’t know how to deal with it like this. I feel a little naive … The talent is really the lifeblood. It’s really a bit easy to tell that it’s handled like this … but I really can’t handle it myself. Please forgive me;
Chapter 27 put
Su Hao Lu Slosa three people returned to the Tomahawk Bar, and when they entered the door, they saw them drinking a little wine at the bar. Jack saw them and got up and greeted them with a smile.
Su Hao and other three people sat down and Jack was the one who handed a bottle of brandy and said, "You two have contributed a lot to the occupation of Cobra Casino this time. Of course, Ruth, you have contributed a lot to the desperate protection of the goods." Then he raised his glass and said.
"Pour wine and drink!"
Su Hao and others also smiled and raised their glasses and said, "Cheers!"
A few people gulped down the wine and Jack said, "That Locke really gave us a surprise and turned into a demon …"
Just now, Su Hao remembered that he was still carrying blood for sacrifice. Jack didn’t drop blood for a blind ceremony, but he saw it with his own eyes. But Locke dropped a drop of blood for nothing during the ceremony. This situation is cautious. Su Hao can’t hide the blood for himself. If Jack takes it out again, I’m afraid it will cause resentment in Jack’s heart. He immediately took it out and said, "I almost forgot that I found this thing next to Locke’s body." Then he gave the blood for sacrifice to Jack.
Jack took the blood and nodded with satisfaction, saying, "When Jack held the demon summoning ceremony, he made this thing and added 16 kilograms of fresh blood to demonize himself. They had a deputy Wang in their hands and a bottle of this, so there must be such a thing in the hands of their boss Parker."
Ruth also got things from Lothar’s mouth and nodded his head and said, "The viper gang invested a lot of money in the casino, and the deputy Wang was killed and ate such a big loss to prevent them from sneak attack."
Su Hao listened to a little and arranged a train of thought interface and said, "In fact, the strength of both sides is clear at a glance. No matter how strong they are, we will not be too weak to set the table … but the key is the dark side."
"The first is that if these demons have this potion, they can make demons … I guess the demonized body must be strong enough or they won’t resist this powerful baptism. Although the number of their demons is not only estimated to be no more than five, otherwise they would have unified the forces of Los Angeles."
"The second is what I am most afraid of, because we have no clue about him, but he is lurking around us in vain … he is lurking in the middle line of our help."
Speaking of this, Jack and Ruth frowned deeply and wrote a little worry. Both of them had eaten this thread. Jack almost lost a batch of precious poison because of the thread, and Ruth almost died … This poisonous snake nailed like a nail to the tomahawk is definitely not a small trouble, but a huge loss caused by continuous. If this thread is not pulled out, Jack can’t sit back and relax.
Jack thought for a while, but he still couldn’t figure out any clue. Suong didn’t think about it. He poured a glass of wine and gulped it down. He said, "This time, I decided to name the casino Tomahawk Ruth. You will be the casino manager for the time being. Su Hao, your assistant manager will be responsible for assisting Ruth, and you, Lothar, I promise not to forget that you will be the king of casino gambling!"
Ruth listened but said without any affectation, "Although there is an old saying in China called" I can’t live up to the boss’s letter … Boss, I will make the casino operation as unbreakable as an iron bucket of Jinshan, and I can fight for gold! "
Su Hao looked at the lip-synching, and Ruth agreed first. Just as she reached her mouth, she refused and swallowed. He also understood the reason why Jack arranged his will for Ruth.
First, he is loyal to Jack. Second, he will definitely try his best to help him run the casino so that he can sit at home and fight for money without worrying about loyalty.
The second is that Ruth looks good with Suhaolosa at present, and it is impossible for him to let two gang newcomers stay with him, but Ruth can unite them well to play a supervisory role. The most likely thing for Suhaolosa is to try his best to assist Ruth.
Since I guessed Jack’s intention, it would be the most unwise choice to refuse him. Su Haoluosa smiled at each other and raised his glass to propose a toast to Jack and said, "Thank you, big brother."
At this time in front of Su Hao and Lothar respectively pop up a show.
"You were appointed as the assistant manager of the Black Axe Casino by the leader of the Tomahawk, and your prestige in the Tomahawk has increased by 3 points. At present, it is 1/2. All the Tomahawk gangs respect you."
"Your prestige in Los Angeles has increased by 1 point, and now it is 1/25. All gang members are indifferent to you."
"And you will have profit."