He decided to greet the brothers around him and shouted, "The loyalist is coming. Let’s run to Zhongjun’s tent to avoid one! Maybe the general can help us kill them all! "

After that, he ran to the only quiet place with his head. With him leading the way, the gangsters left in panic naturally rushed after him.
The crowd shouted and rushed towards the camp where Mr. Zhan was located. According to the normal plot, this camp would definitely be washed away, but I didn’t expect that the distant lookout post found a change and the horn sounded in the army.
Suddenly, many torches lit up in Mr. Zhan’s camp, and the surrounding bonfires made the terrain in front very bright.
At this time, Zhao Haishou discovered that Mr. Zhan’s camp was not close to the bandit camp, but had a considerable distance, as if he had known that the bandit camp was going to be in chaos.
It’s already retreating, so Zhao Haishou crustily skin of head shouted, "The leader has illuminated the way for us. Run for your life!"
Scared by the war behind him, he rushed towards this light regardless.
I didn’t expect that they hadn’t rushed long before the soldiers across the street shouted slogans neatly.
"recede! Otherwise kill! "
"recede! Otherwise kill! "
"recede! Otherwise kill! "
After shouting for three times, they made preparations for the attack. The long gunner bent down and pointed the pike straight at the crowd, like a poisonous snake spitting letters, ready to take lives; Behind him, the sword and shield hand also stood forward in front of the long gunner. The broadsword is getting more and more ready. Finally, a few archers are already ready to bow like a full moon. It’s not good for Zhao Haishou to experience the war. This is not a bandit. These hundreds of people are the elite of the army, even the guards in Changlin Town are different. Where did the team composed of refugees and soldiers of fortune come from?
"What about the captain? Should we attack the enemy position?" A soldier from Changlin Town came to Zhao Haishou’s side to ask about the next plan.
"Tell the brothers to slow down and let these bandits call us. If the bandits really attack in front, we will fight."
With Zhao Haishou’s arrangement, the speed of their team suddenly slowed down, and they were busy running for their lives, and the bandits rushed to Mr. Zhan’s camp like crazy.
Thanks to Zhao Haishouying’s decision, this team was killed. After persuasion, the pro-barracks directly wielded a knife to kill archers. After receiving the order, they directly fired arrows at the dense crowd and shot and killed many people. Some fugitives rushed to the camp but were stopped by knife and shield hands, either by broadswords or by long gunmen.
Mr. Zhan’s pro-soldiers are unambiguous, no matter whether these people are so-called friendly forces or not, they always try to attack the camp gate with a knife. Soon, many bodies piled up in front of the camp. Because they were surprised by the front battle, many bandits stopped and didn’t want to die in vain, but the bandits behind them still didn’t know the situation. They were pushed to the front to die, so they picked up their weapons and turned around and became a mess with the people behind them. When they saw this landscape, they would not take the initiative to attack if they didn’t move forward.
This is bitter. Zhao Haishou is in the midst of chaos. Go ahead. There are pro-barracks in the way. There are not enough dozens of people to plug their teeth. Go back, there are bandits who killed the red eye behind them. No one can guarantee that there will be any one thousand. Just when the situation is getting more and more critical, several bandits rushed at Zhao Haishou with their teeth twisted. Obviously, he looked at Zhao Haishou and was fairly dressed.
Zhao Haishou unhurriedly hacked him to death with a knife, and the few people left were also solved by his teammates. Zhao Haishou knew that the situation could not be delayed any longer and said to the people around him; "Everyone is tighter and I am moving towards the camp gate."
"Captain, we this is not to die? You see those people are ready? "A soldier pointed to the front.
Zhao Haishou was angry and said, "Do you have donkey hair in your ears? When did I say that I attacked the enemy lines? I meant that someone was heading for the camp, but don’t enter their attack distance and then form an enemy line, or we will be eaten by the chaos of the bandits and die in the chaos we created ourselves. I will have no face to be a man later. "
After hearing Zhao Haishou’s plan, the players suddenly realized that they had to follow their captain and slowly move towards the camp gate. Naturally, the pro-barracks found that the long gunner and the knife and shield hand in front of this team were ready to meet the enemy. Their feet and bodies said that they didn’t care about the bandits’ lives.
But to their surprise, there are still about a few feet away from them. These people actually held their feet and turned to face the riots. Seeing Zhao Haishou commanding them to chop down several bandits who tried to attack the camp gate.
There are no spearmen in Zhao Haishou’s team. They formed a heart-shaped semi-circle town, facing the pro-barracks. In fact, Zhao Haishou is also gambling that the pro-barracks will not attack, otherwise his team will have to be wiped out. Fortunately, God bless himself for gambling. Mr. Zhan’s order is to defend the camp rather than take the initiative to attack. That is why Zhao Haishou’s team is indifferent to the cordon, so they can rest assured that they will fight back and face the enemy.
The bandits attacked Zhao Haishou’s team several times, leaving a lot of bodies. Zhao Haishou’s team is like a rock in the sea flapping by the waves. The soldiers in the barracks naturally noticed that although this team is small in number, it is quite disciplined. At first glance, it is not an ordinary refugee.
At this time, * * the kite also saw the situation outside the camp gate, so I was particularly curious about Mr. Zhan’s identity. I remember that when I left the charm pavilion to carry out the main plan of the pavilion, this middle-aged man was waiting for him on the mountain, and there were three or four hundred foot soldiers who followed him at ordinary times. Now I found that Mr. Zhan’s pro-barracks were so able to kill those refugees, and my curiosity soared.
"Mr. Zhan, I want to ask you a question: Where did the soldiers in your hand come from and how did they fight so hard? Xia Imperial Court seems to have no such strong strength." Although it is not a good habit to pry into others’ privacy, it is normal for * * kites to be young and curious after all.
