Li Lingyu couldn’t bear to see her like this.

She got up and went out of the door to see Li Dai just outside the door. Li Lingyu told her, "From now on, you should stay with your aunt. She was teased and frightened for the time being. I’m going to the palace now."
Li Dai chased and asked, "What about you? Are you really okay if you kill someone? "
Li Lingyu is "nothing"
But this time, even if you don’t die, you have to peel it off.
Li Dai said, "I won’t wander around this time. I will stay with her and I will be a good sister."
She was scared, too. Today, when she saw the blood, her family was scared.
Li Lingyu looked at the window and said, "You tell her that life is so long that if you don’t want a few little people, you can’t get along with yourself. If she doesn’t want to stay in the capital, then go out and see the beautiful scenery of Tianzhuang. I will take her to see the scenery in the south of the Yangtze River. It’s not a big deal to get revenge for teasing teenage children by a few scum. Don’t worry about it. If I am trapped in a small capital, I have taught you for so long. If this truth is not white, it will be a waste of my mind!"
Li Dai couldn’t restrain herself at the moment.
Don’t be a mere villain. You can’t get past yourself.
She has always been the pillar of this family.
Li Dai tube and she nodded heavily.
When Li Lingyu saw her like this, she didn’t blame her for being afraid of her remorse. She patted her on the shoulder and said, "sister’s spirit is soft, and her mother is always crying. I don’t care if you still need to sit in my mother’s house, but she has never left home after all."
The main reason is that Xiaoliu’s cowardice is not as fierce as you.
Li Dai wiped her tears and told her, "Don’t worry, I’m at home."
Before going out, Li Lingyu met Xiao Liushi, who had just come out of the big Liushi courtyard to see her go out and chase and shout "Youwen! You won’t be in trouble, will you? "
She smiled at Xiaoliushi from a distance and coaxed her into saying, "Niang, I’ll go out first and come back late."
As usual.
Xiaoliushi looked at her with a knife and strode out of the door with a thin body.
Li Lingyu asked Duan Gong outside the door, "Did you come to see my sage?"
Duan Gong "knew that Xiaocai’s adult was afraid of an accident and reported it to Governor Cai."
Li Lingyu thought that she had to go to Bei Gong to confess her sins before she could tell Xiao Yong.
Xiao Yong refused to see her when she arrived at Beigong.
She knelt for a moment outside the Xuanwu temple to write the story clearly and let Cai Quan hand it over to the saint.
Cai Quannai said, "Is this a must, my Lord?"
Li Lingyu Su answered with a straight face, "I don’t deal with Xie Jia, but I can’t help hurting my family. I can’t help it. If so many people can’t stop Xie Jia, someone will bully me."
Cai Quan was told by her that her heart was very sour and advised her that "the sage was very disappointed when he heard that you were so reckless."
Li Lingyu said, "I should repay the sage’s kindness because he was drawn from the imperial court, but my sister has a brother like me. If I can’t take care of them, it’s like there is no rubble on my head. I can’t do anything. I feel guilty for them."
Cai Quan admired her bloodiness and sighed at the same time. She led Bei Gong Shence Army out to kill Xie Jiaer indiscriminately.
It will be ugly if this goes wrong.
She turned the two palaces and the imperial court upside down by herself.
Li Lingyu kowtowed to Lang and said, "I’m going to see my sister first to get justice. Today, it’s not my Liu family’s desire to make friends with a family in Beijing through scientific research! Xie Jia’s younger brother went out to kill people and ignore the law! "
Xie Hong has to scold her if she hears it. The wicked complain first.
She’s stuck with seven inches and has to make a scene, even if she kills someone herself.
If PeiYu have them, she will also pull PeiYu water.
Nobody wants to feel better this time.
Her worst plan is a larger foe.
After she got up, she took a few steps and went back to kneel and wrote a letter to Chen Hou.
My sister is soft and carefree, and now I am a sinner, but my family style is pure and unfaithful. If Hou Fu has other plans, I hope to tell you as soon as possible that a marriage is good for both sexes. If it is not beautiful, it will not be a good thing.
She wrote the letter, and no one around her asked Cai Quan to say, "I can ask Governor Cai to help me forward this letter to Chen Hou."
Cai Quan sighed and felt that she was really not easy to be temperamental and was really reckless.
Li Lingyu said that before he got up, Bei Gong Shence Army returned Xiao Yong, and dying would not give her North Palace.
When Bei Gong came out, I didn’t expect Duan Gong to follow her. Li Lingyu laughed at herself. "You go back and call Sue’s adult. Just say that I didn’t listen to the advice and killed people. Now I have to deal with it. I’m sorry for getting into trouble with Sue’s adult."
Duan Gong said, "I know that my master is you."
Li Lingyu looked at him and said, "You are free, and I am not your master. Duan Gong, remember that there is affection in this world, but you are not born a slave."
Then he went to the palace gate to present the memorial.
What happened today was so sudden that everyone was caught off guard, and there was even more news in Beijing.
Li Lingyu went to Tongtuo Street and went straight to the office to scribble a very harsh letter.
Liu Ke, the first participant, and Xie Jia, the maternal uncle.
The party engages in malpractices for personal gain, regardless of human life, and teaches the party to lose its virtue after drinking …
It’s not a noble family’s virtue office to let a woman loose …
When she turned back to the outside of the gate to inquire for the position, the Kyoto yamen finally inspected the scene and finally opened the door of Liujia.
The people inside can finally come out. Pei Yu didn’t chase Li Lingyu, and when he went to Bei Gong, Li Lingyu had already arrived at the official department of does.
Peiyu just turned back to the government offices all the way, and he calmed himself down for a moment.
It was only after connecting today’s events in series that I calmed down.
Death is Xie Pengcheng, disability is Xie Pengcheng’s nephew and Xie Yuanjiao Li Lingyu cut her face. Pei Yu doesn’t know whether Li Lingyu meant it or not.
He was in a hurry until he calmed down. He was too eager to go.