The enchantress’s charming hand brushed lightly on the side of the rock, and the whole beautiful hair and purple robe danced in the wind. The enchantress’s cheeks smiled and charmed all beings … She didn’t speak, but gently looked at the boulder snowman.

Then the snow man turned out to be a purple light, and the snow disappeared in an instant. The snow dispersed and revealed a handsome man in a purple robe, with long eyelashes blinking gently and a smile on his white face, but it was as if it were snowing in this world, except for beauty and cold … It was the midnight.
The midnight chuckled at the enchantress and said, "Is something wrong?"
The enchantress looked at the handsome smile for a moment, but she was not fascinated by the midnight, but … The enchantress seemed to see the man who loved flowers and was beautiful.
Yes, Liu Dieyi appeared in the eyes of the demon Ji …
Demon Ji unbelievable staring at the midnight stupefied way "you actually entered the field? How is it possible that this is only a few years! "
The midnight chuckled, "Isn’t a few years enough?"
The enchantress stared at the midnight with charming eyes, and her surprised expression slowly disappeared. Then she smiled and said with relief, "This is also a good thing. It is also better for us to enter the field."
"That’s why I came to see you today," said the enchantress. "We need you to help us deal with a woman in a year."
Demon Ji nods "Lin Xianer"
"Lin Xianer, the first beauty in the Jianghu?"
The enchantress said, "Not bad."
The midnight smiled indifferently. "What can I do to help you?"
Demon Ji smiled at the corner of her mouth and pointed her left hand to her lips. "Because of the year, her martial arts has achieved great success. Her ambition is to unify the rivers and lakes."
In the dead of night, there is no interest in saying, "This kind of thing in our sect has no influence on me."
Demon Ji said, "What if I told you that the reward for killing her was Chiba dew?"
The midnight blink of an eye, Chiba dew can permanently increase the speed, agility and strength, and the ten-point elixir is called the first fairy medicine in the day.
"I’ll be there as promised in a year," said the midnight.
Demon Ji "giggled" chuckled "Then I’ll be leaving now …" Then the demon Ji swept past two snowmen and slipped her long nails from the throats of two snowmen … White snow slowly oozed blood red …
At midnight, I looked at the purple shadow that was deeper than myself, and wiped a faint smile at the corner of my mouth. "It’s hard to kill evil …"
The Jianghu shows that "one man with his arms raised, ten thousand people shouted at midnight to set up the Wanhualou gang brother, and 200,000 comprehensive strength entered the top ten of Jianghu gangs, surpassing Fengyue Valley to become the fourth sect in Jianghu". The Jianghu is really chaotic …
"Interesting" helped the enchantress on the railing of a pavilion in Ziwei City. She couldn’t help laughing until it was only three days before midnight that members of the once-flower fragrance gang were summoned to set up the Flower House.
A line of people from Tianxinggong Palace just got up and left the Wanhualou meeting, closed their eyes, opened their eyes and stared at Qingfengdao coldly. "I miss you for World War I today."
Suddenly nine Yan Xuri Mochow was staring at the romantic in disbelief.
Qingfeng stopped and slowly turned to be indifferent. "You will find me when you just broke through. I didn’t expect to drag it until today."
Romantic cold way "because the time was not mature enough"
Qingfeng frowned slightly and said, "Oh?"
Romantic way "please"
Qingfeng nodded and walked to the courtyard together.
The laser shadow, blue and white, attacked each other vigorously, and the courtyard was in a state of chaos in a few moments.
Looking at the two men fighting the rising sun, I can’t help but wonder. Looking at Jiu Yan, I can’t believe that "the breakthrough in romantic times has been able to fight Qingfeng for more than 30 strokes, and I haven’t lost yet! ?”
Nine yan didn’t know that he believed in the same way and shook his head slowly …
Aside from the cold star, it was very indifferent. She said, "It was three years ago that Ye Gucheng left his sword meaning for him after his death. It was not until a year ago that he realized it and broke through the realm of reaching the realm."
The rising sun stung his tongue and said with envy, "Is this actually happening?"
Mochow looked at the rising sun and said, "Don’t envy it. It’s because of the romantic relationship with Ye Gucheng that you can understand Ye Gucheng Kendo. Even if I give it to you, you will understand it."
Just as several people were talking, the fighting between Qingfeng and Fengyue stopped, and Fengyue’s face was pale and his mouth was covered with blood …
Romantic is laughing and sneering at "I lost to you after all"
Qingfeng said coldly, "You are finally close to me."
Romantic way "I also think it is unnecessary to stay here …"
Nine Yan, the rising sun and Mochow immediately froze and then nine Yan roared, "Feng Yue, what are you talking about! ?”
Romantic slightly raised eyebrows indifferent eyes appeared a little quiet looking at nine yan and then slowly walked to the cold star, saying "let’s go". Romantic then walked to the gate, and behind her, she followed the iron-blood gang Wang’s thorns and the crazy war gang Wang in Athens …
Han Xing, I’m sorry to look at Jiu Yan’s three-person judo. "I’m sorry, I have to go with romantic …" Then she quickly turned around and walked to the gate like a snowy romantic.
"Qingfeng, why don’t you stop them! ?” Nine Yan immediately to indifference on the spot Qingfeng urgent way
Qingfeng indifferent turned and walked to the palace of Tianxing.
The other three Wang looked at each other and were stunned by this sudden event.
Nine Yan looked at Qingfeng and walked to the temple without saying a word, frowning slightly and saying "You wait for me here" to several people behind him, and then he went straight to Qingfeng.
At the corner, people outside saw that Qingfeng and Jiuyan suddenly coughed and suddenly one mouthful blood gushed out. Jiuyan Dazhen quickly held Qingfeng in horror and said, "Is it so serious?" He doesn’t believe that romantic will hurt Qingfeng so badly!
Qingfeng shook his head slightly. "Not long ago, I was injured in a fight with the emperor."
Jiuyan said, "Imperial pole?"
Qing duct "maybe it won’t be long before there will be a monopoly in the Jianghu …"
Jiuyan stared straight at Qing Fengdao. "Who is he who will have such a powerful force?"
Qingfeng indifferent didn’t answer is leisurely said "romantic really stronger …"
Chapter ninety-six Hotel episode
With the invasion of the cold current of the sea, a gust of cold wind landed in Japan, and it was snowing all over the sky, decorating Japan into a snow country.
Pedestrians kept rubbing their hands and screaming for the cold, rushing through the streets and leaving deep footprints in the snow. Si Nian wore black clogs and white socks, which was better than walking slowly in a hurried crowd. His feet had no footprints, but the bigger the snow was, Si Nian didn’t want to lift it himself. In front of him was a hotel, and he stepped in.
Ximen Chuixue never drinks, so did Ye Gucheng. The legal persons who have seen Sinian’s killer sword in the rivers and lakes are convinced that Sinian is Ximen Chuixue among the players …
However, Si Nian is not Ximen Chuixue. Even his habits are different in Ximen Chuixue. Ximen Chuixue never drinks because of promiscuity, but Si Nian doesn’t care about it. If he wants to, he will do it.
When the shop assistant came, the wine was not a good wine, but it was never mixed with water, because his wine was exchanged for one thousand two hundred silver tickets for Si Nian.
Si Nian looked at the glass indifferently with his glass. He is not going to study by himself now. He is waiting for someone who makes him feel very interesting. In Si Nian’s eyes, everyone will die early, but today he doesn’t want to draw a sword against that person.