Mr. Zhang shook his head and said, "It’s impossible to help you preach. You can practice slowly by yourself."

Looking at Zhang Wen with a full face of frustration, he suddenly said with surprise, "Boss, I have a kind of achievement method, but this achievement method has too many shortcomings. Can you help me improve it? I want you to ensure that it has no consequences and everything else can be ignored."
Mr. Zhang stretched out his hand toward the eyebrows and felt dizzy. After a while, Mr. Zhang withdrew his hand and said, "I can’t believe that you still want such evil work when you are young."
With a smile on his face, "Boss, can you improve this skill?"
Zhang Wendao said, "The spirit swallowing method was created by an innate god in the wild, and it is easy to be used as a cauldron to practice this method, which makes it against heaven and impossible to improve it. But I do have a method for you to practice this method, which can quickly increase your mana and finally prove it, but the cost is not small. Have you thought it over?"
"Boss, what are the consequences of this achievement method?"
Zhang Wendao said, "This fame" Nine turns to Blissful Magic "has a total of nine turns, but the" Heaven and Earth Xuangong "you have compiled is somewhat similar. However, the mana of this" Nine turns to Blissful Magic "will increase by ten times every time it is advanced, and when it is nine turns, it is the time when you are practicing Taoism."
Mr. Zhang said, "Wave a hand and clear the air into the body like a drunk, and then slowly thought for a moment and exclaimed," Boss, this is "Nine Turn Blissful Magic"! ?”
Mr. Zhang nodded and said, "Yes, this is what you want."
Don’t say, "Boss, this point is" Heaven and Earth Xuangong "."
Zhang Wendao "haven’t you read it carefully? This Nine-turn Blissful Skill can absorb the power of Armageddon, and it can also absorb the enemy’s mana when you are fighting. If you can bear to be beaten, you can quickly increase your mana. "
There is something wrong with my heart. "Boss, can you combine the spirit-swallowing Dafa with the nine turns of bliss?"
Zhang Wen wanted to think, "But don’t regret it."
"I don’t regret it. I definitely don’t regret it."
Zhang Wendao said, "In that case, I’ll bother you again in the future." Then he gave him a solution between the eyebrows.
When he got Dafa, he quickly asked, "Boss, what are you going to do with this gourd?"
Zhang Wenku sighed and shook his head. "This gourd is for you. If you want to remember, don’t mess me up again in the future. Although this heaven devours a new heaven and delays the arrival of the quantity robbery, you will still attract the quantity robbery if you jump at will."
Carefully ask, "How long will it take for the old mass robbery to come?"
Zhang Wendao said, "If someone is willing to cooperate, the robbery will come in 5.6 billion years. If people cooperate, the robbery will come immediately."
Laughing, "Boss, who is a Taoist?"
Zhang Wen stared at me but didn’t talk, and was looked guilty. "Boss, I just said that you don’t have to care about me and you won’t mess around."
Zhang Wen snorted, "Do you know you won’t make a few more variables?"
Ask carefully, "boss, I can’t see if this heaven is a variable at all, and I don’t know either. Otherwise, tell me something first and I won’t change it."
Zhang Wendao: "It’s just that you want to prove the truth, but you can first help Zhao Gong to prove that you have the right chance, and both of you can prove it at the same time." Then it disappears.
See Mr. Zhang leave carefully looked at the gourd until sure it’s okay to sit down and slowly realize that Mr. Zhang’s achievement method is a face of disbelief after finishing it again. "This is the boss’s magic?" Impossible? "
Once again, carefully study the achievement method until you make sure that you are frustrated and sit in the tunnel. "What’s wrong with this achievement method? It’s better for me to find Armageddon."
I was really angry, but I looked at the gourd and reached for it. I just sacrificed it. I immediately felt that there was a Yuan God in the gourd. It was not white. I grabbed the gourd and reached for it, but I saw a little Yuan God caught in my hand. My face was murderous and I swallowed the silk Yuan God.
Sun Xing Lu Ya felt a sharp pain in Yuan Shen. He fell to the ground with his head in his arms and roared, "I didn’t expect you to be so greedy for me. You will never give up."
