Later, Yu Jingxiang made all kinds of movements, and each of her films was big-budget and big-handed. Now she has gone directly to Hollywood to be the No.2 female, not the role of soy sauce, but the real No.2 female.

There are still people who speculate that Jing Xiang’s background is today, and no one can give the exact result, and the audience has gradually accepted it, and Jing Xiang has never speculated that he can’t find black spots except this mysterious background
Jing Xiang is also different from many artists in that both the audience and fans know that she is an absolute rich man.
No matter where the money comes from, Jing Xiang is the first one to go his own way in the entertainment circle.
She never cares how the outside world talks about her self, but she also has a life that many female artists envy and envy.
When other female artists were competing for glory on the red carpet, she went to the red carpet wearing a simple suit and trousers, although she was later stripped out. Her seemingly simple suit was made by top craftsmen.
And when other artists finally got acquainted with some Hollywood artists, she directly got the name of the other person’s social networking site.
When all the female artists are fighting for some good sponsorship, she wears a dress of her own in the world directly at the award ceremony.
Even by some female artists, hundreds of thousands of bags are precious, which can be directly used in interviews.
Qiwang w w w q i s u w a n g
Something left at your feet during an interview.
Jingxiangfeng can be said to envy a group of artists, but they can also envy one
For the audience, even if they want to know what Jingxiang is, they can make up their minds in their hearts if they are so wanton.
There are also many people on the internet who try to find out Jing Xiang’s identity and finally fail.
Qingchen just brushed around in Jingxiang News Subway.
On the way out of the subway, Qingchen happened to meet the Fei Song car. He rolled the window to let Qingchen car be several hundred meters away from the viewing platform.
Qing Chen didn’t refuse to take the bus.
Fei Song is still warm and jade-like. His face is angular and his eyebrows are particularly heroic.
"Is the latest issue of your program ready?" Song Fei asked Qing Chen.
"Well, it’s almost done in the later stage, and now it’s time to find a candidate for the first stage." Qingchen now thinks that it’s a good thing to have a door red, but it’s also a big challenge for the subsequent development of the program, because if the quality of the program doesn’t keep up with it, it will probably cause the ratings to drop.
In order to be able to explain Qingchen to advertisers, we must now ensure that the ratings of the following programs remain at the level of Mr. Xu’s issue, and they can rise or fall
Even Qingchen knows that it is easier said than done and there will be many difficulties, but she still has to bite the bullet and do it.
Even if there won’t be a second season of this program, we must do it well.
Qingchen has plans for the future, but she won’t be too demanding. What she wants to do now is to finish the remaining issues of this program and make herself satisfied.
"A candidate … I can probably give you a discussion"
"Oh?" Qing Chen looked at Fei Song with interest. "Who is it?"
"I’ll send you his information later. You can read it before making a decision."
"Good thank you" green morning smiled slightly.
Fei Song shook his head "and I say thank you? I didn’t help you anything. "
Qingchen really wants to say that she doesn’t have to help, just know that the other party has this heart.
Qingchen and Fei Song went to the office together, and Fei Song had news to broadcast. After getting the information, they went to the studio, but Qingchen was recruited by several colleagues.
"Qingchen Qingchen, are you coming with Song Anchor today?"
"We met outside the subway …" Qingchen explained.
"You are very good?"
"We are college classmates, and he is my teacher."
"So you’re not dating?"
Green morning frowned "want to where is it possible? We are just friends. "
"True" Qing Chen replied firmly.
So a colleague said with a full face of expectation, "Well, in the morning, you can help us to find out if anchor Song got married and had a girlfriend. Are you going to find a girlfriend? What kind do you like? Are there any hard and fast requirements for girlfriends …"
"Yes, yes, green morning, by the way, you can help us with the Song anchor again. By the way, ask him if he likes the people in Taiwan …"
Qing Chen realized that so many people around her had glanced at Fei Song.
However, Song Fei just returned from abroad, and his career is on the rise. It has great development potential and is recognized by leaders and audiences. In this way, people are bound to be very popular.
"Then if there are almost words, I’ll try to help you ask …" In fact, Qingchen doesn’t want to do this thing, but it’s not convenient to refuse directly at this time and he can temporarily promise to come.
"Thank you, Qingchen!"
Section 14
But even the leaders didn’t give Qingchen a chance to ask Song Fei’s colleagues questions. She learned that she was going to be arranged for a business trip in the middle of the day.
Qing Chen was puzzled in Minister Wang’s office and asked him, "Why did you suddenly arrange for me to go on a business trip?"
Minister Wang was in a good mood and explained, "Isn’t it just that you are the most flexible? Your live broadcast is not fixed, so you can let others help you?"
"But I have to do a program …" Qingchen actually refused to go on a business trip.
However, Minister Wang’s attitude is very firm. "It’s only a business trip for two days, and you have enough time to do your program. It’s okay to catch up."
Qingchen "…" She really wants to say that if you do it, you will know how complicated it is. You have to hurry, but how much effort will it take her?
It’s a pity that Minister Wang is not considerate. She immediately patted the board. "We have also discussed that this business trip is the most suitable for you, so you can go."
How can Qingchen refuse? Can you promise to come and take the information given to her by Minister Wang?
As she walked and watched, she found that this business trip was to attend a high-level business meeting in A city. All major TV stations will send staff, especially professional media like their financial channel, to take the lead in tracking and reporting the meeting. At that time, some reports and live broadcasts will be made on the spot.
No wonder she has to go. It’s actually the hardest thing, and those qualified anchors on the station certainly don’t like it. The hard work finally falls on her.