"What person … ah!"

"Shadow slave!"
Shortly after the wizard walked out of the alley, he met a group of 21 girls who had just come back from the resurrection point and were going to run to the wall to continue fighting!
As a result, I didn’t expect to run out of the resurrection point not far before I met the wizard god, a suspicious guy who was hidden at the bottom of the cloak. Twenty-one people were instantly robbed of their body control and became "shadow slaves" of the wizard god. Although they had everything to do with their body senses, their bodies were out of control and they couldn’t even speak.
Suddenly, fear and panic filled the hearts of these 21 girls, and all this feeling was still there, but it happened that they lost control of their bodies. It was like hitting a ghost, which made people afraid and timid, and even peed their pants!
However, these are not considered by the wizard god. What’s worse, he wants the enemy to be afraid of panic. This effect is that after successfully making 21 shadow slaves, the wizard god gave them three gain-type skills, which instantly doubled their original ability. These 21 shadow slaves have completely become the ace troops of the wizard god.
This shadow slave takes control of a person’s body for an hour. After an hour, the shadow slave skill will be completely automatically released. Unless the player is enslaved again voluntarily, once he has been enslaved by the shadow slave, he will be infected with this skill for life. It is also a restriction on the abnormal skill of being forcibly deprived of body control.
Moreover, although this shadow slave can enslave the player, once the enslaved player is treated indecently or inhumanely, this skill player will die by itself, and he can’t make this skill again for a year. Even if he wants to make the enslaved female player strip, it will also be rewarded by itself. Although there are shadow slaves who are forced to deprive the human body control skills, they still pay great attention to the protection of the deprived players’ interests. This skill is also to restore some special occupations and make Yaoshi more colorful!
These 21 strengthened shadow slaves were directly ordered by the wizard to go straight to the wall of the city of Huangyi, which made heavy crossbows and military artillery players attack wildly, causing the wall of Huangyi to suddenly become a mess of girls. I didn’t expect that after strict screening, members would appear traitors or undercover at this critical juncture!
That big demon has just been lured away by Vice President Kerr who risked his life to concentrate on dealing with foreign enemies. I didn’t expect rape to appear again. Waves of worries and foreign troubles are constantly challenging the girls’ fragile nerves. Many people are already on the verge of collapse!
Zhong Jun, on the other side, is also looking for prey. Because he was far away from summoning God just now, he was lucky to live from the huge trident in Samar and became one of the five lucky people!
He still likes the feeling that he goes deep into the enemy camp to harvest his life and soul! Especially when I looked at those dozens of beautiful girls with a full face of horror just now, it was still very cool! After all, I am a headhunter in this profession, and some skills and special effects are scary, or even worse, it is fun for timid girls to scare them to death!
Zhong Jun is enjoying this feeling of cat playing with prey while wandering in the city of Huangyi. He is not aware of everything when he is in the enemy camp!
On the other hand, the lecherous god (color hand) also laughed impudently in the screams of a group of girls. He was wandering among the hundreds of girls and enjoying the scenery under their skirts, which caused the girls to cover their skirts and scream.
This color hand was also instantly extinguished in front of Kerr before Sameer’s Trident Lucky Man. More than 200 people were still carrying the sticker on Kerr’s back. Because he did it alone, he didn’t need others to do it. Because he is a hidden profession, shadow players can freely manipulate others’ shadow battles and suddenly attack others. It is abrupt and difficult to prevent. It is a very difficult hidden profession to deal with!
However, when the boss was present, he didn’t dare to be presumptuous. Now that the boss is not here, he can move freely and enter such a city built by pure female players, which is simply the paradise of his lecherous god’s dream. Suddenly, he will be sexually exposed and wander around the girls’ shadows and peek at the scenery under his skirt.
On the other hand, the dance god (beautiful hand), the head of the four regiments of the elite in the field of gods, is also killing. She is also the only woman among the eleven people who broke into the city of Phoenix this time, and she is also in the top ten in the beauty list. The super beauty is equally dazzling in beauty and she has the strength to hide her career-the phantom messenger. She has been practicing the killing dance since she was three years old, but it is very dangerous to kill step by step!
Fortunately, the last of the five people is different from the other four. At this time, he is hiding in a private bed in Huangyi City, sleeping soundly! This product is the head of the elite group in the realm of God-Lazy God (Lazy Hand). Today’s battle has sacrificed him for several hours of sleep. How can he be worthy of himself if he is not good at sneaking around when the boss is not acting alone? The highest state of life is-stealing a half-day leisure! Isn’t it?
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When five people were left in the realm of God to create chaos and killing separately, the wall tea dance also received reports from all sides, and she got a general understanding of the enemy’s position and ability. She looked at the snow apes, monsters and other guild elites in the distance, and her eyes were deep and she fell into a short silence.
After a short silence, Yingwu’s deep eyes added a refusal. She called a private chat channel and spoke!
