He knew that he had fallen into Xia Qi gloves just after Xia Qi for so long, but now he has completely fallen into the wind despite holding a round sword in the face of Xia Qi!

Recovered calm feather wisdom made the most correct choice.
To compete with Xia Qi, he is now consuming heavily and afraid that if he persists for a while, he will be beheaded by Xia Qi looking for opportunities.
The only chance of survival is to escape decisively!
Feather wisdom is worthy of praise among the younger generation. When he woke up, he made the most correct choice. Unfortunately, this correct choice came a little late.
When Yu Zhi turned and fled, he was blocked by Yan Mo demon fire behind him.
Feather wisdom turned decisively and fled in the other direction, but the other direction was a ghost tree. Not only that, but also in other directions. A variety of visions such as Lei Long, Blood Dragon and Fire Pulse Spirit completely blocked feather wisdom’s hope of escape.
"If you want to kill me, you are afraid that Xia Qi is not qualified!"
Feather wisdom eyes latosolic red crazy.
When he is in a desperate situation, Yu Zhi’s strength and his round sword are his last resort.
His breath is violent, and the round sword in his hand is shaking gently. It seems that he wants to blow himself up with Yu Zhi and pull Xia Qi to be buried with him!
This is a crazy move!
Feather wisdom will not hesitate to blow itself up with a round sword after seeing that he has no hope of escape. Even if Xia Qi can’t be buried with him, he will be seriously injured!
He meant well, but he was destined to get what he wanted.
Because he is facing Xia Qi!
A roaring feather wisdom head suddenly collapsed, a black hole appeared, and then a huge pulling force came to make feather wisdom startled and found that the scene in front of him suddenly changed.
A tree that can’t see its apex exudes poverty and vitality, which appears in Yu Zhi’s field of vision.
This is Xia Qiti’s world!
When Yu Zhi wants to blow himself up and pull Xia Qi with him, Xia Qi directly ventures to get Yu Zhi into his own world!
This is a great adventure. If Yu Zhi and Yuan Jian are not stopped from exploding in their own world, Xia Qi’s world will be broken, if not completely collapsed.
Xia Qi is very clear about the consequences, but he still decisively brought Yu Zhi in!
Because Xia Qi wants Yu Zhi’s round sword!
This is a round sword beyond the quasi-emperor’s weapon. Its power is very poor. Many emperors don’t have such a powerful treasure. Xia Qi is willing to take risks when he gets the round sword!
Long Yin Zhen Tian Lei Long and Blood Dragon appeared in two dragons, and Pang Dalong’s body, which was extremely oppressive, swept left and right at the same time and caught Yu Zhi in the middle!
Feather wisdom has just been attacked by Xia Qi’s income body. Lei Long and the blood dragon are stunned, but it has arrived. Feather wisdom does not resist being severely swept by two dragons!
Feather wisdom body violent breath instantly dispersed!
He blew himself up and was interrupted directly.
"Shout …"
Two dragons have just interrupted the self-explosive fire pulse spirit of Feather Wisdom and the demon fire ghost tree in Yan Mo, and at the same time, they have attacked the flames with something eerie and haunting in them. Their totally different breath seems to blend together to cover Feather Wisdom!
"Ah …"
Bellow instantly sounded, feather wisdom force resisted the body being burned, and the flame was extinguished, which made him suffer more than half of his body was burned to fly ash in an instant.
Yu Zhi’s round sword fell from his hand and fell to the ground to sing softly.
Xia Qi’s eyes lit up and the dragon catcher directly cast it out and grabbed the round sword and brought it to his eyes. His eyes were hot and he looked at the round sword.
But when Xia Qi looked at the round sword, Yu Zhi had turned into fly ash and died completely!
But Xia Qiyan didn’t mind Guan Yuzhi’s death, and his mind was attracted by the round sword.
The round sword has no blade, but it exudes a sharp edge. Xia Qi holds it in his hand. The round sword is struggling violently, but the root method is out of Xia Qi’s control.
Xia Qi saw two small characters’ Feng’ on the hilt of the round sword! Obviously, this is the name of this round sword, and the name of the front sword is very appropriate
"Give it to me!"
Xia Qi grabbed Feng Jian, who was still struggling violently, and drank heavily to drop Feng Jian.
He wants to erase the breath of Feng Jian, the master of Feng Jian, and let Feng Jian become his magic weapon completely, and drink blood all day long!
His action made Feng Jian struggle harder to resist Xia Qi.
Xia Qi face a malicious gods directly invaded the front sword!
His divine knowledge appears in the sharp sword, which is the scene of the sword, and a small sword at the core is obviously the spirit of the sword.
But at the moment the front sword spirit was held by a figure!
This figure is extremely tough, tall and burly, just like a hill, giving people a great sense of oppression.
"Not Yu Zhi?"
Xia Qi was startled to see this figure
His sword is a treasure of feather wisdom, and it must be a treasure of feather wisdom, but he didn’t expect someone else to really control it!
"Get out of here! Let Yu Zhi come back or I’ll make you regret it for life! "
This burly figure turned to Xia Qi’s surprise. Although this burly figure face is also very fierce, it shows some similarities with Feather Wisdom, and this burly figure also directly drinks Xia Qi.
Xia qi show sneer at.
Obviously, this should be the real owner of Feng Jian, the elder of Feather Wisdom, and this person lent it to Feather Wisdom as an amulet.