Naturally, there is no reason why the business is unreasonable, and the business of the escort agency is not very prosperous recently. This kind of risk is small, but there are many businesses that no matter which escort agency is willing to take. However, after listening to Zhao Erhu’s request for help, Feng Sanye has other thoughts and hesitated to ask Zhao Erhu about it. After all, not everyone is willing to stand such a thing.

Feng Sanye thought about it and decided whether Zhao Erhu would agree or not. It’s not that he can barely get along with him in the south these days. He is very attached to Zhao Erhu’s human nature. He thinks that if this can happen, Zhao Erhu will get a good family and his friends will not fall into the hands of that little man. He believes that Zhao Erhu will not treat his friends badly when he goes to the south. He looks at Zhao Erhu and is very generous to his family.
"The two tigers brothers are supposed to have no risk in this business and don’t leave their hometown. I am naturally willing to take it, but to say a word in heart, your family does this business, whether it’s guarding the family’s safety or going out. If there is a martial artist’s safety problem, I don’t have to worry about it. I have a candidate here who wants to recommend it to the two tigers brothers."
"Oh, who is it?" Zhao Erhu listened to Feng Sanye’s words but didn’t immediately promise to pick his eyebrows and asked, although he thought Feng Sanye was a nice person and a loyal and trustworthy man, it was unreasonable to rashly recommend such a person to him, not to mention the human nature, such as this business.
Feng Sanye saw Zhao Erhu and knew Zhao Erhu’s doubts. Since he wanted help from others, it was natural to be honest, so he told the story in detail. It turned out that his good friend was working as a nursing home in a large family, and that family was implicated by the victim’s family in the capital. All the people, men, women and children, including people, were related to the main family by the government and were beheaded, while the handmaiden in the family was exiled, sold and sold. His friend was born in that family, but it was impossible to be drawn into a nursing home after learning martial arts. Chapter 483.
"Two Tiger Brothers is not that I said that my friend is a practitioner, but because of his martial arts talent, he will be appreciated by his master to practice a good kung fu, which is much stronger than me. Later, he became the leader of the nursing home, which means that he knows that his life is going well and this incident has come to his master’s house, which is a branch and is not intimate with his master’s house in Beijing. However, it has been implicated end to end, saying that it is unpredictable to go to the people’s fortune." Feng Sanye sighed outside the words.
Zhao Erhu listened. Although some of Mr. Feng’s friends suffered from sighs, they were not fooled by Mr. Feng. It was clear in his mind that "in this case, I think Mr. Feng is also a kind person and it is not difficult not to redeem your friends. Instead, it seems unreasonable for me to go. Is there any reason?"
"The two tiger brothers are cautious. No wonder the business is getting bigger and bigger. There are indeed some reasons why I can’t make moves. First, I offended Master Wei when I was in the prime of my life. The profiteer is now a magistrate. Seeing that my friend is in trouble, I want revenge. And that’s why my friend’s family was convicted."
Zhao Erhu heard that there was something wrong with Master Wei. Now Master Wei can’t be a threat to him. It is estimated that Master Wei also knows this and dare not play their idea again. But Feng Sanye said that another reason made Zhao Erhu frown.
"Three yes might as well say that your friend’s family was convicted for what reason? It makes people so taboo. "
"alas! If the other charges don’t matter, the crime at the other end of the family’s main house is treason. If it weren’t for this charge, he wouldn’t have been implicated in that family so far away, but if he was contaminated with this charge, most people would not be willing to be contaminated even if he bought a sinful slave. Wouldn’t it be too wrong to be accused of rebellion against the party? Now this man is still in Xin ‘an city, and now he is a magistrate, Cheng Lu. Who doesn’t know what kind of name it is to add a master Wei? I really have the heart. "
Feng San-ye sighed again. He wanted to redeem the people for once regardless of loyalty, but he was worth the whole escort agency and his wife and children, so he could not take such risks.
"In that case, why did Third Master tell me that everyone didn’t want to get involved? I’m not afraid of being implicated. Third Master won’t. I’m just an idiot. How to say that we came back from the south together, so we only came to the door today. It seems that Third Master doesn’t think so. This really makes me a little chilling!" Zhao Erhu said that his face was a little ugly, and he meant to leave.
