Fortunately, Ma Sanzhi is not an ordinary genius of the Second Martial Arts, but a top-notch immortal with a solid foundation. He can be said to be an immortal with anti-God fighting capacity!

Even so, Ma Sanzhi has to be careful. Be careful. A careless ship that has been sailing for ten thousand years may really end up losing it.
The lantern in front of the wizard of Tian Wen Sect is magnified and magnified for a moment, just like a black sky covering the sun, the moon and the world, like an ancient mountain and river world.
Ma Sanzhi was afraid to drink the Dragon King’s Secret Method lightly and once again evolved into a quaint mountain, and then flew out at a high speed and violently collided with the lantern on the head.
At the same time, the lantern on the head emits black ripples against the violent collision of the mountains! Is it really weird that the lantern with the head of the mountain keeps colliding without making a sound? If you think so, you’ll be torn apart by the impact. See that the collision between the two produces a shock wave and hits an upright rock, which is as fragile as tofu and turns into a pile of powder floating in the wind in the blink of an eye.
Ma Sanzhi was also surprised. He didn’t think that the lantern with this head would actually block his mountain.
The black lantern has been collided too much, and it continuously and violently vibrates Ma Sanzhi. He thinks that this lantern is going to explode. Who knows that when the vibration of the lantern stops, it will be blurred. A skeleton with seven holes and a black skull like a black jade appears, and the lantern disappears completely. Where has the lantern root not been exploded? The lantern didn’t really disappear, but became a black jade skull! The power of skulls is far more terrible than lanterns, and Ma Sanzhi Mountain was broken with one impact.
Suddenly Ma Sanzhi felt a shudder. What happened? There is a sneak attack from the back! And the wizard man in front also took this opportunity to hit the skull hard to Ma Sanzhi’s chest, so it’s good to hide in front and behind. You don’t have eyes on your back. Who knows what the attack is, a sword, a pike, a dart or a sledgehammer? All weapons may not even know what weapons they are. What kind of defense is this?
Ma Sanzhi kept calm in times of crisis, kicked the skull in front and waved a murder gun to sweep his back, but his back attack was too cunning to hit! The back is still in mortal danger of being hit hard! Ma Sanzhi immediately rolled but his back attack followed him, and he stormed again! Ma Sanzhi only saw what the attack from the back was when the ground rolled. It turned out to be a thick mace! A strong and powerful female Han is violently smashing Ma Sanzhi’s mace with a 2-meter-long thick mace. It seems that smashing pieces of hard rocks is as easy as shredding pieces of paper! This mace with Wan Junwei can smash Ma Sanzhi into bloody dregs if it is smashed firmly.
Ma Sanzhi quickly flashed into the distance for a while before he finally escaped this terrible attack. However, Ma Sanzhi was also attacked by a mace and wiped his back. Just by wiping it, he tore his defensive suit into pieces and shocked him to vomit blood. The enemy did not kill Ma Sanzhi when he saw the planned attack for a long time.
Sneak attack on the female Han tall and strong body is like a man, such as Hong Zhong, and his voice is particularly like a man. "Fart Ma Wen is not dead yet? Good luck! But good luck is that I can smash you without sneaking up on me for the time being! " Ma Sanzhi is too lazy to ignore her thinking about retreating or killing the enemy when the enemy is not attacking for a moment!
The female Han looked at the wizard man and said, "Brother, your practice has plummeted. You can’t clean up a little fart for such a long time. Ma Wen has to practice harder when he goes back!"
Tian Wen teaches the wizard man to be particularly arrogant and angry. He replied, "I have plummeted? Joke! Elder martial sister, don’t be too careless. You’ll know he’s strong after a few rounds of confrontation with Fart Mawen! I know your attack power is stronger than mine, but that’s not the reason why you can behead Ma Sanzhi. This person is not easy to deal with. Maybe we will all be reimbursed here today! "
The tall, powerful woman Han said, "I almost smashed him just now. It doesn’t seem like much, does it? A few more hits will definitely kill him. Don’t be discouraged. We will join hands to kill this fart. Ma Wen will see him arrogant! "
11=2? Mathematics is right, but it is wrong to calculate people’s combat effectiveness. Is people alive or not? Mathematics is 1 person, 1 person =2 people. There is nothing wrong with a wizard’s male combat effectiveness, which is 5 points, plus a tall and brave woman’s 5 points. The combat effectiveness of two people joining hands is 55=1? If you do this, you’re dead. People will die!
