Looking down at the person lying in the center of my arms, Yuli was also tempted to secretly kiss Mu Feng’s lips. Mu Feng quietly cut her hair and Yuli played alone. Just as Yuli wanted to secretly kiss Mu Feng, the door of the ward suddenly rang.

At that moment, Yuli thought of her father. Didn’t his father go out to handle the case recently? He said he wouldn’t come back for a few days. Did he … come back from solving the case before, but it was so late … Let his father see it.
Chapter seven hundred and sixty-seven Jiang Fu attack
<>The warm morning sun shone through the window and I haven’t opened my eyes yet. A faint scent just jumped into my nose. Well, why is it so fragrant? Mu Feng was a little confused.
Suddenly, Mu Feng felt as if she was holding something soft and especially comfortable. At this time, Mu Feng woke up completely. When she opened her eyes, it was a piece of white, and then she bowed her head. Mu Feng suddenly woke up. Oh, my God, it was the rain glass. At this time, she was asleep in her arms, and she and the rain glass were hugging each other. It seemed that the rain glass legs were resting on her legs …
While feeling that his face was standing, Mu Feng also felt the softness in his chest, which was really comfortable to death.
Now I also have time to enjoy this kind of comfortable feeling. Mu Feng’s brain is a little down. How could he sleep here yesterday at noon, then go shopping and eat at the boss’s uncle’s? Then he brought food to Yuli. Finally, he was tired. Yuli let himself lie in her bed … Thought of here, Mu Feng went white and dared to sleep directly … The past.
And looked down at the rain glass sweet and quiet sleep let Mu Feng a quiet heart to yourself. This is the first time to see the rain glass when sleeping? When is the rain glass so beautiful? Looking at the red lips of the rain glass, Mu Feng kissed her mouth involuntarily. As soon as she touched the lips of the rain glass, Mu Feng felt that the rain glass was holding her arm tightly.
Then a little sweet thing stretched out. Mu Feng understood that this guy had been pretending to sleep for a long time and didn’t know when he woke up thinking about Mu Feng and kissed him. Rain glass seemed to be playing. small tongue just stretched out and shrank back, but when he didn’t finish going back, he teased Mu Feng’s heart back and forth and smiled silently. Mu Feng pushed his tongue back. Since you didn’t come in, I’ll go there.
"Hmm … hmm …" Mu Feng’s kiss couldn’t help but make the rain glass hum and kiss for a few minutes. Mufeng felt that the rain glass was short of breath and gently kissed a Mu Feng on the rain glass’s bright red lips. Only then did he look down at the rain glass’s lips and slowly exhale. At this time, the rain glass blushed red * * * * and fell along the collar because of breathing. Mu Feng saw the rain glass’s shallow cleavage, which made Mu Feng’s face attractive.
Seems to be felt Mu Feng top in his face hard things are still hot and pretty comfortable, but the top position of that thing makes the rain glass suddenly blush again, and that thing is at its most sensitive position at this time.
"Uh-huh ….." The rain glass body moved backward and looked up and asked Mu Feng "Mu Feng, what’s in your pocket?" Said the rain glass and put it in Mu Feng’s waist and touched it in Mu Feng to stop it from coming at this time because it was already in the hands of the rain glass.
Gently shook it hard for a long time … It will move suddenly, and the rain will turn white. She remembered that her former college sisters once talked when they slept at night. They discussed that men said that when they were excited, the little thing would become very big, long and hard …
Yuli remembers that when she heard these three "very" words, her sisters all showed strange expressions, and she was an exaggerated red face. The sisters laughed at this. She is holding a face now. This thing definitely meets these three "very" words, and the conditions also meet when men are excited …
Thinking about this rain glass hand jumped like a touch and returned to Mu Feng’s waist and abdomen position. "I’m so ashamed that I actually went to touch the wind …" Rain glass head buried in Mu Feng’s arms regretted thinking about how I was so stupid.
Feeling the heat in my arms, my darling Mu Feng also feels a burst of heat, especially when the rain glass is so back and forth, which is even more uncomfortable and refreshing.
