At this time, the duke, let go of his posture and stand simply, naturally forming the trend of holding the moon with all the stars. The kind of power that is naturally revealed without deliberately dressing up is not comparable to that of Qin Tai and others.

Of course, the most important thing is tough!
The five poisons and the spiritual deficiency live on both sides behind them, and dozens of big men are faintly arched, and there are two big and one small beautiful women who contrast each other, plus the sharp eyes that Tang Qing can’t hide and don’t hide at all. This small group of people actually condensed the ShaQi possessed by thousands of troops, just like an army, and the pressure hit the door.
Not only the old man, but everyone around him is one leng. Qin Tai and the old man with ghosts and spirits fiercely smoked in their hearts, all knowing that they had overlooked their eyes. These guys were by no means what they had previously judged, but a small faction in they nest. See Shuang’er surrounded by people, Qin Tai has to mei niang hate to the extreme.
Looking up, Mei Niang’s eyes were a little flustered and her face was even paler. Qin Tai increasingly affirmed his own judgment. This woman must have known all the ins and outs of these guys for a long time, and deliberately took the opportunity to provoke a dispute between the ghosts and their spirits. I just don’t know if the three changes are also in collusion with her.
It’s also interesting to say. Qin Tai originally made it up, purely to get rid of the relationship. Now it seems that it is getting closer and closer to the truth. The only difference is that Mei Niang is not in collusion with Shuang’er’s gang, but has been enemies!
Qin Tai was busy thinking about the concentrated joints and countermeasures. The old man had already spoken and asked Tang Qing faintly, "Who are you?"
In the northwest, especially around Yanlong, everyone knows Tang Qing’s name. Anyone who has a little influence, even if he has never seen Yan Longhou himself, must have seen his video materials in various ways. However, within the empire, few people really knew Tang Qing’s face.
The empire will never preach everywhere that we have a returning national hero and bring back the plan of the alliance between the two countries. Everyone should know each other and so on. Except for those high-end people who are really at the top, most of them only know the name of Tang Qing, and they still stay on paper. It is normal that the old man doesn’t know Tang Qing.
"I am Tang Qing." Adult Tang is very dutiful, honestly reporting his real name, without even bringing his title.
Another burst of collective exclamation.
"Yan Long Hou Tang Qing?" The old man stared blankly for a moment, and even asked 1.
"It is the next step to pollute the predecessors’ audio-visual." Tang Qing is still very polite, still responding as a monk, appearing polite and behaving appropriately.
After asking and answering, the crowd cried and fried the pot, and there was a lot of discussion.
"He is Tang Qing? The newly sealed dragon waiting? "
"Yes! Looks … not looks, but really so young! "
"In their early twenties … Dan in the middle! Is this possible? "
"What’s impossible, the year before the orc war, then …"
The voice gradually went down. Obviously, the biggest connection with Tang Qing is the magic blade. As for the title of Marquis on earth, it is not in the eyes of these monks. However, the empire has declared that Tang Qing has nothing to do with the magic blade. On this occasion, people can only talk around at most, and dare not openly criticize.
At this point, the old man has repeatedly shook his head in his mind and knew that he was in trouble. However, in the eyes of the public, we can’t just leave them alone.
In desperation, the old man winked at the middle-aged people around him, and the middle-aged patrol made him understand. He quietly turned to light and left, apparently to report the matter.
The old man slowed down his face and said, "So it’s the Duke. I dare ask this little girl …"
"It’s my little sister."
At this time, Tang Qing bowed to the old man and said seriously, "I was waiting here to rent a place to do some business. My little sister was just a ten-year-old girl, but she was injured by a wild dog. Please ask my predecessors to be fair."
"Wild dogs …"
The old man said that you might as well be a mad dog. Ghost spirits are not wild dogs, but one of the six schools! Although I frighten Qin Tai, I really want to deal with it. That’s a big trouble.
Hearing this, the people around us burst into laughter and made a lot of noise. Anyway, just look at that lovely little girl and look at Qin Tai, who is full of oil paints. Everyone knows how to orient himself. As for Qin Taihe and the ghosts, they were so angry that they were livid but did not dare to attack. They could only look at Tang Qing with bitter eyes, and where could they make him move his eyebrows?
The old man gently coughed twice, raised his hand to signal that the surroundings were quiet, and frowned at Tang Qing. "Don’t be impatient, Duke, this matter has not been ascertained, and the rights and wrongs will not be discussed until the old lady knows the truth …"
"The predecessors are poor!"
