"Tiger King growled! 」

White tiger Wang Di finis Tiger Mouth A Zhang Cang white energy bomb immediately exploded like a meteor when the mouth accumulated for one second.
"Drunk fairy Mochizuki Ayumu! 」
"Fairy Fengyun vitality! 」
In the ghostly posture shaking twelve busy immediately appeared on the spot, but at the same time, the white tiger Wang Hu Wang growling bomb has also sprinted up, and directly from just calling out, the twelve busy body has not yet been firmly stepped through, so it is only one second, and the twelve busy body immediately collapses on the spot!
"shout! Almost! " Looking at the twelve busy places behind him, the last busy place was blustered by the tiger king and hung up. The tension was finally relieved a little. After all, if you don’t die, you still have a chance to break into the seventh floor of Xuanyuan Mausoleum.
"The sword god Upanish! 」
Seeing that finis, the white tiger king, is getting closer and closer, I can’t help but enlighten the meaning of the sword god. Therefore, when the old man of the sword god called to appear and released the spiral sword field, I quickly stepped out of the snow and fell into the spiral sword field again, attracting the white tiger king Tiffany Sla!
"Burst flame energy bomb! 」
Finis, the white tiger king, saw each other’s desire for the sword god’s Upanishadrian spiral sword field to pin himself down when nature didn’t want to, so he opened his mouth and spit out a burst flame energy bomb directly!
"Evil field! 」
The burst flame energy bounces so fast that I have no time to dodge it, so I have come behind me. I immediately released the evil field in a circle with my grass and sword in my hand, hoping to assimilate the burst flame energy bomb by relying on the field and ability!
The evil field is really powerful, even the bursting flame energy bomb of finis, the white tiger king, can be directly assimilated.
"Platinum arrow rain! 」
The speed of the White Tiger King, which is restrained by the gravity of the spiral sword field, has been drastically reduced. Plus, the previous spewing and bursting flame energy bombs have exhausted the disorderly sword Qi Fei interference. At this moment, the distance from the dragon soul has been tens of meters, and Netty finis is so good that he can use his own unique skill, Platinum Arrow Rain.
After the skill was released, finis, the white tiger king, quickly burst into platinum light, followed by several tiger hair acupuncture and flying to the sky to see the sky. White light urged him to go up suddenly and countless platinum arrows rained on me uniformly.
"Long Lin front wall"
Finis, the White Tiger King’s attack power is very abnormal, so I naturally dare not neglect the defensive skills. The Long Lin array wall was immediately released and the package in layers of Long Lin just carried it to the White Tiger King’s finis Platinum Arrow Rain.
11, MISS, 12, 14, MISS, 9, 12, 91 … White Tiger Wang Di finis Platinum Arrow Rain was really fierce. It was a wave of attacks that directly cost me more than 4,000 health points, and it still depended on the hard support of Long Lin’s battlements. Without Long Lin’s battlements to defend it, I don’t know how many damage per second would float!
Chapter four hundred and seventeen Play spiral corridor
"Magic Yan roars! 」
Due to the release of the platinum arrow rain, finis, the opponent’s White Tiger King, naturally knew that it was now or never, so he lost a small part of his health. He just broke out of the attack range of the spiral sword field. At this moment, when he saw that his prey blocked his platinum arrow rain, he planned to escape again. Naturally, he didn’t want to, so he opened his mouth and sprayed it again, spewing out the black and red magic Yan tiger whistling wave directly!
"teleport! 」
The teleport skill cools down very quickly, only for 5 seconds, so when the white tiger Wang Di finis sprayed the magic Yan tiger whistling wave, I immediately cast the teleport risk and narrowly escaped the black-red energy shock wave.
"Through the snow! 」
Immediately after the teleport, I joined the flying posture and walked through the snow. Seeing that my figure was like a light bird, I quickly ran to the seventh floor of Xuanyuan Mausoleum. I had to be able to rush into the array, even if finis, the white tiger king, was no good.
"Want to go? It’s not that easy! Tiger stab in prison! " Finis, the White Tiger King, has quick reaction ability? As early as sharingan’s successor stepped out of the snow mark, he had already released the tiger thorn prison. In fact, the so-called tiger thorn prison root is the unique skill of platinum arrow rain suffix
First of all, relying on the platinum arrow rain to scatter the tiger king’s hair needle to form an encirclement (once the hair needle hits the front, it naturally scatters around the recipient), and then relying on its own energy to make the hair needle instantly grow and directly change into a tiger thorn prison, which quickly surrounded the dragon soul.
