Then Du Guwang suggested that Guo Chongtao let Chitan lead troops to arrest Li Qixue, and Li Qixue’s hiding place was Du Guwang Chitan, which was naturally impossible to catch; However, if Li Qi’s snow face is not seen, as if the news that the evil emperor relic was obtained by Chitantan was sent out, there would be a group of nuns running to the foot of the mountain and being let go by the machine.

The prospective ambassador is a big fool. He really doesn’t know that he really came to Chitantan by his own speculation, but his real purpose is to know whether Chitantan got the evil emperor relic. After Chitan made a move to arrest him, the prospective ambassador was sure that the evil emperor relic was in Chitan, and at this time, Chitan regretted making a move. What he did was to force the prospective ambassador to tell the real plan. I didn’t know that this soul was a big fool!
There are four ways to make a legion leader lose his position. First, assassination will kill him in the main building of the legion (not counting the rest of the main building), and he will lose all his official positions. Secondly, the Lord himself ordered the leader of his legion to be appointed, but this is very difficult. At most, the Lord will reprimand or impose a fine. Unless the leader revolts, the Lord will not be appointed as a knight-errant leader.
The third is to make a "kill order", but the kill order is very harsh. It doesn’t mean that throwing the kill order at the other side will have an effect. The fourth is to usurp and avoid the assassination of the main commander, which will lead to the dissolution of the legion. The General Assembly will automatically list the succession of the legion. Once the main commander is assassinated, the second-ranked legion knight can become the main commander; And usurpation means that the second-in-line successor revolts to seize the throne.
Before the usurpation, the main general ignored the affairs of the Legion for a long time (not online for a week). The main general hoped that the members of the Legion would be halved in one day (retired from the regiment). Soldiers mutiny (NPC regular army) met one of the conditions to receive the usurpation of the Legion.
If Zen wants to let the plane take "assassination" and "usurpation", if Chitantan doesn’t go back to the legion station, we should start with assassination; It is impossible to have a legion of chivalrous men cut in half and a mutiny of soldiers can be carried out if the usurpation condition is not in sight.
However, it is impossible for Meng Gongbo and others to have their own clique to let the members quit this article, and the only thing that can be eliminated is the mutiny of soldiers; Maybe we can do it before, but now all the 10 thousand soldiers in Wei Jun are recruited from the wild people, and it is impossible for Chitantan to hold high hopes among the wild people and the elders of the wild people to faithfully support the mutiny of his soldiers
"Is it really necessary to make a killing order?" Chitantan hid in a wing of the secretariat of the government and thought about the fate of the killer, which made the knights love and hate each other; Before the kill order, it is to kill a place where you can escape, which is surrounded by absolute advantage, and it is impossible to get out of the encirclement. The strength comparison is the condition for the kill order.
At that time, the Taoist temple was given a lore order by NPC. At that time, the lore order made the conditions more relaxed, that is, the lore order was effective when life was absolutely threatened. But now the lore order has been added with many restrictions. If Chitantan is not forced to be surrounded by Jedi, then the lore order can’t be given to him.
Take Chitantan alive and take him to a dungeon-like place, and then send tens of millions of people to surround the dungeon-like place, so Chitantan will fall into the Jedi? This is not possible. Only when Chitantan himself fled to the Jedi will he be recognized as a killer, so that the Zen Sect can’t help him if Chitantan doesn’t want to die.
Jedi this thing does not specifically refer to the terrain in the battlefield around the flowers killed by the soldiers, but the enemy desperately rushed to kill and broke through; At this time, if someone throws a kill order out, the kill order will be produced. Therefore, Chitantan judges whether Zen will make trouble in the battle of Yanzhou and plunge himself into the Jedi.
The legion headquarters can’t help but call back the soldiers’ legacy and issue military orders, and so on. You need to return to the legion headquarters to handle it; The preparatory work for the battle of Yanzhou has been completed. After 500 thousand, the Tang army has entered Yanzhou to attack the city and plunder the land. Marshal Pang Shigu of Beiliang is losing ground and sitting firmly in Guo Chongtao, Luzhou City to destroy the enemy thousands of miles away.