Feng Sanye seems to have misunderstood Zhao Erhu, and hurriedly explained, "Don’t misunderstand me, Tiger Brothers. Is Feng San such a person? What I said to Tiger Brothers today is that they have a deep background and may not be afraid of these reasons. If so, it’s really a blessing for Tiger Brothers and my friends. Of course, if Tiger Brothers still has scruples, just pretend that I didn’t say that I never meant to harm Tiger Brothers."
Zhao Erhu heard some more thoughts. Although he hired Feng Sanye’s escort team to escort goods from the south, he never revealed himself and some people in Beijing. How did Feng Sanye know where he got the news from his "deep background"?
"oh? It turns out that the third master thinks so. If so, the third master will be disappointed. I am just an ordinary Zhuang family who has made a fortune in a small business. There is no deep background to disappoint the third master. "
Zhao Erhu naturally won’t just admit that he took a casual sip of tea before he spoke slowly. There are so many inscrutable feelings. If Lin Yue were here, she would certainly admire the fact that she always felt that simple and honest old men also had dark and cunning times.
Feng Sanye didn’t feel disappointed when he heard Zhao Erhu say this. It seems that he was certain that "the two tiger brothers will be so modest. Although Feng San has nothing to do, he has practiced his eyesight for so many years. There are still some two tiger brothers who are not ordinary people."
"This is from talking about where the third master came from?"
"Ha ha, people don’t talk dark, don’t talk about the two tiger brothers’ good deeds, just say that the two tiger brothers want to go to sea. That’s not something that ordinary people can do. It’s not just a matter of courage to go to sea, let alone the government’s procedure. It’s also that some forces in the sea have to get through the doorway. There is no’ noble’ help in Beijing, even if no one dares to do this business. People generally care about not being contaminated with things. In the eyes of the two tiger brothers, it’s worthless, right or wrong? !”
Zhao Erhu came to think about where he didn’t do a good job, or that Feng Sanye was so well-informed that he even found out in Beijing. It turned out that it was from this end that he suddenly realized that he was also in a puzzle. This way, things need to be a little better, and some experience and knowledge will soon be able to see the doorway from the inside, which naturally associates him with’ having’ in Beijing.
"It turns out that the third master saw it from this. Hehe, it’s not a secret thing, so there’s no need to hide it from the third master. I really went to sea with the nobles in Beijing this time."
"In that case, is my friend Brother Erhu willing to let him follow you?"
"Three yes frank I also don’t have anything to hide. To say this, Master Wei, I need to pay attention to the fact that he is your friend’s master who committed that crime. I still have some scruples. After all, I also have a large family behind me. Some things have to be carefully considered. I have a friend who knows things better in Beijing. I asked him first if this side has hindered me. If it hinders me, I will naturally be happy to have many good helpers."
In this way, Zhao Erhu came out from Feng Sanye and went to Jimintang to inquire about the shopkeeper Liu. The shopkeeper Liu knew about this conspiracy case, and Feng Sanye’s friend was only doing something very small, so it was not natural to be involved. Zhao Erhu bought people and was sold with Feng Sanye’s friend. The three nursing homes added up to four people. Chapter 484.
Lin Yue heard Zhao Erhu make things clear. "It turns out that it’s such a coincidence that we have a few more good people in our family, so it’s hard to find a good family. Generally, a big family has been trained since childhood or Jianghu people let us pick up a bargain."
"Yes, I’m relieved to have these people at home to protect you this time. In fact, there are more than these four people. There are two others. I don’t think those two people look very upright, so people have martial arts and behave in a disorderly way, which is even worse than the average person. Even if they sign a death contract, they can’t rest assured."
"Is it right for you to do this? There is a saying that there are many four people, so let’s buy some more people to come in and slowly teach the family to save up bit by bit. By the way, I think they are not young and should all have married. So are their families sold with them or not?" Lin Yue has some experience now, knowing that such talents can hold their lives in their hands, but if they want to be loyal, they still have to hold their hearts and let them have a sense of belonging to this family.
Zhao Erhu is not surprised to hear Lin Yue ask this question. Obviously, he has also considered this question. "Except Zhang Kui, the other three people have become married, but their families have also been arrested and sold by the government. Because they are sold in different wholesale outlets, they are not together and sold to different places. I will bring them back to their families first. I dragged them to the Hongwei Escort Agency Feng Sanye to inquire and try to get their families back so that they can reunite with their families."
"For them, this is also an accident. Where are these people who can touch the enterprise? We can also do our best." Lin Yuehe and Zhao Erhu said that it was quite fast for Haishi to come over with enough food, but it was not enough to eat because of temporary cooking. Wang Dachuan cooked a big basin of noodles and let them eat it all.
