"Come to think of it? ! How can it be that easy? Although you wanted to save Pepe, you didn’t take advantage, but you made me fall under the bed! I still have to settle this account with you! "

"well! Didn’t you already hit me? Hey! This palm print is still here! How to settle accounts? "
"Slice! Can you get even with a slap? I’m as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade. I’m super beautiful and delicate! You killed a beautiful woman and hurt another beautiful woman. How can it be so easy to settle accounts? "
"well! How do you calculate that? "
"Kneel for two hours first! Look at the mood and decide what to do with you! "
"Lie trough! Two hours! !”
"What are you excited about? Why is it too short? Then kneel for four hours first! "
"Don’t elder sister! I’m not too short. It’s a washboard. You can’t kneel down! You just kill me! "
"all right! Cher, stop it! He just said he had a headache. Let him rest! And … and always let him be so light … It’s not good to be naked! "
At this time, Pepe spoke, but her face was flushed and her face was thin. She still didn’t dare to look at Yufan and felt very shy.
"Pepe is good! Know how to be considerate! If I have the chance, I will definitely chase you! Ouch! It’s killing me. These poor knees! If you come, you will have a headache and feel bored. Lie down for a while first! "
"ah! Hey! Hey! Who told you to get up, asshole? Want to be slapped with five fingers again, right? Are you the only one who still wants to chase our Pepe? Status people are not qualified for anything except looks! "
"But Pepe said to let me rest!"
"That’s Pepe softhearted didn’t see you a rogue sex maniac old niang didn’t say you dare? Why don’t you try one? Give me a good time! "
"ouch! Ouch! This end really hurts! I can’t. It’s boring. I can’t kneel steadily. I have to rest in bed! Ouch! My head hurts so much! "
"Play to depend on! Believe it or not, I will kill you in minutes! You … you come back! "
"All right, cher, stop that now! You buy breakfast and I’ll get him water! "
Yu Fan knew that Pepe would stop the female hooligan and drill into the bed at the same time. Sure enough, Pepe stopped the female hooligan and called her to buy breakfast.
Looking at Pepe Yu who is pouring water for herself, there is a fire burning in her heart. As the old saying goes, my fair lady is so graceful! Yu Fan really wants to pursue a perfect girl like Pepe in her life! However, Nai female hooligans are right. They are not qualified for anything but their looks.
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"What did you say? Zhao Yu, that son of a bitch was knocked down by the old man? By the time you arrived, I had knocked down a room full of people. Is there a brother alone? "
"yes! That’s right! "
"You two together are not necessarily beat Zhao Yu was defeated by the old? Hahaha! Does that mean that old people have become masters? ! Hum! How dare you let a master kneel and rub the washboard! See the master catch you! "
Feather who listen to female rascal and Pepe said yesterday when they arrived, suddenly some couldn’t believe my ears when I was kicked by that old Pang and Zhao Yu. I couldn’t even see them moving. How could they be knocked down by themselves?
However, seeing the two women’s serious expressions doesn’t seem like fooling themselves, which makes Yu Fan very confused. Has she suddenly become a great martial arts expert? Even the female hooligans and Pepe may not be able to beat Zhao Yu together. Are they abused by themselves? Self-confidence suddenly burst into flames. Yu Fan remembered that she had just been caught by a female rogue to kneel and rub the washboard. She thought that she could be a master now and directly grabbed her at the female rogue.
"ouch! Ah! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! Please be gentle! Woman! I was wrong! I never dare to be arrogant in front of you again! Please leave me alone if adults don’t remember villains! "
Look at Yu Fan. It’s still a little nervous to catch a female rogue. After all, Yu Fan saw it with her own eyes when she was alone in a villa full of wounded people. She regretted having let Yu Fan kneel and rub the washboard just now, but now that she has finished kneeling, she didn’t look at Yu Fan’s backhand for catching a female rogue, which is a wrong bone.