Tang Qing’s gesture is still polite, but he rudely interrupted: "This matter has been witnessed by hundreds of Taoist friends. How can it be unclear?"
Turning around and calling Ou Yezi, Tang Qing pointed to Mei Niang and said, "Old Ou, tell me how that bitch brought a wild dog here and colluded with Sanzang to humiliate my little sister?"
They cried the outcry, heart said you also too wide of the mark! Can we get together? Qin Tai colluded with Sanbian to hit himself in the mouth? Bullshit? no
Before the patrol could speak, Ou Yezi suddenly let go of the practice, and a mountain of coercion came crashing up, blocking all the words that everyone wanted to export back.
"The mid-term peak! God! "
"I have always regarded him as a monk Tsukiji … such a master, and he is by my side … Oh, my God!"
"This … mid-peak friar gives a trust to a ten-year-old girl … isn’t this bullying!"
"Ah, there was a great opportunity in front of me, but I didn’t cherish it …" …
The patrolman’s heart was equally shocked, but he didn’t flinch because of Ou Yezi’s cultivation. He said sarcastically in a cold voice, "Duke, are you demonstrating to the old lady?"
"The younger generation dare not."
Tang Qing smiled, looked supercilious and said seriously, "Didn’t the elder want to find out the truth? Ou Lao has always been with his little sister, and as a master refiner, he is always more reliable than a few wild dogs. "
The more the patrol listened to him, the tighter his brow became. This cargo speaks politely and poses quite positively, but open your mouth and shut up, bitch. It smells like fun to listen to it. Coupled with the expression of "I am giving you face", the atmosphere in the field is becoming more and more embarrassing.
People around you have realized this, and their eyes are becoming more and more presumptuous. If this continues, what is the majesty of the Dragon Family?
But what they say is really reasonable. You can’t force a little girl to testify in this scene, can you? He is a child, so he will be nervous and afraid!
In desperation, the patrol can only look forward to coming early and quickly pick up this crop. As for himself, let him put it off as long as he can! Except that bitch mei Niang is a little younger, neither of them can decide how to deal with it. What a headache!
Thinking of this, the patrol simply pretended not to understand and could not see Tang Qing’s ridicule. He handed over to Ou Yezi and said, "In that case, please tell the Taoist friends what happened, so as to have a witness."
Ou Yezi held his head high, but with his body, he couldn’t stand up to four feet, and it looked a little funny. However, the old man’s cultivation was really there, and everyone was afraid to make any noise.
"Duke, you are mistaken. In my opinion, this matter should have little to do with Master Qin."
Ou Yezi opened his mouth, and everyone around him froze. Qin Tai was even more ecstatic, and his eyes looked forward to it, hoping that he would speak quickly.
"Imagine that Qin Tai and I are strangers and have no grievances. How can we fight for a monster beast?"
Qin Tai nodding, heart said, after all, the somebody else is a senior master, talk is true. With excitement and excitement, Qin Tai felt the hope of saving the situation and getting rid of the crisis for the first time, and couldn’t help but echo: "Yes, how come?"
Then, however, Ou Yezi’s words, like a heavy hammer, smashed his hanging heart directly into the cecum.
"Even if Qin Shaozhu wants to play down the door to please people, he must set an example as a gentleman. Even if it’s pretending, you have to pretend. I’m afraid I won’t like it if things like bullying a little girl with a gun get out, given the prestige of the official family! "
"my god!"
The people around you collectively cursed and said that the old goods were too bad. No matter how it ends today, Qin Tai is afraid to avoid the butler and never look up again.
"That’s not necessarily true. Maybe people have long known that Miss Shangguan likes this."
Ink green suddenly answered, and then sunspots found that thousands of sword-like eyes around him. Rao was brave enough to shrink his neck and never say a word again.
After a dead silence, all around burst into laughter. Laughter is vulgar, licentious, lewd and sinister, which sounds like a bolt from the blue to Qin Tai and others.
Who hasn’t had a dark mind, who hasn’t had a hatred of the rich, and how many people can really be open-minded. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for these people to have this opportunity to laugh at and tease aristocratic families, even the four families who are high in the clouds.
Thousands of people’s emotions have been mobilized, and the voices of whispering are endless. Under the imagination, the picture has become extremely wonderful. Candle whip? That’s a mortal’s way, friar. Always look like a friar.