She didn’t know when the chicken was hostile to her. At least she didn’t dare to doubt her completely until the last moment. She really regarded the chicken as her friend, but the word friend has always been relative.

Her chicken should not be called warm meow. She has never regarded her as a friend. Her real friend should be a little mushroom.
This is certain thanks to the fact that the name of the sword just slipped out at Muyun Idle.
This game is more complicated for players. It is already very good to play a number seriously. Occasionally, people chat to practice a trumpet, but the strength of the trumpet must be much lower than that of the large one. When the chicken can have two different strengths, it has to be said that it is unexpected that each number has different martial arts equipment, and it will not make people think that the two trumpets are actually the same person.
Sometimes a person is full of doubts about one thing, so some details that are usually ignored come to mind.
For example, when she occasionally moved the flower palace line, she heard the flower palace sisters complain about chicken and sometimes ignored them because of substitute training.
For example, Kelp once told her that tomatoes came to ask him because she didn’t know much about Peach Blossom Island in the previous training.
There are things that seem to be connected, but it is a reality to connect them with a suitable line. To be continued.
[523. Five hundred and twenty-four The truth (4)]
It’s probably not surprising that a girl who loves to find a substitute has a lot of numbers in her hand.
Because she may like to play and want to try all the martial arts in the Jianghu, maybe she is a businessman who chooses the right time to collect the number and sell it at the right time in the city, maybe she is more likely to be a person who likes to take orders and play games from time to time, and she is somewhat indifferent to people.
Zuo Tangtang believes it is the third kind.
After all, businessmen don’t give their money to practice. They are practicing themselves.
Things are easy to explain.
Xiaoqi said that before Wenmeow A, she gave the position of leader to Xiaoxiao Mushroom to sell the number. At that time, the Flower Transfer Palace was just a fatal attraction for the girls, but one condition was not enough, and it was hard to find in a short time. Adventure must have been abandoned.
They are real friends, and their friendship will not disappear with the game, not to mention that Wenmeow just changed a number.
This number is the third place in the list of moving flowers palace, and the chicken is crispy. At the same time, she bought a peach blossom island adventure and changed its name to tomato
Now, after so many months, Zuo Tangtang can be sure that when she first met the chicken, Wenmiao had bought the number and changed the name, so there would be no misunderstanding. At that time, Wenmiao didn’t know that it was a true attitude towards her. This chicken number was cultivated bit by bit by herself, so it can be seen that this is a girl who loves to play games, and it is just like this that she will love all kinds of gameplay experiences. This game must take effort. She voted her other times to the Flower Palace, so the number of Peach Blossom Island must need to be practiced to keep up.
Just playing while practicing, her friend Little Mushroom found her …
Although Zuo Tangtang doesn’t know the real details of the period of fighting an alliance affiliated gang, he can be sure that their respective gang affairs are definitely mutual knowledge. The sword name wants to seek wealth in danger, which will offend people. There must be a gang behind him, and an ordinary person can’t provoke the group to support this gang. Who else but he is inextricably linked?
This plan is clear to everyone, especially the little mushroom who once had a friendship with Jian Ming. On this day, the first chivalrous and evil madman needs to make a ranking list to know the facts clearly. Maybe this little mushroom has already stared at her, and it is not impossible to think of it here. Zuo Tangtang shook his head, and the little mushroom was inexplicably paranoid and could kill her three times. Even this little mushroom person hoped that something would happen to her.
However, the little mushroom not only allows the sword celebrity to trip her up privately, but also the overall situation, especially from the chicken. I learned that there is a black wind village behind her, which has to avoid a three-person gang for their current development, so the little mushroom asked the sword name to contact the chicken so that they could find Zuo Tangtang’s whereabouts in the first place.
That’s when the chicken was injected with Zuo Tangtang.
What’s the trouble? Zuo Tangtang and a group of girls who are playing in the flower palace have added close friends, including her. Every time Zuo Tangtang asks for the thread, she can find it from the instructions. The only thing that needs to be distinguished is whether she personally threads it or kelp.