The fighting capacity of these two men is not 55, so it is not a point of fighting capacity! How much is that? The situation of prevention and attack is 2 points. If the two of them are crazy and don’t have the slightest defense tube, the fighting capacity will rise to 3 points in an instant!
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Chapter 137 5+5=1? Math kills people.
55=1? Math kills people! The maximum is 3! At this time, Ma Sanzhi was badly abused. He had a passive defense, no fighting back, and he couldn’t find a strong counterattack opportunity! When a man and a woman attack together, it’s like stormy waves. The waves are higher and higher, and the waves are fiercer and fiercer. They are all serial bombings, and they are all complete sets of attacks. Ma Sanzhi is crying and crying. It is a great miracle that he can save his life temporarily, but I don’t know how long he can last. Don’t be a short miracle!
The Golden Monkey King has been Ma Sanzhi’s bodyguard camp for a long time and has not seen him. He said to The Story Of Diu Sim, "The king is going to hunt down an ordinary rabbit. Why didn’t he come back for so long? It’s strange that he won’t come back after eating the barbecue rabbit outside, will he? "
The Story Of Diu Sim: "No, Ma Sanzhi has been eating with me recently. He never eats alone. He is a sharer. If he has rabbit meat to eat, he will give me a share. Didn’t you find him outside? Look for it again! "
The confused panda sitting on The Story Of Diu Sim’s fragrant shoulders said, "If you don’t find the king, you must have fallen asleep outside and forgotten to go home. When he wakes up, he will go home by himself. Bear always does this."
The Golden Monkey King also thinks that Ma Sanzhi is not in danger. He is not in a hurry. While slowly tidying up his fur, he naturally said, "Your Majesty may have something to delay. It is also called waiting later!"
Confused panda "said the king was asleep outside!" You still don’t believe me. I’ve always been very good. I never lie! I’m telling the truth. Please believe me. I’m so sleepy. I’m going to bed. "
The Story Of Diu Sim is skeptical. "Well, then wait a little longer. He should be fine when he is so grown up. These days, everything is calm. Everyone is eating, drinking and having fun. It is estimated that he is also playing crazy outside."
The confused panda kindly woke up and said, "The king is not playing crazy, but sleeping soundly!"
The Story Of Diu Sim especially dotes on these two little pandas. "Xiongxiong is so good. You said you fell asleep when you fell asleep. Sister, I believe you will always believe that you are satisfied?" After that, I reached out and touched the panda’s back with tenderness.
The confused little panda looks very comfortable and enjoys the response "Sister hug!" Say that finish before The Story Of Diu Sim promised to jump into her arms, habit is natural, so The Story Of Diu Sim arms continue to sleep, what does The Story Of Diu Sim do? She picked up the mirror and stroked her eyebrows carefully, then painted her nails carefully! In the end, each of her ten nails is a different color, others are colorful, and she is even better here. This woman has become more and more fond of beauty since Ma Sanzhi became intimate. She will never go out unless she dresses up beautifully every day. Recently, she has been busy practicing singing and dancing for her lover.
Ma Sanzhi is now tortured to death by Tian Wen Sect, but his comrades don’t know! Li Bai doesn’t know Ma Sanzhi’s misery. What does he do at this time? He drinks bottle by bottle, not slowly, but slowly. When he has had enough, he dances. His drunken sword mouth has been whispering, "The drunken man doesn’t want to cut your head off; Sword dancing is not about chopping your body! "
Di Renjie is no exception. He is busy reading! At this time, Di Renjie recited "There must be a teacher in a threesome; Choose the good and change from the bad! It is good for me to learn silently and never tire of teaching others! "
Lagerstroemia is the reincarnation place of mortal souls on earth. This planet has been well inherited from the earth culture, but a few people can awaken their souls and realize their true identity before reincarnation! What is your identity when you are on earth? Ma Sanzhi, Di Renjie, Li Bai, Li Yuanfang, The Story Of Diu Sim and others all don’t know that they are crape myrtle stars, and they all recognize that they have all the earth.
