"Not bad!" Lin nodded and said, "It mainly depends on their attitude!"

Lei Jun raised the question "Attitude?"
"hmm!" Lin turned to look at Lei Jun and said, "If they underestimate the enemy, my chances of winning are very great. If they don’t underestimate the enemy and make too many mistakes in tactics, I will die."
Lin’s opponent is not strong this time, which he has already seen. Powerful is scientific and technological strength, and scientific and technological strength also depends on who controls and transports powerful scientific and technological strength. A proper blow can solve the battle. If it is not done properly, it will be a waste of energy.
These boxers who have been physically transformed are all equipped with energy sources. If the energy sources are completely consumed, they will be as dead as Iron Man’s energy.
In the fight between remoulding fighters and remoulding fighters, it is very common for one remoulding fighter to lose his life because of the exhaustion of energy.
"…" Terence and Lei Jun all stopped talking.
Linkou said, "Do you think they will underestimate their enemies?"
Lei Jun said, "If you don’t lose, you will die. How can you underestimate your enemy? Even if you just come to the magic prison to play the first game, you won’t underestimate your enemy!"
Lin looked dull and shook his head without speaking.
It’s not that I don’t want to talk about it, but now I can’t say that the magic prison is not fair. In the magic prison, if you have money and are willing to spend money, you can find out all the information of your opponent from the organization of the magic prison … Lin and Terrence are talking now, and they are likely to be monitored by their opponents.
It can be said that he has said that he can’t say anything, and he can’t say anything if he lives or dies.
Lin still appeared in the cage as early as before.
Unlike in the past, this time the ring is against silver brokers, which is twice as big as bronze and black iron rings.
Lin Yi went to the center of the ring and looked at the iron gate of his opponent.
Lei Jun is not a broker. He can’t appear near the ring. He can hide in the room and watch the live broadcast. Plus, if Lin just underestimates his opponent not long ago, he now knows that he underestimates his opponent … and the result of underestimating his opponent is Lin Shengli, although he doesn’t know what strength Lin has to defeat those fighters whose personal worth exceeds one billion.
Lei Jun’s reason for underestimating his opponent is simple: the forest farm and the opponent have not played yet.
This is the difference between attaching importance to and underestimating the enemy!
The opponent who was judged by Lei Jun to underestimate the enemy is very serious at this time. The silver-level agent is looking at himself this time, and he said sternly, "Don’t underestimate the enemy! Never underestimate your enemy! As long as you can win slowly and steadily, don’t worry about any tactics that will kill him and kill him … Any tactics will do! Remember that your head is your only weakness, and this weakness is vulnerable in front of a dark fighter. Never underestimate your enemy and never let him seize the opportunity to attack your head! You are faster than him, your strength is stronger than his defense, not to mention that you can attack him everywhere except the weakness of your head! "
"I know!"
Jack-o’-lantern is serious, but his eyes are full of disdain. He is no stranger to dark fighters because there is a dark fighter in their team. They have been training together for a long time, and he knows what the limit of dark fighters is.
Yes, it is the limit!
The limit of destructive power, the limit of speed … The weakness of the dark fighter is countless. There are weaknesses all over the body. Except for the weakness, he really can’t find it from the body of the dark fighter, not the weakness!
"Then let’s win this game, you upgrade and transform the money …" The silver-level agent looked at Ghost Fire and suddenly realized that this battle didn’t make any money. The money was really not much for him. After all, the opponent was a black-iron agent and had just been promoted because of a game. Now Ghost Fire needs a few hundred million days for every step of physical upgrading and transformation, so it is not enough to change the subject and say, "Don’t think about killing him first, then what do you want to do!"
"I know!"
Jack-o’-lantern has been a little impatient with the agent’s repeated exhortations.
"It’s almost time when it’s ready. I want to say a few more words, and there’s no time. Let’s go!"
Look at the ghost fire Lin’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled at the opposite iron gate … Sure enough, his dialogue with Terence was known by his opponent, because the first two opponents were likely to become a ghost fire and a ghost, and for the ghost analysis, Lin and Lei Jun said in detail that if they were not monitored, their opponents should be ghosts this time … Because of the ghost speed, the transformation of the ghost magnetic device is a safe choice for boxers who have no metal substances in their bodies!
I don’t want Lin to know that the installation of a magnetic device in the body of a ghost must be a fixed-point directional magnetic device rather than an orientation … And this magnetic device has a very great weakness, that is, the ghost is magnetically attracted to the metal attraction and repulsion, and when there is a metal substance in the magnetic circuit, it will be attracted to the ghost and fly away like a bullet. As a result, even if it can’t kill the ghost, it will cause a lot of damage to the ghost. If there are more ghost roots, it will kill itself because of this.
Dozens of meters away from the forest and the jack-o’-lantern!
The murder in Lin’s eyes is as rough as the waves.
Seeing this scene, the ghost fire laughed. "The state of being possessed is the same as I expected!"
The jack-o’-lantern slowly stepped into the cage and the iron gate thumped behind the ring.
In front of the jack-o’-lantern, Lin suddenly became blurred, and then he felt his head hit gently, and then he lost everything. It felt dark arrival!
The picture is fixed at the iron gate, the jack-o’-lantern steps on the ring, and Lin Yuan has a incomplete and fuzzy figure in the middle of the ring. At the same time, beside the jack-o’-lantern, there is a fuzzy figure punched in the jack-o’-lantern’s head … This figure gradually becomes clear.
Cut it!
Automatic sound of iron gate appears
At the same time, the cage appearance war broker also issued a sound "sound speed!"
"How is it possible!"
"how can a dark fighter reach the speed of sound without modification!"
"It’s impossible, but it’s impossible to make mistakes when measured by Armor Wisdom Brain. Even if one machine makes mistakes, it’s impossible for so many machines to make mistakes together!"
"Is this still a person?"
"Compared with other fighters, he is still a person, but compared with ordinary fighters, this wind snake is not a person!"
"This speed plus a blow will kill the destructive power of the dark energy. No wonder it is called the wind snake!"
A marvel is incredible. Terence, a forest agent, is in a state of sluggishness. His mouth is wide open and no sound is made.
At the same time, watching this battle, Lei Jun also maintained the same expression as Terence.
Lin from entering this special training into the magic prison showed his dark strength in the first battle, and showed that he was a dark fighter. In the second war, he played a horse stepping on a swallow, which showed that he was a master of dark strength. In the third battle, he breathed out and killed people, showing his incomprehensible dark strength. In the fourth battle, this battle just ended, showing an incredible speed of sound!
Lin closed his fist and turned to walk in the direction of entering the iron gate of the ring. As he walked, he said softly, "I am afraid that no one will dare to underestimate the enemy after a battle!"