Kill you while you’re sick! Mu Feng a roar with ghost knight suddenly dashed past to see bloodthirsty anger scorpion king now motionless sample should be stunned in the past at this time don’t kill more time?

"Hiss ….." Just as Mu Feng approached the bloodthirsty wrath scorpion king and prepared to attack, the bloodthirsty anger scorpion king suddenly turned up. This guy was pretending to be dead.
"Click … 26365" The King of Bloodthirsty Scorpion directly grabbed Mu Feng with a pair of pliers, and a crit rose from the limelight, and then was lifted high by the King of Bloodthirsty Scorpion. The pliers made Mu Feng bloodthirsty "pounce … 25 … 25" Two bloodthirsty injuries floated from Mu Feng’s head.
"Master, I’ll help you." At this moment, the nearest gang member in Mu Feng suddenly shouted that he would come to help Mu Feng.
"I said this and I killed it alone!" At this time, Mu Feng felt a pain and gritted his teeth and yelled at the player, "Who dares to help me? I will kick him out directly!" Mu Feng then shouted.
"Shout … 56" A black shadow quickly crossed from the bloodthirsty and angry scorpion king in a second. Mu Feng saw clearly that it was the ghost knight who made the death impact on the bloodthirsty and angry scorpion king.
"Good-bye, master …" After the impact, the Ghost Knight gently said that this is the only skill of the Ghost King and the condition is death.
"Shout … 547" Another shadow crossed from the bloodthirsty angry scorpion king in the light black smoke. Mu Feng heard the sad words of the ghost knight again. Mu Feng was crazy "Ah … shadow body! Violent! Emperor paranormal surgery! " Mu Feng face upwards roar "hum …" A gray light from Mu Feng shoulder shoulder pad gradually enveloped the Mu Feng body.
"Pa …" Because Mu Feng was in an enemy state, bloodthirsty and angry, the Scorpion King loosened his pliers, and Mu Feng’s eyes were red and stared at the behemoth in front of him. "Luo Da Luo Da" Horseshoe came from behind Mu Feng, and Mu Feng slowly looked up like a demon. "Kill …" An angry word came from Mu Feng’s teeth …
At this time, all the players present were crazy, and they all looked at this unbelievable battle in shock. Mu Feng was covered with blood and red murderous look, holding a stick and bloodthirsty angry scorpion king to cut it. That was the beginning of the violent emperor’s paranormal art Mu Feng.
At the same time, Mu Feng Ghost Knight is also reducing one by one. Looking at the black dust that dissipates in the middle, the onlookers suddenly feel a bleak feeling and don’t know what.
Mu Feng felt tears swirling in her eyes, Mu Feng roared with anger, and forced those who were about to gush tears to herself. Why should I be sad? It’s just a game, and the ghost knight is also a summoner. Mu Feng said this to himself gently in his heart, but Mu Feng found that something was dripping in his heart at this time. Red Mu Feng saw it as blood, and Mu Feng felt that his heart was dripping blood.
"Goodbye, master …" When talking, the green color in the eyes of the ghost knight seems to be flashing … Finally, the last ghost knight turned into black smoke and slowly disappeared into the air. The ghost knight department brought by Mu Feng turned into fly ash and disappeared and permeated Mu Feng’s battle against the bloodthirsty and angry scorpion king.
"Hiss ….." The bloodthirsty angry scorpion king sings with joy, which has always troubled it. The ghost knights finally disappear, and it finally comes to teach that hateful human sometimes.
Staring coldly, he waved a pair of tongs at himself, bloodthirsty and angry. Wang Mufeng held high the thunder, "Lightning flashes … let go!" " With Mu Feng’s words, I heard a thunder and a flash.
"Crack … 66346" crit! The bloodthirsty and angry Scorpion King was shaken by a flurry, and the moving speed suddenly dropped. Mu Feng silently flashed a word in his heart after the lightning flash, and finally … finally accumulated enough four-level summoning damage.
"Come out! Ghost king! " Mu Feng took a step back and shouted out a huge black aperture appeared in front of people. The black aperture was so big that the bloodthirsty and angry scorpion king had a little fear. He hissed and retreated.