These few people are awakened to reincarnation. It’s either a coincidence or a profound study! For example, Qu Yuan’s obsession with Chu State is too deep for ordinary people to compare with, but he also paid a heavy price for his unconsciousness. On the fourth floor of Linglong Pagoda, Ma Sanzhi met Yu and Zhang Feineng completely awakened everything on the earth, mostly because of their advanced practice! According to The Story Of Diu Sim, it is generally necessary to cultivate immortals at the level of five war generals to be able to awaken their reincarnation and see their past lives, but most people can’t see their past lives even if they practice at the level of six war kings or seven war emperors. It is always a minority, no matter how advanced you practice! You have increased the possibility of awakening by taking advanced courses!
According to the situation of these comrades, Ma Sanzhi was beheaded by Tian Wen Sect outside, and no one would know. Didn’t anyone notice the abnormality? There is this person, Qu Yuan, the newly incorporated four martial arts gods! He is the highest practitioner of all, others are two, and only he is the fourth. Qu Yuan’s sensitivity in finding danger and finding abnormality is also the highest among all. The reason why he is delirious is that he is too loyal to the motherland and the emperor, and Ma Sanzhi is what the’ Emperor of Chu’ thinks of his every move.
After Qu Yuan and Ma Sanzhi gave natural materials and treasures, his mind improved a little, and he didn’t love jumping into the river so much! Ma Sanzhi, the king of the forest, and the statue of all animals are naturally endowed with natural treasures of spirit and mind, and many things are extremely valuable! Qu yuan is a super thug of the four martial arts gods. It’s only natural that he enjoys natural talents and treasures!
At this time, Qu Yuan didn’t have a river to jump into, and he also camped out. "I haven’t seen you for a long time!" I can’t feel at ease if I don’t see him. I’m going to find you. Who will go with me? "
The Story Of Diu Sim "I’ll go, I’ll go!" So put two little pandas asleep and ran to Qu Yuan’s side.
Golden Monkey King "I’ll go, too. I’m his trusted bodyguard. It’s his duty to protect him!" " Say that finish swish into a human form! The Golden Monkey King is used to becoming a human form when he goes out.
Qu Yuan flew directly with the two men. It is not wrong to fly, not to walk to cultivate immortals. By the stage of the Four Martial Arts, people have been able to fly. Of course, not all of them can fly, but most of them can fly in the stage of the Three Martial Arts. A few top people can fly, but they can’t fly far! This is the case with Master Ma Sanzhi. He is a three-armed warrior. He can fly for a while, but not for long!
Chapter 13 Too Quiet (Loulan Cry Short Story has 30,000 words)
Li Yuanfang is in charge of the post guard today, and naturally he saw Qu Yuan fly away with two people. He also thought that "Ma Sanzhi should not be in much danger and will come back soon. Qu Yuan can repair such superb skills and maximum ride. Isn’t it easy to find someone?" However, it happened that something strange was revealed. Li Yuanfang waited for a long time but still didn’t see the superb Qu Yuan. Li Yuanfang was shocked. "Even Qu Yuan was so powerful that he couldn’t find it. Was it an ambush when he left the camp?"
Li Yuanfang was clever, and immediately sounded the battle alarm. A rapid and loud whistle resounded through the sky, and the soldiers in the camp all heard the battle alarm.
Di Renjie was the first to react and ran to Li Yuanfang’s side to scan around in all directions, but he didn’t find the enemy attack baffled and asked, "What the hell are you doing in Li Yuanfang? There are no enemies. There is no one around? "
Li Yuanfang’s tone is heavy. "Quiet around is the most terrible thing. Hiding the enemy is the most lethal thing. Ma Sanzhi, Qu Yuan, The Story Of Diu Sim and the Golden Monkey King are gone forever after leaving the camp in Chicago. I haven’t seen anything for a long time. Maybe they were ambushed by the enemy!"