"You’re a sex maniac … you don’t tell me to make a fool of me …" Rain glass sounds from the bosom.
"Well, this … that thing is a part of my body, but it’s not my business." Mu Feng said sullenly, "Rain … rain glass can’t be …" Mu Feng then said to rain glass that he lifted his face and said, "No!"
"Well, I mean, can you take me to wash your legs and hands … face …" When talking, Mu Feng understood that this little girl must have misunderstood, even if she was impulsive again, she wouldn’t ask for that at this time. This is a hospital. A ward round nurse may come in at any time. Even without Mu Feng, she wouldn’t have asked for rain glass at this time.
I heard Mu Feng say that she was going to wash her face, and the rain glass turned red. "Hate …" Rain glass scolded a Mu Feng and took a rack in Mu Feng and said, "Don’t say half after talking."
Get up and get into bed. Mu Feng is even more depressed. I want to say half or you interrupt me. I say half, but that is, Nai Xiaoxiao and Mu Feng don’t say anything. Put on your shoes, adjust your clothes, and the rain glass will be covered. Looking at the rain glass, your eyes are exposed. Mu Feng’s heart can’t help but bend over and kiss a rain glass.
Then Mu Feng got into the ward, washed his face with cold water, and Mu Feng’s share of heat dropped a little. At this moment, he looked at himself in the mirror, and Mu Feng smiled gently. In the mirror, Mu Feng also smiled. In the mirror, he also showed Shuai Shuai’s expression. He felt that he was moving. Some fools Mu Feng also withdrew and pointed to himself in the mirror and said, "Mu Feng, you are so happy. There are two women who love you at the same time. You are a big pervert and two beautiful women. You both like to say .. Who do you like best?"
I was silent in the mirror. I looked at myself in the mirror. Mu Feng felt who my heart loved the most. There was really no answer.
"Hua Hua ….." Cold water suddenly splashed on his face. Mu Feng’s heart was really messy at this time. She just wiped her face with a towel. She was going to go out to Mu Feng when she heard nurse Liu’s voice suddenly sounded in the corridor. The expression was not because of nurse Liu’s voice, but because she listened to her and said, "Oh, it’s director Jiang. Come and send breakfast to rain glass?"
"Well, I’m too busy these days. I just came back last night. I wanted to see Yuli last night, but something delayed me. Oh, I’m too busy. I really have to thank you for taking care of Yuli for me." A middle-aged voice went on to listen. They were actually talking at this door.
Listening to middle-aged people, Mu Feng was so nervous that he didn’t dare to move at the health gate. He thought that his father was working outside these days. Listen to him and he came back last night. Fortunately, he was delayed or he would be miserable, but now he is also in danger of being stuck in this health …
Jiang Chou-yin continued, "I’ll treat you to dinner one day, so thank you for taking care of Yuli for me."
"Ha ha no, this is all we should do. You don’t invite us.
Chapter seven hundred and sixty A thrilling moment
"Ha ha it’s me …" A white figure appeared at the door with a silvery smile.
"Oh, it’s nurse Liu." Jiang raised himself nervous and had no heart. What danger can this hospital have?
"Well, I’ll take the temperature of Yuli," said Nurse Liu. As she spoke, Mu Feng heard an iron box start to sound, and she was looking for a thermometer for Yuli.
"Shout …" Mu Feng, a long sigh, also lamented that she was lucky when she came in to take the temperature of the rain glass, but … it was a coincidence that she wanted to think about it. Was it that Liu deliberately came in to help herself?
Thinking about Mu Feng, he carefully pushed the door and quietly lifted his head out. If Jiang raised money in front of the rain glass bed, he must have turned his back on himself now.
Little by little, Mu Feng finally stuck his head out. Mu Feng saw a white figure and a policeman wearing a black shoulder. Nurse Liu is just behind the river to block the direction of the door. Mu Feng quickly looks at the door again. This is also big. Mu Feng affirmed that Nurse Liu must come to help herself think about Mu Feng and crept out.