"Several brothers eat so soon? Since Erhu brought you back, we are a family. Except for the need to obey the rules, you don’t have to be too formal. You will know what our family is like after living for a long time. "
"We know that Mr. Wang and Joy say that the owner and the owner’s mother are generous. Thanks to the owner’s willingness to accept it, our brothers’ life is that the owner understands to do things for the owner and the owner’s mother." Haishi is Feng Sanye, the friend who is also the leader of these people, and he is grateful to Zhao Erhu and Yueyue. He bought him in his heart, but he took a risk and looked at Feng Sanye’s face for a few minutes. Otherwise, he was afraid of being trapped in prison and tortured and bullied by Master Wei.
Zhao Erhu helped people up. "I took a fancy to your affairs and sex, so I will bring you back and live in your family with peace of mind. I have asked someone to inquire and I will try my best to bring them back."
Haishi several people just got up and got excited when they heard Zhao Erhu’s words, but they knelt down seven feet in Cohen’s eyes with tears in their eyes. Now they are out of the Woods. The most concern is their family, but the owner is willing to buy them, which is already good. I dare not expect anything else, but I didn’t expect the owner to be really kind and think of it all ahead.
"We owe our brothers a great kindness when they report it."
"Well, let’s get up. Now that you are working in our house, you should be able to do things with peace of mind without looking back. Your family doesn’t know what it is like to be stranded here now. I can also say that I am doing my best."
"Of course, the owner can do this. The slave is grateful."
Lin Yue watched this scene with some sadness and interrupted them to continue to thank them. "Well, don’t say that. Several brothers have even suffered a lot these days, and they can’t sleep well. Other things aside, let’s go to wash and have a rest first. I have asked someone to clean up your place and let Joy take you to the resettlement."
"Thank you for your arrangement, Mother Zhou, so I went to the first place when I was young." Haishi several people have been tortured physically and mentally these days, and now they are really exhausted. Thanks to Lin Yue, she went to rest with Joy.
Lin Yue thought about the situation of these people coming out of prison except wearing clothes and being alone, and let people prepare several sets of clothes, shoes and socks, as well as some life to send over.
There are a few more people in the family like Haishi, so it is naturally difficult to arrange them to go to the fields to do farm work or do things for ordinary people. These days, Zhao Erhu doesn’t go out at home in Lin Yue, but they guard a few people and just follow Zhao Erhu to get busy and let them take care of some business things if they can.
It’s been ten days since Qian Feng came back, and the first batch of fur has been shipped. Most of these furs are hunted from the mountains and stripped without salting. It’s a simple treatment, and so are some furs recovered by Zhao Erhu.
Speaking of it, Zhao Erhu also learned the skill of nitrating fur with the old hunter, or the old hunter’s ancestors were better than ordinary nitrating fur craftsmen. The fur was not sent to nitrating Zhao Erhu himself, so he made room in the yard to get the guy ready to nitrate his fur.
Lin Yue, who made fur with nitrate, saw some good things. Those furs were intact. She didn’t move. She picked out some damaged ones from them. The overall appearance was not very good. She took out the good fabrics brought back from Beijing and made some clothes, cloaks, waistcoats, gloves and other small items in imitation of European style. Some of them were specially made into a set. Lin Yue looked at it and felt very good. But at this time, foreigners were out of fashion. Whether they could sell well was uncertain.
A few days later, news came from Feng Sanye and Liu’s shopkeeper. It’s not too good to find out that several families of Haishi have dropped news, because they were sold first. Several people have been bought, and two people have been overwhelmed and died on the way. Haishi’s old mother and Musheng’s younger sister haven’t been sold yet. Several people have been brought back by Feng Sanye. 485 Chapter 485
Several people in Haishi are very sad when they hear this news, but at least they can control their emotions. After all, they have been psychologically prepared for these days. Now the situation is good. At the very least, they can get back a few Haishi and Musheng’s daughter-in-law. After all, they are all married women. Many host families don’t choose to be like this. The pillar daughter-in-law has been bought because of her beauty. There are also several girls who have not grown up and look better. Others have been brought back.
"Brother Erhu, my friend, please. He is a good man. I hope you can treat him well." Because Mr. Feng Sanye, a sea stone, personally sent people over, Zhao Erhu had given the buyer’s silver to Mr. Feng Sanye earlier, and Mr. Feng Sanye gave the remaining silver and several personal deeds to Zhao Erhu.