Wang Ba Wang Hu, the three great tigers, came at full speed after hearing the battle alarm and heard the report on Li Yuanfang. He was horrified. "What? ! All of them are gone forever, even Qu Yuan’s strength is gone? Must be in danger, hurry to save people! "
There has been no fighting in recent days, and everyone is playing crazy. The first alarm sounded and failed to finish the fighting! So Li Yuanfang sounded the battle alarm for the second time, which was urgent and loud! Overlord tiger cooperate tacit understanding alarm whistle stopped roar loud "enemy pounce enemy pounce! Fight! Fight! Those who delay the military aircraft will be beheaded! Those who violate military orders! "
The last two words’ chop’ have more deterrent power than several battle alarms. Everyone rushed to finish the knot and set off! The whole camp is littered with a lot of things!
Looking for and supporting Ma Sanzhi, the second batch of teams walked cautiously all the way, not running fast for fear of being ambushed by unknown enemies, fearing that it would be another terrible’ gone forever’!
At this time, Li Bai is a bit ridiculous. His clothes are neither fish nor fowl, and he has not finished screwing the buttons, but he has not screwed them correctly! But no one laughed at him. One reason is to be wary of possible ambush. Second, the military discipline is strict, and the action requires to move forward quietly and not to disturb the potential enemy! Quietly, you can’t talk nonsense or make abnormal noises. Violators will be severely punished! Li Bai was just the last one who came running, and almost let the overlord tiger drag him to behead him according to military law. Why did he run so slowly? Because he drank too much, he got drunk and slept like a log in bed! Li Baigen didn’t hear the alarm for the first time, but he didn’t respond when it sounded for the second time! No matter what Li Bai means, it’s hard to wake him up. He’s not woken up, he’s scared! What was so terrible that it woke up this big drunk? It’s overlord tiger’s last roar! Those who delay the military aircraft will be beheaded! Those who violate military orders will be beheaded! Murderous military orders roared like thunder, especially those two chop words Li Bai kept ringing in his ears for a long time. The thought of that sound frightened him. Fortunately, Li Bai reacted quickly or he would die unsatisfied and dead!
It turns out that being a drunk is also dangerous, and Li Bai is a living lesson.
What is the situation of Ma Sanzhi at this time? One word is terrible! Four words are terrible! Ma Sanzhi is now in an explosive state of blood dragon killing, and his body has lost a lot of weight. What kind of body will lose weight when fighting? Because you have to burn your own flesh and blood in order to kill the dragon, it is the way to keep your original weight. His body defense suit has been fragmented and lost its defense ability. This is not the worst. What is the worst? His chest was covered with blood and a very obvious mace mark! The tall and powerful woman was shocked by this and felt unbelievable! Not long ago, she hit Ma Sanzhi in the chest with a violent mace and didn’t kill him! Tian Wen Sect has conducted an in-depth investigation on Ma Sanzhi’s details, which is true that Ma Sanzhi’s body has unparalleled fighting power! It’s best not to have a close-up meat blog if you can evaluate his physical body like this! Tianwen Sect doesn’t know that Ma Sanzhi can strengthen bones and muscles, nor does Xiantao know that Ma Sanzhi has always been a treasure of blue dragon blood, but it can greatly improve the resilience of trauma.
This is the black jade skull. Once it moves, it’s hard to compete with the incomparable demon.
Ma Sanzhi didn’t have it, but his eyes flashed, and he wanted to behead, so he wanted to kill the wizard of Tian Wen. The threat of this skull naturally disappeared.
However, it is difficult for him to do all this. He can’t cover up the past. At this time, the battlefield is no longer the Shilin. The blockade array has been shattered by Ma Sanzhi’s fury.
What is the direction for Ma Sanzhi to fight and retreat? It’s the direction of the camp, but it’s a pity that the enemy is also vain. His intention is to meet his comrades-in-arms. It’s not so easy to think that Mei Ma Sanzhi has been strongly intercepted. It’s not far from the original position, and you can still see the fragmented stone forest!
"Boom!" The dark skull killed Ma Sanzhi again. Every time it was fleeting, it evaded this weapon. It is too difficult to find a favorable fighter. It doesn’t mean that if you don’t catch a fighter, you must break the ground and kill it with one blow! Where did the tall and powerful woman go at this time? She has been wandering around Ma Sanzhi and her back looking for a sneak attack fighter!
Ma Sanzhi hit the mountain and smashed the black skull into the past. At this time, Ma Sanzhi was holding a new murder gun! What is new? Because this is the second one, the first one has been torn apart by the enemy.