Lao Pei is not the one who just walked out of campus. Although there was a year ago, now Lao Pei has restrained a lot of his temper.

However, PIS’s endless charades still made Lao Pei feel that PIS was a little different from what the outside world said.
This is not shy.
Lao Pei, who says PIS is shy, wants to spray soda on his face now. A guy who has been actively looking for endless topics for an hour. If he is shy, are there any extroverts in this world?
"I really don’t understand what’s in these two paragraphs. Are you sent by onions to gather words?"
"I don’t know who the onion is." PIS smiled.
"I don’t know. If you say it’s a cold joke, it’s really cold if you win." Lao Pei doesn’t want to say anything to this guy in front of him.
And this time …
PIS, however, threw the contract that Lao Pei gave himself out of the window by the cable car window, spilling white pieces of paper and black fonts with the wind and flying to the ancient wood in Emei Mountain.
"Ah, what are you doing!" Lao Pei couldn’t help it. He glared at the man in front of him.
From the moment I met Lao Pei, I couldn’t figure out what cards this man played in front of me, but now he has thrown away the contract. In the eyes of his wife, this guy is playing himself naked.
From the inexplicable text message to the damn trip to Emei Mountain, Lao Pei was holding back a temper from beginning to end.
Why should you do whatever you want?
"If you don’t want to come to EH, just say that you don’t think of yourself as a male god. I’m not a female diao, and I won’t lick your smelly feet. EH is not so unified!"
Lao Pei finally dumped the old K talking to himself before he left to PIS.
PIS said what Lao Pei wanted to hear most.
Or Lao Pei came from this sentence.
"I would like to join EH"
"This is an unprecedented big stage. I was born here and I was unhappy before. It is a small test or a bad joke. I hope you don’t mind." PIS laughed and got up. The firm and powerful hand in the thousand-meter cable car did not meet and laugh, but tied himself tightly to the name EH. In the thousand-meter cable car in Emei Mountain, the night was filled, but Lao Pei felt more practical.
(PS agreed to break out … Onions almost fainted when they saw red tickets and collections. Please give some help. It’s like squeezing toothpaste. The more red tickets you have, the more onions you collect, so you can be more motivated.
PS Onion was excited. After seeing someone vote for the first time, he also supported Onion. Onion decided that there would be a thousand words in this day. How kind? Don’t be calm. Onion is going to run away! )
Chapter two hundred and seventy-nine My heart
It must be said that PIS is a bit of a ghost, and he has the energy to go all the way to Chengdu but didn’t stay for the last night.
Don’t talk about the steep and beautiful scenery. After verbally agreeing to the EH contract, Lao Pei quickly drafted a handwritten contract and asked PIS to sign it in person after arriving at the foot of Emei Mountain.
"You are in such a hurry that you will give me the feeling that this is a deed of sale."
PIS is joking and joking. Lao Pei, sometimes when a beautiful girl is very serious and cold in front of you, she always feels a little inexplicable.
At least the contrast with the outside and if there is a strong aura will make PIS wonder why such a woman who says that she is a lover with her future teammate Lin Feng looks so abrupt from her appearance.
"I finally know why you are lovelorn. You talk so much if I had killed you." Lao Pei looked at the contract signature in black and white in front of him. In addition to the contract of professional team members, there are even terms including in-service relatives’ benefits after buying a house, which makes people feel that it is simply a nanny contract
PIS even said it was a deed of sale.
If this contract has been sold, God knows that the professional team members in the whole DOA circle hope that they can be sold at such a good price.
Lao Pei’s affection for PIS is temporarily negative until …
In the 24th round, when I beat IG 2-1 away, I finally reversed the bad impression that PIS was the first player in Lao Pei’s mind.
And slowly spread questions, including what PIS will stay thousands of miles away in Chengdu after the season, and the mysterious thing of playing together finally came to fruition.
It’s like quicksand that dries up the fog of many things.
PIS girlfriend. Well, actually, it’s an ex-girlfriend
It’s a hot girl in Chengdu, Sichuan, but this girl … is not so hot.
I said it was spicy before, but now I say it’s not so spicy. Isn’t that a contradiction …
Well, in fact, the thing is that PIS’s ex-girlfriend escaped and said that their fate was over before they dumped PIS in front of Mount Emei, and they broke up before they saved their feelings. PIS caught fire in the backyard during the mid-season career steaming day and broke up with his college girlfriend.
In the end, PIS failed to get back his ex-girlfriend’s heart and felt that his girlfriend might become a monk in Emei Mountain Taoist Temple. PIS has been looking for his ex-girlfriend and Emei Mountain mobile phone signal … Pis is Unicom. It’s really good that it’s not black Unicom here … In fact, everyone knows.
Plus PIS is another good apple boy. On the night of the mobile phone, I received a text message from the NV team leader to understand that EH wanted to sign his own things.
According to PIS’s final statement, it is not only to test EH’s patience and sincerity, but also to find someone to get rid of himself when his wallet is taken away from Emei Mountain … "Stupid Emei Mountain is full of Dojo. How can your ex-girlfriend go to Taoist Temple because she is a Buddhist? Taoist temple is Taoism! " Lao Pei gave a scolding
"IQ is really clumsy" has been mixing DDCG recently, and it is not interesting to tease PIS.
"Don’t take it too personally, you can meet better." Luo Qi is much more kind and gentle than the first two, but …
"It’s really cold when you tell cold jokes."
Come also don’t believe patted back to EH base and everyone to eat the first "home meal" PIS.
This is the 24 th round of G League. There are many things that have not been implemented at this time, although the FireWire joined PIS in the first game and played a lot of low standards.
Helped EH win two difficult away victories.
Also stopped sliding in the standings.
However, the running-in is still a mountain that can’t be bypassed, and the position problem of PIS after joining EH is also a headache.
PIS is a player in the third position and EH is the captain in the third position. Pig’s head vegetable was originally missing GANKER, a combination of pseudo-second position and fourth position EH.
One has an extra number three.
Although still doing wandering, PIS and pig’s head vegetables are almost equal in chemistry.
Actually, two people have spent a lot of thoughts on pig’s head dishes and Lao Pei without consumption caused by location problems.
There have been some fine-tuning in tactics.
This is a matter of tactics and competition.
However, unconsciously, an embarrassing problem was discovered after the PIS transfer was quickly finalized and Lao Pei led people to the EH base.
That is, the dormitory area of EH Club is full now.
Actually, the dormitory area of EH Club has always been relatively spacious. Although there are seven rooms, there has never been a shortage.