"I … reborn again? ….. "A beautiful sound like a silver bell appeared from the black circle. It was the female ghost spirit Wang Shayi Kama. The onlookers exclaimed that Mu Feng was actually calling a person or a woman? And still … ……boss.
Yes, Sally Kama is indeed the boss. Although Sally Kama is the weakest of the four ghosts, it is more than enough to deal with the bloodthirsty and angry scorpion king at this stage. Looking at Sally Kama’s appearance, Mu Feng lifted her head and smiled. After paying the ghost knight, he finally used the four-level ghost call to summon the female ghost king Sally Kama …
The end of this battle is to make all the deserted temples crazy. Their Wang actually singled out the 4-level boss, the bloodthirsty and angry scorpion king, in front of hundreds of people, which made the deserted temple players even more crazy. With the death of the bloodthirsty and angry scorpion king, the unified system also announced the news of the second phase of the East Gate of the Imperial City, and the attached system announced that the biggest contribution to the brushing was not the name of the gang but the name of a player, and that name was-Mu Feng Zun!
Chapter 512 The first country in Huntress
"Buzz …" The female ghost spirit Wang Sha Yi Kama was still there to kill the bloodthirsty angry scorpion queen, and she roared at other bloodthirsty monsters, sending out rolls of black evil wind and rushing to those bloodthirsty monsters, and those bloodthirsty monsters were also attacked by Sha Yi Kama and collapsed one by one.
"Shout …" Mu Feng heaved a sigh of relief and brushed off the progress in the second stage today, which he didn’t expect, which made him even more unexpected. He announced that the biggest contribution to the second progress of brushing through the East Gate didn’t count to the gang name, but counted to his head. Did he get rid of the bloodthirsty wrath scorpion king just because he was alone? Mu Feng silently thought that Zhou was full of noisy congratulations and praise.
"Well, everyone has the ability to hurry back to the city to read the third progress level. I want to form a team to brush. I said that we should be the first to break into the imperial city gang!" Mu Feng shouted to the surrounding people in high spirits to help them. Now, if we don’t take advantage of the hot iron to hit the East Gate, there will be no chance.
"Oh, good! The barren temple should be the first to enter the imperial city! " Listening to Mu Feng’s rhetoric, the crowd around him suddenly boiled up again and made their return trip to read the third progress.
It’s almost time for the people around him to go. Mu Feng finally feels able to be quiet for a while, and at the same time, he also drifts his eyes into the distance. At the periphery of the crowd just now, the green figure who wanted to rush in and celebrate with himself.
"Ha ha is still there? Come on, wait for me to hug you? " Mu Feng tired sitting on a big stone in the distance some wriggle green figure shouted.
"Hum, I just want you to come and hug me!" Yuli also came over because of Mu Feng’s angry words. "Wow, you were really crazy just now. You dare to say in front of so many people that you want to fight the bloodthirsty and angry scorpion king alone. Aren’t you afraid of you? Do you know what kind of scene it will be once you miss?" Rain glass face is full of worry at this time.
"Sometimes life is an adventure. I succeeded in Yuli, and this time it was very successful." Mu Feng said to Yuli with his head back. If we go back in time and go back to when he first saw the king of the Scorpion, Mu Feng would still yell at everyone.
"No one is allowed to attack the bloodthirsty and angry scorpion king. I will be treated alone and will not add blood to me!" Mu Feng knew this was an opportunity, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and now he seized it, and he seized it firmly.
"Mu Feng, do you know? I’m now 24% at level 35, and my experience is still rising. Today is the fastest day for me to upgrade. "Yuli is a little cute and said that although she didn’t have a seat for a day, she was forced to upgrade to level 3 by teaming up with Mu Feng.
"Ha ha, that’s right. How can we go to the first mate if our rain glass level is not high?" Mu Feng smiled and said, "If the Ghost King will disappear when the schedule is not switched, I will definitely take you to the third schedule where your upgrade will be faster."
"Wait … after you said just now, you will take me to the chief officer? Did I hear you right? " Yuli cried happily that she could finally be a vice with Mu Feng one day?
