On the other hand, near other stars and a living planet, the planetary base will be flooded with all kinds of minerals, all kinds of energy and all kinds of factories … The most important thing is that no matter what planetary satellites are put in, it is essential. It is not called launching detection if there are not hundreds of satellites on each planetary surface.

Because these satellites are, and are not, a planet with a large number of satellites, but there will be a large number of satellites on almost all distributable surfaces … It is impossible for a spacecraft to hide its past, and no advanced technology can be used unless it has the function of invisibility. Stealth is really invisible rather than avoiding detection. Stealth is not without this technology, which is very demanding on materials. It is impossible to make it on the armor surface of a huge spacecraft and some small technological props.
Lin hid the spaceship and landed on the dancing star in a small spaceship with a light song.
Sitting in the spaceship, heading for the dancing star, watching it getting closer and closer, dancing star singing softly, holding hands and sweating constantly.
Compared with the ceremony, the song is light and uneasy. Lin is observing this planet and thinking about what methods Li np, the dark king, needs to get rid of them after he leads np Guanyin out.
Entering the dance star forest, I asked to sit in the passenger seat and sing softly, "How can I get there?"
Li Qingge didn’t speak as if he didn’t hear Lin’s question. Lin knew that Li Qingge was in the present state. A girl under the age of ten must bear a lot of pressure in her mind when she was still outside, thinking about coming back as soon as possible, but as soon as she came back, the problem in her mind changed into coping with such a scene.
For a long time, Li Qingge turned to look at Lin Weak and asked, "Can you teach me what to do?"
"hmm!" Lin thought for a moment and asked, "Did your grandfather die the day before yesterday or yesterday?"
The ritual light song said "the day before yesterday!"
Lin said, "I learned about your family before. Although your grandfather is not of pure Chinese descent, he is deeply influenced by Chinese culture. Today is the third day and he hasn’t had the first seven days … Don’t ask anything when you go back. Just do what your granddaughter should do!"
Li Qingge said, "I … don’t know what to do?"
"You don’t even know this?" Lin patted his head and said, "Does Pima Dai Xiao know?"
"…" Light song shook his head.
How many children in this era will know the funeral rules of China?
"I guess no one will teach you what to do when you go back." Lin shook his head and swept a light song dress. A black satin, a plain linen, a pair of white cloth shoes and a small black suit appeared in his hand and said, "Go to the room and change this set of clothes and shoes, then put this linen as a coat and tie it to his arm."
Li Qingge was shocked to see something suddenly appear in Lin’s hand. It took a long time to recover. He held back his curiosity and took it over and said, "That’s it?"
"Let’s change the rest first and then talk about it later," Lin said.
Li Qingge got up from his seat and went to the small spaceship room to change clothes for Lin, and soon he was dressed in a plain robe in front of Lin.
Lin looked at it and said, "Go and wash your face and hands!"
Li Qingge went to the sanitation, washed off the messy makeup on his face and hands and appeared in front of Lin.
Lin looked a little pale because of the unusual event yesterday, and nodded slightly, but this is not enough.
Lin said, "Can you cry?"
"…" Li Qingge looked puzzled.
Lin shook his head and said, "You should be able to cry when your grandfather died, and you should have cried as soon as you received the news. Now your eyes should be swollen!" "
"…" Li Qingge looked at Lin and blinked, but now the atmosphere is really wrong and she is not a professional actress. It is really impossible to cry quickly.
"Come on! Let me help you! Come here a little! "
Lin waved to Li Qingge and let her approach. She held out a thumb and wiped her eyes. Li Qingge’s eyes instantly became red and swollen, and glittering and translucent tears flashed in her eyes, and soon a drop of tears dropped.
Li Qingge stretched out his hand and wiped his tears … but there was something wrong with his eyes, and there was no sadness in it. It was full of curiosity.
"Sad sad … understand?" Lin said
Li Qingge nodded his head, and his eyes immediately changed and he became sad.
Lin went on to say, "Don’t worry about anything when you come back to your home later. Just kneel on the ground and cry without crying too much … No matter what others ask you to do, just don’t worry about crying! Crying and fainting will fix everything! "
If we say that before yesterday’s incident, we are still a kind little girl. After yesterday’s incident, we have changed a lot and become very selfish. "If I cry myself out, they will kill me …"
Lin interrupted Li Qingge and said, "They can’t be so stupid. Your grandfather is the owner of this planet. He died, but no one dares to do such a thing to you as an important heir at his funeral … Besides, the fact that your grandfather’s will can reach your ears means that your grandfather should find some big shots to do notarization before he dies. It should be that several other big powers and important people on this planet and lawyers will definitely be there … By the way, even if lawyers ask you to sign, you should ignore the inheritance after your grandfather is buried. At that time, no one will dare to stop you.
"That’s right! And even after your grandfather was buried, don’t worry about what you’ve been wearing in recent years. Besides this linen, you usually don’t wear earrings, rings, necklaces and other ornaments in plain colors. You don’t have to bring this black belt for at least three years … Usually, you don’t go out for a stroll. It’s best to stay at home and look inside the net. Sometimes you bring some food that your grandfather likes to the grave to worship and sweep the grave. "
"and those who kill you, if you can let it go, don’t pursue it. If you have to pursue it, you have to wait a few years to deal with it!"