The Chivalrous Legion participates in every war. On the size of the war, if there is a war in the country, there will be military orders to the Chivalrous Legion. The Lion Army has entered the battlefield of Yanzhou. The Red Army did not enter at the first time because of the pursuit of Li Qixue. Now Guo Chongtao has made Red Wei Jun go to Yanzhou to participate in the battle of Yanzhou. Therefore, Chitantan has to return to the main building of the Legion, the Military and Political Building.
As soon as he got back to the military and political building, Chitan Dan reached the level of alert. The whole legion was on-line chivalrous soldiers mobilized to guard all the main roads of the legion, especially around the military and political building. Chitan Dan entered the conference hall without sitting down and directly told what he had recently encountered. All chivalrous men turned their attention to the plane.
The machine looked a little pale. He didn’t explain or speak. He got up silently and wanted to leave the Chamber. Chitantan made a flicker to block his way. The machine will definitely look at Chitan Dan and say hoarsely, "Brother Tandan …"
"I’ll kill him" before I finish my words.
Before the figure arrived, he was forced to return to his original position by Chitandan’s sword style. Mu Jiji and other senior officials of Chiwei looked at Chitandan puzzled. Chi Tandan waved his hand and turned to look at the machine and said, "I’ve been thinking that Zen can’t pull me from the position of the commander of Chi Wei Jun from any angle. Why does Zen do so many tricks?"
"Then I saw a guy dancing a sword and remembered an idiom: Xiang Zhuang’s sword dancing is intended to be Pei Gong; Machine Zen does so many tricks to force you to leave Red Wei Jun, doesn’t it? "
"Ah …" Red Wei Jun executives have stare big eyes and shouted this inference is too surprising. Zen Buddhism has been doing a long time to substitute stealthily, just to let the machine quit Red Wei Jun. What is this?
"Because the machine is excellent, there is a strong dust in Taoism, and there is a situation that today’s poems are not obscene. No one has been particularly prominent in the Zen Sect; Although Ji is not the commander of Red Wei Jun, he has rich experience in war and management of the legion. Zen naturally knows how to seize the control of Red Wei Jun. They want Ji to return to Zen. "
"But we people have been fighting together since the beginning of the game. Although there are interests disputes with each other, the letter is on the battlefield. We can give our backs to each other. Even if fierce public defeat, I would like to be on the battlefield, but I don’t want to leave the Red Wei Jun Zen master’s order. I also made a plan to substitute flowers. "
Chitan Dan did not retain the opportunity to lose, but others tried their best to persuade him, but the cracks were repaired even if they were filled sometimes; The most important thing is that Chitantan hopes that the plane will leave Chi Wei Jun, except for the plane, which will make the Chi Wei army impure.
Of course, Chitantan wouldn’t say such a thing. Being a slowly growing chivalrous man with a dark belly and an axe to grind, Chitantan’s extremely emotional tone tells ChiWei Jun that the rest of the chivalrous planes have a better development prospect. Staying in Chiwei Military Aircraft will always be a strategist and cannot become a legion leader.
The members of the body all bid farewell to Mu Jiji outside the Legion, and whispered beside Chitan Dan, "Brother Tandan, is he going to the later Han Dynasty?"
Chitan Dan nodded his head.
"Unified display member aircraft quit the Red Wei Army"
Chapter 14 Looking for a way out Beautiful girl (1)
The departure of the plane didn’t make the ordinary chivalrous man in Wei Jun feel any emotion. The high-level officials in Wei Jun expressed their dissatisfaction. The object he targeted was not Chitan Dan, but the Daobei Magic Hall. It was assumed that they forced the plane to leave, and the three men were thrown into the corner of the legion prison by the Ministry of Justice, and they performed very well and were accepted into the high-rise
A group will have fluctuations, big and small. Without combing these fluctuations, Chi Tandan, like a hunter, is secretly paying attention to the bad signs of his small group. He will not be trapped for the first time, but will stay and wait for an opportunity to turn these bad signs into his advantage.
There is an old saying that "the game is wrong for three generations", which has two meanings. One is to indulge in the game and get tired of playing with things. The other is to develop one’s own character in the game. dreams may come’s virtual reflection of reality has grown from a careless little white rookie to a shrewd and scheming person. Did the game miss him or make him?
