Who is to blame?

To live for a man who loves him deeply, do not hesitate to kneel and beg for ice pupils and red beads?
Or did you kill your brother by hook or by crook, Yi Hao?
Or do you have to compromise to win the lottery in Yi Hao’s bullying?
Huangfuyan was deeply moved by the ice pupil and the red beads for a long time before she came to her senses. Although she was still fierce, she actually didn’t have much anger. "Anyway, if you have a wife and still like other women, it’s wrong. If you have drawn a line with them long ago, what will happen later?"
"I’m afraid he would have died several times without their help." Jing Ning Xue Nai shook his head and sighed.
"What do you think we should do?" Jing Ao Xue calmly looked at Chen Han.
"I can’t control my thoughts. Even if I tell myself that I have a wife again and again, I really can’t be indifferent." Chen’s cold eyes are full of gloom
"Maybe … we are asking too much. From the day I became your wife with Ziyan, there were bound to be a third, fourth and fifth one. We both can’t set a bad precedent. Even if we quit your Excellence, there are bound to be many women who love you." Jing Ao Xueli said.
"A proud snow you should not say blame us? Is this just the case? " HuangFuZi smoke zheng big eyes as if don’t believe in your hearing.
"Even if you care, what can you do?"
Jing Aoxue asked, "It’s hard to respond." You should know what kind of person our husband is. It’s true that he doesn’t like the new and hate the old, and he doesn’t see a person who loves a person, not even a game flower. But he is a soft-hearted bastard who can’t stand others’ kindness to him but loves several women at the same time. Now that you know this, how can you make him change and refuse all kinds of gentle offensives from other women? "
"Let him go on like this according to your meaning? That in the future … "
"I will pay attention to it in the future!"
Chen Han hurriedly raised his hand and cried, "In fact, I really paid attention to it, otherwise there would be no ice pupil and red beads, and I could resist not overstepping."
Jing Ao Xue stared at him with a cold smile until Chen Han was scared. She said, "There are ice pupils and red beads? There seems to be another lottery, right? Don’t you buy a ticket when you get a car? Besides, don’t emphasize how innocent you are, you still think there are three? Even if it is because other women are not good enough or are not as persistent as they are, will it be three? "
If there is a woman who is as good as Bing Pupil and Chi Zhu, but he gives everything, he can’t help but be soft-hearted and moved, and finally this move will become deep love in the same boat.
"Pay attention to me later, asshole!" HuangFuZi smoke bitterly stared at his white fist dangling in front of his eyes.
"I will pay attention. I swear I will pay attention to hey hey …"
This Amnesty is much better than the previous income, not only dissolving the crisis of ice pupil, red pearl and colorful surplus into shape, but even if there are not too many outstanding women in the future, the theory of several wives and adults can be accepted, although there will be some bumps in my heart just now
Chen’s cold heart finally breathed a sigh of relief. In his eyes, he randomly added a bit of a cheap smile and a thief’s hands took hold of Huangfuyi smoke and Jingao snow’s waist.
HuangFuZi smoke hit him in the hand, but Chen Han didn’t give up. When he reached out for the second time, HuangFuZi smoke gave him a white look and stopped struggling.
A pair of big hands slowly cruised around the waist with two big beauties, and the heat gradually rose on their cheeks. Suddenly, a hug turned away and Avril laughed. "Wives, should we have a rest?" Proud snow condensation snow to you and snow clouds … "
Soon, the special big bed that had been deserted for hundreds of years had six extra snow-white bodies breathing in the pain hum between snow clouds and Jingning snow, and gradually drifted in the room.
Hundreds of years of missing at this moment completely vent …
Hundreds of years of love and tenderness are handed here …
The emperor shook the sky and created a strong body, which made Chen Han comfortable in the five beautiful women’s bodies, wheezing and humming to mobilize every cell of his body
Sometimes gentle and sometimes wild, fortunately, the worst of the five great beauties all have the late Mahayana realm to withstand his crazy picking.
The mid-day of the month lasted until the twilight, and finally all six of them collapsed in bed, not because of fatigue and sleepiness, but because of their heartfelt pleasure and satisfaction.
They didn’t get out of bed until three o’clock in the morning, and the snow cloud and Jing Ning Snow finished on this night. The woman finally turned into a woman without anyone knowing. Six people left the Duanmu family and it didn’t take a moment to reach a certain place in the eastern waters of Yanhuang …
Chapter 49 Ying Long unsealed
Booming …
Tens of thousands of meters deep, huge stone platforms rise from the seabed, and huge stone pillars at the four corners of the stone platform have a chain several thousand meters long.
One end of the chain is connected to the stone pillar, and the other end passes through the giant bat wing and the root of the horn. It is the chain that engraves a large number of seals, which makes this head with Taiyi Jin Xian’s mid-term repair power comparable to that of the ordinary pick Jin Xian beast trapped here for tens of thousands of years.
"More than once, we have to come and help our predecessors to unseal the seal. His old man’s house doesn’t agree that it is agreed with you that you must unseal it for him yourself." Jing Aoxue shook her head and smiled bitterly. She had already tried this old dragon stubborn.
"Ying Long’s predecessors haven’t seen each other for a long time." Chen Han bowed deeply. Without his shelter, Jingyun and others would have long since disappeared.
"You finally keep your word."
Ying Long burst out laughing nose spit out some finely Mars "well … fairy late state? However, the immortal power is very complicated, and the flesh is not a pure immortal body … No! I thought you didn’t have energy. How can you have immortal power? Strange … "
Chen Han shrugged his shoulders and said, "There is a unique cultivation method in the field of six robberies of scattered immortals to fix the true, which can make the fix the true without soaring but with greater strength."
Formerly ruled by Xuanyuan Huangdi and Chiyou Magic Zun, the lost celestial world is not in the practice of scattering immortals.
After the Mahayana period has passed, you will be promoted directly to the celestial inferior universe. Who wants to practice the thankless scattered fairy?
"When I was sealed, Tianzhao, Harle and Susuo were all the peak realms in the early days of the fairy. Are you confident that you can break the seal?" Ying Long did not ask the question of scattered immortals.
"Ha ha … what if Taiyi Jin Xian was in its early days?"
Chen Han didn’t tell him that he had killed Taiyi Jin Xian in the middle period. The chief smiled and called out the cloud combating Dao, and the whole person became a cyan streamer.
Ying Long’s eyes flashed a little surprised when he saw Chen Han’s magic weapon. He knew that these magic weapons were all Chen Han’s own refining, but they were comparable to the initial fairy realm. He could actually refine the fairy device, which is extremely rare in the fairy world. After all, his fairy device is not a semi-hanging fairy device, but a real fairy magic weapon.
Although Ying Long’s immortal knowledge is powerful, what he can feel is Chen Han’s immortal strength to repair its combat power at most, that is, the initial immortal level
It’s not that fairy knowledge can be detected, and it is necessary to judge the strength of attack power through actual combat. Therefore, when Chen Han blows, Ying Long loses his alarm.
The lowest is comparable to the early days of Taiyi Jin Xian, and it is the kind of cultivation of advanced mind and martial arts. Taiyi Jinxian is by no means a weak garbage with realm and fighting power in the celestial world.
The strength spread from the contact point between the combating Dao and the chain, and the surrounding sea water was broken by poverty, and Fiona Fang formed a huge friend for thousands of miles.