In fact, the key to the matter lies in a special person-agent Herbrudoy.

Herb Ruday is a basketball agent. His most famous player now is Kukeki, the new core of Bulls. However, later generations of Herb Ruday’s international players, such as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Big Z (Ilgoskas), Manu Ginobili, Lagabel, Oberto, Barbosa and so on, Herb Luday is the most famous agent and scout in Europe.
The first person Sommer and his party met after they arrived in Italy was Herbruday.
Herb Ludwig also has a small office in Italy, which has become a minor celebrity. Herb Ludwig came to tidy his clothes at half an hour today. Herb Ludwig has been waiting for this moment for many years.
A few days ago, when I learned that Knicks general manager Miller would arrive in Italy to meet him, he knew that his opportunity had come. Others didn’t know Miller’s background, but he made a clear investigation.
Miller, who is reputed as the jewel king in Europe, doubled the scale of his company when he entered the jewelry industry at the age of 2 for five years. His sharp vision and extraordinary courage created this strange jewelry merchant. When Miller entered the Knicks last season, Herbrudoy hoped to join the Knicks and follow Miller, but he never had the opportunity. Now Miller has come to Herbrudoy, Italy, and he will never give up this opportunity to soar.
Herbrudoy knew exactly what Miller wanted. Manu Ginobili was a genius with outstanding potential, and more importantly, the San Antonio Spurs also longed for Ginobili. Herbrudoy worked for a while, but this time the Spurs’ request was rejected by him.
Friendship belongs to friendship, and business belongs to business. Herbrudoy is very white about this.
As soon as Miller and others got off the plane, Herbrudoy sent someone to the airport to meet him. Although he was anxious, Herbrudoy remained calm on the surface, sitting in his office, drinking coffee and reading newspapers as if he didn’t care about the guests.
"So this Herbrudoy is also a talent?" On his way to Herbruday’s office, Lu Miller first briefly introduced Herbruday to Kevin and Jesse. Listen, Miller was deeply interested in Herbruday’s evaluation of Kevin Lu.
Although they have memories of two generations, Kevin still knows little about these businessmen’s intrigue. Although he knows that Ginobili was selected by the Spurs in the final round, there must be something fishy about it, but he can’t know it from normal channels.
The car stopped in front of a beautiful small office building, and a middle-aged man of about 4 years old was welcoming Miller and others in front of the door. Kevin knew that this man was Herbrudoy after seeing the photos.
Herbrudoy was stunned when he saw Kevin, and the whole person couldn’t help laughing. It seems that Manu of the Knicks really attaches great importance to it, and this new NBA player Wang and the Knicks are definitely not as simple as hiring.
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Chapter IV Rise
Chapter IV Rise
Miller’s deal with Herbruday ended in one afternoon. Herbruday is a wise man and works with wise men. He will know what to say, what not to say, what not to do and what not to do. After this conversation, Herbruday also expressed his hope to enter the management of the Knicks. This is the second person Kevin has met who has made this request.
I didn’t expect this trip to Italy to be surprisingly simple, but Kevin had a feeling of crying and laughing. However, since it has been basically finalized, Miller and Kevin both hope to see the demon knife. After all, hearing is empty and seeing is real, and three fires have been burning in the small universe.
After a sumptuous Italian lunch, Herbrudoy took Kevin and Miller to the arena to find Ginobili Jesse, who felt that he had gone out shopping.
As soon as I walked into the goal hall, I heard the ball banging inside. When I turned around the corridor, I saw that the court was practicing shooting. Two caddies in Ginobili were feeding the ball to Ginobili. Ginobili was training for three points at five points outside the three-point line.
Swing, swish, swish, thump … Kevin silently counted the hit numbers next to him.
People defend five points, five balls hit 33 hits, the lowest hit rate, the highest three-point ability in two bottom corners, and there is something to be done. In the future, Ginobili’s three-point key is also a big kill, but now it seems that Ginobili’s three-point is still in a second-rate state
With a sigh of relief, Ginobili turned to look at the guests who came to the arena. Besides his agent, there were two people, a middle-aged man in his thirties who looked very imposing, and the other … Ginobili’s eyes lit up and he could hardly believe it.
