After the blue sky stood still for a while, it picked up a blue object from the ground, and heard the sound of "You got the No.2 blue shadow to start the second real attack form. After one minute, the door to the third floor will be closed. You can choose to stay or enter the third floor."

The blue sky came straight into the gate without saying anything, but at the moment, the cave on the second floor has also undergone earth-shaking changes. At the same time, all players heard a unified announcement: "The real form of the second floor of the Ghost Cave will be successfully launched in one minute. Please kill the green shadow beast in front of you in one minute and enter the gate smoothly, or you will face an attack ten times larger than yours."
At that time, the player were in a hurry, but those powerful players who had previously defeated the Green Shadow Beast were lucky enough to step into that door, but unfortunately, more players were fighting with the Green Shadow Beast. At this time, the strength of the players was really displayed. The high-powered players killed the Green Shadow Beast in a short time and then helped each other to enter the third floor, but those low-powered players were unlucky. The high-powered players quickly abandoned themselves after they felt that the time was coming. Next to the partner and rushed to the gate, so that in a short time, the number of players entering the third floor was less than a half, and that half of the players were instantly wiped out by a green shadow monster ten times larger than their own after a minute.
When I continued to enter the third floor of the blue sky, I saw a ray of light behind me before I came to prepare for the third floor. Then several players appeared behind the blue sky. When the blue sky was surprised, the light flashed behind them and dozens of players came out. As a result, the blue sky naturally knew that those players came in behind them and passed the second floor channel smoothly. Presumably, many players will come in one after another. Sure enough, as the blue sky thought, more and more players appeared in the huge red hall where the blue sky was located after the light flashed.
Come to think of it, when the players didn’t realize that they were the people they were looking for, the blue sky had been instantly retracted, and the little sun and the little moon rushed forward. With their good light-heartedness skills, several jumps in the blue sky were far away from the players behind them and pulled themselves away from the players for a long time in an instant. At this time, those players suddenly realized that the blue sky was the person they were looking for, so all the players ran forward after the blue sky for a moment.
In the process of running around, there suddenly came bursts of intense heat in front of the blue sky, and the blue sky wondered that it was still running forward, but then the heat from the ground at the foot of the blue sky made the blue sky wonder what things or monsters would be in front of it, and a faint red light gradually appeared in the cave in front of the blue sky. The blue sky was surprised, but its feet accelerated the pace on the contrary.
Soon, the blue sky appeared in a huge place full of red flames, and several flames rushed out from one huge pool after another in front of the blue sky to the sky, emitting strong heat like magma when a volcano erupted, but what surprised the blue sky was that it didn’t feel the heat at all, but felt that its body was unprecedentedly comfortable, as if these internal heat and heat were just emitted by itself, but it didn’t matter to watch the sky fly and shoot the flames.
At this moment, more and more players are chasing behind, and then look back at the strange red birds flying in the flame. Those strange birds are shrouded in a layer of flame, and the heat is forced from those strange birds. At this time, the footsteps behind the blue sky are getting louder and louder. The blue sky simply let out the little sun and asked the little sun, "Little sun, I feel the smell here is very strange. Please see if these internal heat can be smoked."
But I don’t want the little sun to scream excitedly and then say to the blue sky, "Look at me, it’s time for me to show off, but master, can you also let the little moon girl out so that it can also see my peerless style?"
The blue sky was suddenly choked with gas, but then the little moon was released instantly. At this time, the golden light of the little sun rose and flew forward and rushed away, while the blue sky followed closely behind the little sun and stepped on the red stones floating in the middle. Fortunately, these stones made the blue sky feel relieved. This red stone never had any heat, which also made the blue sky feel at ease. At this time, the little sun has also flown in the blue sky and absorbed the hot atmosphere around it with its wings open.
"Hum me, you won’t smoke this kind of low-level internal heat. I didn’t expect that the noble sunbird who smokes solar power will also smoke this kind of low-level energy." The little moon said sarcastically to the semi-small sun, while the blue sky didn’t leave the moon’s attitude towards the small sun, but tried to smoke it while jumping forward to make the blue sky excited. But what exactly is this blue sky? I don’t know what it is. In the end, the blue sky attributed this to Yang’s career and the small sun, because it is like a small sun. As the moon said, the little sun seems to have the ability to smoke internal heat, so it is not surprising that it can smoke internal heat by itself. Then the blue sky put its mind to smoke internal heat while inspiring its own solar power and emitting strong sunlight in an instant. Then the blue sky disappeared and the blue sky transported the solar power to the super-body skill.