Of course, this problem of egg pain is not what we want to explain. It is of great significance for Chi Tandan to develop his character and dominate the rivers and lakes in the future. With the bursts of snare drum ringing, the Red Wei Army left 3,000 troops for the rotating chivalrous men and asked Chu County to pay attention to the garrison situation. After the Red Food City, Red Wei Jun rushed to the battlefield in Yanzhou.
In the early days of Red Wei Jun, the main battlefield was in Luzhou, followed by Yanzhou and then Evil State. During the game for nearly four months, the Wei army of Red was constantly fighting in these three States. Yanzhou is familiar to Red Wei Jun. When Red Wei Jun stepped into Yanzhou, the announcement of the National Congress appeared in the game. The first chivalrous legion "Jin Legion" was the "machine" who had joined the post-Han nationality.
Today, when there are Red Army, Lu Army, Lion Army, Flying Army (the last week), Wisdom Army (the late Jin Dynasty didn’t pose), Mourning Army (the late Jin Dynasty mourned the country and the month) and Sword Army (the late Han Dynasty wanted to be cheap too quickly), now there is an extra "all-out army" and it is also called "Chicken Army", which can be said to be a clean body without taking a knight or any architectural drawings.
The establishment of the Legion is not so simple. It was not long before Wei Jun was separated from the Red Army to set up the "All Legion" in the later Han Dynasty, which means that Zen is really a big money for the machine. Zhunbo, a great sage, doesn’t like to fight in the sky. He is a Jianghu chivalrous man, but sometimes this tough Jianghu chivalrous man can also influence the general trend of the sky.
Niuhua, riding a donkey to find a girl to blow Xiao, floating clouds swordsman and other chivalrous men of Jieyan County escorted a large amount of food and grass to Yanzhou, and Niuhua and others were extremely unwilling to see today’s members of the Tang military camp. The reason is that they, the chivalrous men of Jieyan County, are often despised and laughed at by the chivalrous men of the later Tang Dynasty, which makes the chivalrous men have no face, which makes it more and more urgent for Niu Hua to form his own legion.
In the evil battle, Niu Hua and other Jie Yan chivalrous men were beaten by Red Wei Jun and could not find the north. However, Jie Yan chivalrous men were not hostile to Red Wei Jun. I heard that after Red Wei Jun arrived, a bunch of chivalrous men from Jieyan County went to Red Wei Jun Camp to chat with Red Tandan and others and fart.
Jie Yan in the later Tang Dynasty is now a knight of both sides of the military alliance, who can freely enter and leave the territory of the two countries during the Covenant period without being hunted down; After the battlefield in Yanzhou, the Tang Dynasty was the main force, and Jieyan County was the logistics force. Therefore, Jieyan’s regular army stayed at the border city of Evil Yanzhou and sent Jieyan County chivalrous men to escort food and grass, which made nearly 100,000 Jieyan chivalrous men appear in Yanzhou.
Niuhua whispered to Chitandan, "Brother Tandan heard that you got the evil relic, didn’t you?"
Chi Tandan couldn’t help but smile bitterly. The Zen plan of "replacing flowers with trees" can be described as carving with one arrow, that is, taking the machine back to the master school and taking over the Han stall and giving it to the sect Chi Tandan, which also affected the stability of Luzhou as a whole. Guo Chongtao was extremely angry at Duguwang’s betrayal, but the Duguwang valve behind Duguwang was not a provincial oil lamp. Guo Chongtao had no place to send it, so he ordered the whole Luzhou foreign chivalrous man to be cleaned.
It’s cheaper to clean Luzhou, Guo Chongtao. Chitan Dan Shao didn’t encounter any ambush by martial arts experts during the March, but he got the news of the evil emperor relic with great enthusiasm. The few sneak attacks on Chitandan by the great sage Zhunbo failed, which made Chitandan wonder if he could get rid of the evil emperor relic and sneak attack on him early, would it be possible to expose the evil emperor relic?
This means that the evil emperor relic, like the relics of the Tang Dynasty, has a long period of protection, during which things and laws can be contested; Once the holder dies, the object will drop 100%. Niu Hua asks Chi Tandan to roll his eyes and respond. Niu Hua can’t find anything to say, and some of them leave the camp in Chi Wei Jun.