Kevin totti
Flash Kevin totti
See Ginobili resting. Herbru Daoyima introduced Ginobili before he left.
"This is Mr. Miller, the current general manager of Knicks, and this one next to him …"
"I know Mr. Kevin Totti, right?" Herbrudoy had not finished yet, and Ginobili couldn’t wait to interrupt him to introduce his eyes and look at Kevin.
Kevin has seen too much of this kind of look. Since winning the MVP in the finals, his fan army has doubled. However, Kevin is still secretly proud that he can be worshipped by the later Argentine ball king.
"Hello Manu, I’m Kevin. Nice to meet you." Kevin has a good education. If he is not familiar with others, he will definitely be. He is a nobleman rather than an athlete.
"Manouma Nuginobili is honored to meet you." Ginobili also reached out and shook hands with Kevin. I have to say that Kevin made a good first impression.
This is Ginobili’s initial evaluation of Kevin.
"Are you interested in playing one?" After a brief self-introduction, Ginobili moved the ball that Kevin expected according to his unbearable experience.
"Yeah, I’ll get ready." Kevin has been waiting for Ginobili hook for a long time, and Kevin, one of the best breakthrough masters in this later league, has long been tickled.
Change your jersey and shoes in the locker room before Kevin warms up with Ginobili. Watching Kevin warm up carefully, Ginobili will know that the evaluation of Kevin is definitely not an exaggeration. An excellent athlete must first learn to take his opponent 100% seriously.
Two people set the ball by three points, and Herbrudoy was the referee.
Ginobili was lucky to hit the basket with a three-pointer
"You first" Kevin picked up the basketball and threw it to Ginobili, and he also got ready for Ginobili to break through.
Ginobili doesn’t have any scruples about taking basketball because of Kevin’s identity. In an instant, the melancholy and quiet young man turned into a poisonous snake with an eye on his prey.
Be careful with the ball. Ginobili is waiting for a breakthrough. Although Kevin’s defense is not strong, his foundation is solid and steady at the three-point line. Kevin has been staring at Ginobili’s shoulder.
Ginobili’s shoulder jerked to Kevin’s left, and Kevin quickly stepped back to block in front of Ginobili, but Ginobili didn’t give Kevin the chance. Once he entered the three-point line, Ginobili moved to the left again and slammed Kevin with both hands and threw the ball to the basket.
Ginobili beat Kevin to success.
It’s weird and quick to break through. There’s no extra movement. It’s simple and effective. It’s called Manu Ginobili.
Ginobili picked up the basketball and gave Kevin a rotation trial. No matter whether he was in the middle or not, he gave the ball to his opponent. Kevin didn’t worry too much about taking over the basketball. Ginobili stared at Kevin and didn’t dare to be careless.
The "demon knife" can’t help but suddenly reach out to the basketball. In Ginobili’s view, Kevin dribbled too many flaws and his hand was about to touch the basketball. Kevin and basketball suddenly disappeared from Ginobili’s eyes.
Kevin hits an easy basket behind Ginobili.
Sure enough, some short-tempered young people.
In fact, Kevin is two years younger than Ginobili.
1; one
Good fast
Ginobili was shocked, and Kevin passed him by without realizing it just now. This happened the first time he touched basketball.
In the eyes of outsiders, it was just that Kevin crossed over Ginobili, but Ginobili didn’t know what had just happened. In fact, there were too many losers in the league. Kevin’s first step in the league was not very fast, but it has become a consensus that nothing can stop Kevin from taking the first step except a foul.
The game ended with a big score gap. Kevin relaxed 1; 4 Kill the immature "demon knife" Looking at Ginobili, Kevin smiled and left with Miller.
"Want to be stronger? I’m waiting for you in new york. "Kevin sounds in the arena.
"I’m going to the Knicks." Ginobili looked at Kevin’s departure with firm eyes.
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