Zhang Yi arranged the transfer of bone cadres of Cang Lang Brigade into various camps and began face-to-face training, while he set out to prepare for the selection of elite and reorganization of Cang Lang Brigade.

A few days later, Zhang Yi and Tan Feng selected 600 lean soldiers from the army, all of whom were recruits in their early twenties. Zhang Yi looked at these young faces and secretly nodded in his heart. This will be his future and outline the new forces of China’s rise. They are the cornerstone for realizing their dreams!
Nie Shicheng entrusted Zhang Yi to start a new round of training. After just over a month’s rest, he wanted to twist these troops into a rope and increase their combat power in series. It is normal for the Chinese and Japanese wars to bring these Qing troops together without mutual anger.
Some time ago, Zhang Yi trained more than I expected today’s situation. In his spare time, he compiled a simple army training regulation, and briefly selected the essentials of the army regulations in the future, which really helped Zhang Yi train.
However, even so, the Cang Lang Brigade infiltrated into the camps of various ministries, and there were still many officers and men who felt headache regardless of teaching Zhang Yi. When Zhang Yi, Nie Shicheng and others were overwhelmed, the imperial court sent a letter to promote Nie Shicheng’s Ministry of War, and the heavenly sword was given to supervise the war in the imperial court. Zhang Yi, the chief instructor of North Korean armies and the deputy of North Korean armies, was responsible for the training of North Korean armies.
The news opened that Zhang Yi and Nie Shicheng were overjoyed
Zhang Yi, with one mind, ordered all the Cang Lang brigade members to get up and admonish them. "How did his mother train you at the beginning? You will give me how to train them, and if they don’t listen, they will shoot directly and dare to obstruct the military training. No love! A month and a half, at most, a little more than a month and a half. There is not much time left for us. I want to see the training results. If I am not satisfied, I will see how to clean up you dogs. I will conduct military drills and rank them. Finally, I want him to do push-ups for me day and night! Dissolve their respective camps! "
Cang Lang, ordered by Zhang Yi, dare not neglect to return to their respective camps and started the general training in hell. This group of soldiers and oil workers were made to complain bitterly all day, either marching in an emergency or fighting, or shooting training was a little easier. More than 1,000 elderly, sick and disabled people were directly supported by Zhang Yi and asked Nie Shicheng to send some travelling expenses back to the country.
If a group of soldiers can listen to these Cang Lang "Weifu" who constantly make trouble, they will all reach out and be cleaned up by Cang Lang. These people are not the best in terms of martial arts cultivation, but they are not the best in terms of effective martial arts. Then they are definitely the masters of the masters. Zhang Yi taught them simple and direct fighting skills, and they were beaten to the ground without moving after a few exchanges. At first, Cang Lang shocked a group of Qing troops and dared not talk nonsense again. During the period, several angry whistle officers took the lead in rioting, and Cang Lang raised his hand relentlessly. Is a gun killed two on the spot, the other two are on-the-job back to the country Zhang Yi training harsh means finally let this group of soldiers of fortune honest to dare not to correct trouble endure it, who let’s not somebody else’s fist, but got Nie Du granted training matters are decided by Zhang Yi in a word!
A month’s training has made these Qing troops, although they haven’t changed completely, far from Cang Lang, but they have greatly improved their fighting capacity. They are no longer a group of wandering soldiers who are scattered and brave, and they have the courage to fight. Their fighting spirit is stronger than that of Nie Shicheng’s former training army, not weaker than that of Nie Shicheng’s. Those battalion veterans have long since experienced the Kaesong War, and they are also a strong force even among western powers.
However, compared with Zhang Yi personally training the new Cang Lang brigade, the Qing army training is just an appetizer, which is a big dish.
Zuo Baogui has always been prestigious in the Qing army, and he has always been known as the crazy hand army, Nie Shicheng, and the Lutai Training Bureau. He also said that Zuo Baogui’s prestige in the Huai army was still Nie Shicheng, and Zuo Baogui did not catch up with the Sino-Japanese War, and the title was surpassed by Nie Shicheng.
Zuo Baogui is obsessed with practicing the army, and he is even more interested in Zhang Yi’s training of Cang Lang Brigade. When he is free, he will accompany Zhang Yi to train Zhang Yi so harshly. The old army gate was stunned. Those boys who joined the army soon were tortured to death by Zhang Yi, and the old army gate was very distressed.