The little sun is flying in the shadow, emitting dazzling red light, which is quite different from the golden light of the sun, but it seems that the nature is the same, while those flaming birds flying around are not rushing to the little sun and the blue sky at all, but the difference is that those birds rushed to the little moon in the blue sky and quickly recovered the little moon. Then, in the blue sky, those birds flew around the blue sky for several times before dispersing, while most birds rushed to those players.
Although the blue sky was puzzled and puzzled in my heart, I left my doubts in my heart. Then the blue sky quickly jumped to the other side on the giant red stone. Thanks to the help of the sun, all the attributes of the blue sky have been greatly increased at the moment, and the speed of the blue sky’s forward shooting is almost one and a half times faster than before. After a few minutes, the blue sky was finally relieved because the blue sky has stood in front of a gate. At this moment, the little sun appeared beside the blue sky with great energy and danced excitedly in the blue sky.
The difference is that the number of flaming strange birds flying in the fire pool is gathered in front of the players and spewed flames all over the sky at the players. Suddenly, the heat in the cave rose to the blue sky again, and after drinking it for a while, the blue sky eyes returned to the players and firebirds again after discovering that they could no longer smoke it.
The battle is going on. The blue sky doesn’t know the strength of the firebird because it hasn’t attacked the bird. But when watching the flames almost bury the players, the blue sky guessed that the firebird might not be weak. Then the blue sky also questioned the little sun. The little sun replied, "We sunbirds can suck a kind of yang power, just like the blue moon spirit. They can also suck all the yin power for you. What can you suck? It’s thanks to me. I can become a sunny career naturally because I am a sunbird, so you will have all the positive power to suck."
The blue sky released the little moon after understanding it and asked, "Can the blue moon spirit absorb the negative forces of ghosts and souls?"
Seeing the little moon take a white look at the blue sky and then hum a is obviously a definite answer to the blue sky, but it also reminds the blue sky that there is a month family in the transfer hall of White Night City, so if I have the little moon, wouldn’t I have another career that can make a difference at night?
Thinking of this, the blue sky set its eyes on the little moon, which contained a different meaning. The eyes made the little moon turn to look at the blue sky and said contemptuously, "Don’t attack me, I haven’t admitted that you are my master."
The blue sky suddenly felt startled and depressed, and at the same time, I instantly felt an impulse to tear up the little moon.
When I got up, the blue sky put the little moon away, while the little sun circled in the blue sky, and then looked back at the players and firebirds who were fighting fiercely in the distance. The blue sky sighed that they were lucky and had nothing to say. In the end, the blue sky also regarded the firebird as not attacking itself and the little sun as having the solar power at the same time.
For those players who don’t know life and death, they lamented that the blue sky went to the door and then pushed the red door. Then a light flashed across the blue sky and the small sun disappeared at the same time. After the blue sky and the small sun appeared, the blue sky suddenly had a piece of lux fireworks in its hand, which made the fireworks into the bag and the blue sky marched forward.
Like the first, second and third floors, the first half of the passage is almost the same before reaching the real place, and the blue sky is now imagining what the fourth floor looks like, moving forward with the pace of the blue sky, and there is an inscription in front of the blue sky that says the fourth floor of the ghost cave.
Then the blue sky marched on, and the cave turned into a different shape at this time. Just after the blue sky stepped forward for a few steps, the star tone was displayed beside the blue sky ear, saying, "You have already made it through the first and second floors. According to the regulations of the Ziqing Cave House, you have initially obtained the Ziqing Cave House and become the owner of the Ziqing Cave House. The ghost order, the Qingying order and the fireworks order in your hand will be your first round of victory rewards. Please choose whether to continue to make it through the second round according to the star forecast and your strength statistics.
Blue sky one leng thought that this purple blue abode of fairies and immortals was still broken, so I was not so worried about it myself, and then the blue sky also asked myself questions
"Excuse me, I am the master of the purple blue abode of fairies and immortals. Are there any restrictions and conditions?"