Not only outsiders Chitantan got the evil emperor relic, but also the Wei army department believed that their generals got Mu Jiji, Daobei Magic Hall and others came to ask if they wanted to see what the evil emperor relic looked like. These souls are ignorant of the "substitute stealthily" plan, but they still have this idea. It is no wonder that the chivalrous Wulin people (especially NPC chivalrous people) will doubt Chitan Dan.
Chi Tandan was lying on the top of the camp basking in the sun. After the new film "Heroes in Gone with the Times" was updated, he broke the clue so that he didn’t even know it. When will it be possible to form a powerful armored cavalry and a tough and indifferent knife army all day long? It has become a great resentment of Chitan Dan.
Undead Xiaoqiang’s "Daffodil Corps" has been lingering in Luzhou, Yanzhou. Because it belongs to the rebel forces, it is not recognized by the countries in the world. Although Su Feiqing is the main commander of the Daffodil Corps, he has not been announced by the General Assembly. Su Fei-ching sneaked into the Red Wei Jun station for many times, and all of them were defeated and fled in the Red Wei Jun camp in Yanzhou. Some girls in Chitan are puzzled. What is this to do?
Su Feiqing wanted to tell Chitantan that I actually wanted to surrender, but Nima didn’t have your business card to communicate with pigeons so that she could sneak into the barracks to contact you. But Sunimachi Wei Jun was heavily guarded, so that I was killed and wounded several times and fled and died four times.
Su Feiqing’s surrender was inspired by the Red Wei Jun Lu Army, which was originally a regular army of the Back Beam. As soon as Luzhou fell, its surrender status rose instead of falling. Therefore, Su Feiqing felt that it was better to get a regular legion status in the later Tang Dynasty when the rebel forces had no future, and then slowly develop and rebuild the Narcissus Sect.
Compared with Chitantan’s development of her own food city corps, Sufei Qingdan is heavier. She is also responsible for rebuilding the sects and gaining the status of food city corps. No matter which one is extremely difficult, the more difficult it is, the more challenging it is. Su MM is not a quitter, but her interpersonal relationship is really worse than that in the early days when she was supported by her master, which almost offended all chivalrous people. Now she wants to find a way to surrender, but she has to find Chi Tandan.
What are you looking for? This has a great deal to do with Chitantan’s always pretending to be shrewd and fond of being kind; Even if there is a blood feud in Wei Jun, it will be easy to get along with you today. Therefore, Su Feiqing, who was deceived by the illusion of Chitan Dan, felt that there should be no loss in talking to Chitan Dan about this transaction.
Narcissus became a five-flower sect, and now the trend of the field has changed. It first supported the local forces in Li Maozhen, and then Li Maozhen was destroyed by Jieyan County. The daffodils didn’t see the situation clearly, but they still supported Li Maozhen’s anger against Jieyan County, which was a supporter of Niuhua. So Niuhua sent experts to attack the daffodils, and the daffodils were attacked by the state forces and gangs. The Li Maozhen army was killed in the base area and fled to the evil state.
Then in the evil state, it was hit hard by the back beam and evil don’t me, and then it lurked in the three thousand peaks for a while until the back beam entered the evil state; Daffodils didn’t see the situation clearly again. You can fish in troubled waters, ride a donkey, find a girl to blow Xiao Chengchi, and so on. When Jieyan County broke out in Houliang, Xiaohongshan occupied the country and killed Jieyan County, the army of Houliang defeated and cut off the daffodils as soon as the soldiers turned around, and fled into the retreat of the evil horizontal three thousand peaks.
Daffodil Li Maozhen army fled into Luzhou with beaten army. After entering Luzhou, it picked up its tail and fled everywhere, which coincided with the battle for the throne in Houliang and the opportunity to enter Luzhou in the later Tang Dynasty. Narcissus Li Maozhen army once again failed to see the situation clearly, and wanted to capture Chuncheng Guo, and was defeated by Chitan Dan’s poems today.
Throughout the history of Daffodil Li Maozhen Army’s campaign, we can see how bad the vision of this alliance leader is; Many masters of the daffodil Sect have died in such failures again and again. After Su Feiqing took over, Li Maozhen and other NPC generals have a dozen daffodil Sect knights, more than 2,000 regular troops and more than 2,000.