However, since Zhang Yi’s imperial court ordered the general teacher to teach him, he didn’t care. He was silently observing with the army. After more than half a month, the effectiveness of Zhang Yi’s training began to be revealed. These new Cang Lang’s high combat effectiveness was amazing. Zuo Baogui was full of praise and never felt distressed again.
However, Zhang Yi’s army suffered a lot from being scolded. The Qing army hated and feared to call this general teacher Yan Hao, and they all let out the wind. One day, if Zhang Yi falls into his hands, he must also let him know that life is worse than death. The devil trained him to know what retribution is!
Chapter 60 Ming word camp
The condescension of the Qing army kept coming to Zhang Yi’s ears. Zhang Yi smiled indifferently. It is a joke that their training methods can hardly hold their roots. Zhang Yi is still training more and more harshly on his own.
A month later, the training of the Cang Lang Brigade of the Qing army was temporarily over, and the Cang Lang Brigade of the new army took on a new look. These Qing troops finally felt the sweetness of strict training. A five-kilometer cross-country March was no longer miserable for them, and shooting training would no longer pop up several times without even hitting a gun target. The progress was gratifying. With skills, at least there was a chance of survival. This was a great merit. Everyone felt the meaning of sweating more at ordinary times and bleeding less in wartime in Zhang Yi’s admonition.
Nie Shicheng, Zuo Baogui and others looked at the training results, but they couldn’t help laughing. This combat power rose so much higher than that of the Japanese army. In particular, the newly formed Cang Lang Brigade was full of 250 people, plus the original 50 people, and there were already 300 people. Six teams of Zhang Yihua promoted the original Cang Lang bone cadres to the leader to command the unfinished training. This is a sharp knife that will go deep into the enemy lines in the future!
These days, the Mingzi Camp, which was shipped from Ding Ruchang, has already arrived in Kaesong and returned to Nie Shicheng for direct restraint. Nie Shicheng now leads the army and throws the Mingzi Camp directly to Zhang Yi in his spare time. This is called "whoever has the ability". The Cang Lang Brigade is usually in charge of it. Now Zhang Yi has become the shopkeeper of cutting. Zhang Yihu will come to consult the instructor for some important things. Zhang Yi didn’t even worry about this Mingzi Camp. It turned out that Liu Ming started with a strong fighting capacity. In recent years, Liu Ming retired and the Mingzi Camp was handed over to his nephew Liu Shengxiu. At the head of Liu Shengxiu, the combat effectiveness of Mingzi Camp is far less than that of Liu Ming’s ability to lead troops. It will never come again. The title of the first army of Huai Army has just come from China, and the combat effectiveness of Mingzi Camp is far from being lower than that of Lutai’s army. Zhang Yi was cruel. He removed a team from Cang Lang and added it to the training of Mingzi Camp. It was too urgent for a month. Zhang Yi cut off his training department and kept the cross-country and shooting and assassination training. He can postpone it. Liu Shengxiu, the company commander of Yumingzi Camp, has long since ceased to be Liu Mingxiu’s
However, the Ming word camp is not so good. Liu Ming’s department has always been arrogant. Liu Ming is a domineering personality. Otherwise, Liu Ming’s qualifications and meritorious military service would have been the governor. Because of arrogance, colleagues have been ups and downs. After all, Liu Kunyi, Zhang Dong and others are worse
The Qing army in Mingzi Camp is also as tired, sloppy and poor in military discipline as Liu Ming. Cang Lang people are all very United. Finally, they annoyed Zhang Yi. Zhang Yi went all the way to combine the four battalion management posts and shouted, "Bastards, a group of waste. Tell me who you are?"
Zhang Feng, the management officer of Mingzi Camp, stalked his neck and said, "We are always taught by the three adults of Liu Province to win the title of the first army of Huai Army, but Lao Futai led our brothers to fight it out!" That means that the old men are the first army of Huai Army, and we don’t have to work hard. You can step in and do a good job. Zhang Fengxin Road Kid, an old man who followed the old Fu Tai Taiwan Province desperately, you still wore open-backed pants. The old men don’t give a shit about you!