After Lu pressure recovered, he said coldly, "You killed me a little bit today, and I will eat you someday to vent my hatred."
After refining the gourd, the monks kept swallowing until all the monks were eaten up. He immediately sat down to practice. These monks were all put away painstakingly by land pressure. Although they were all dirty monks, the number was quite a lot. After eating these monks, they were immediately transported to Zhang Wenshui for achievement refining.
Xuangong was full of black gas, which slowly rushed out of the body and dissipated in heaven and earth. After refining, he immediately closed his work and shook his head and sighed, "It’s a pity that these monks could help me if I had a low skill, but now the Ministry has been refined by me, and it’s a pity that they can help me improve my mana."
He slowly walked out of the demon palace and flew to the sun star until he came to the sun star, but when he saw a golden light rushing towards himself, it was turned around his neck by this golden light, just like losing three souls and six souls, where he flew back to Lu without moving the golden light, holding a gourd in his hand and loading it with golden light. "Today, let you help me achieve the road," he said, opening his mouth and biting it.
Being swallowed by the sun, the sun immediately turned into a land pressure plate to meditate. At the first bell, Lu pressure felt uneasy. After Yuan Shen trembled, two slabs of bricks were taken hard. Lu pressure felt that his eyes were black and he couldn’t see anything. Then a bell rang, and Lu pressure Yuan Shen trembled again. A bamboo stick came from his head.
Lu pressure felt that the Yuan God was unstable, and then his Yuan God was trapped and lost his mana. A fire dragon rushed out and swallowed Lu pressure. The fire dragon ate Lu pressure and immediately flew into the Sun Palace. The whole Sun Star was quiet. Everything that just happened had already been tossed by the Sun Star. The sun really burned clean, leaving no evidence.
Nu Wa in Wa Palace looked at all this angrily. She just killed Lu Ya. She also knew that it was a pity that now was not the right time for her, and she couldn’t make moves. She could watch and kill Lu Ya, but she could endure it.
Nu Wa wanted to think, called Caiyun Tong and said, "Go to the North Sea Polar Region to find Kunpeng Demon Master. I have something to find him."
Caiyun Tong immediately led the imperial court and went to Nuwa. He looked back and looked at the sun star hidden in the void. He sat on a cloud bed and snorted. Caiyun Tong went all the way north to the North Sea polar region and said the will of Nuwa again. Then he turned back to the Nuwa Palace, and a big Kun surfaced in the North Sea, and then two fluttered and disappeared.
When Kunpeng saw Nu Wa in Wa Palace, he said, "I don’t know if the Empress wants to see me."
Nu Wa said with a smile, "The demon master was also an important official of the demon family in heaven. Do you remember when the demon emperor left an heir?"
Kunpeng recalled that "Nine people fell at the beginning when the Sun was ten, but what happened to Lu Ya when he left the empress at the end?"
Nu Wa nodded and said, "Lu died, and now the Sun clan will stay in blood."
Kunpeng frowned and said, "Empress, I rarely lived in Beihai. I didn’t know that the murderer was a person?"
Nu Wa Dan Feng’s eyes shed a trace of anger, saying, "The murderer was the Archaeosaurus Dragon, where the sun star Sun Wu originated from the same origin."
When Kunpeng heard this, he frowned and quickly asked, "Empress, the Archaeosaurus family, was born to grow up in the Sun Star. So why did Archaeosaurus come?"
Nu Wa said, "This is the Xuangong change technique practiced by the younger brother of Penglai Floating Cloud. Now it is the demon emperor of the demon clan. Who knows that he dares to swallow the land pressure and practice evil magic? Do you think this can be kept?"
Kunpeng frowned and thought for a moment, took out a mirror, reached out and waved his hand toward the surface, but when he saw this mirror constantly showing the past events of the Three Realms, Nu Wa felt strange when he saw this mirror. I didn’t expect such treasures in Penglai.
Before long, the mirror will show the affairs department again. "Empress has seen what should be done now, so please ask her to decide."