But Nai was killed fifty times by the little witch after the two sides met. After that, the blue sky looked at the little witch in fear and said, "Can you tell me how you killed so many people?"

The little witch blushed and said anxiously, "I don’t want them to volunteer either …"
The blue sky sighed and felt depressed and miserable fifty times. The blue sky remembered that it had been sitting there for six hours before it was killed fifty times by the little witch. However, the way the little witch killed the blue sky was extremely childish and horrible. The blue sky quickly dumped its head and thought that it would never be killed by the little witch again. Fortunately, the defense of the blue sky was extremely fragile, otherwise the blue sky died and I don’t know if it would last. However, although the life in the blue sky was so few, it was still tortured by the little witch for six hours.
Then, after a short rest, the two men went to the hall again, and then the blue sky exchanged fifty points. At the same time, the blue sky chose a monster fifteen times stronger than itself. In the blue sky, the stronger the monster level, the more powerful it can make itself.
Then the blue sky and the little witch were sent to the monster territory fifteen times stronger than themselves and fought with the monsters of level 150. At this time, the blue sky only found that its skills could be tied with the monsters fifteen times stronger than itself, and its speed, attack, defense and other attributes were flat. The blue sky was also tested and its strength was exactly like this.
But in this case, the blue sky is also a headache. Because the blue sky is too weak to be hit by monsters, the life value will be minimized, and sometimes it will almost die directly and be reborn. Fortunately, the little witch had a lot of money and nothing before she was caught in. The blue sky is still naked and fighting monsters. The little witch’s questions and doubts are naturally in the blue sky, and it is impossible to tell the little witch that she can wear a ten-level suit. Isn’t this the blue sky that won’t tear down her desk?
So I spent this hour taking medicine in the blue sky. Because the level of the little witch is higher than the level of the monster, many little witches kill monsters ten or twenty times that of the blue sky, and the little witch always thinks that the blue sky has always been in that mysterious prop that controls her level and strength. The little witch also worships the blue sky in her heart, and the blue sky naturally feels the strange smell of being different from other women since she was a little witch.
This kind of breath makes the blue sky feel strange. Since the little witch was born, the blue sky felt the outrageous breath of the big lady and the need for people to protect and rely on the strong and weak breath. It also felt the bloody breath of killing people. The blue sky can’t believe that such a lot of breath can be completely integrated into the little witch. This is a great discovery for the blue sky, and the blue sky naturally won’t be stupid to ask the little witch what happened. It is also like forming two people to encourage and support each other in such a strange atmosphere, and gradually formed a tacit understanding.
After exchanging the monster killing points, the two men actually got more than 5,000 monster killing points, which shows how many monsters they killed in one hour. All this naturally depends on the hidden low level of the blue sky and the unified person to take a person in the prescribed place. Both the blue sky and the little witch were lucky enough to kill the monster fifteen times stronger than the blue sky but fifteen times weaker than the little witch in one hour, and the little witch was lucky enough to get fifteen times the monster killing points. Finally, the two men divided it equally and one person got 2,500 monster killing points, and then they considered going out and exchanging it with the players for killing.
Later, the little witch took the blue sky to the place where the players gathered the most, and then the little witch shouted, "The killing points have been exchanged for killing points, and interested friends have come here to exchange them."
As soon as the little witch’s words fell, hundreds of people looked at the two of them. After a silence, someone shouted, "I said, little witch, don’t find us all busy, okay? It’s already very difficult for all of us, and you have to play with us like this."
The little witch snorted, but ignored the speaker and continued, "Five thousand monster points can be exchanged for five thousand killing points. Interested friends can go to the lobby with us to exchange them."
In an instant, these people went crazy after another silence. Everyone knows that the total accumulated monster points in the monster territory can be exchanged for corresponding monster points. After the exchange, a monster point can eliminate a killing point. Everyone knows this, but no one can think that someone actually wants monster points to exchange for killing points. If this person is not mentally ill, then there is a conspiracy.
Then a large group of people followed the blue sky to the hall, then exchanged points at NPC notary, and then the two men eliminated their own killing points with monster points. Then the two men shouted and cried excitedly, thanking the blue sky and the little witch to death
And the blue sky and the little witch also saw that their killing points increased by 2,500 points respectively. It is very fast to increase the killing points by 2,000 points in one hour, but those people really don’t understand why they are stupid enough to ask these people for killing points.
You know, it’s impossible to get in and out of vice city if you have killing points, and it’s even impossible to go back to the original city. It’s dark here, and even ghosts don’t want to stay. What’s worse, most killing players have decided to get rid of the points quickly after staying here for a while, and then they will never kill again when they get back. After all, not everyone can bear the pain, but only those who have the pleasure of killing will be abnormal and like to stay here. Most people are still in a hurry to leave here, but at the moment, although the blue sky and the little witch move. However, it has also attracted people’s attention, but the good thing about redeeming points is that no one will refuse. At this moment, those who have not redeemed points have long been depressed and painfully calling themselves stupid pigs.
