He knew that he would face two endings along this road, just like the simplest question of right and wrong, whether he was alive or dead. However, to be honest, Ye Zhang’s heart was full of gloom about the coming prospects.

Ye Zhang recalled many things in his mind and figured out many things on this long road.
Ye Zhang has always felt ridiculous for many people. It is simply outrageous to have a piece of the pie, such as the slaughter of Xiaoyao Wang, the war madman Lin Youxuan, and the unscrupulous conspirators who cut off the gods
He didn’t understand it, but after all this impacted his memory several times, Ye Zhang gradually realized that being is reasonable. He knew that everything in life was inevitable. Hunting bear bile can save heart patients, so reasonable war can promote human progress.
Because of this, all unreasonable phenomena have become reasonable because of the opposite of contradictions and conflicts
Since entering the glitz, the whirlwind has been a combination of various contradictions. He is strong but weak. He can destroy a guild single-handedly, but he has also been applauded by major forces like ants.
When this contradiction reached the critical point of conflict, the performance was even more obvious. Once Ye Zhang was a place where players saw a hope from him, and they would come out to support themselves and support the whirlwind. The major guilds were naive about him and asked him to keep his original intention unchanged, so that he could become flashy and be the king of online games.
Unfortunately, he was wrong, and his mistake was outrageous. When Xiao Xuan experienced such a shocking extreme reversal from a civilian hero to a public enemy, he finally understood a truth.
That is, everything in this world is fake, and interest is eternal.
Finally, when the conflict became irreconcilable and extremely irreversible, the small whirlwind was deleted, and the big whirlwind appeared. Although it finally gave him the most glorious ending, it was gone and the historical process took another step forward.
Along with the lost mainland, the Great Cyclone rose again, a struggle was limited, and a shocking conspiracy by dark forces pushed the Great Cyclone to the peak of public opinion again. In the end, Ye Zhang won, but when he didn’t come to welcome the fruitful fruits of victory, he just found out that all this was just a part of the conspirators’ layout.
Ye Zhang couldn’t help asking himself what he gained from the glitz, what he got and what he lost. What finally puzzled him was that he never seemed to win a real victory.
Maybe that’s the price to pay for growing up. Don’t stumble on the thorny road. Today, I look up to meet him, not the morning sun, but the haze before another storm.
Walking all the way, I think sometimes even she is surprised that she is so supportive today. Is it really because Lin Youxuan is plotting a real world that a war may break out that she wants to be a savior who saves all the people from fire and water?
Ye Zhang seems to have never had such lofty ideals. When Feng Zhi asked him if he had any plans for the flashy door in the future, his first thought was just to put money into the bank to eat and die.
Dragon finch imperial city gradually appeared in front of us, with no flowers and no palms waiting for him. There were all kinds of dark and strange ideas in the eyes on both sides of the road. When they saw the whirlwind, their first thought was not to prepare for fighting against the enemy, but that the whirlwind wanted him to rob them of their interests.
Ye Zhang didn’t flinch from this road, which even Mata feared, because at this time, even she didn’t know that she was so persistent.
"Kill the whirlwind!"
I don’t know which player in the crowd shouted. At this time, the players rushed in and smashed all kinds of skills towards Ye Zhang’s head. However, in the face of a whirlwind that was unusually calm at this time, they found a huge gap between them when they just rushed over.
After a fierce attack, several people were shocked. The blood volume of the whirlwind did not decrease. He was still full of blood, and the animation process that players should generate when attacking was not as gorgeous as before.
Is there a BUG in glitz?
Ye Zhang didn’t do much. At no time was he more calm than now. He knew what he wanted. Although he became less and less aware of the world and people, he still got to this point because of his own persistence.
There are many ways for players to hurt themselves, but Ye Zhang chose the most direct method. He moved his management limit. Although he didn’t know how high he had, whether he could change the feeder line or not, he would never doubt himself at this time.
At this time, although the players present are different in length, their expressions are all the same. Their eyes are all excited and their eyes are flashing with fanatical light. At this time, when the group of captive players in the city came to the city gate with all kinds of depressed and desperate bloody carnival players, everyone suddenly froze when they saw the whirlwind.
"Brother Cyclone!"
Several people shouted out, but their sounds were immediately covered by other sounds. In the past, in the eyes of players of Tiandi Legion, this group of people were not players. They were even worse than pigs and dogs. They were their own xuanshi tools, and if anyone wanted to take these tools away, it would be absolutely sworn enemies.
The battle has already started in words. Although the players don’t know that the former cyclone is like resisting someone’s attack, it seems that the players have long learned that the body of the cyclone is the floating Hua Zhongyi.
When several players’ eyes showed greedy eyes when they saw this group of prisoners, no one paid attention to the whirlwind and rushed over like a mad dog.
At this moment, the big whirlwind moved. He didn’t play his trademark skill, Rapier, but an anti-stab entered the group of desperate players, and then raised his hand in front of them. All the players who rushed towards them were blocked by a wall.
At present, two groups of players, one is like a wolf and the other is like a magic pill. This feeling that you can get it at your fingertips, but you will eventually get it, makes several charge players show a distorted face.
"Big whirlwind, what magic method do you use!"
One player opened his mouth, and then the second player immediately swore at the ugliness of human nature. At this moment, the legacy was revealed, and the whirlwind sounded suddenly when the contradictions between the crowds were approaching the peak.
"You look like a fucking person now!"
When everyone saw the mysterious means of the great whirlwind, the fanaticism and greed in their hearts subtracted half a point and more than half a point of fear and worry.
When the big whirlwind eyes swept every player present, he reached out and pointed to the group of players behind him, saying