Zhao Erhu asked Haishi and his family to take them back for resettlement, because it was already known that their family would come to Lin Yue to arrange them in a big yard specially, and they could live directly without other arrangements.
This time, there were nine people, old and young, who bought Haishi daughter-in-law or stayed with his wife. The housekeeper knew things, and Lin Yue arranged her to be in charge of Musheng daughter-in-law’s embroidery. After thinking about it, Lin Yue taught her some embroidery skills, and later bought some girls to come in and pick some needlework, so that she could take charge of the embroidery room and the rest of them were arranged in the right places.
Arrange these people and discuss with Zhao Erhu to buy personnel. "Erhu, I still want to buy some people from the dental shop to come in. I had this idea for a long time. I didn’t know what the family members of Haishi were like at that time. I was afraid that it would be difficult to arrange for the people to come in. Now the base has confirmed and arranged them separately, but I don’t want enough people. The main reason is that these people can still help others in housework. What I need most now is to know some skills. Among them, there are wood-born daughter-in-law embroidery shops and I have to buy some people to come in."
"You can arrange more people to help you, so you don’t need to take care of everything personally. Come and see if you are tired and thin during this period and let you rest and don’t listen." Zhao Erhu is also busy these days and can’t always take care of Kannika nimtragol. At this time, I can’t help but say a few words about Lin Yue.
"I wish I had been busy during this period. Aren’t you too busy from morning till night to just say what I have?"
"How can we be the same? It’s just that this little bone can make you fatter than me. Now it’s like this. How did Dr. Jiang tell you to keep it well? Don’t work hard. He said that when you didn’t hear it, you were in poor health and you didn’t like it." Zhao Erhu was annoyed when he talked about this, especially after seeing Zhao Yunxiang’s present picture, he even looked down on Lin Yue and didn’t pay attention to his body.
Lin Yue no longer distinguishes this side from Zhao Erhu. "Okay, okay, don’t talk about me. I’m measured. Let’s talk about buying people. You don’t allow me to go out now, so that I can send someone to the city and ask the dentist to send people over and choose some reward money for me."
Lin Yue said that he would let people go to the city and was stopped by Zhao Erhu. Lin Yue looked at Zhao Erhu puzzled. "What did you stop me from doing when you agreed?"
"In two days, I heard from the shopkeeper Liu that in two days, a large number of sinful slaves will be sold to us in Xin ‘an City. Recently, the chaos in Beijing is said to be Wang’s rebellion, which implicated a large number of people. These people, including Haishi, were all implicated in this rebellion. The capital can’t sell so much before selling many of them in exile. You may be able to pick a lot while picking this time."
"It turned out to be Wang An’s rebellion. I remember that Wang An is Huei-fang’s brother, right? When I was in Beijing, I heard from Brother Jiang that there was something wrong with Ann Wang. I didn’t expect the incident to happen so quickly and I didn’t know whether Huei-fang was involved. Speaking of it, it was a good thing for us. When Ann Wang collapsed, Huei-fang could not rely on it. No matter whether she was involved or not, she couldn’t become a climate. After I went to Beijing, I needed to worry about her again. "
Lin Yue felt that she had no compassion, but she was a little carefree when she saw her opponent’s bad luck. At the beginning, if she hadn’t been alert in the palace, she didn’t know what she would have been harmed by Huei-Fang. That is, although she was far away from the capital and returned to Xin ‘an City, Lin Yue was still worried about being revenged by Huei-Fang. Now she finally put this on her mind completely.
At the beginning, Huei-fang framed Lin Yue. Lin Yue was afraid of Zhao Erhu’s worry about remorse, but she downplayed it. She didn’t tell Zhao Erhu Rao the original story. Zhao Erhu also had a bad impression on Huei-fang. Now, listening to Lin Yue’s words, I feel that it was not that simple at the beginning. Otherwise, if Kannika nimtragol’s sex is really simple and difficult, it will not be remembered now. Moreover, her daughter-in-law’s expression is relieved. She probably feels that Huei-fang’s threat is gone, and
Since these kannika nimtragol deliberately kept it from him, he was afraid that he would blame himself and think that Zhao Erhu would not ask what had passed. Since it was not a threat, it was meaningless for him to make a comeback. What he had to do was to work hard to better protect his daughter-in-law from similar incidents. However, he still had to inquire about the Princess Yard and make sure that there were no future troubles.