"Of course, when you play first mate, I will definitely take you to your hunter trap. There are still many babies. I have been thinking about bringing a hunter when I play first mate for a long time, but …" Mu Feng suddenly said, "But your awareness of game operation and fighting needs to be honed. After my rain glass, you must become the first Huntress in the country."
"well! I must work hard. "Rain Glass’s eyes sparkled with starlight and she wasn’t discouraged. This expression made Mu Feng sit up and take notice. It seems that Rain Glass should also be serious.
Seeing that Yuli Ken is trying to get into Mu Feng’s heart, I can’t help but feel a lot of Mu Feng’s heart. Only then did he hit his own property bar to check his current experience and glanced at his own experience. Mu Feng suddenly got a fright, 39 grades, 95%? Are you kidding me? Although Mu Feng knew that he was crazy to brush the glass with rain early today, he didn’t have to give this much, did he?
Looked at the distance bloodthirsty angry scorpion king body Mu Feng this just realized that he had just killed a **oss and get through the second progress and contribute the highest experience is not fierce.
"Shout …" Mu Feng took a deep breath at Level 4. He didn’t expect to reach Level 4 so soon. But he had to do a lot of things. It seems that Emperor Lingshi can learn a skill at Level 4 …
"Mu Ge, what did you get by killing this bloodthirsty and angry scorpion king? There must be something good falling without such a big guy." Rain glass suddenly wanted to ask Mu Feng this question and asked Mu Feng to be dazed. Yes, I killed the bloodthirsty and angry scorpion king and I could get something. How did I forget this thing?
Thinking about Mu Feng, I went to tamper with my own property column. Looking around, it was a piece of red blood medicine and blue magic medicine. I usually got the bulk to see if there was nothing special. Mu Feng’s heart cooled down and he worked so hard to kill the bloodthirsty angry scorpion king. Nothing fell!
"It seems that Yuli didn’t get anything. It’s really depressing. It won’t be so unlucky, will it?" Mu Feng depressed to rain glass said.
"No way, I was not far from you when the bloodthirsty and angry scorpion king died. I thought I heard Ding Yi." Yuli wondered that she was still happy in Mu Feng and said that Mu Feng had won another ring.
"oh? Have a sound? Then I’ll look for it again. "Mu Feng listened to the rain glass and said that he heard something get the sound. The horse hit the object column again and looked it up carefully. At this time, he found that he found a different red object in a piece of red blood medicine. Go and have a look at Mu Feng Le. Yes, this time there is still something to get. It’s a bit strange to get this thing, not equipment or gems, but a magic crystal.
The monster crystal level 4 of the bloodthirsty and angry scorpion king introduces the life essence of the bloodthirsty and angry scorpion king.
"This … Mu Feng, this is what you get?" Rain glass looked at this palm-sized red crystal and couldn’t help crying out in surprise that you got such a thing by calling boss so hard?
"Well, I’ve read it carefully, so there’s such a thing." Mu Feng also said a little depressed. "But I’m not demanding much. My experience in killing this bloodthirsty and angry scorpion king has now reached 95%. If I work harder tonight, I’ll be able to reach Level 4. I have to get a new set of equipment first, and then I’ll come back with a rain glass brush. Hahahaha." Mu Feng said at the end, he couldn’t help but feel proud again.
"Oh, you didn’t say I didn’t even notice it was so late. I got it. You have to miss me." When I saw the rain glass, I left my pie mouth and then reluctantly said to Mu Feng
"Yes, how can I miss you?" Mu Feng said with a smile. This sentence is as unreal as reality.
"Well, we are still good to me in Mu Feng." Yuli heard Mu Feng say that she would think that he would be happy at once. She leaned over and kissed Mu Feng gently on the face and waved her hand. It is estimated that this little girl will have a good dream tonight.
Rain glass line Mu Feng suddenly feel a little lonely, make friends a look at the black mass, no one is online, even the mad cow guy is not there. "Ah …" Mu Feng couldn’t help yawning for a long time after closing his friends, and now he is still a little tired after playing crazy for a day and a night. Looking at the distance, Saykama Mu Feng will cheer up while he summons such a powerful younger brother. How can he live up to himself if he doesn’t raise the remaining 5% quickly?