"Special task force attack! Xiao Yu Xiao Shi went to the west gate to deal with a guy with a sickle. Xiaomei Xiaoyu went to the north gate to deal with a wretched guy who wandered in the shadows and peeked at the scenery under his skirt. The south gate seems to be a dance god and a female Koharu. You are better to deal with yourself! The most difficult thing is that Dongmen, who should have the ability to turn others into puppets, is left with the sisters of the special task force to deal with him together! Do you understand? "
"I understand!"
"Listen to understand that out! Set out! "
With the command of Tea Clever Dance, ten teams immediately walked out of the ten houses in Huangyi City, all of which were in pairs, and the remaining two were single. They were driven in different directions because they accepted different places. These ten people were all hidden professionals in the Tea Fragrant Guild except Kerr, and Clever Dance combined them to form a special task force. Now Huangyi City is facing the dilemma of external attack. If we don’t move this last card, we may not have a chance to move again!
Responsible for dealing with the clock are a very neutral-looking, handsome, exquisite and beautiful woman with a super-class figure and a petite, soft, weak and weak beauty. The game name of this petite little beauty is tea and rain, and she has changed her job to hide her career-Yang acupuncturist has been included in the special action team!
And that super-class female Han with a very neutral figure is called fake Bo Shi. She is not an old member of the Tea Fragrance Association. She is only 19 years old this year. "Yao Shi" is the first game she played, and she changed her job by mistake. When the moon assassin was dug up by the Tea Fragrance, she heard that it was a guild composed of pure female players. The saliva was almost on her toes, so she agreed to join the special task force that was included without any conditions!
Two quiet girls are quietly walking towards the north gate because they have to deal with a wretched guy. Both girls have changed their equipment from skirts to trousers.
Brother Chun in Tea hides his career-a singer of soul war. This is a domineering woman. It was said that Brother Chun in CITIC was always domineering. She was able to join the special task force by herself because of her strong strength. At present, the success rate has remained at a 100% abnormal height, and the other single-person group, Brother Zeng in Tea, are the only two groups that have maintained a 100% completion rate.
Brother Chun, who is domineering, went straight to the south gate when she went out. Since the other party is a woman, she must not lose. She must prove that she is a pure man. No matter how beautiful her strength is, she must be domineering. Brother Chun walked firmly towards the south gate with a huge tomahawk and determination to win.
The remaining 13 girls are rapidly moving in the direction of the wizard god. The enemy here is the most difficult to deal with. When you get close to him, you are not sure whether your teammates are teammates or not. What’s more, so far, no one has found his trace. According to the information about the resurrection of the members of the controlled guild, we know that there is such a danger and terror.
But where is the wizard god? No one has found or found his trail, and everyone has been turned into a puppet by him. But now that you have information, you can know that the puppet player will die, and the puppet art will be automatically lifted!
When the tea special action team horse was about to confront the people in the realm of God, Yu Fan and his three goods finally rode Ximen Qing to the periphery of the city of Phoenix Instrument, watching millions of spectators watching here, and Yu Fan suddenly had a solution to the dilemma of the city of Phoenix Instrument!
If Yu Fan remembers correctly, most of the people who come here to watch the excitement are holding the idea of helping. Many of them are fans or pursuers of well-known beautiful women such as Chloe or Yingwu, and they just want to get a girlfriend and hope to get rid of them. These people are all fighting capacity!
They didn’t start work to help because no one organized them to act together, and then they were frightened by the momentum of those elite guilds, and they suddenly lost their courage and had a tacit understanding. They all chose to wait and see, and no one rushed to die. What Yu Fan has to do now is to be the leader and act as the organizer!
I told Big Black two dog what I thought, and they got two goods, which strongly supported me to learn life skills. Blacksmith Big Black also took out a piece of tin in my bag and helped Yu Fan to make a simple rough loudspeaker with his bare hands. Yu Fan shouted with a big black trumpet-shaped tin!
"hey! Can you hear me? "
"Lie trough! Brother Yu, is this MD calling? What kind of trouble are you making? "
"Is that I always feel that the elder brother of the feather IQ plummeted recently? Was his head kicked by a donkey? Or is it that the toxicity of Seven Insects and Seven Flowers Pills is made? "
"I’ll go! Look, that’s not the one that’s been particularly popular recently. I’m a handsome guy. Do I owe a cigarette? Flying in the sky! "
"ah! Really! I know that pet is a fairy beast that swallows the sky, but it was given a Ximen Qing name by this goods! "
"wow! It’s really my male god! What is he doing here? Is it to save Chloe! Hey! The man’s heart belongs to me. My heart hurts and hurts! Who can comfort me? !”
Just as Yufan made another mistake and was scolded by Dahei and two dog, the players at the end of the game also noticed that Yufan was flying in the sky. At the same time, Ximen Qing also cooperated to lower the height so that people could see it better.
A "beautiful girl" weighing more than 200 Jin guessed Yu Fan’s purpose and felt heartbroken for comfort. As a result, when her words of comfort came out, the players around her suddenly became restless and instantly formed a Fiona Fang 20-meter zone around her for fear of being pulled by her for comfort …
"Ahem! It feels good to be watched by so many people at the same time! "
"Hurry up and get down to business with the old man!"