In the eleventh special training, Lin Tong passed the martial arts novels, and something reached the dark king. He wanted to let the dark king know the information.

Lin Ziran won’t do the same thing again.
If you still make the same battle scene as the eleventh special training, it will be a miracle if the gods of the gods can’t see any clues
In the twelfth special training, Lin passed some other memories, which were displayed in the battle and reached the same message to the dark king.
In the thirteenth special training session, Lin changed a set of secret codes and handed over the same message.
Fortunately, Lin and the Dark King shared that part of the memory in the 21st century or in the era of information explosion, and the memory was huge enough for Lin to adapt the same message in thousands of different ways.
One special training after another until the tenth special training is coming.
"I hope everything goes well!"
Lin silently prayed and looked at the room. He had already made him fall asleep, lying in his bed and his two children.
It’s almost two years since they came to the mission.
Lin himself has gained a great wealth of knowledge in the God Corps, and his wife and children have also been taken care of by the God Corps and received extraordinary spiritual baptism … If Lin Ke is sure that the God Corps has no malice towards him, it’s really hard to say that Lin will choose to stay in the God Corps and become one of them.
It’s a pity … There seems to be no goodness in the godhead.
After confirming his own preparation, Lin lay in the special training game warehouse and waited for the tenth special training.
"I don’t know if the dark king got my whole set of signals. If not …"
"I hope so!"
"If I get it, he will definitely want to get the information I hide in the code and know my plan."
"Forget it. Whether I live or die depends on this time. If I can’t … I’ve lived enough. I’ve lived for more than 10 thousand years. Besides God, I’ve enjoyed this treatment."
At this time, the dark king is waiting for the tenth special training like Lin in Time.
Everything is normal, as if the dark Lord knew nothing about the forest plan, as if the game should continue or continue like this, as if the plot should develop without being out of God’s control.
It’s the dark king who knows what’s going on in his head.
"Confirmed the coordinates three times, it must be this … everything is going normally according to the plan!"
"But if the plan fails, I’m dead. I don’t even have a chance to have a grand life … to provoke the God Corps. I think it’s just revenge on Guanyin."
"Forget it. It’s enough to live as long as those gods!"
For the dark king, although he is very optimistic about Lin’s plan, he still doesn’t believe that Lin’s plan has much chance of success because he knows God’s ability too well.
Close your eyes!
The tenth special training
As in previous games, friendship shows are no longer important in the era of special training scenes.
Players enter special training to try their luck and see if they can get one of the three reward places for special training.
Open your eyes!
The tenth special training …
Lin frowned at the first time without looking at the surrounding environment. It seems that his headache is unbearable … Now there are too many things in his brain, and the infinite loop is running. His horrible brain power now makes his brain a little unbearable.
Unlike the previous special training bureau, Lin didn’t directly open the miniature wormhole to escape like the tenth and eleventh special trainings, nor did he make a limit theory shock to counter the shock of God’s limit theory like the twelfth to seventeenth special trainings.
Lin gawked, his brow wrinkled tighter and tighter, and his body floated up from his head, like a flower blooming, and the data burst from the beginning and wrapped his whole body!
Instantaneous data into matter!
A suit of armor, a suit of armor with weird patterns, a suit of armor made of unknown materials, a suit of armor with no energy system and no energy channel …
Such a suit of armor appeared in the forest!
This is the suit of armor that Lin discovered from np Hamburg God Laboratory in the ninth special training.