Zhang Yi sneered and said, "Do you mean to say that it is the first army of Huai Army? Tell me what else you can do. You are now left with gambling, drinking and making trouble. Three people in the province have fought all their lives in the country, and no descendants have fought all the way from Yunnan to Fujian to Taiwan Province to Wei Hehe. Do you treat his old man like this? How bloody are you? Do you dare to go to war with Xiao Ri? Can you still fight like a bear? His mother will discredit the three major provinces sooner or later! Are you worthy of his old man? "
In the late Qing Dynasty, there were not many Zhang Yipei people. Zuo Zongtang, Li Hongzhang and this Liu Ming were really angry when they looked at the Mingzi camp so eroded and arrogant.
Zhang nu way "surnamed zhang, how do we discredit the old FuTai old battlefield never know how to write afraid of words, and there is no place in the old wounds is the back! Who are you when you are old enough to fight? "
Zhang Yi sneered, "Well, in that case, let’s have a competition. You pull out a battalion of you. I’m a team of 50 people from Cang Lang. I throw them all into the mountain forest in front of me. One day, they are allowed to have a practical exercise. They are all killed. They all take off their clothes and roll out from the inside to see who can stay from the inside until the end. How dare they compete?"
Zhang nu way "you little fucking insult me a battalion of more than four hundred people you Cang Lang but fifty people than what? You will be able to clean up your Cang Lang in an hour! "
Zhang Yi said with a smile, "If you can really clean up these Cang Lang in one hour, I will resign, and then you will be a soldier to wash your feet every day. What do you say if your brothers and brothers are driven out of the forest by Cang Lang before dark?"
Zhang laughed. "I’m more than four hundred people to pick up your fifty Cang Lang will lose? Then I might as well die! "
Zhang Yi shouted, "If you lose, listen to me honestly and take your four thousand brothers to train me. Don’t wait until the battlefield to discredit the three major provinces!"
On one side, many officials with pipe belts shouted, "Brother Zhang promised to let him know that the Ming army is powerful!"
Zhang glared at him and shouted, "It’s always the old man who caresses Taiwan with one hand and brings out a spit and a nail. If I have four hundred people, I won’t be fair to you. What are you doing, Cang Lang? Together with four thousand brothers in Mingzi Camp, I will listen to you! “
Chapter sixty-nine Ming word camp two
In a moment, the team leader Leng Xiao led the Cang Lang team to the Mingzi camp, and all the battalions rushed into the mountain forest. Zhang Yizhong’s family managed to take the mountain and quietly waited for the result.
In just five minutes, four or five soldiers from the inscription camp slipped out of the mountain forest not far away, with bare arms and drooping heads.
Zhang Feng glared at them mercilessly and growled, "Get out of here!"
A few soldiers with a full face of shame did not dare to bow their heads and occupied one side.
Then the soldiers in the inscription camp came out with bare arms, three in groups and five in groups, and their faces were red. Only one hour later, the soldiers in the inscription camp had come out, and more than ten people had not appeared in Cang Lang.
Zhang Fengming’s word camp gasped at his duct tape. This is a group of monsters. The fighting capacity is so strong. Zhang Fengming’s troops are the strongest in the word camp, although they are few. Zhang Fengming’s word camp is also the most experienced in the war. It is so sad and weird that these soldiers have no injuries, just like they have never fought.
Zhang feng grabbed a soldier and asked angrily, "What the fuck did you say to the old man?"? So many people can’t even clean up dozens of people! "
The soldier said bitterly, "My Lord, I really don’t blame the children. This group of Cang Lang is too difficult to deal with. We can’t lock their roots. Their figures are often not found yet. We have been resisted by their daggers. They almost never go to hide in the bushes and never sneak up on the enemy from the inside with the trees …"
Zhang was stunned, and now there is no urgent fire. Since the fight has already started, we can wait for the results.
It’s not yet dusk, and more than 400 inscription camps have come out from the mountains one after another, with 400 people in their early days and only 40 or 50 people left.
Zhang’s heart was hopeless, and he was doomed. What a shame!
Zhang Feng gritted his teeth and came to Zhang Yi and said, "You are the second Zhang Feng to feel ashamed. It’s better to sit in the well and watch the sky before me. After Zhang Feng said what he said, the 4,000 people in this inscription camp listened to you. Please treat our brothers like Cang Lang, and don’t discredit us in the war!"