Everything is going as planned tonight, so Mr. Zhan is in a good mood; "Saint really has a good eye. I am a pro-barracks. Give me 3,000 so that I can crush Liangzhou."
* * The kite heard this grandiloquence, but only three thousand people were surprised. If the four kings’ troops were similar … For a moment, * * The kite remembered something that he neglected. Mr. Zhan’s surname was Zhan, and the tomb king of Siyi West Town was also Zhan.
"Sir is a member of the Ling family?" * * asked the kite
Hearing the name of Ling Wang, Mr. Zhan’s face became a little heavy. It took a long time to say slowly, "I used to be. If not …"
Mr. Zhan didn’t finish, but * * Kite is not stupid to know that there must be many stories. Since Mr. Zhan doesn’t want to talk about it, don’t ask yourself, but I know one thing less. The main reason why this pro-barracks has such a strong fighting capacity is that they come to the four kings’ army!
Just when the atmosphere in the tent was awkward, Mr. Zhan broke the silence by coming in with the battalion commander of the barracks.
"Mr. Report will have something to report at the end."
Mr. Zhan is very curious about what can happen and let his own battalion commander report it. Of course, he is not worried about the war. If Wang Ling’s army can’t beat the rioters, it’s better to disband early
"There is a team at the door that has aroused the interest of the late generals. It is rare that they can still hold their positions in such a chaotic situation. The late generals will think that we are short of manpower so that refugees can be absorbed into our team."
His pro-health vision is naturally very high-energy. There must be something in his eyes, so Mr. Zhan also gave birth to curiosity and planned to look at the situation.
Just after leaving the camp gate, Mr. Zhan was attracted by the team in front of the door. Zhao Haishou commanded every bandit who came to attack the position to be cut down with a knife, and then quickly repaired the knife. Apart from leaving a dead body, there was no effect yet. In his busy schedule, Zhao Haishou also let his foot soldiers smoke and pile the dead bodies in front of him to form a meat wall, which greatly slowed down the enemy’s attack pressure.
This kind of talent is naturally liked by Mr. Zhan, and he can’t help but love talent.
Just when Mr. Zhan is going to hit the camp gate and let Zhao Haishou in, a sword with cold light flashes suddenly, and he comes to Mr. Zhan’s chest with the kite around him, or Mr. Zhan will have to explain it here.
Who else can do this except Li Daoling? He waited for a long time and finally waited for this opportunity. It is a pity that * * kite fell short here.
"Fang Xiao died!" * * A kite dashed out.
Green kite
Mr. Zhan hasn’t said anything yet. * * The kite is flying with flying flying skill, running in the direction of Li Daoling’s disappearance. What else does Mr. Zhan want to charge? But I’m afraid the average person can’t stand her because of the superb martial arts of * * the kite and the star saint.
At this time, the battlefield was almost over, and Zhao Haishou showed his unique command ability, so Mr. Zhan wanted to recruit him to join his own pro-barracks.
"This brother’s ability is good. He can organize a team to resist the enemy in such a mess. I don’t know where you come from."
Zhao Haishou was ready for his identity and said, "My brothers and I came to the surrounding town guards. I didn’t know that the natural disaster was sudden and the court didn’t distribute food. I couldn’t watch my brothers starve to death, so I turned against it. Who ever thought that someone suddenly attacked the camp tonight? If I hadn’t reacted quickly, my brothers would have died."
"Since a strong man has experience in organizing armies, how about coming to my barracks? I promise I can’t treat you and your brothers badly." Mr. Zhan said with a smile that Zhao Haishou, who has battlefield experience, is a rare treasure in his view.
"When you QinBing? Are you full? " Zhao Haishou deliberately pretends to have to consider a few samples.
"Take care of a generation of money and beauty!" It is said that Mr. Zhan is still good for his Qinbing.
"Good that I will do with you! Anyway, if your conditions can’t be fulfilled, can my brothers and I leave at any time? " Zhao Haishou readily agreed.
"Of course, if I don’t treat you well, you can leave at any time and don’t know your brother’s name."
"The old clown, the third in the family with no name, just call me Zhao San."
"Good Zhao San brothers, now we are a family. You come in first to change clothes and get something to eat. I’ll let my Qinbing take you there." Mr. Zhan commanded his Qinbing to hit the camp gate.
When Zhao Haishou and his party walked away, Mr. Zhan Qinbing’s captain came quietly. "Sir, you promised him money, beauty and benefits. We don’t have any here. You know, in our mausoleum, Wang Junli is …"
The captain was interrupted by Mr. Zhan’s stern eyes before he finished speaking.
"I repeat that we are no longer Ling Wang Jun from the desert after World War I, and I don’t want to hear it again! Otherwise, don’t blame me. "Mr. Zhan looks particularly fierce.
"I’m sorry, sir. I won’t be in these three words in the future, but are we really going to give that Zhao San these things?"
"He is different from you. He is not a regular soldier. Talking to him about his sense of honor is different from casting pearls before swine. Besides, I don’t know exactly what his identity is, so I’d better guard against them first. I’ll leave this to you."
On the other side, Li Daoling led the * * kite into the Woods, saying that once Li Daoling did not expect himself to kill Mr. Zhan with one move, he was trying to beat the rabbit with his arms around the grass. His goal was to find out whether the * * kite was Muqingfeng’s three girls.
I found that Li Daoling stopped chasing behind * * and the kite immediately stopped his footsteps. The star saint’s own flying skill is also more severe, but at present, the old Taoist seems to have spare capacity to deliberately hang himself.
Martial arts practitioners have good eyesight. Although the Woods are a little dark, Li Daoling still saw the appearance of the kite by the faint moonlight, which is exactly the same as what he saw in the painting heart workshop that day.