Chapter 14 Looking for a way out Beautiful girl (2)
The beautiful girl who came out in adversity sadly found herself at the end of her rope and had to lower her head and prepare to surrender; But what’s even sadder is that beautiful girls find it particularly difficult to surrender! Nami girl finally decided to lower her head a little bit and put to use the ultimate trick-the honey trap lured a chivalrous Red Wei Jun Army man to introduce herself.
Little hedgehogs have no obstacles to meet big hedgehogs, but it is difficult to meet old hedgehogs. Mu Jiji and other big hedgehogs often team up to fight monsters, but they will often see each other. However, the old hedgehog in Chitantan is tempted by the little hedgehog, and the beautiful woman is handed over to find her own big hedgehog "Daobei Magic Temple". After listening to the younger brother’s description, Daobei Magic Temple slaps her face on the back of the little hedgehog and scolds, "You are fascinated by the fox!"
After several twists and turns, the beautiful girl finally met Chitan Tansu Feiqing and felt that she had encountered difficulties in reality. It was all clouds. The setbacks in the game made Sufeiqing seem to have matured a little. This was the first feeling when Chitan Tandan met Sufeiqing. There was no such thing as arrogance and arrogance. The earth had to turn around the old lady, but she was like an angry kannika nimtragol sitting in the camp and staring at Chitan Tandan with watery eyes.
Knowing Sufei’s purpose, Chi Tandan grinned and tapped on the table and said, "Surrender is also a skilled work. The Narcissus Corps is now coughing and obedient. It is impossible for the Tang Dynasty to accept it after losing the dog; To know that when the late Tang Dynasty accepted a legion, it was necessary to give a legion station, the city needed to bear the logistics of the legion, and the state also subsidized the expenses of the legion. "
"You mean daffodils must make some achievements before they can be accepted by the later Tang Dynasty?" Su Feiqing is a clever and beautiful girl. She knew what she meant when she heard Chitan Dan’s words.
"Hey hey, the best chance to surrender is that you surrender to Beiliang and stick to the city to frustrate the offensive of the later Tang Dynasty, and then wait for the surrender theory of the later Tang Dynasty. If there are any conditions for the latter Tang Dynasty to throw it around, you will quickly agree; In this way, the daffodil legion will have a seat. The problem is … "
"The problem is that in the later Tang Dynasty, there will be no obstacles for the soldiers to sweep the northern beam. Although Pang Shigu has 300,000 troops, the morale is shaken. Several cities in Yanzhou have a surrender mentality. Even if I vote for the northern beam, I will eventually vote for the later Tang Dynasty, right?"
Chitan Dan grinned again.
Seeing him smile, Fei Qing also smiles, and can display the beauty of the girl. It was really severe. When she saw her smile, she couldn’t help but feel a little trance and shouted "goblins! goblins!"
"I heard that there is an army called the service army. Many chivalrous men have formed legions, but all of them are service legions. The lion army has a large number of service legions. I wonder if Red Wei Jun can accept the daffodil legion as the service legion?" Su Feiqing sighed in her heart that she would eventually make the worst choice.
I was very surprised to hear that Su Feiqing wanted to be the Red Wei Army. He looked at Su Feiqing and asked, "The Army? Do you know what this legion does? "
"Know" Su Feiqing doesn’t know what the service army is when she makes this worst choice. The service army is also called the servant army, which belongs to a local army with poor equipment, low wages and no welfare. Due to the cancellation of the game, the service army is actually a cannon fodder soldier. Every time before the war, the service army must charge in the front battlefield, and all the gains can not be attributed to itself. It will be automatically removed by the unified system and transferred to the regular army warehouse.
"There is no food and clothing, no property protection and welfare; The charge retreats in front and dies in the back. If you live without a pension, you will be clubbed. "This is the situation of the service army.
Of course, the status of the service army also means that the NPC Corps joins the Chivalrous Corps. The service army is not so bad. How to say that the Chivalrous Corps C-scale army is limited to 10,000 Chivalrous Corps, and there are 3,000 Chivalrous Corps. If you want to perform well in the battlefield or be independent, you must have the service army to help you. Each C-scale Chivalrous Corps can recruit three service troops. If it is affiliated to the regular corps C-scale, you can recruit 30,000 Chivalrous Corps and 300,000 service soldiers.