Zhang Yisong breathed a sigh of relief and laughed. "It’s okay to say that Zhang Guandai’s inscription camp is an old fu Tai. My brothers worked so hard to accumulate painstaking efforts in those years. I was also admired by you. I was both a member of the Qing Dynasty, and I was supposed to be close to the Huai Army. Zhang Yi’s language was too radical. Please don’t take it amiss, brother. It’s our duty to protect our country and defend our country. We can’t let our soldiers work so hard to dig out the army for me. People and fathers poke our spine! Qing soldiers are also bloody. We want Japanese soldiers to know that those who commit strong Han will be punished far away! "
Zhang applauded, "Well said! Let’s follow Lao Futai’s expedition to the north to discuss what it is. It’s just that the villagers have a peaceful day. It’s a deal. We all listen to you. If someone makes trouble, talk to us! "
The first world war made the duct tape in Mingzi Camp really sit up and take notice of Zhang Yi, and Liu Ming brought it out. It was all eyes and eyes, and Zhang Yi and Cang Lang were better than themselves, and 50 points were broken and 500 points were not hurt, which made these people sincerely respect.
"yes! Yes! We all listen to you, but you have to give us all your unique skills. You can’t tell the difference! " Beside him, the duct tape also responded in succession.
Since then, there has been no trouble in Mingzi camp. After all, it is Liu Mingdi’s pride and bloodiness that have always been buried in their hearts. It is because of years of comfortable life that they have sent training. Adding a group of veterans who are old and new, they have never seen blood before, which leads to the slippery combat effectiveness. Now, all the pipe belts have begun to seriously cooperate with the training. The combat effectiveness of Mingzi camp has surpassed that of Fengsheng A troops in just ten days. If there is another month, Zhang Yi believes that the combat effectiveness of these troops will be no less than that of Zuo Baogui troops.
At the same time, Chinese materials are being continuously transported to North Korea. When Ding Ruchang sent people to escort ōshima Yoshimasa and other prisoners of war back to Beijing, Zhang Yi directly brought the mortar drawings and Grenade improvement process drawings back to China and delivered them to Li Hongzhang. Li Hongzhang was asked to develop and produce them quickly and keep them strictly confidential. Nowadays, the development and production level of major manufacturing bureaus in China is not high, and it is not difficult to produce mortar grenades. It is just that these technicians are somewhat rigid in their minds and lack of new things to stimulate them. Just a month ago, Jiangnan Manufacturing General Administration produced the first place. A batch of improved grenades were delivered, while mortars produced seven sample guns. In addition, more than 200 shells were delivered together, and large quantities of mortars are being stepped up.
Now that Nie Shicheng is fully equipped, his spirits are rising and he is sad. Every day, people will discuss the war situation and discuss the offensive and defensive strategies, waiting for the Japanese army to make a comeback.
For more than a month, Zhang Yi’s hand, Cang Lang, continuously sent the Japanese intelligence in the direction of Seoul to the Kaesong period, and some Korean natives delivered information to the Japanese army. As a result, Zhang Yi and Cang Lang discovered that Zhang Yi had made a good deployment. Cang Lang suddenly raided several pro-Japanese Kaesong landlords, captured the Japanese intelligence agents’ pro-Japanese relatives in one fell swoop, and at the same time, eventually broke the Japanese intelligence control points one by one, making these indigenous people have a long memory. Zhang Yi killed these pro-Japanese landlords directly, and their relatives and servants were exiled to the miserable Heilongjiang property and confiscated.
At the same time, Zhang Yi did not dare to draw Mo Ru directly out to lead a part of the team to take full-time charge of anti-reconnaissance against Japanese intelligence and give Mo Ru direct arrest to grasp certain evidence, regardless of whether it is true or not. Besides, at that time, all the North Korean officials in Kaesong talked about it, and the title of Yan Wang was changed from the Qing army department to Kaesong.
In a blink of an eye, it has entered the direction of Seoul in September, and the Japanese military’s secret mobilization has become more and more obvious. Today, there are more than 30,000 people stationed in the DPRK. Zhang Yi and Nie Shicheng watched Cang Lang send back information and frowned, that is, it was really thought-provoking to ensure victory.
Chapter seventy Advance and retreat