"Five? Is it a bit more bullying than bullying? "
"Nonsense can come here. Which one is the weak and five are insured together!"
In the dead of night, Lorraine was sleeping, and Jenny was lying beside Lorraine.
"Lorraine! Lorraine Get up! "
Luo Ling heard Lin Yin in a daze, looked at a * * alarm clock and was knocked on the door by * *. Seeing a face of excitement, Lin directly asked at the door, "What can I do for you at three o’clock in the middle of the night?"
"no!" Lin said, "Go get your gun and come with me!"
"Gun …" Hearing this word, Lorraine’s drowsiness disappeared.
"Hurry up!"
Lorraine turned and went back to her room to get the gun. Lin followed her and went to the sleeping Jenny’s side. A hand knife made the sleeping Jenny into a coma!
Lorraine was very strange, but she didn’t ask Lin much. She told her to take the gun. There must be a thief who touched the house.
Follow Lin from the house to the kitchen leading to the backyard.
As soon as Lorraine entered the kitchen, she smelled blood and saw five bodies lying in the kitchen. She just shouted, but Lin covered her mouth.
These five bodies have different death forms. The first one is that the neck is cut off, the whole head is drooping, and you can’t see what it looks like. The second one is that the eyes are wide open, and the eyebrows are stabbed with a small hole. The third one is wearing a pair of metal gloves with long thorns. The fourth one is also stabbed with a small hole in the eyebrows, and you can’t see anything lying on the back of your head with your bare hands. The fifth one is the most special one, and you can’t see the dead face is quite rosy.
Seeing the dead Lorraine can’t help but have an impulse to vomit.
It took a long time for Lorraine to calm down.
"Come to these people’s wounds and guns. This can’t be cut by a knife!" Lin Pingjing said to Luo Ling
Lorraine frowned and said nothing, but her heart was surging
She looked at Lin in fear. Today, she found out what kind of person Lin is. She actually killed four people and killed four people. She could be so calm … Tell her to mend the gun and see that those dead people are already dead. Is it to plant the murder charge on her head?
"hurry up! When you’re done, go back to your room and wake Jenny up and call the police together as if you don’t know anything! " Lin speaks very clearly in Lorraine’s ear.
Lorraine was stunned. "Oh!"
Shake your hands!
Although it’s aimed at the dead, it’s hard for ordinary people to get their hands on it
But in the end, Lorraine grabbed Lin and grabbed her hand behind her to help her aim, but Lorraine had to be responsible for pulling the trigger herself, so she couldn’t shoot those wounds and cut her throat.
The gun is very big, so it must have awakened the neighbors.
_ ____w_ w_ w___ __ _o_m
"There’s another one. Hurry up!"
"He … is still alive!"
"quick! Close your eyes and finish the play! "
Lin’s harsh voice echoed in Lorraine’s ear. Lorraine closed her eyes or had already closed her eyes and pulled the trigger.
Bang bang bang …
After more than a dozen rounds of ammunition were shot, Lin reached out and took the pistol from Lorraine’s hand. He wiped Jenny’s fingerprints on the pistol surface with his own hand and left his fingerprints. When the pistol was loaded, it was a piece of scrap metal when it was not.
"All right, go back to your room and wake Jenny up and call the police and come to the living room together."
Lorraine is obedient and very strange. When she returns to her room, she will be awakened by Lin’s stunning Jenny. With a confused face, Jenny is very strange. She calls the police and changes clothes to stay in the living room.
Lin has also finished what he should do.
Jenny was surprised to sit in the living room and look at Lin and Lorraine and ask, "What’s the matter?"
"There are several thieves in the house!"