I patted Hongyuan on the shoulder and planted the kind of robbery in Hongyuan’s body. I looked at Hongyuan’s face and smiled gently. "Don’t worry about keeping your word and keeping your word. I’ll give it to you if I give it to you, and I’ll return it to refine it myself."

"Thank you, master of the cave. Thank you, master of the cave." That Hongyuan heard the laughter and rejoiced in the mountain.
Looking at the Hongyuan walking away, Yu Duxiu muttered, "Is it coincidence or fate? This Hongyuan’s fate is about to become a robbery. In this case, that one will help. "
Chapter 21 Fate secret bewitch the sky
When zhengyu Duxiu’s heart was full of thoughts, he saw the distortion in front of him, and the sky had come to the front of the lotus pond, holding two jars and a few paper bags in his hands and swaying at will.
"The speed is fast, which is also the quasi-fairy welfare. The speed of innate light is really comparable to the speed of light. It is not that the speed of innate light is really fast, but that the innate light has incredible power to travel through virtual speed three points faster than light."
It’s incredible to look at Jade Duxiu after a careful taste in the sky. "It’s a natural water."
Jade Duxiu smell speech noncommittally looked up and took a sip of the innate water and wine that fell into the belly and instantly rolled the aura, only to see that Jade Duxiu’s whole body trembled constantly and the mana refined the rich aura.
"It’s really a good thing. When I finish this altar, I can completely control this body, and my strength will be restored to its peak. I’m looking for the method of gathering fate to impact the immortal way again." A flash of divine light flashed into my eyes.
Yu Duxiu heard this and said in silence for a while before saying, "Is it necessary to be lucky to prove the immortal way?"
Heavenly smell speech nodded, "It’s necessary to be lucky. Although the fate of heaven and earth is invisible, if it is accumulated, it can produce qualitative changes, which will help us to get through the last mouth and break through the Xiandao key."
"Can’t you make a breakthrough on your own understanding?" Yudu Dukou way
The sky suddenly smiled strangely and looked at Yu Duxiu. "If you realize the fairy road, you will realize it, but if you want to turn your feelings into practice, you need to practice a little bit. The importance of luck is self-evident."
Speaking of which, looking at Yu Duxiu in the sky lowered the words, "I won’t tell you the truth about the two of us. This fate also has immeasurable nine doors to control the Terran destiny." Isn’t it time to accumulate good fortune and let the godfather practice the godfather’s painstaking efforts to eliminate the wilderness? Isn’t it just to seize the fate of the wild and cultivate the wild and peep at the terran middle domain? In the same way, the Terran is the center of heaven and earth, and the fate is strong. It is conceivable that the savage ten thousand families can’t be tempted. "
Yu Duxiu was shocked when he heard this, but his face remained motionless. "Oh, the godfather is already immortal, and he still needs to save his fortune?"
Laughing at the sky, "This luck is a good thing. If the ancestor gets lucky, he will naturally be favored by the forces of heaven and earth, and then realize more avenues of heaven and earth, hoping that his practice will go further. Unfortunately, now the format of the heavens and the earth has been set, and the clan of the ancestors has been constrained by each other. The pattern of checks and balances between the wild and the wild outside world has been set, and it is constant that the ancestors can gather luck. No matter whether they are the ancestors or the demon gods, they will try their best to break the present pattern and expect to seek more luck, but no one dares to make a hasty move. They are
Speaking of which, looking at Jade Duxiu in the sky is a hey hey smile. "You are a stirring stick. The Terran has been disturbed by you. Now the Terran pattern has been broken by you. The number of times the Terran Tianjiao gave up the gods and voluntarily died of old age or fell into reincarnation. This is an inestimable blow to the Terran’s fate. I am afraid that I will lose 20% to 30%. Do you say that the ancestors hate you?"
Jade Duxiu smell speech frowned. "It’s not me, it’s a dry day. If I hadn’t planned to packet Kunlun, the Terran wouldn’t know what to rot into. Now the dry day is like a tiger out of the gate. Most of Terran’s fate has been contained by the dry day. The ancestors’ fate has also been taken away by heaven. It can be seen that the dry day is now favored by heaven and earth."
"Hum, if the dry day is made a puppet at the mercy of many ancestors, it’s just that it can always mix an immortal, but it happened that the dry day is an ambitious emperor. Now it’s getting worse and worse, and it’s the fate of many ancestors. In addition to Tai Su’s ancestor and Great-grandfather’s fate gathering in Kunlun, more than a few ancestors have already given the dry day the death penalty in their hearts, and they will plan to fight it when the conquest is over.
Jade Duxiu frowned when he heard this. "This fate is dominated by the nine ancestors of Terran. If we want to prove it, we must accumulate it. You said that this fate is the root of the ancestor’s life, so should we prove it?"
Air smell speech eyes flashed a wipe off "such as proof? Naturally, it is necessary to call the nine great godfathers who lost control of Kyushu in this chaos, and we can naturally take advantage of the chaos to win the fate certificate and go to Xiandao. "
Jade Duxiu heard that he shook his head. "No one can fight against the will of the ancestor, and no one dares to shake the fate of the nine ancestors. Even this road will not work."
That smell speech chuckled, "I couldn’t get through before, but that doesn’t mean I can’t get through now."