Tong said, "Master Cheng Ziqing’s abode of fairies and immortals will protect your territory by obtaining and rewarding three tokens, but after you become the master of fairies and immortals, Tong will inform all the players of the stars that a player will come to the Ghost Cave to obtain three tokens and challenge you, and then you will become an initial master of Ziqing’s abode of fairies and immortals. There is another way, that is, players can get a higher level of reward by continuing to challenge the four or five layers of restrictions, so that unless other players also have the same token, they will challenge you."
"In this way, I am not going to face endless challenges. How can this work?" Blue sky said gloomily.
"This is different. You are the first person to have three tokens. You can control three layers of ghosts and monsters to a certain extent, and this is the main benefit of the cave …"
"What do you mean? I can control all the ghosts and monsters in these three floors …" Blue sky cried excitedly.
"There are many cave-forming masters, and you can control the monsters in the abode of fairies and immortals under your jurisdiction to a certain extent. Similarly, you also have experience appreciation rewards when upgrading in the abode of fairies and immortals, and you can also build the purple and blue abode of fairies and immortals into what you want after truly becoming the Lord of the purple and blue caves, which can cultivate your strength …"
The blue sky froze again. What is this and what is it? It’s impossible to make these seventy-two immortals. The real meaning is not to let players build their own strength and then come to a star war … The blue sky can’t help but fantasize when I think of this.
Thinking about the true appearance of the seventy-two caves, thinking that I will build the purple cave into what I want, and thinking that I have many hands and my wives live with me. At this moment, the blue sky is completely intoxicated with my own fantasy.
"Now, please answer whether you want to continue the exploration." The star sound rang again.
Blue sky thought for a long time and said, "I don’t know if I should control the three-tier monsters and resist foreign players."
"All three tokens you get have instructions and commands, but every time you need to make an excess command, you have to pay a corresponding price."
"Is the 456th floor really dangerous …" Blue sky asked but didn’t get the corresponding answer.
"Please make a choice as soon as possible" appeared in the blue sky ear again, and the blue sky was very depressed and very unhappy to refuse the star discussion
This is not because the blue sky has a strong spirit of adventure, but because it needs to strengthen itself at a certain time, and at the same time, it can get the purple blue abode of fairies and immortals faster. The blue sky has already done all the challenges that followed. If the blue sky now chooses the initial owner of the purple blue abode of fairies and immortals, it will be challenged by all the players in White Night City, but then the blue sky will also have a headache because the medicine and food it carries can’t last long, that is to say, the blue sky must do everything that the owner of the purple blue abode of fairies and immortals needs in the shortest time.
Sighed, the blue sky hit the bag and looked it up. Sure enough, as the star said, I don’t know when there was another ghost in my bag. I ordered three tokens to be picked up. The blue sky looked up the attributes of three tokens. See the attributes. It is written that the activated token is the property of the owner of Ziqing Cave House.
First of all, the ghost order says that the ghost token of the adjustable ghost cave is unique and indelible after the player becomes the owner of Ziqing Cave, and the wearer can get the same experience according to the level when upgrading the ghost cave.
Green Shadow makes the green shadow beast token on the second floor of the adjustable Ghost Cave unique and indelible after the player becomes the owner of Ziqing Cave. At the same time, the wearer can gain the same experience according to the level when upgrading the second floor of Ghost Cave.
Fireworks order can mobilize the three-layer fireworks bird token of the Ghost Cave, which is unique and indelible after the player becomes the owner of Ziqing Cave. At the same time, the wearer can gain the same experience according to the level when upgrading the three-layer ghost cave.
Chapter VI Vulcan came to the world
Blue sky didn’t accept the unified discussion, but was ready to find an opportunity to continue exploring the fourth, fifth and sixth floors. At this moment, blue sky is thinking about how to change itself, strengthen itself, become stronger and stronger, become the owner of this purple and blue abode of fairies and immortals, and protect this purple and blue abode of fairies and immortals by its own strength.
"What should I do? I have to rush to the tenth floor in the shortest time, or I will fail if I wait. If I fail, it will be difficult for me to stand on the white night star …" The blue sky was very upset by thinking about such a problem.