Chapter VII The Source of Evil
Blue Sky succeeded on the third day, and the evil levels of Blue Sky and Little Witch reached level one after another. At this moment, they were greatly relieved to eat and drink in the evil restaurant in vice city. Because they constantly earned excess monster points in these three days, many players were reduced after the redemption. Although a few people didn’t know what they were going to do, most people also guessed that they were going to challenge the criminals at that level.
"Boss, are we going to the source of evil immediately?" The little witch said excitedly.
Blue sky is also full of spirit, saying, "Yes, we will go there later to see what special treatment the criminals at the bottom have."
Soon after, the two men went to the crime garden in the crime city. The so-called crime garden is that vice city specialized players locked up the killing points, and the players can’t get rid of that fear from now on. Players also have a way to increase the killing points continuously. Until now, because there is no clear introduction to the source of evil, almost no one has come here to lock up their killing points, but it is different for Blue Sky and Little Witch. When they have been upgraded to class criminals, vice city’s secret announcement system has notified them that they can be sent to a mysterious place through the source of evil, which has attracted them to be more mysterious.
Soon after, they came out of the evil restaurant and walked like vice city to the source of evil in the dark. The source of evil was carved in a huge black sculpture with a forehead with the sun and the moon. The male sun was in the middle of the forehead, and the moon was in the sun’s side, covering half of the whole sun. The golden sun and the blue half-moon moon were the only two colors in the evil city.
When the two men pushed the dark and heavy door into the source of evil, the whole vice city changed dramatically, which made all players stunned.
Vice city had a little bit of color in the blink of an eye, and then this little bit of color permeated every corner of vice city. Then vice city’s houses, streets and buildings were covered with a beautiful color, and the male statue with a huge source of evil instantly added eyes. Then everyone saw the huge statue with two huge eyes, one was golden yellow and the other was dark blue.
It is a great pity that all the players in vice city were blue sky and little witch, but they didn’t see anything because they entered the source of evil. However, shortly after the blue sky and little witch entered the source of evil, the dark source of evil also had golden and blue rays, which were constantly intertwined. In the instant confusion and exclamation of the two people, a huge golden and blue phase appeared in front of them, and at the same time, they also saw a person suddenly appearing next to the array.
This is a person who is covered in a huge black cloak. Both of them can’t see clearly and don’t know whether this person is male or female, old or young, but they feel strong and strange pressure from this person.
"Dear friends, you have a strong belief. Would you like to follow me to another strange world that belongs to you and suits you?"
A deep voice came out of the strange population in front of them, but they didn’t feel anything strange after a pause. This sudden appearance of scenes and characters must have been set and arranged by the stars long ago, but the other world mentioned by this population is really attractive to them. Then they chose to promise respectively, then the two sides reached the simplest delivery agreement, and then they were sent away from the source of evil in the golden and blue light.
When they opened their eyes, they went to a strange and strange place. After a silence, they shouted excitedly. No one here seemed very light, but what excited them was that the moon was so round, so big and so blue, and the buildings around them were gold and blue. They saw the huge and magnificent buildings from here and felt the beauty of the ancient buildings. When they climbed to the top of the city excitedly, they shouted excitedly. Far in front of them, a huge blue moon was towering over the sky. They imagined colorful buildings.
Perhaps it is more appropriate to say colorful lights. At the bottom of the moon, the huge city is emitting unique and attractive mental charm. The blue sky never felt that anything could attract it, but after seeing the huge colorful super building, the blue sky felt attracted, as if its heart told itself that it should be its home, which is the most beautiful place in the world. In general, the blue sky felt intoxicated and deeply intoxicated in such a huge city that belongs to the night.
When they struggled to recover their minds and then came from a height, they quickly turned around the town and learned a lot about it.
"White Night City, a small town located on the evil star, is far away from the white night city, as if it stands on the moon city. White night is the evil star, and the main city is also the largest city. There are the same other big planets, but the sun and the moon are also different places. The sun here is a golden sun that can be seen directly. The moon here is a simple and deep dark blue, which is a pity for two people because it is forbidden for both of them to go to the white night.
At this moment, the announcement is ringing in the whole evil star, "The road to white night is sent to the array, where there will be another world waiting for everyone …"
At the end of the announcement, the players in vice city or outside the city went crazy. The announcement had previously told everyone that criminals with evil levels had accumulated to the level of criminals before they could be sent to the White Night City through the source of evil, which was equivalent to telling everyone that they had to earn enough killing points if they wanted to reach the unknown White Night City. At that time, everyone was excited and worried.
But then, several colorful lights came out from the evil city that has been transformed into seven colors. After a burst of bright lights, all kinds of colors appeared in front of people in all parts of vice city when everyone opened their eyes, but before the players came to their senses, mountains, monsters, lakes, forests and other crazy scenes appeared in many places outside the evil city, which made players open their eyes and open their mouths.