Chicken suddenly remembered the practice number in Taohua Island.
So she picked it up again and deliberately set up with the people around him with that number, almost a girl who has no gang history and is not outstanding. She usually doesn’t talk on the power channel. Her appearance didn’t make Kelp suspect anything, so she gradually became an uninvited "regular customer" in Heifeng Village.
But even she didn’t think that she would like kelp.
I contacted her again and again, from being entrusted by my friends to looking for kelp, to being myself. Seeing him and listening to his voice, I can stay on the same channel with him quietly. Only when I understand kelp, I hate Zuo Tangtang more and more. She hates kelp’s unusual attitude towards Zuo Tangtang. She hates Zuo Tangtang’s attitude of being the first to arrive when something happens. She hates everything involving them.
She and Little Mushroom are good friends, and among them, Zuo Tangtang knows something. Qiqi is just a stupid and emotional person. After playing games for so many years, she should have thought about it. She believes that when she gives her enough, she can get what she wants and let her friends get what she wants.
So in Zuo Tangtang’s place, she became more and more invisible. Usually, she paid attention to the details and reasons. For an informant who doesn’t like to personally, she will never find her strange.
However, she underestimated Zuo Tangtang
Zuo Tangtang doesn’t care about these things on weekdays. It doesn’t mean that she should take precautions. Is it because she doesn’t want to doubt a person, especially her friend’s heart? Those intermittent fragments have already told her the truth. She doesn’t want to believe it. What if there is still a misunderstanding? What if there’s still a glimmer of impossibility? Until the last moment, she advised Mu Yunxian. Later, according to her plan, she asked the chicken directly, but she didn’t know what. She wanted to avoid the scene, and she knew everything. Although she cared about it, she didn’t want to care about it. If she deleted her friend’s chicken, she wouldn’t come to her if she felt a little guilty about her. At that time, it wouldn’t matter if they just forgot about it in the Jianghu.
Unfortunately, at that time, the chicken tried to continue to deceive her, so she had to order something.
Zuo Tangtang sighed and felt at a loss. She didn’t know how things got to this point, but she experienced so many twists and turns. It was just that she met two or three people and made it clear, but her brain was more tired than working overtime for a day.
In fact, there is another thing that makes her doubt. She has not proved that she is too tired to expose the so-called truth. Life is full of all kinds of deception. Sometimes it will happen whether you care or not. Maybe it is not necessarily the best way to expose it. Sometimes it seems that you will not be so tired if you live your life like that.
Thinking about Zuo Tangtang, I feel a little funny when I look at the night that has already arrived.
Many people in the world say that games are just different from reality, and some things don’t have to be taken seriously. Some people don’t have to care, but there are also so many people who regard games as reality. People need to guard against opponents and curry favor with gangs.
Is this self-contradictory from the beginning?
Suddenly, she suddenly remembered the girl who used to cry and laugh in the game. The girl who made up her mind in her heart that she was willing to go to a strange city to fight. At a certain time, she recalled her past and felt childish and silly. She wanted to erase that memory, but now she didn’t shy away and care about it. She didn’t feel humiliated at that time, and she no longer felt stupid. If she didn’t have that time, how could she be now?
Yes, she was serious at that time and took the game as a reality.
No matter how clever and tasteful these people are, aren’t they?
Her mouth is shallow and evocative
She won’t criticize a person with her current point of view, and talk about how to seriously talk about what is going on in this Jianghu. It’s hard for serious people to get what they want in return. She found out long ago that she didn’t get what she wanted. Now she won’t judge the likes and dislikes of all kinds of people in the Jianghu, and she won’t care about it. I hope these people can get what they want smoothly in this unlikely river and lake.
"Tang Tang! Your father and I have something to go out and don’t eat at home. There are meals and vegetables in the kitchen. You heat it yourself! " Left mother shouted at the door and interrupted Zuo Tangtang’s stupefaction.
Hurriedly went out of the bedroom door and watched the left father and the left mother go out. She didn’t see that it was so long before she knew it.
Is this a confession of the game before you leave?