Because I’m obviously not as patient as D, the dead fat guy, to be honest, there are a lot of patients in fat, but with such patience and DOA playing so well, obviously D is the only one.

Assisting this position, in addition to fighter planes and majors, the most important test is patience. It takes a lot of patience to stay in the pit and keep your position and the position of your teammates.
Come feel not yet.
"It’s KS and it’s a fight against KS." QA didn’t seem to hear Lin Feng arguing with Luo Qi. Actually, they including DCG and KC are used to it now. This is different from old Pei Linfeng. Lin Feng and old Pei Xian are attacked and Luo Qi Lin Feng looks more like a pair of good friends.
I feel that Lao Pei also has a good girlfriend who is her own. She studies men by her side every day, studies the world, studies the street, studies when to eat, when to go out and buy, when to get paid in a month, where to go shopping, when to have her period, and what brand of plane tickets. One is lying by her side, teasing her heart every day, chatting with her, talking about life, seeing the cruelty and ideals of life, and rolled sheets men with her.
I didn’t think there was anything wrong with them coming closer. Maybe Lao Pei would be worried if Luo Qi and Lin Feng didn’t look right.
"I heard that this KS-level qualifying competition must appear."
"Then fight, we are not afraid of them." Ah, Fanhua is the most realistic game. EH is not afraid of KS. After all, EH has an advantage in this game.
KS’s performance in the competition makes QA expect that KS is not, and there is no improvement due to the layer pressure, at least in the attitude of the competition.
The fastest game in the 2-minute GG qualifier is like the original KS didn’t intend to win this game.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-nine Elder teaching
Although the game between EH and KS is so weird.
Many EH fans have seen that KS root is slacking off.
You know, although KS is not very famous, the players in the team are all professional players with superior strength. At least there are three core figures, namely, Add MOUSE and BUNINGJUGG.
In the recent G League, I was still very dedicated, at least I have been avoiding the limelight after the scandal of recruiting prostitutes.
It looks like it’s suddenly getting better.
Don’t you change the gold when the waves turn back?
However, in this game, many people had a little expectation for KS, so DOAER completely gave up the original hope.
If you see this KS game, people will think that KS root has no heart to play this game.
PA Dragon Rider NEC, these three candidates are BUNING and JUGGMOUSE. If you have to say that PA and Dragon Rider have a small piece in the early stage, the main point control is also very tiger, then look at the other two.
Visage and the Immortal Corpse King
What a non-mainstream array this is.
You let PA fight with Dragon Rider and Necromancer?
Or do you want NEC to be a corpse, and these two half-way nuns will protect PA together?
Or simply let NEC ridicule the development of both flanks in the middle of the road?
This doesn’t feel right at all, does it?
It’s like a sunny boy who looks innocent but asks you seriously when he walks across from you.
"How to fall in love when the gender is different?"
Let Hou talk to you first when you are at a loss
"I really don’t discriminate against heterosexuals. I don’t understand what’s going on. Is this heterosexuality normal? I don’t discriminate against heterosexuals. I always feel that something is wrong. How can two people fall in love with different genders? "
At this time, you will come here for nothing. This fellow is simply selling in pettish, sprouting and telling.
That’s what you should say to him, "You’ve heard of heterosexuality, too?"
"A long time ago, there was a woman named Zhu Yingtai who liked a man named Liang Shanbo. At that time, society was not so liberal and could not accept heterosexuality, so Zhu Yingtai approached him disguised as a man, so they gradually cultivated a good relationship. Later, Liang Shanbo knew that Zhu Yingtai was a woman and still loved her! But they were strongly opposed by their families, so it was really touching that they were both double suicide … "
Bullshit, right?
The audience thought this game between EH and KS was like such a nonsense story.
The root is not right at all.
However, for Lin Feng and DCG, KS is almost an amateur play, but it makes EH enter the second round safely, that is, the top six winners. You know, if you win two more EH games, you can directly give up the last game and the fourth game.
Qualifying is just around the corner. What are you waiting for?
Decisively draw lots
But the disadvantage of playing too fast is that EH doesn’t know who his opponent will be.
When waiting, it always makes people feel that chatting is exciting. Talking is that the opponent is still there and fighting fiercely. How many fingers do you want before your fingers are hot for 20 minutes?
It’s like some kind of small film just hit the head and saw that the cover was seriously inconsistent with the picture by PS, and then the KS array instantly made you feel that you saw the A*V picture quality in DOA, and finally resisted the urge to throw up and take your mouse to drop the picture. It took you half an hour to watch it, and you just saw a wonderful place, and the play was just behind.
It’s like a person telling a joke with you
"Once upon a time there was a eunuch."
"Where are the noodles?" And then you ask, what about taking it?
"the noodles are gone ~" the one that hung your appetite but told you it was gone just when there was a little atmosphere.
"Why don’t you pick up the noodles?"
"The time, are you kidding me? You’re kidding me! You’re kidding me! ! !” You think that’s about it.
It’s like in the street, you suddenly see a beautiful woman with a bag walking past you, with a hot body and not giving you the glad eye.
But in fact, people are still holding their men in their hands.
This feeling is that you already know how to deal with DOA’s old rival, but he is still playing with others. Whether he can play with you is a problem.
This is the excitement.
Or a little expectation of bad taste.
EH is very eager for his opponent to be 7L in the first round. You should know that abusing an opponent, especially the strength and difference are not too much, but suddenly you beat your opponent again.
Once you find a way to solve the problem.
You will always want to abuse him several times, because there are so many happy S and so many happy and painful M in this world. Together, they become a pursuer that everyone loves and many people are still tireless.
Now EH is like the kind that I have prepared a lot of music to share with 7L.
But in many cases, whether you can achieve your goals is not just your own efforts.