"If I don’t break into words, my level is absolutely limited. If I don’t break into words, I will also be besieged by several players." At one time, the blue sky felt extremely depressed and wandered back and forth in the four-story cave. After a while, the blue sky took a deep breath and let out the little sun and the little moon.
"Listen, you two, I don’t know what’s in the fourth, fifth and sixth floors, and I don’t know whether we’ll break through, but I need your help. I won’t talk about how important you are. It’s definitely good for you to help me through the current difficulties."
The little sun and the little moon stare blankly at the blue sky one by one. It seems that what the blue sky says now has a great influence on them. It seems that in their hearts, they naturally recognize that the blue sky is their owner. It is unnecessary to talk to them in this tone, but at the moment, the blue sky is a true friend who is asking them. The little sun has been moved by the blue sky since birth, but the little moon proudly raised its khaki little head and snorted at the blue sky, which is considered a promise.
The blue sky took a deep breath and marched forward, while the little sun and the little moon were flying and running. After a turn, the blue sky saw several white free energy fluttering in the huge, and at the same time, the whole white bird was flying in the middle, and it was forced to see the little sun. After shivering, it asked to enter the blue sky to put it away, but then it was seen that the little moon was beating there excitedly.
Looking back at the blue sky, I saw a number of white free energy pouring into the little moon body crazily, and at the same time, bursts of cold breath swept through the blue sky in an instant, and those white birds also flew into the blue sky in an instant. When I saw that hundreds of birds formed a huge array, I hurried back to the little moon and stayed there to absorb the strange cold force.
"What nonsense place is fire and ice? Fortunately, Master, I run fast." The blue sky muttered and hid in the passage. It was a sigh of relief when it flew to the place, but the blue sky was also a headache. It was different from the three floors. The blue sky itself had a higher solar power than the fire. Those firebirds would mistakenly regard the blue sky as the same kind, but at the moment, because the blue sky didn’t change jobs through the small moon, the blue sky itself didn’t suck the moon’s power, so it couldn’t be absorbed, which led to such a strange scene at the moment.
Like the little sun, I saw that the little moon was surrounded by a large group of ice birds. The white ice cold force was pouring into the little moon body crazily. After a long time, the little moon stopped absorbing energy and ran to the blue sky. However, because of the large number of ice birds, I was afraid to challenge the blue sky for a while, and there was nothing I could do.
But just at this moment, the little white body of the little moon grew slightly. When the growth was over, the blue sky saw the little moon’s body and there were bursts of white and cold breath. The blue sky was startled and asked, "Isn’t your energy blue? What used to be yellow? Now it’s white."
The little moon glanced at the blue sky contemptuously and replied, "Isn’t the little sun like that? It has absorbed internal heat and turned into a firebird?"
The blue sky was stunned and speechless by the small moon, but looking at the distance, thousands of ice birds sat down in the blue sky and asked tentatively, "Is there any way for me to pass through? I have no time."
Xiaoyue shook her little head and said, "Yes, you and I fit together. If you want to fit in with me, you can go through with my ice."
The blue sky was originally inspired by the little moon, and confidence fell again and again. Because the blue sky knew its roots, it was impossible to fit in with the little moon, and this seemed to be the only way out. At this moment, the blue sky remembered whether the players on the third floor were about to break through. At the thought of the large number of players, the blue sky quickly stood up and said to the little moon, "Let’s kill monsters and upgrade, hoping to fight our way out."
Such a stupid way was to say it from the mouth of the blue sky, and the little moon shook its small tail around the white ice, so it was right to turn around and rush in first, and then the blue sky walked forward carefully because it was too afraid of the huge number of ice birds.
When the blue sky saw the crazy figure of the little moon, it froze and saw the little moon scurrying among the ice birds like a snow-white ice shadow. With its own moon breath several grades higher than that of the ice birds, the little moon beat and attracted several ice birds to fly away.
Return to absolute being, the blue sky saw an ice channel in front of me. The ice channel is about several thousand meters long, but it can melt two people and walk side by side. At the moment, I am looking at the ice channels leading to all directions and the small moon in the distance, driving thousands of young ice birds. The blue sky took steps and quickly stepped on the ice channel and fled to the other side of the ice channel.