"Die!" Finis, the white tiger king, slowly stretched out his left paw, slightly shook and caught sight of the tiger sting prison originally formed by hair sharp needles. Suddenly, several sharp needles were quickly folded and squeezed to the department for contraction. It was only a moment before it was squeezed into the dragon soul in the tiger sting prison.
"Hum want to kill me? It’s not that easy! " Looking around, I quickly shrink and squeeze a few tiger stings. I will directly maximize my defense energy with a cold hum. "Let you see how strong the real defense ability is!"
"Fox petticoats @! 」
The defensive stunt of the same name of the fox type was immediately released, and the defensive shell of the red fox type was immediately wrapped around it. At first glance, it looked like a lux Kyubi no Youko fox
"Long Lin armor! 」
The faint Long Lin looming on the first floor of the lux Fox suit can help you weaken% of the physical attack damage and 5% of the magical attack damage. Long Lin’s three types of body defense-Long Lin armor.
"Let life slip past you! 」
The fox-type and dragon-scale armor-protecting department are in full swing. Naturally, I dare not neglect the ability to increase by 25%, and let it be released immediately, making it as hard as iron, and the defense ability has risen sharply, making it vaguely the world’s first defense ability master.
"Magic silver crystal! 」
The three defense stunts were released, but it’s a pity that I wasn’t satisfied. After all, finis, the White Tiger King, is a very powerful big BOSS-level beast. Is it that the three defense stunts, the fox petticoat and the Long Lin armor, can resist it?
Therefore, I directly took out the magic silver crystal and put the earth energy to the limit. The super defense energy shield and the seam guard immediately formed around me and wrapped me up directly.
Brush, brush, brush, brush, brush …
At the same time that the khaki-colored sewing guards are formed around, the tiger king’s finis tiger stab prison attack has also come. Therefore, several attacks are bounced off the outer part of the khaki-colored energy shell of the sewing guards, and they are all shot at the white tiger king’s finis.
"hmm? The sky is sewn? " Finis, the white tiger king, looked at the fine hair needle that suddenly reflected to him, and the elite tiger eyes narrowed immediately. Nuo Nuo said to himself, "I can’t believe that he would be perfectly sewn. I don’t know if it will be tempered! But … "
Finis, the white tiger king, looked at the avenger dragon soul trapped in his tiger sting prison and said with a sneer, "Hum, even if it will be tempered, what about it? His current state also depends on the seamless self-protection, and he can’t rush out of my tiger sting prison. The battle is almost over, and sharingan’s successor is ready to accept the punishment of death. "
"Want me to accept the death penalty?" Looking at the Tiger Claw White Tiger King’s finis again, I quickly pressed the law and said coldly, "Hum White Tiger King’s finis and see who we are to accept the death penalty! Take it, Excalibur! "
"A dental laboratories Excalibur! 」
"tempered?" Finis, the White Tiger King, heard this name, and his face changed slightly. When he didn’t hesitate, Tiger Claw quickly grasped it and directly put the tiger thorn prison power to the peak state. "If you don’t give it a spell, even if the power of Excalibur is fantastic, there is no fear."
"hmm? How is it possible? " Finis, the white tiger king, looked at the sky and suddenly floated, and the sky-blue seven-foot sword was surprised. He blurted out, "In my tiger sting prison, he can still be alive?" This is impossible! "
"shout! Fortunately, when casting spells! " Looking up at finis, the white tiger king who is condensed into the sky all day, I said slowly with a sigh of relief, "It is impossible to hurt me by attacking unique skills in the process of solidification of excalibur, and your tiger stab in prison is no exception!"
"Tiger spirit! 」
Looking at the sky condensed into a hammering Excalibur White Tiger Wang Di finis naturally dare not neglect and directly rely on the body tiger pattern to form a defensive energy network and directly wrap himself up and intend to carry the Excalibur meaning-hammering Excalibur.
"break!" Looking at the rapid exhibition of defense against the white tiger Wang Di finis, I dare not neglect to release the dental laboratories and teleport at the same time.