As a result, I didn’t expect a cliff-to-cliff feather fan to be suppressed, and she was still screaming in pain that the woman was so weak that even a third-rate master was not like being able to overthrow Zhao Yu’s master at all.
"What down with Zhao Yu, you will fool people? How can you down with Zhao Yu if you can’t even take a move in the hands of a female hooligan?"
"Hey? How come… Don’t beat Zhao Yu they have another man? So weak is really unlikely to defeat Zhao Yu! "
After a common capture, Yu Fan was made and widely felt, all three people wondered who had defeated Zhao Yu and them. After all, Yu Fan’s level and strength were estimated by Zhao Yu for a second. Don’t beat Zhao Yu and they are other masters? Then why did he save Yu Fan?
The three of them thought for a long time and didn’t understand what was going on. Finally, Yu Fan wanted to think about it, so he didn’t want to. At about ten o’clock in the afternoon, Yu Fan had no headache and was full of energy. Now that it’s okay, Yu Fan also plans to go home and continue the game. After all, the maintenance and update were completed at twelve o’clock, and there are two hours left from now.
"Go what? Don’t you know that your old place has been stared at? It’s already uncomfortable to live in the original place again. Zhao Yu was so badly injured that the Zhao family will definitely put this account on your head. Please move here! "
"Live here?"
"well! This whole building is our home. I can buy it conveniently and live in it as long as I want! And my sister still doesn’t accept it! "
"Are you still a female rascal? So good? How did it change? This is not like you! "
"well! Look at you talking about people! As if they were mean! Your clothes are all kindly taken off by others, and you say that! "
"What? Will you take off your old clothes for me? Then did you do anything to me? "
"Fuck off! Look at your lack of sampling! I still hold my chest in my hands, but if a woman really hurts you, it’s also because I can’t stand a word! I am kind enough to help you save your life, but you still don’t want to! "
"There are no conditions for living casually?"
"well! In fact, there are still conditions. You just need to tell me how to get the title. There are no conditions! "
"title? ! I get that title that seems to be the only one that others can’t get! "
"GeGe! People call you Ge Ge! Just stop selling it, okay? ! Just tell people! "
"It’s … it’s not for sale! Its ….. Actually, I got that title! What a unique title! But I’m embarrassed to be a little ashamed! "
"What title? How? Tell me, if it is really the only title! Sister, I don’t insist on letting you live casually! "
"I’m not the only one who lives casually. Can I bring a few people to live casually?"
"Really? Then I will pick up two dog Dahei and Dahei’s parents! "
"That’s great! But I always said that you can’t laugh! "
"Don’t worry! Just say it! We promise not to laugh! "
"Who laughs at the puppy!"
"but! Come on! We really don’t laugh! "
"That I can say! This thing is to distribute the exclusive gift package NPC poems for female players. At that time, I was very angry when I heard that female players actually had exclusive gift packages … "
"ah! Hahaha! What? Cheating index! Bitch! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! It really matches your name! What is owed? Because I am cheap! Ah, ha ha ha! That’s funny! Are you born funny? "
"Fuck off! Didn’t you say not to laugh? Who laughs at the puppy, have you forgotten? "
"Don’t forget! A puppy is a puppy! Woof woof woof! What’s wrong! Bitch! Hahaha! Underpumping! Ha ha ha! "
"All right Pepe! Don’t put up with it, smile happily! I don’t blame you! "
"Can’t laugh! Oh … Don’t laugh! Ah … Laugh and you’ll be a puppy! Ah … "
"It’s okay. The female hooligan is already a puppy. If you laugh, it’s okay. Just think you’re walking the dog!"
"So biased! Sure enough, I owe you a slap in the face, and I am fighting with you! "
When Yu Fan and two dog Dahei said that they were moving, their mouths opened into a ""shape. However, when Yu Fan told them that they were going to move with them, they jumped up and confirmed it several times before going home to pack their bags.
Uncle Li’s condition is much more stable, and the female hooligans specially sent a special car. Even Uncle Li took it directly and sent it to the affiliated hospital of Huaxia University.