I don’t know how long it took until Ba Du, the witch god, was about to kneel down with a frightened look on his face. He said faintly, "I know what Ba Du … Yu Long told you, and I know your mind … but I won’t blame you … I have my own consciousness and thoughts. It’s normal for you to think so …"

Ba Du, the god of light, punishes himself, but he didn’t expect it to be thrilling.
Vomiting a foul breath, Ba Du, a wizard, smiled and said in a fearful voice, "I don’t believe Yu Long’s words, no matter what he said. I firmly believe that God is good to me …"
Light statue of god nodded his head sleeve a jilt a glass of nectar suddenly appeared in front of the witch god Ba Du.
"Try it … this is a fruit wine brewed by myself … it contains chaotic stock solution … even if you and I practice it like this, it will be of great benefit to your health." The light statue of God said seriously.
Ba Du, the wizard, took the bow and nodded respectfully, holding the cup of nectar and jade and said warmly in his heart, "Thank you, God …"
At this time, Guangzun took a sip of a glass of nectar in his hand. He said calmly, "Ba Du, what if I told you that what Yu Long said was true …?"
Witch god Ba Du shook his head and said "not those.
Can be true … "
God’s eyes drooped slightly, revealing a hint of irony, saying, "I don’t know whether you are deliberately playing dumb or really so confident … but you have confidence in me."
Ba Du, the witch god, looked the same and bowed his head slightly and said lightly, "I said that I believe that God will not harm me …"
"Of course-!" The God of Light looked into the eyes of Ba Du, the sorcerer, and said, "I will let you live before you still have profit value."
"God, I …" Ba Du, a witch, looked straight at the light and looked at the cold eyes and said word for word, "God, are you sure you’re not kidding me …"
God’s eyes suddenly became sharp and said, "It’s true … to tell you the truth, what Yu Long told you is true. Your value now is to spur Yu Long to be stronger than you sooner or later …"
Ba Du, the sorcerer, looked at the light with gherardini and seemed to be watching a big joke for a long time before slowly saying, "Dear God, since you are telling the truth … then I don’t understand why you want to tell me this. Are you afraid that I won’t follow your arrangement after I know this?"
Light statue of god was silent to eyes slightly borehole wall, it seems, are still in the taste witch Ba Du spoke these words sharp eyes become more sharp.
For a long time, God’s lips slightly turned up and sneered and said, "Do you think you have that courage?"
"I have … I Ba Du, the witch god, was at the beginning somehow also a overlord. Until now, I am still the only god of the whole witch family. I have our dignity …"
Ba Du, the witch god, seems to have remembered many past events and sighed, "If you give me another choice, I’d rather be my witch god …"
"It’s a pity that you have no choice." The light statue of God picked his eyebrows and said, "Today, this road is also your own choice … When you went to Tianyuan, you were already a dog. You have given up the dignity and honor that your witch god should have …"
"I believe you won’t give birth to a rebellious mind now …" Light statue of God laughed. "I like obedient dogs …"
As soon as this sentence was spoken, Ba Du, the witch god, and Guangzun God were silent at the same time.
It was a long time before Ba Du, the wizard, gently sighed and said, "It seems that I walked into a conspiracy you made up …"
The facial lines of Guangzun gradually softened, but his eyes drifted into the distance and he said faintly, "It’s your choice whether you plot or not …"
After saying this, his eyes smiled slightly. "Ba Du, I ask you if you have the courage to blow yourself up … I don’t think you should. If you don’t even have the courage to blow yourself up, then you naturally can’t stand my means. You should have self-knowledge and continue to be a dog …
"By the way, your consciousness is also attributed to my crazy suppression of you … otherwise, you are still a walking corpse …" The light statue of God said.
"God … I …" Ba Du, a witch god, said bitterly, "Why do this to me … even if I won’t be subject to you, I won’t betray you."
Guangzun sighed and said, "Oh, no, your business is mainly me. I like to control others. Are you white?" I don’t want someone out of our control. "
"Including the blood baby emperor?" Ba Du asked.
"Ha ha-!" The light statue of God looked at Ba Du, the witch god, and said, "Of course … I like absolute power and absolute location …"
Ba Du, the sorcerer, calmly replied, "I hope I can gain value for my freedom in the future …"
Guangzun smiled sarcastically, squinted at Ba Du and said, "Do you deserve it?"
Hearing such words, Ba Du, the witch god, flashed a murderous look in his eyes, and a faint smell of blood shed gradually permeated. However, the light statue of God seemed to answer coldly, "It’s good for you to be a dog now … Don’t expect too much. It’s not good for you."
Light statue of god eyes staring at the witch god Ba Du face angry silence for a long time.
Only calmly said, "I can make your life worse than death … I have plenty of means to make you more miserable than being physically destroyed. Ba Du, don’t expect to do it well. You may still have a chance."
Ba Du, the witch god, didn’t answer.
"Do you really want to be free?" Light statue of god asked
"Well … but now I don’t want to …" Ba Du, the witch god, said that he didn’t want to be practical, but he was thinking.
The god of light closed his eyes and thought for a moment and said, "Let me tell you this. No one in the whole universe can have freedom except me."
Ba Du, the witch god, moved her eyes manually with the light, but the smile in her eyes was more and more prosperous than that in loneliness, with a hint of ridicule.
It was a long time before he said, "God, can I judge you like this … you are abnormal?"
Ba Du, the witch god, calmed down. "You are much more terrible than Tianyuan. You are a demon. If I had known you were like this, I would rather choose death."
He looked at the light and said coldly, "But now I have no turning back. As you said, the road is mine."
"Don’t worry, I will be an obedient dog … in exchange for the so-called happiness." Ba Du, the witch god, narrowed his eyes and said with a faint sneer, "Maybe this is karma."
"Are you angry?" The light statue of God’s voice is cold, but his eyes are blazing. Staring at the witch God Ba Du is like staring at a dead man. "Ba Du, your mentality is not correct … in fact, you should think that even being a dog has a way out … In fact, I am an emotional person. Even if I am a dog for a long time, I will have feelings. Maybe you will get what you want …"
Ba Du, the sorcerer, coldly looked back at the light and said word for word, "I don’t believe you …"
"How bold …" The light statue of God was extremely angry.
Laughing and revealing the Grand Canyon for a long, long time, the God of Light said, "Don’t look scared … God, I’ll be honest with you because I appreciate you because you still have valuable value, otherwise you and I will be here with you …"
The light statue of God’s eyes became extremely cold. He stared at the face of the witch God Ba Du and said word for word, "I ask you, do you know my mind now?"
Ba Du nodded. "I know … you told me this to let me know your mind and your plan … so I wouldn’t make a mistake because you know I can’t wait to eat Longyu’s meat and drink his blood at once."
"Respect God … Yu Long asked me before that I had no feelings, no relatives and no friends … He said that it was meaningless for me to live like this, and now I have the same problem for you and me." Ba Du, the witch god, looked at the light and respected God faintly and said, "I don’t know what today, I think Yu Long was right earlier."
"Fucking thing …"
"Ba Du, how dare you talk to me like this …" I don’t know what Ba Du’s words made the light statue of God angry.
Ba Du corners of the mouth pulled up a smile.
He didn’t have much hope, but when he was angry, he was a little pleased.
"Hum … I’m Yu Zun … those so-called emotional friends are just the products of human society …" The light statue of God calmed down and became indifferent to get rid of that rare anger, but a Yu Zun showed such a mortal side in front of Ba Du, the witch god.